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Curriculum Vitae

Kyle Byrne
14 Copswood Close
Tel: 01473 620499 Mobile: 07957939388
I consider myself to be a mature and versatile person who is willing and able to turn his hand to many tasks. I am a
quick learner but will always ask for further clarification if I feel it is needed. I am an approachable and cheerful
character who is willing and keen to learn and experience new situations. The skill I hold closest to me is my team
working ability, I have been a key member of my schools debate team for over a year now, we are the only state
school team to reach a county level competition, an achievement Im very proud of. We also recently participated in
the Durham Schools Debating Competition, currently the largest event held in the UK which was a fantastic
opportunity to meet other teams from around the world.
Presently I am working part-time as a Kumon Tutor and Marker, assisting twice weekly at my local centre. This
alternative method of teaching is aimed at all levels from basic number and letter recognition to A level. I have also
undertaken some personal Maths tutoring to A level standard after advertising my services on the internet. I
particularly enjoyed both of these as the sense of achievement from watching my student grasp and understand the
finer points and underpinning knowledge required to succeed in their studies, is immense.
During my sixth form years I have assisted with school open events on numerous occasions, carrying out science
demonstrations for parents and sharing my passion for maths with potential A level students. I also gave talks and
carried out debating simulations with year 9 students to increase their knowledge and hopefully encourage their
participation in this field of study.
My interests lie in risk management/stockbroking, these are both areas I wish to investigate further once my studies
have progressed and given me more of an insight into these career options.
July 2011 Web Design at Head Red web design in Coventry (work experience)
July 2011 Lighting and Stage Technician at LX Professional (work experience)
Autumn Term 2010 May 2011 Voluntary help at Martlesham Youth Football Club
August 2012-April 2013 Dominos Kesgrave - Instore customer service, and food
July 2013 September 2013 Software development at Measured Brilliance (work experience)
September 2013 Present Tutor & marker - Kumon Maths & English Centre
January 2014 June 2014 Personal Maths Tutor (A level)
Kesgrave High school
GCSEs (Awarded) Core Science A
Additional Science A
English B
Maths A*
Business Studies B
Sociology A
Photography A
BTEC(Awarded) 3D Design Merit
Media Distinction+
AS Level (Awarded) Chemistry A (Predicted A at A2)
Physics A (Predicted A* at A2)
Further Maths A (Predicted A* at A2)
Maths Statistics A (Predicted A* at A2)
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) A
Key member of school debate team
Athletics team
Silver Crest science and engineering award
Rubiks Cube Speed Solving
Further studies and research into Maths and Physics
Sleight of hand
Alice Hogg (Debate Coach and English Teacher) Halina Alderton
Kesgrave High School Kumon Study Centre
Main Road Woodbridge Community Hall
Kesgrave Station Road Woodbridge
IP5 2PB IP12 4AU 01394 384263