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The University of Trinidad and Tobago

COURSE TITLE: Engineering Thermodynamics 1

Paren Programme: B.A.Sc..
Ty!e o" Co#rse: Lectures, tutorials, labs
and In course assessments
Dae $a%idaed: Dae modi"ied: 01/10/2011
D#raion: 12 !ee"s#
Lectures: $2h/%ee"
&utorials: 2h/%ee"
'irected and Inde(endent stud): 3h/%ee"
A*le+el ,athematics or e-ui+alent
A*le+el .h)sics or e-ui+alent
/undamentals o0 the macrosco(ic thermod)namics o0 (ure 0luids. 1ner2), entro() and e-uilibrium3 tem(erature
and (ressure. !or" and heat. 4(en and closed s)stems. 5hemical (otential. .hase e-uilibrium. A((lications to
+essel 0illin2 and stead) 0lo%s: turbines, motors, com(ressors, (um(s, no66les and ori0ices. Isentro(ic e00icienc)
o0 adiabatic de+ices. &hermod)namic c)cles
&o hel( students de+elo( an understandin2 o0 thermod)namics the science o0 ener2)# that %ill allo% them to determine
ho% ener2) is controlled and con+erted in de+ices. Additionall) students %ill also be able to:
.a2e 1 o0 ,
Knowledge and Understanding
Identi0) the basic (rinci(les o0 thermod)namics:
o closed s)stem, control +olume, boundar) and surroundin2s, (ro(ert), state, (rocess, the
o e7tensi+e and intensi+e (ro(erties, and e-uilibrium.
o SI and 1n2lish 1n2ineerin2 units, includin2 units 0or s(eci0ic +olume, (ressure, and tem(erature.
o 8el+in, 9an"ine, 5elsius, and /ahrenheit tem(erature scales.
Cognitive skills
'e+elo( 0rom the /irst and Second la%s the 0undamental (ro(ert) relations %hich underlie the
mathematical structure o0 &hermod)namics
'e0ine and A((l) the /irst la% and other basic conce(ts
'e0ine and A((l) the Second La% o0 &hermod)namics in .rocesses
Practical and Professional skills
5alculate &hermod)namic (ro(erties 0rom :olumetric data
Transferable and Key skills
A((l) &hermod)namics to /lo% .rocesses
A((l) &hermod)namics to the e+aluation o0 the heat e00ects that accom(an) (h)sical and chemical
Anal)6e com(ression and e7(ansion (rocesses usin2 the basic (o%er s)stem: the 5arnot c)cle
Areas o0 stud) include
Inrod#cion o Thermodynamics
Students %ill be able to: ;nderstand the Basic 5once(ts and 'e0initions, 'e0ine a thermod)namic s)stem.
'e0ine a (hase, a state, a (rocess and a thermod)namic c)cle. Identi0) the dimensions and units 0or time, len2th
mass, 0orce, tem(erature, (ressure, +olume and %or". 5alculate .ressure and %or". 'e0ine 8inetic and .otential
ener2). 5alculate 8inetic and .otential ener2).
The -irs La/ and Oher Basic Conce!s
Student %ill be a able to: A((l) the /irst la% and other basic conce(ts. 'e0ine Internal ener2). /ormulate the
/irst la% o0 &hermod)namics. 'e0ine 1nthal(). 5alculate 1nthal(). 1+aluate 5onstant +olume and 5onstant
(ressure (rocesses. 1+aluate <eat 5a(acit).
Vo%#meric Pro!eries o" P#re -%#ids
Students %ill be able to: 5alculate &hermod)namic (ro(erties 0rom :olumetric data. 'e0ine the .ressure
:olume &em(erature .:&# beha+ior o0 (ure 0luids. 1+aluate correlations 0or =ases. 1+aluate correlations 0or
0ea E""ecs
Students %ill be able to: A((l) &hermod)namics to the e+aluation o0 the heat e00ects that accom(an) (h)sical
and chemical (rocesses. 'e0ine sensible heat e00ects. 5alculate heat e00ects accom(an)in2 (hase chan2es o0
(ure substances. 1+aluate the Standard <eat o0 9eaction. ;nderstand the Standard <eat o0 /ormation.
The Second La/ o" Thermodynamics
.a2e 1 o0 ,
Students %ill be able to: 'e0ine and A((l) the Second La% o0 &hermod)namics in .rocesses. A((l) the second
la% o0 thermod)namics to the o(eration o0 the <eat 1n2ine. 'e0ine thermal 100icienc). 4utline the
characteristics and o(eration o0 the 5arnot 1n2ine. 17(lain the conce(t o0 the &hermod)namic &em(erature
Scale. 'escribe the 5arnot 5)cle 0or an ideal 2as. 'e0ine and A((l) 5arnot>s 1-uation. 'e0ine the (ro(ert)
Thermodynamic Pro!eries o" -%#ids
Students %ill be able to: 'e+elo( 0rom the /irst and Second la%s the 0undamental (ro(ert) relations %hich
underlie the mathematical structure o0 &hermod)namics. 4utline the relationshi(s amon2 the &hermod)namic
(ro(erties 0or a homo2eneous (hase o0 constant com(osition. A((reciate the use o0 &hermod)namic dia2rams
and tables to re(ort &hermod)namic .ro(erties.
Thermodynamics o" -%o/ Processes
Students %ill be able to: A((l) &hermod)namics to /lo% .rocesses. State the ideali6ations used to 0acilitate the
a((lication o0 thermod)namics to 0lo% (rocesses. 'e0ine 5ontrol :olume, 5ontrol Sur0ace and Stead) State.
4utline the (rinci(le o0 conser+ation o0 mass to 0lo% (rocesses and deri+e the continuit) e-uation. 4utline the
(rinci(le o0 conser+ation o0 ener2) to 0lo% (rocesses and deri+e the ener2) conser+ation e-uation. A((l) the
ener2) conser+ation e-uation to ener2) balances in 0lo% (rocesses includin2 0lo% in (i(es, e7(ansion and
com(ression (rocesses.
Lectures %ill aim to e7(lain conce(ts co+ered in the te7tboo". Student interaction %ould be encoura2ed to 2a2e
their understandin2 o0 the content. 17am(les %ould be done in class to rein0orce the understandin2 o0 the
material. &utorials %ould allo% the students to %or" on (roblems in 2rou(s to learn 0rom each other.
+ode o" De%i$ery
Po/er !oin or any oher !resenaion so"/are
5lassical Board ?%ritin2.
Oher Learning Reso#rces
* 5lass notes su((lied b) the instructor
C%ass Room Parici!aion
Students are e7(ected to attend all the classes (unctuall), com(lete all assi2nments 2i+en, and interact %ith
instructor and to (artici(ate acti+el). &he) are also encoura2ed to clari0) their doubts and brin2 their o%n
(roblems durin2 the contact hours o0 instruction.
# Assessment Elements Percent
1. @ui66es 1# 10
20 ,id*term e7amination
3. Lab 10
A. /inal 17amination. B0
.a2e 2 o0 ,
)#i33 and +id4erms are used to e7amine students> "no%led2e o0 the course as the course (ro2ress. &hese are
basicall) In*course t)(e e7ams %hich %ould last no more than 1.C hours
La5 (ro+ides students %ith a (ractical understandin2 o0 thermod)namic s)stems. &his assessment element is
used to e7amine ho% %ell the students a((lied the theor) to (ractical e7ercises.
-ina% E6am is used to assess the "no%led2e and understandin2 de+elo(ed b) the students throu2hout the
course. &his e7am is 3 hours lon2.
&ggregaion R#%es
&o (ass this course a student must obtain at least C0 D o+erall %hen the assessment elements are totalled.
1. /undamentals o0 1n2ineerin2 &hermod)namics, Bth 1dition ,ichael E. ,oran, <o%ard F. Sha(iro
5ourse Author: Solan2e 8ell)
'ate: 12/01/2012
5ourse Instructors: Rean Maharaj, Anthony Alexander OMeara Campus
Solange Kelly, Ren!ue Murray S"do #ech
5ontact In0ormation:
!or": BA2*GGGG e7t 3212C
1mail: Solan2e."ell)

.a2e 7 o0 ,
COURSE +&P &%% Cam!#ses
1 1< Basic Conce!s and
$ecturers notes% &utorial I1
2 1< !VT Re%aionshi!s $ecturers notes& &utorial I2
3 2< 'or8 and 0ea $ecturers notes' &utorial I3
A 7< 1
La/ o"
$ecturers notes ( &utorial IA
C ,< Inerna% energy and
$ecturers notes ) &utorial IC
B =< 1
%a/ o"
$ecturers notes *
&utorial IB
7 +iderm
G >< The !ro!ery o"
$ecturers notes. &utorial I7
J ?< Carno Cyc%e :C%osed
and O!en Sysems;
$ecturers notes/ #utoral #/
10 @< Po/er Cyc%es : Va!o#r $ecturers notes 0
+deal systems only-
#utoral #0
11 10< Po/er Cyc%es : *as $ecturers notes %1
+deal systems only-
#utora #%1
12 )#i3 :Lec#re Noes >410;
-IN&L E9&+
KLabs %ill be scheduled se(aratel).
.a2e , o0 ,