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European Learning Partnership FOODPRINT.


Workshop VII
6.06. 9. 06 2014
The Golden Corn
9.06 12. 06.2014
The motivational power of food:
Padrn Peppers and Tetilla Cheese

9 partner, 19 participant

Ela Priwieziencew and Juan Luis Garciad
Evaluation of project objectives
Did the workshop fulfil our expectations?

All partners are VERY satisfied with the meeting
The Iberian combination gave the whole group an excellent view of this
European region.
Yes, I think it enrich us very much.
YES! It was a perfect organized mobility, with many different aspects of
foodprint, the transport was comfortable, the driver - a best one in the
world!; the timing good, the meeting and places interesting. Different
people, different topics, different places - a real diversity of Europe. And a
very good final meeting of our partnership.
The workshop fulfilled my expectations. There was very good organization
and logistics and a variety o new and interesting ideas was realized.
The workshop was perfect, everybody knew exactly what they have to do
after 2 years of working together. Our partnership is very strong now, we
are friends and our mutual understanding is very good. So everything went

Did we find any difficulty or problem in the preparation
or during the workshop and visits?


How was your organisation prepared?

Good and active preparation to meeting of all partners:

As always, we had met before and had planned what we were going to do.
We do every reservation during the time, give the participants detailed
program and information about the project.
Normally, we made pre work for the fair.
We had a meeting before travelling to Portugal and Galicia and shared
duties about our participation in the workshops. Also we had checked that
our contribution concerning songs, recipes, stories had been sent.
Our organization succeeded to do 'homework' before the meeting, we
presented the materials (4th part: song, recipe, story, proverb and
multilingual dictionary). We also presented our activity regarding the
project in our community.

Did we achieve the expected results from the internal meeting?
A positive answer from all partners
Evaluation of cooperation and communication amongst partners
Did all the partners work for one goal?

A positive answer from all partners

How did the communication amongst partners
before the workshop and during the meeting work?

Through new technologies, the communication was fluid.
It was excellent.
Was very good, friendly and efficient.
Starting from the first meeting until the last one the communication
between partners was very good, friendly, respecting.
Excellent, before the workshop via email and phone callings and directly
during the meeting. There were no misunderstandings.

What can we learn from this workshop experiences
in terms of team working?

General conclusion

No matter where you are from or what you do, you can always learn to
cooperate and work in harmony with others.
Every think can be changed in a very short time.
That when we want we can do it.
Respecting our diversity we could work together and come to very good
results, and become friends.
That a common exhibition can be successful.
We need time, but after 2 years of working together everybody learned
very good team working.
What can we learn from this workshop experiences
in terms of team working?

These types of projects should continue!
We thanks for our partners in Portugal and Galicia.
Keep this wonderful group for other projects.
Many thanks to the Portugal and Spanish team for this very, very interesting
Congratulations to the wonderful Spanish and Portuguese teams!
Knowledge on food, history, ethics and ecology from all over Europe. A
stronger European feeling and many, many memories.
Local products are very important and a good choice for the food security
Mores experiences as human being.
We noticed that we can learn a lot from different regions and their
What can we learn from this workshop experiences
in terms of team working?

New partners and new friends... and many lovely memories
One of the best project our organization ever took part in. A team with so
many different countries, people, topics, opinion worked and
communicated in a friendly and efficient way. All partners did they best to
organize the transnational meeting, each meeting was interesting, from
each we could take new inspiration, new knowledge, new experience. With
a good plan, a precisely described responsibilities and task of each partner -
we could come to good results, even better then planed in the applications.
The project was for us a good lesson on European unity though European
Nice experiences of other European cultures, new friendships, a n
understanding that our old continent has an big variety of cultural
achievement connected with food.
Great learning experiences and memories and above all wonderful friends
in eight countries from Europe!

Organisation and logistics

(the partner hosting the workshop)

What did go wrong in the logistics and the organisation?

From our point of view nothing except for the problem
with the internet connection at the Galician hotel.
A little bit of confusing because of rain in last evening in Portugal,
but good company made the evening perfect.

What suggestion could you give to the other partners
for the next workshops?
This was the last workshop, but we would like to tell others
that our methods were very successful.
This was the last, but we all did very well.
Be cool.
II Part
Questionnaire for Participants
19 answers
Did you understand clearly the workshop objectives,
as presented by the partners?
YES 19
Did the workshop fulfill your expectations?
YES 19
Did the speakers contribute to the attainment of the goals?
YES 19

Did the workshop impart methods,
new (modern) learning tools and know-how?
YES 19
Did the workshop impart an intercultural dialogue
and team building?
YES 19
Please, score your overall satisfaction regarding the workshop

1 (not at all) 2 3 4 5 (very much)
17 for 5 / 2 for 4
Thanks, good timing, good organisation

Organization and logistics
Board and lodging
15 for 5/4 for 4
Transportation and logistics
19 for 5
Materials and facilities
17 for 5/ 2 for 4
16 for 5/ 3 for 4
18 for 5 / 1 for 4

Please, leave any comment or suggestion regarding the logistics

Always must have a plan B, because you never know then its going to rain!
Bus was good and the program (guidance) during the bus trip was perfect.
Organization and logistics was beyond my expectations.
It was great. Everything was well coordinated and organized.
Congratulations and thanks.

Field visit
Do you reckon that the field visit was useful for your experience?
17 for 5 /2 for 4

Did you find any difficulty or problem during the visit?


Please score your overall satisfaction regarding the field visit
18 for 5 / 1 for 4

The general assessment from
and of the learning partnership

Many different experiences, knowledge about traditions and food of
different countries and many new friends.

Through this project I learned a lot of things about foods, cultures,
ecological agriculture and different cooking methods, biological methods
of production, energy saving, food preservation, wise and healthy food
shopping and eating and the value of rural life and traditions. So it was
very important experiment for me. Thank you to everyone who was part
of this project.

In a way, Europe is a monoculture region and our history and habits are
reflecting from the past. But still the people are very much the same. They
care about each others.

I took a lot of things.
The general assessment from
and of the learning partnership

First of all, I improved my English. It was a good way to practice the
Shakespeare's language. In other hand, I learnt a lot about renewables
energies, organic products.... great experiences, the contact and the
insight to other European cultures, to meet interesting peoples, to
improve my English.

Many new contacts and even some new friends.

I take many experiences and European friends.

I take the feeling of deepening of my understanding of our multiform but
still united European civilization.

Many friends, good experiences and new ideas.

Life experience.
The general assessment from
and of the learning partnership
It was an incredible experience! I learned so many things in workshops and
mobilitys about us and about the other partners. Interpersonal and
intercultural dialogue has been tremendous. It would not have had the same
impact, no other form of collaboration. I learned that people from anywhere,
regardless of culture and civilization are united by the little things such food,
the pleasures of eating together and so taste traditional dishes offered by
each partner.

What I take from this project ? I do not know exactly because there are too
many and every day I discover new ones. But most of all its collaboration,
friendship and trust.

That even though we have different cultures and languages we can still
understand each other, work as a team and enjoy this differences together.
And between these differences we can also discover that we have many traits
in common.

Great experience! Thank you.
Thank you
for your


Ela and
Juan Luis