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Human Rights Council

Twenty-sixth session
Agenda item 3
Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development

United Nations
General Assemly
Dist.! Limited
23 "#ne 2014
$igina%! Eng%is&
Angola,' (ahrain,' (angladesh,' (enin, (osnia and Her)egovina,' (otswana,
(ur*ina +aso, China, C,te d-.voire, /gypt,
/l 0alvador,' .ndonesia, $eanon,'
1auritania,' 1orocco, 2amiia,' Philippines, 3atar,' Russian +ederation
$eone, 0ri $an*a,' 0udan,' Tunisia,' 4ganda,' 5imawe6' draft resolution
"#!7 Protection of the family
The Human Rights Council'
Reaffirming t&e (#(oses and (in)i(%es o* t&e C&ate o* t&e United Nations'
Guided +, t&e Uni-esa% De)%aation o* H#man Rig&ts and t&e .ienna De)%aation
and /ogamme o* A)tion' and e)a%%ing t&e 0ntenationa% Co-enant on Ci-i% and /o%iti)a%
Rig&ts' t&e 0ntenationa% Co-enant on E)onomi)' 1o)ia% and C#%t#a% Rig&ts' t&e
Con-ention on t&e Rig&ts o* t&e C&i%d' t&e Con-ention on t&e E%imination o* A%% 2oms o*
Dis)imination against 3omen and ot&e e%e-ant &#man ig&ts inst#ments'
Recalling Genea% Assem+%, eso%#tions 44/42 o* 4 De)em+e 1545' 47/237 o* 20
1e(tem+e 1553' 60/142 o* 21 De)em+e 1556' 62/41 o* 12 De)em+e 1557' 64/124 o* 17
De)em+e 1555' 66/113 o* 15 De)em+e 2001' 67/164 o* 14 De)em+e 2002' 64/16 o* 3
De)em+e 2003' 65/111 o* 6 De)em+e 2004' 65/147 o* 20 De)em+e 2004' 60/133 o* 16
De)em+e 2006' 62/125 o* 14 De)em+e 2007' 64/133 o* 14 De)em+e 2005' 66/126 o* 15
De)em+e 2011' 67/142 o* 20 De)em+e 2012 and 64/136 o* 14 De)em+e 2013'
)on)ening t&e (o)%amation o*' (e(aations *o and o+se-an)e o* t&e 0ntenationa% 7ea
o* t&e 2ami%, and its tent& and t8entiet& anni-esaies'
Recognizing t&at t&e (e(aations *o and o+se-an)e o* t&e t8entiet& anni-esa, o*
t&e 0ntenationa% 7ea o* t&e 2ami%, (o-ide a #se*#% o((ot#nit, to da8 *#t&e attention
to t&e o+9e)ti-es o* t&e 0ntenationa% 7ea *o in)easing )oo(eation at a%% %e-e%s on *ami%,
iss#es and *o #ndeta:ing )on)eted a)tions to stengt&en *ami%,-)ented (o%i)ies and
(ogammes as (at o* an integated )om(e&ensi-e a((oa)& to &#man ig&ts and
Reaffirming t&at 1tates &a-e t&e (ima, es(onsi+i%it, to (omote and (ote)t t&e
&#man ig&ts and *#ndamenta% *eedoms o* a%% &#man +eings' in)%#ding 8omen' )&i%den
and o%de (esons'
Recognizing t&at t&e *ami%, &as t&e (ima, es(onsi+i%it, *o t&e n#t#ing and
(ote)tion o* )&i%den and t&at )&i%den' *o t&e *#%% and &amonio#s de-e%o(ment o* t&ei
(esona%it,' s&o#%d go8 #( in a *ami%, en-ionment and in an atmos(&ee o* &a((iness'
%o-e and #ndestanding'
Convinced t&at t&e *ami%,' as t&e *#ndamenta% go#( o* so)iet, and t&e nat#a%
en-ionment *o t&e go8t& and 8e%%-+eing o* a%% its mem+es and (ati)#%a%, )&i%den'
s&o#%d +e a**oded t&e ne)essa, (ote)tion and assistan)e so t&at it )an *#%%, ass#me its
es(onsi+i%ities 8it&in t&e )omm#nit,'
Reaffirming t&at t&e *ami%, is t&e nat#a% and *#ndamenta% go#( #nit o* so)iet, and
is entit%ed to (ote)tion +, so)iet, and t&e 1tate'
1. Decides to )on-ene' at its t8ent,-se-ent& session' a (ane% dis)#ssion on t&e
(ote)tion o* t&e *ami%, to addess t&e im(%ementation o* 1tates; o+%igations #nde e%e-ant
(o-isions o* intenationa% &#man ig&ts %a8 and to dis)#ss )&a%%enges and +est (a)ti)es in
t&is egad<
= =
Non-mem+e 1tate o* t&e H#man Rig&ts Co#n)i%.
2. Requests t&e United Nations Hig& Commissione *o H#man Rig&ts to %iaise
8it& 1tates and a%% sta:e&o%des' in)%#ding t&e e%e-ant United Nations +odies' agen)ies'
and (ogammes' t&e teat, +odies' t&e s(e)ia% (o)ed#es o* t&e H#man Rig&ts Co#n)i%'
nationa% &#man ig&ts instit#tions and )i-i% so)iet,' 8it& a -ie8 to ens#ing t&ei
(ati)i(ation in t&e (ane% dis)#ssion<
3. Also requests t&e Hig& Commissione to (e(ae a e(ot on t&e (ane%
dis)#ssion in t&e *om o* a s#mma,' and to s#+mit it to t&e H#man Rig&ts Co#n)i% at its
t8ent,-eig&t& session<
4. Decides to emain sei>ed o* t&e matte.


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