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to JUNE 12

On Monday morning at 11 a.m. We departed from Coimbra and made our way to Galicia on
our Foodprint bus.

Before arriving at our destination, Betanzos, we stopped in Santiago de Compostela for a
group picture (and to recover a lost passport). Everything had begun in Santiago at a contact
semminar in November 2011.

We arrived in Betanzos at six in the afternoon and after checking in, we had a guided tour of
the city and our first dinner in Galicia where our colleagues were able to taste Padrn peppers for
the first time.

On Tuesday Mmorning, we left to the Provincial Prison of A Corua where our adult
education centre EPAPU de Teixeiro is located. Our colleagues were able to visit the prison.

Our partners were able to participate with our students and staff in the first Foodprint Fair held
inside the prison.

The partners shared information about their food with our 250 students and then they were
able to taste foods from all over the continent.

As a thank you, our students prepared a festival where they sang a foodprint song and Oles
and Omelyan, from the Galician folk band A Quenlla performed pieces from our webpage from
each of the participating countries.

After lunch, we attended a lecture by Xan Pouliquen in Lugo about organic farming in
Galicia and the danger of pesticides. Later, we had a guided tour of Lugo and dinner at two
restaurants in the centre.

Back in Betanzos, everyone was able to enjoy a traditional Queimada.

On Wednesday morning, we had our last project meeting and at 10:30 we set off to visit the
Bouzn farm where we learnt about organic farming certification and produce and later we had
lunch at the Millo e Landras farm where we learnt how to make cheese.

After lunch, we travelled to A Corua where we had coffee at the Monte San Pedro and then
free time to visit the city. Some colleagues accompanied the Galician coordinator to visit the old

Our last dinner was in Betanzos. Everyone was able to listen to traditional Galician female
folk music.

On Thursday morning, our colleagues still had some time to visit the marketplace in
Betanzos before returning to their homes.

Benito Otero

Thanks to Georgia and Semra for their pictures.