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Politics of Universal Significance

Not the center of the universe? - Perhaps not for us, but for its Maker?

It takes faith sometimes, not to give in to the overwhelming evidence of our
insignificance when not only we are one single, imperfect person among billions of
others, but we also know that we live on one tiny planet among hundreds of billions in
one galaxy of yet billions…

It certainly defies the odds of a God who loves you, - yes you, the way that He only loves
you, and so much so, that He would have given His Son for you even if you would have
been the only one…

And not only that, but there are other odds that speak as blaring testimonies against
God’s love, wisdom, if not His very existence, and act as the extended index finger of
Satan, the accuser of God and saints alike, waving in His face:

“What about handicapped people? What about all the natural disasters that kill millions?
You can blame wars and starvation, perhaps even some diseases, on humans, but what
about that?“

Personally, I have stopped viewing handicapped people as necessarily inferior to myself
ever since one stressful afternoon when I came upon a handicapped young person with an
expression of heavenly peace and bliss on his face that I never possessed, after having
been fuming and fretting my way through the traffic on a German highway in order to get
to my destination – me, the “enlightened,” “spiritual” man…
If nothing else, handicapped people are a perfect illustration of the spiritual state of many
of us supposedly so enlightened spiritual children of God.

They have often turned out to be more than a blessing and a life-changer (for the better)
for those who have had to take care of them, and perhaps have led the one or the other of
us to the point where we stopped arguing with God about our personal definitions of
“good and evil.”

As far as the deaths caused by natural disasters, or even death itself in general, I’ve come
to the point where I’m not so sure at all anymore whether God hadn’t spoken the truth,
after all, when He warned Adam and Eve that on the day they would eat of the fruit of the
tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would surely die.

Perhaps they didn’t die physically. But could it be that the life they lived hence (and the
life we have inherited from them since), in God’s eyes is actually more comparable to
death, than what He calls life?

So, what if death, in that case, wouldn’t be the great, terrible evil we all dread so much,
and thus, not a curse for those victims of natural disasters, at all, but rather a blessing? (-
Tough on those left behind, for sure, but aren’t they going to join their loved ones sooner
or later, too?)

I know, it sounds outrageous, but I am no more of a writer or theologian than Don
Quixote was a knight.

I’m just saying “what if?”

What if God likes to play against the odds?

Some people hate the idea of God “using” anybody, but what if being used by God is
actually the best thing that cold ever happen to you? And well, if God doesn’t have any
scruples about using us, let’s have a look at the type of folks he chooses: Not the strong,
not the wise, not the glamorous, but the foolish, despised, seemingly weak before the

Perhaps all our analyzing and calculating and the sum of all our supposed wisdom here
at the peak of Evolution in the 21st century still amounts to nothing more than
foolishness (= a joke) with God, and He can still do better with a handful of fools and
handicapped than all our heroes and geniuses put together.

Not that He would need to show off His superiority. It’s just that we doubt His
capabilities altogether.
When we had the choice of “Who would you like to run this place? – God, or yourselves
with the assistance of your dear old friend, the Serpent,” we fell for the propaganda
machine of the big empty promises of the Devil (obviously being the better politician)
and went for the “Me!!! — Meeee!!!!! — Meeeeee!!!!!!” option without hesitation.

And if you’d cast votes again over that right now, which option do you think the majority
of our 7 billion would cast in their vote for?

Contrary to the masters of the coming New World Order, which is ultimately going to
usher in the “ultimate politician:” the Antichrist, who openly preach the eradication of
two thirds of the planet’s population, God seems to value and treasure every life, however
seemingly insignificant it may be to us.

The label “politician” applies to Him as much as it would apply to oxygen: invisible, but
infinitely more useful and user-friendly.

So, needless to say, although vastly outnumbered, as ever, by a vast, perhaps democratic
but thoroughly brainwashed majority, I’ll cast in my vote for the politics of “Universal
Significance,” as opposed to the common mindset of “universal insignificance.”

What is there to enjoy, anyway, if one can no longer enjoy the little things?