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Acetone, it is widely known by its presence in nail polish remover. Acetones formula is
CO and is commonly known as acetone, but it is systematically named propanone. It is the
simplest ketone and contains three carbons, six hydrogens, and one double bonded oxygen.
According to coordination geometry, it is a trigonal planar at C2. The bonds in acetone are
covalent. The molar mass is 58.08 g/mol and its a clear, colourless liquid with a pugent mint-
like odor that can be irritating. Acetone has a density of 0.791 g cm
. In addition it has a
melting point from 95 to 93 C and a boiling point from 56 to 57 C. Its miscible in water,
benzene, diethyl ether, methanol, chloroform, and ethanol. Acetone is a hazardous substance and
a flammable substance as well. In low concentrations, acetone isnt very toxic. However, it can
still irritate and damage skin and the mucosal lining of the mouth. The inhalation of acetone can
also cause liver damage. Contamination of water, food or air can lead to acute poisoning. An
accidental intake of large amounts of acetone may lead to unconsciousness and death. Acetone is
produced both naturally and artificially. In the body, acetone is produced through normal
metabolic process and it is normally present in blood and in urine. People with diabetes produce
it in larger amounts. In addition, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children have higher
levels of acetone. Artificially, most acetone is made during the production of phenol, which is
mostly used to make polymers like plastics. In 2010, an estimated amount of 6.7 million tonnes
per year was the worldwide production capacity for acetone. United States had the highest
production capacity, and Taiwan and mainland China following the United States. During World
War I, a method of producing acetone through bacterial fermentation was developed by Chaim
Weizmann, (who later became the first president of Israel), to help the British war effort.
Acetone is available as itself or acetone peroxide (oxidized acetone), which is a highly unstable,
primary high explosive compound. There are many uses for acetone. Acetone was widely found
in traditional nail polish remover that uses acetone as the main ingredient. Acetone can remove
not only nail polish but as well as permanent markers. An important industrial use for acetone
involves its reaction with phenol to produce bisphenol A, which is a valuable component of
many polymers. It is also used in general purpose cleaners for paint and ink. It can be used as
agent for art work and it can be used as a drying agent as well.