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1- The major action of sodium chromoglycate is:-

a-mast cell stabilization b-bronchodilator

c-prostaglandins modifier d-leukotrienes modifier
e-non of the above
2-The action of histamine is :
a-capillary constriction b-elevation of blood pressure
c-stimulation of gastric secretion
d-skeletal muscle paralysis e-slowing the heart rate
3-ne of the following antibiotics is resistant to penicillinase :
a-penicillin ! b-penicillin "
c-flo#apen d-ampicillin
$- %nderal is :
a-similar in action to ergotamine
b-similar in action to tubocurarine
c-used as an antihistamine
d-pure b -adrenergic receptor blocker
&- 'ifampicin is indicated for treatment of :
a-impaired fat absorption b-pulmonary emboli
c-tuberculosis d-neoplastic disorders
(- )hich of the following is non selective b1 blocker *
a-labitolol b-terazosine
c-cloridine d-captopril
+- The ,atin abbreviation for - .fter /eals - is :
a- a0c0 b- a0a0 c- p0c0 d- i0c0 e- c0c0
1- The latin abbreviation for - 2our Times 3aily - is :
a- a0c0 b- a0a0 c- p0c0 d- 40i0d0 e- c0c0
5- The latin abbreviation for - 6very 7ight - is :
a- a0c0 b- o0n0 c- p0c0 d- i0c0 e- c0c0
18- 6rythroped . :
a-is effective against " 9ve :occi
b-is a macrolide antibiotic
c-can increase g0i0t0 motility
d-could be used in pregnant women if need
e-all of the above



11- 2or the treatment of anaphylactic shock use :

a-salbutamol b-diphenhydramine
c-acetazolamide d-epinephrine
12- .llopurinol is used as :
a-analgesic agent b-uricosuric agent
c-antiinflamatory agent d-antipyretic agent
e-agent which increases renal tubular reabsorption
.llopurinol inhibits #anthine o#idase; reducing the conversion of
hypo#anthine and #anthine to uric acid and resulting in direct inhibition
of purine biosynthesis due to elevated o#ypurine concentration <negative
feedback=0 #ypurinol also inhibits #anthine o#idase0 >o anyway you have
dramatically decreased uric acid concentrations; decreased renal tubular
transport of uric acid; and then the side effect of increased tubular
reabsorption of calcium0
13- )hich of the following is 7T betamethasone side effect *
.-cataract b-hypoglycemia
c-skeletal muscle weakness d-sodium retention
e-lowered resistance to infections
1$- . disease which is due to viral infection :
a-poliomyelitis b-rabies
c-chicken po# d-herpes
e-all of the above
1&- The mechanism of action of atropine is :
a-muscarinic antagonist b-muscarinic agonist
c-nicotinic antagonist d-nicotinic agonist
e-non of the above
1(- /yocardial muscle tissue property to generate electrical is :
a-inotropy b-chronotropy
c-automaticity d-contractility
e-non of the above - 3romotropic effect-
1+- The heart?s dominant pacemaker is :
a- .! node b- >. node
c-pukinje fiber d-internodal pathways
e-non of the above
11- .denosine is used for :
a-ventricular arrythmias b-atrial bradycardia
c-supraventricular tachycardia
d-supraventricular bradycardia
e-non of the above



15- .denosine @ produces which of the following :

a-facial flushing b-dyspnea
c-marked tachycardia d- a and b
e- a ; b and c
28- )hich of the following is responcible for buffering
a-magnesium b-chloride
c-bicarbonates d-potassium
21- 'espiratory acidosis is due to :
a- 2 removal b- 2 retention
c- :2 removal d- :2 retention
e-non of the above
22- )hich of the following is 7T colloid solution *
a-albumin &A b-ringer?s solution
c-de#tran d-beta starch
e-albumin 28A
23- The term shock signifies :
a-hyperperfusion b-hypoperfusion c-tachycardia
d-bradycardia e-non of the above
2$- %n treatment of shock ; which of the following should be
a-airway control b-%! of crystalloid solution
c-dopamine to support blood pressure
d-monitor heart rhythm e-all of the above
2&- )hich of the following is released by bacterial infection*<B0 by
bacterial cell wall during there growth=
a-endoto#in b-e#oto#in c-antibiotics
d-cytoto#in e-non of the above

2(- the amount of water in adult male is about:
a-2&A b-(8A c-18A d-18A e-1+A
2+- )hich of the following are causes of oedema*
a- %ncrease hydrostatic pressure
b- 3ecrease oncotic pressure
c-capillary permeability
d- a and b e- a ; b and
21- @atients prescribed non reversible monoamine o#idase inhibitor
should be advised not to consume food containing tyramine because
this combination causes:
a-postural hypotension b-hallucinations
c-anaphylactic shock d-muscle weakness and tremor e-acute
adrenergic crisis including sever hypertention
25- :oncerning :R 2 inhibitors ; which is 7T true*
a-they have lower risk gastric adverse reactions
b-good evidence about their effectiveness
c-cardiac to#icity is a recent concern of this class
d-they usually administrated twice daily
e-combination with non selective agents give more effective action
38- %n the treatment of osteoporosis which of the following is 7T
a-alendronate should be taken (8 min0 before breakfast
b-:a and vit0 3 are essential
c-hormone replacement therapy should be considered
d-outcome should be assessed with periodic bone density
e-ralo#ifeno is selective oestrogen modulator
31- )hich of the following is the first choice in acute gout*
a-allopurinol b-indomethacin
c-colchicine d-probencid e-sulfinylpyrazone
32- )hich of the following is 7T a risk factor for osteoparalysis*
a-minimal e#ercise b-low calcium intake
c-male gender d-family history
e-minimal e#posure to sunlight
33- 6arly symptoms of aspirin poisoning are :
a-lethergy S fatigue b-skin rash S headache
c-throbbing headache S dizziness
d-fluid retention hypotension
e-ringing in the ears S blurred vision
3$- )hich of the following is 7T true about infi#imuab
a-%,-1 blocker
b-used for treatment of severe rheumatoid arthritis
c-may increase risk of infections
d-administered as %! infusion
e-postadministration reactions include fever S chills

%nfl#imab is anti T72
3&- . disease modifying drugs in rheumatoid arthritis:
a-gold preparations
d- a and b
e- a ; b and c

3(- . patient who is admitted through the 60'0 with an initial
diagnosis arterial fibrillation
a-slow ventricular response using verapamil
b-start lidocaine infusion
c- considered anticoagulation with warfarine
d- a and c e- b and c
3+- )hich of the following is true about surgical prophyla#is *
a-it is given to treat surgery associated infections
b-it is given to reduce the possibility of surgical site infection
c-should always be given regardless type of surgery
d-should be continued for + days after surgery
e-all are true
31- )hen diagnosis of diabetes to be considered :
a-)T: count with differential
b-oral glucose tolerance test c- UT.1c
d- a and b e- b and c
35- The usual daily dose of phenytoin in the range of:
a- 1-& mg b- 1&-(8 mg
c- 388-(88 d -should be continued for + days after surgery
e-all are true
$8- "oals of diabetes mellitus management include :
a-reduce onset of complications
b-control symptoms of diabetes
c-near normal glycemic control and UT.1c
d- a and b e- a ; b and c
$1- )hen dosing insulin which of the following is true*
a-initial dose 80( u V kg V day split 2V3 a0m and 1V3 p0m
b-regular 7@U ratio is 1 : 1 or 1 : 2
c-dose may need to be increased during acute illness
d- b and c e- a ; b and c
$2- )hat first line agent may be considered for an obese type 2 *
a-glyburinid b-insulin c-metformin
d-nateglinid e-repaglinid

$2- These are non a4ueous pharmaceutical solutions:
a-otic soln0 ; mouth washes and nasal soln0
b-essences ; collodions an eli#irs
c-gargles ; douches and irrigation soln0
d-syrups ; mucillages and collodions
e-enemas ; liniments and spirits
$$- )hich of the following drugs e#hibits dose dependant
pharmaceutical therapeutic doses *
a-7a valproate b-phenytoin c-lithium
d-4uinidine e-carbamazepine
$&- @ropranolol is often prescribed with hydralazine to
a-reduce the refle# tachycardia
b-prevent the accumulation of hydralazine0
c-prevent systemic lupus < >,6 = due to hydralazine0
d-prevent oedema e-increase absorption of hydralazine
$(- The ability of a li4uid to dissolve is :
a-hydrophilicity b-miscibility
c-immiscibility d-solubility e4uilibrium
$+- )hich of the following is 7T correct *
a-glitazones are ineffective as mono therapy
b-"%T disturbance are common side effects of glycosidase inhibitors-a
c-start with small dose of oral agent and triturate up to 1-2 weeks
d-life style modification should not be enforced if an oral agent to be started
e-lisepro is rapid acting insulin to be dosed immediately before meals

$1- %n :U2 management the following is not correct:
a-.:6%s such as lisinopril improves left ventricular function and reduces mortality
-blocker such as carvidailol may have beneficialb
b- effect in selected patient
c-spironolactone should be avoided because of the great risk of hypokalemia
d-non drug therapy includes appropriate fluid and dietary sodium-restriction
e-symptomatic improvement is one of the major assessment criteria for proper therapy
$5- )hich of the following is 7T a primary literature
a-gournal of pharmacy practice
b-applied therapeutic S clinical use of drug
c-new 6ngland Wournal of medicine
e- W./.
&8- 'eferences to check compatibility of drugs in parentral
a- /6':X %nde#
b-handbook on injectable drugs
d- a and b
e- b and c
&1- )hen a :7> depressant is prescribed ; which of the following is
7T taken at the same time*
a-analgesic b-verapamil
c-aspirin d-diphenhydramine e-orange juice
&2- . $ mg dose of lorazepam administered to an adult will act as :
a-analgesic b-hypnotic c-diuretic
d-antihistaminic e-antiulcerant
&3- The drug of choice to control pain during acute myocardial
infarction is :
a-nalo#one b-bethidine c-morphine
d-celeco#ib e-napro#en
&$- )hat is a major contraindication to the use of an T:
sympathomimetic drug
a-gastric ulcer b-uncontrolled hypotension
c-severe asthma d-rheumatoid arthritis

&&-:ategory : in 23. for drug used in pregnancy :
a- controlled studies fail to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the trimester and there is no
evidence of risk in later trimester
b- fetal risk 7T demonstrated in animal studies but there are no controlled studies in
pregnant women or animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect that was 7T
confirmed in controlled studies in women during trimester
c-either animal study have revealed adverse effect on the fetus and there are no controlled
human studies or studies in animal and women are not available
d- There is positive evidence of human fetal risk but the benefits of use in pregnant woman
may be acceptable despite the risk
&(- )hat advice would you give to a patient prescribed rifampicin*
a-take this medication with food or milk
b-avoid multivitamine preparations during treatment
c-avoid taking paracetamol during treatment
d-possible discolouration of skin is of no importance
e-this medication may cause discolouration of urine
&+- :orrect method of parentral administration of potassium is :
a-fast %0!0 injection
b-slow %0!0 injection c-%0/0 injection
d-%@<intraperitoneal= injection
&1- )hich route of administration would provide the most rapid onset
of action response to morphine *
a-oral b->0:0 c-%0!0
d-%0/0 e-rectal
&5- The long term administration of thiazide diuretics re4uires :
a- X9 b- 7a9 c- :a99
d- :3 e- acetate
(1- )hen concidering drug therapy for hypertention ; which is true*
a-combination of drugs always preferred
b-hydralazine is first line therapy in young hypertension
c-furosemide should be administrated before meal to improve absorption
d-beta-blokers should be avoided in asthmatic patient
e- .:6%s are recommended in pregnant women

(2- )hich of the following is 7T used in theophylline to#icity
management :
a-symptomatic control of seizures with benzodiazepine
b-activated charcoal to enhance elimination
c- b blocker for tachycardia
d-control vomiting with metoclopramide
e-methylphenidate to reduce e#cessive sedation
(3- 'egarding the use of .:6%s :
a-associated hypokalemia could be avoided by giving X-supplement
b-effective in reducing proteinurea in diabetic patient
c-most common side effect is chronic dry cough
d-a good first line treatment for hypertensive diabetic
e-dose should be started low and triturated gradually upward in need
($- 'egarding treatment of digo#in to#icity:
a-verify time of last time
b-check /g and X levels and correct if needed c-monitor 6:"
d-no antidote for digo#in e-supportive care
(&- The antimalarial to be avoided in glucose-(-phosphate
dehydrogenase deficiency :
a-prima4uine b-4uinine

(1-The following is 7T characteristic of solution:
a-thermodynamically stable
b-composed of two or more component that e#ist in one phase
d-the solvent and solute can be separated by filtration
e-solute doesn?t precipitate as time passes
69- Role of carbidopa i !rea!"e! of #ar$i%oi%"&
a- 'ero!oi re(p!a$e b- dopa"ie a)oi%!
c- *ecrea%e dopa"ie i perip+eral ,e%%el
d- *opa"ie a!a)oi%! e- -./0 a!a)oi%!
12- Role of 3-bloc$er% i a)ia& 4444&

10- 5+e dr() ab%orbed !+ro()+ 67/ !+e )o !o li,er ad
e8cre!ed !+i% proce%% called
a- fir%! pa%% b- dr() "e!aboli%" c- dr()
19- :ll !+e follo;i) a!i ifla""a!or<= aal)e%ic effec! e8cep!
a-ib(profe b- a%piri c- apro%<
d- %e,redol > opioid analgesic
1?- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) eed fil!ra!io before 7@ if(%io
a- "ai!ol b- de8!ro%e -A c- i%(li
d- '(%pe%io e- e"(l%io
1B-aCaleic acid (%ed i
a-ace b- p%oria%i% c- "<ocardial ifarc!io
1-- ;+ic+ +or"oe are %ecre!ed fro" po%!erior pi!(i!ar< )lad
a- o8<!oci b- )ro;!+ +or"oe c-
adreocor!ico%!eroid +or"oe
16- !o icrea%e d(ra!io of lidocaie i aa%e!+ia
a- propraolol b- %(cci<l c+olie c- epiep+rie
d- :!ropie e- &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
11- *r() ab%orp!io deped o
a- a)e b- %e8 c- do%a)e for"
d- *r() %!a!e e- : ad 3
1D-"oi!ori) for do%e i elderl< pa!ie!>
a- e8cre!io i $ide< decrea%e b- decrea%e i li,er eC<"e% f(c!io
c- reab%orp!io i% +i)+ d- "e!aboli%" i% +i)+ e- : =b
19-;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) ca(%e "e!allic !a%!e
a- cap!opril b- ci"e!idie c- "e!ofor"i

D2- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) are c+arac!eri%!ic for Er<!+roped
a- o! effec!i,e a)ai%! 6 +,e cocci
b- o! "acrolide a!ibio!ic
c- ca icrea%e 67/ "o!ili!<
d-ca o! (%ed i pre)a! ;o"e if eeded
e- oe of !+e abo,e
D0- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) are c+arac!eri%!ic for Er<!+ro%ie>
a-o! effec!i,e a)ai%! 6F,e cocci
b- +a% a"io )l<co%ide a!ibio!ic
c-decrea%e 67/ "o!ili!<
d-%+o(ld o! be (%ed i pre)a! ;o"a if eed
e-%+o(ld be (%ed i pre)a! ;o"a if eed
D9-!+e op!i"al %iCe for op+!+al"ic drop%>-
Y 18Zg
D?- :"p+e!a"ie i% (%ed i>
defect of
awareness in the brain of children0
DB-if pac$a)ed are ;ri!!e for e8pir< Go,e"ber 9226 i! "ea !+a! ca be (%ed !ill
a- 0 Go,e"ber b- ?0 Go,e"ber
D--/+e "ec+ai%" of ac!io of 3(%piroe !+ro()+

b-6:3: a)oi%!
c-dopa"ier)ic a)oi%! d-dopa"ier)ic a!a)oi%!

D6- Gi!ro)l<cerie i!rod(ce%>
D1- H"epraCole (%ed !o>
decrease gastric
acid secretion&
DD- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) +a% aldo%!eroe a!a)oi%! effec!
a- a"iloride b- f(ro%e"ide c-
%piroolac!oe d- +<droc+loro!+iaCide
D9-;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) c+a)e color of !+e (rie !o red
nitrofurantoin ;
92- if pa!ie! !a$e 6e!a"ici for a !i"e ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) eed
"oi!ori) !e%!
a- %er(" crea!iie le,el b- li,er eC& !e%!
c- +e"o)lobi !e%! d-&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
of !+e follo;i) i% a!iarr<!+"ic cla%% Ia>-
a- lidocaie b- propraolol c-
a"iodaroe d-J(iidie
99- Kla%% II a!iarr<!+"ic dr()% prod(ce i!% ac!io through:-
a- decrea%e ra!e of p+a%e 2 depolariCa!io b- icrea%e p+a%e ? repolariCa!io
c- %(ppre%% p+a%e B depolariCa!io d- adreer)ic recep!or bloc$i)
e- %+or!e ac!io po!e!ial

9?- a!iarr<!+"ic dr() cla%% Ib prod(ce i!% ac!io !+ro()+>-
a- decrea%e ra!e of p+a%e 2 depolariCa!io b- icrea%e p+a%e ? repolariCa!io
c- decrea%e p+a%e B depolariCa!io d- adreer)ic recep!or bloc$i)
e- %+or!e p+a%e ? repolariCa!io
9B- K+iral "olec(le "ea>-
a-dipole "o"e! b- %ol(bili!< c- c+ela!i) prep& d-
op!ical ac!i,i!<&
9--lo,a%!a!i prod(ce ac!io !+ro()+>-
reductase inhibitor&
96- li%opril = Ciopril or Ce%!ril i% fo(d i >-
a-cap!opril b- fo%iopril c- ra"ipril

91- am is abbreviation for at morning.

9D- op+!+al"ic pre%crip!io are ;ri!!e !+ro()+ follo;i) L )!! !od
3id M !+i% "ea>-
a- )i,e oe drop !o ri)+! e<e !;ice dail<
b- )i,e oe drop !o lef! e<e !;ice dail<
c- %+a$e ;ell ad !+e )i,e oe drop !o lef! e<e !;ice dail<
d- %+a$e ;ell ad !+e )i,e oe drop !o ri)+! e<e !;ice dail<&
99-!e)re!ol i% (%ed i !!! of>-
epileptic; seizures&
022- '!rep!o$ia%e i% (%ed i !!! of>-
020-all !+e follo;i) are a!if()al e8cep!>-
a- G<%!a!i b- :"p+o!erici c-
Ne!ocoaCole d- 6a"ciclo,ir&
029- cef!aCidi"e i%>-
a- fir%! )eera!io cep+alo%pori b- %ecod )eera!io cep+alo%pori
c- !+ird )eera!io cep+alo%pori d- fo(r!+ )eera!io cep+alo%pori
02?- 3a"b(!erol i% (%ed i>-
treatment of
02B- *r() (%ed i !!! of !ra,eler diarr+ea>-
a-a"picilli b- a"o8icilli c- co-
!ri"o8aCole d- ciproflo8aci
02-- 5+ic+ or)ai%" are !+e ca(%e of !ra,eler diarr+ea>-
026-diaCepa" (%ed i>-
021-%olid !o be red(ced i %iCe before di%%ol,i) called>-

02D-3eCodiaCepie "ec+ai%" !+ro()+>-
binding [ subunit
of ".T.-. receptor&
029-@ica al$aloid% prod(ce a!icacer dr()% >-
vincristine ;
vinblastine 0 vindesine0
002- ;arfari "oi!ori) !+erap< b<>-
a- 7GR b- pla!ele! co(! c- :#// d- lipid profile
international normalized ratio < determine the blood tendency to clot = normal range 801 \ 102 @T
< prothrombin time=
000-i o,(la!io p+a%e ;+ic+ +or"oe i% predo"ia! >-
a-O'. b-P. c-
pro)e%!eroe d- pro)e%!eroe ad P.
009-,ec(roi(" i% (%ed a% >-
skeletal muscle
00?-"o%! co""o proce%% for %!eriliCa!io>-
a- fil!ra!io b- dr< +ea! c- "oi%!
00B-;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) eed %er(" le,el "oi!ori) ;i!+
a-*i)o8i b- alb(!rol c-a"picilli
00-- %ide effec! of epiep+rie i%>-
a- a(%ea = ,o"i!i) b- +eadac+e = co%!ipa!io
c- +<po)l<ce"ic effec! d- i%c+e"ic da"a)e e- %$i ra%+
006-dr() (%ed for !!! of "i)raie ad ./G>-
a-cloidie b- "io8idil c-
propraolol d- +<dralaCi
001- caQ! be (%ed a% "oo!+erap< i "ild ./G>-
a- +<dralaCie b- lo%ar!a c- pidolol
d- a!eolol e- +<droc+loro!+iaCide
00D- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) +a% ca!+ari!ic %ide effec!>-
a- al("i(" %ilica!e b- "a)e%i(" %(lp+a!e c- calci(" %(lp+a!e
009-or"al ;a!er ca be (%ed i>-
a- pare!ral prep& b-op+!+al"ic prep&
c- oral %(%p& d-e8!eral prep&
092- Eco!+iop+a!e "ec+ai%" !+ro()+>-
a-bidi) !o "(%cariic recep!or b- c+olier)ic a!a)oi%!
c- "a$e co"ple8 ;i!+ ace!<lc+olie%!era%e ad i+ibi! i!% ac!io
090-!e!racaie i% (%ed a%>-
a-opoid pai b- ,i!* "e!aboli!e
c- %pial ae%!+e%ia d- e(ro"(%c(lar bloc$er
099-+alf life for fir%! order $ie!ic>-
a- $ b-0R$ c- 9$ d- 2&69?$
09?-ad%orp!io are affec!ed b< !+e follo;i) e8cep!>-
a- p+<%ical R8 b- c+e"ical R8 c- irre,er%ible
d- re,er%ible e S 3=K
09B- K+arcoal prod(ce i!% ac!io !+ro()+>-
a- adsorption
09-- *i)o8i (%ed i !!! of K.O a% +a%>-
9 !6
inotropic effect
096- ##T "ea>-
part per
million ' million part
091-all are ca(%e% of 9r< ./G e8cep!>-
a- p+<oc+ro"oc<!o"a b- c+olier)ic a)e! c- %od& i!a$e
d- 4444&&

09D-p! K.O !a$e di)o8i ad +<droc+loro!+iaCide ;i!+ ra< ar!+ri!i% ;+ic+ of
a-cor!iCoe b-+<drocor!i%oe c-fl(!icaCoe
099-if a dr() +a% !+e %a"e ac!i,e i)redie! li$e o!+er dr() b(! o! co!ai !+e %a"e
iac!i,e i)redie! !+i% "ea >-
a- 3ioeU(i,ale! b-p+ar"ace(!ical eU(i,ale! c-
p+ar"ace(!ical al!era!i,e d- :=3
0?2- coc& of adr() i% 1&- ") i !ea%poof(l
;+a! ;ill be coc& i 0-2 "l>-
1&- ")VVVVVVVV -"l
8W ")VVVVVVVV 0-2 "l
XXXXX8 ")Y1&-80-2R- Y99- ")
0?9-;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) i% o! colloid
:-kerbs solution b- alb("i 9A c- *e8!ra
d- 3e!a %!arc+ e- alb("i 92A
0??-%ildeafil i% fo(d i !iagra&
0?B-:l!ebla%e i% (%ed>-
0?-- %alb(!a"ol i% (%ed a%>-

0?6-podocodeie i% (%ed i dry cough
0?1-;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) o! (%ed i e"er)ec< ./G>-
a- f(ro%e"ide b- pidolol c- labe!olol d-
0?D-*o8or(bici %ide effec!
a- cardiac to#icity b- ep+ro!o8ici!<
c- po%!(ral +<po!e%io d- arr+<!+"ia
0?9- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) o! (%ed i !!! of a%!+"a>-
a- 39 a)oi%! b-39 a!a)oi%!
0B2- 5+ic+ of !+e follo;i) i% al$<la!i) a)e! ad a!icacer
a-,ibla%!ie b- ci%pla!i
c- :yclophosphamide d- ,icri%!ie
0B0- @er< %"all "olec(leL0 par! M %ol(ble i 02=222 par! of ;a!er
a- fairl< %ol(ble b- slightly soluble
K-i""i%cible d- "i%cible e- i%ol(ble
0B9-beCoil o! %ol(ble i .9H b(! %ol(ble i beCee i 9-Z c
a- polar b- o polar c-%ol(ble
d- i%ol(ble e- %li)+!l< polar
0B?- oe of !+e follo;i) i% "e"ber of p+eo!+iaCie% )ro(p
0BB-pri"idoe i% prodr() for L a!iepilep!ic dr() M
0B-- *ail< reco""eded do%e for folic acid
$88-&88 Zg
0B6- *ail< reco""eded do%e for ,i!& K i "ale >-
a-?2")Rda< b--2 ")Rda< c-92")Rda< d-922 ")Rda<
e- B22 ")Rda<

0B1- *ail< reco""eded do%e for ,i!& K i fe"ale >-
b--2 ")Rda< c-92")Rda< d-922 ")Rda< e- B22 ")Rda<

0BD- "a8& dail< do%e for parace!a"ol i%

L $888 mg =
0B9- Er)o! al$aloid% i% (%ed a% ttt migraine
0-2- 3(fferi) a)e! (%ed i op+!+al"ic drop% !o>-
irritation to eye and increase stability
0-0-pico%(lp+a!e i% (%ed a%
0-9- *i)o8i !o8ici!< icrea%e ;i!+>-
a- real fail(re b- +epa!ic p!
c- :%!+"a!ic p!
0-?- :ll !+e follo;i) are %ide effec! of oral co!racep!i,e e8cep!>-
a-+<per!e%io b-;ei)+! )ai
c- .<per)l<ce"ia d- diCCie%% e- co%!ipa!io
0-B-;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) arco!ic% o! (%ed !oda<>-
a- "orp+ie b- +eroi
c- ico!ie d- codeie
0--- dr() %!ored i !+e bod< i>-
a- fa! b- "(%cle c- coec!i,e !i%%(e d- lipid
e- pro!ei
0-6-;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) do%a)e for" are fa"o(%>-
a- %ol(!io= )el= oi!& b- oi! = )el = %ol(!io
c- oi!= %ol(!io = )el e- %ol(!io = oi! = )el
0-1- i ca%e of +epa!ic or real fail(re ;+ic+ "(%cle rela8a! i%
reco""eded >-

0-D- .epari ca be "oi!ored !+ro()+ >-
a- :#// b- 7GR c-#/ d-7T
. @artial Thromboblastine Time < time taken by plasma to clot=
0-9-Ei8opari i% ad"ii%!ra!ed>-
a- 7T b- 7@
c- >0:0 d- 7@ if(%io

062- if dr() pro!ei bidi) icrea%ed or decrea%ed>-
a- +alf life ] b- +alf life \
c- %ide effec! ] d- ac!io ] e- a;b
060-?rd )eera!io cep+alo%pori +a%>-
a- 6F ol< b- 6-,e ol< c- "9ve ; "-ve
069-%ol(bili!< e+aced !+ro()+ >-
a- red(ce par!icle %iCe b- icrea%e %(rface area
c- icrea%e par!icle %iCe d- decrea%e %(rface area
e- :^3
06?- de!er"ia!io aal<%i% of %ol(!io deped o
a-a!(re of %ol(!e b- !<pe of %ol(!io
c-aal<Cer d- a0b
06B-;+e (%e liU(id or oi!& !o di%%ol,e !+e %olid i! i% called >-
06-- p+e<!oi ac! o

".T. receptor

G':7*% prod(ce ac!io !+ro()+>-
decrease prostaglandin synthesis
061- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) o! c+arac!eri%!ic of !+eop+<llie>-
a- rela8a!io !o broc+ial %"oo!+ "(%cle b- icrea%e
cardiac co!rac!ili!<= KH
c- a(%ea = abdo"ial di%!(rbace
e- co,(l%io d-
06D- ;+a! i% dr() of c+oice i !!! of broc+o%pa%"Ra%!+"a>-
a-salbutamol Lalb(!rol M b-!+eop+<llie c-propraolol
d-e%"olol e- U(iidie
069- ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) ca(%e depre%%io >-
a- a"picilli b- reserpine

012- #RE@HK i% !rade a"e (%ed a%>-L!iclopdieM
a- a!icoa)(la! b- a!ipla!elle! c-
a!ibio!ic d- a!i a%!+"a!ic
010- po(d
Y 80$&3 kg
019- %(%!aied relea%e do%a)e for" i% (%ed !o
a-icrea%e +alf life b- dr() +a,e lo; !+erape(!ic ide8
c- 444444444&&
01?- dr() af!er "e!aboliCed i li,er i! ;ill beco"e>-
a-polar b- o polar
c- lipop+ilic d- i%ol(ble
01B- loadi) do%e defii!io
01-- i p+a%e 0 i "(%cle co!rac!io occ(r>-
a-depolariCa!io for $ i
b- repolariCa!io !o ca o(!
1+(- half life of drug is + days U) can taken:-
a- every day b- twice daily
c- twice weekly d- every week

1++- diltiazim classified as :
0 :a channel blocker

1+1-T carotine is precursop of :
a-retinol b- thiamine c-riboflavin
d- pyrido#ine e- calcefirol

1+5- electrical property which produce impulses called :
a-conduction b-automaticity
c-velocity d- e#citability
118- infusion of hypotonic solution in blood cause :
a= shriniking of blood cell
b= hemolysis
c= hyperglycemia
d= hypoglycemia
e= b 9 d

111- infusion of hypertonic solution in blood cause :
a= shriniking of blood cell
b= hemolysis
c= hyperglycemia
d= hypoglycemia
11$- denaturation will happened in body for which compounds*
a-penicillin b- proteins
c- lipid d-carbohydrate e-000000000000
11&- major metabolism proccess in "%T is:-
a-hydrolysis b- acetylation
c- o#idation d-conjucation
11(- dosage form of nitroglycren when used in malignant
hypertension *
a-%! b-%/ c- >0:
d- infusion e- transdermal
11+- drug induced lupus like syndrom is associated with
antihypertinsive *
a-mini#idil b- hydralazine c- dio#ide
d-nitroprusside 7a e- acebutol

111- hypothirodism cause :-
a-weight gain b- hypoglycemia
c-low body temp d-00000000000
115- .:6 % mechanism of action as antihypertension ***
- inhibition of converting angiotensin % to angiotensin %%
158- .bout definition of first pass effect ; it increase with:-
a- increase rate of absorption
b- increase biotransformation
c- increase pka
d- .ST
151- metal used in rheumatoid arthiritis : gold
152- low density lipoprotein<,3,= act as :
a-carrier c+ole%!erol i pla%"a b- !ra%por! fa!!< acid
c- )ood lipopro!ie&
153- true solutions another name is:-
a- +o"o)eo(% b- +e!ero)eo(%
c-e"(l!io d- %(%pe%io
09B-abo(! op+!+al"ic prepara!io a% %i)le do%e ;+ic+ i% fal%e>-
a-%!erile b- p(rified
c-%+o(ld co!ai pre%er,a!i,e d-444&&
09--"o%! of dr()% are >
a-5ea$ elec!rol<!e
b-Go elec!rlol<!e
c-Go ioic
d-'!ro) elec!rol<!e
e-3F K
091- a!ip%e(do"oa% dr() >
a-"e!roidaCole b-<%!a!i
c- pri"aU(ie d-,aco"<ci

09D-di)o8i differ fro" di)i!o8i >
a-.alf life
b-E8cre!ed +epa!icall<
d-E8cre!ed (c+a)ed i (rie
099- 7 di)o8i id(ced arr<!+"ia = ;+a! i% o! reco""odedW
a-%!op di)i8i ad"ii%!ra!io
b-p+e<!oi ad"ii%!ra!io
c-)i,e lidocaie
d-)i,e di)o8i i""(e fab
e-elec!rical cardio
922- ;+ic+ i% o! a%!+"a proper!ie% >
c-7crea%e "(co(% %ecre!io
d-K+e%! pai
920- +or"oe o! e8cre!ed fro" adreal cor!e8 >
a-6ro;!+ +or"oe
b-#ri"ar< prod(c!
c-"ieral cor!icoid% Le)= aldo%!eroeM
d-)l(cocor!icoid% Le)= cor!i%oldro%!eroeM
e-;ea$ adro)e% Le)= de+<droepiadro%!eroeM

92?- all of !+e follo;i) are %ide effec!% of "e!+o!ri8a!e e8cep! >
a-3oe "arro; depre%%io
c-Ga(%ea ad ,o"i!i)
e-*ri,e %e8 )lad
92B- "ec+ai%" of ac!io of a!ip%<c+o!ic dr() >
*opa"ie recep!or iac!i,a!io
92-- :KE i+ibi!or% are co!raidica!ed i >
bila!eral real ar!er< %!eo%i
926- abo(! cardio)l<co%idic effec! >
a--,e io!ropic
b-F,e io!ropic

921-all fac!or% affec! o di%!rib(!io of dr() e8cep! >
a-/i%%(e %ol(bili!<
b-#ro!ei bidi)
c-Tolec(lar ;ei)+! of dr()
d-/<pe eC<"e re%po%e of "e!aboli%"
92D-all fac!or% affec! o real clearace e8cep! >
d-*i%ea%e %!a!e

929- oi!"e! (%ed for >
a-Karrier of dr()
d-7crea%e ab%orp!io
e-7crea%e di%!rib(!io
902- i +<pod<a"ic %+oc$ !rea!"e! ;e (%ed >-
a- dopa"ie
b- ico!ie
c- a%piri
900-ac<clo,ir (%ed !o >
.erb% %i"ple8
909- lad< !a$e c+roic ;arfari = ;+ic+ i% o! !r(e
a- a,oid a%piri co!aii) prepra!io
b-a,oid do(bli) do%e fro" +er%elf
c-balaced food ;i!+ )ree lea,e% !o a,oid !+ro"bo%i%
d-if %+e pre)a!= "oi!or 7GR !o a,oid *@/
e-!a$e care abo(! a%al bleedi)
90?- ;+ic+ of follo;i) i% lea%! %eda!i,e ac!io W
90B- ;+ic+ dr() +a% %pa%"ol<!ic ac!ioW
90--de%"opre%%ie (%ed i >-
nocturnal enuresis Sdiabetes insipidus

906- pe!o8ip+<lli (%ed for >
a-perip+eral ,a%odila!or
c-Ko()+ %(ppre%%a! 7dica!io%
@entofyllin is indicated in diseases; causing disorders in the peripheral perfusion; and in
diabetes; atherosclerotic and inflammatory disorders; including shank ulcers^ gangrene^
diabetic angiopathy^ intermittent claudication^ 'aynaud_s disease0 %n acute disorders of the
brain perfusion; including ischemic stroke and resultant conditions0 .cute disorders of the
retinal blood supply0
90D- or"al ;a!er (%ed for >
a-E<e preparp!io
b-#are!ral prepara!io
e-E8!eral prepara!io
909- cef!aCidi"e >
3rd generation
992-abo(! a"io )l<co%ide = ;+ic+ i% o! !r(e W
a-.a% )ra" S,e ac!i,i!<
b-Pe%% !o8ici!<
c-Garro; !+erape(!ic
d-Ko"pa!ible ;i!+ o!+er dr()
e-_%(all< 7@ = 7T
990- abo(! or epiep+rie o! !r(e >-
a-icrea%er 3&#
c-(%ed i cardio)eic %+oc$
d-effec!i,e orall<
999- #.:RT:KHN7GE/7K KHG'/:G/ >-
a-`ero order
b-0%! order
c-9d order
d-Ti8ed order
e-: F 3

99?- 5+ic+ of !+e follo;i) i% GH/ predi%oloe %ide effec! W
a-ca!arac! b-+<po)l<ce"ia
c-%$ele!al "(%cle ;ea$e%% d-%odi(" re!e!io
e-lo;ered re%i%!ace !o ifec!io%
99B- 5+e cocideri) dr() !+erap< for +<per!e!io = ;+ic+ i% !r(eW
a-co"bia!io of dr()% al;a<% preferred
b-+<dralaCie i% fir%! lie !+erap< i <o() +<per!e%io
c-f(ro%e"ide %+o(ld be ad"ii%!ra!ed before "eal !o i"pro,e ab%orp!io
d-b-blo$er% %+o(ld be a,oided i a%!+"a!ic pa!ie!
e- :KE7% are reco""eded i pre)a! ;o"e
99--%ol(!io% are be!!er !+a %olid do%a)e for" coC>
a-:cc(ra!e do%e
b-Ea%< !o +adle
c-Tore %!able
d-Oa%!er ac!io
e-3 F K
996- He of follo;i) GH/ (%ed !o co,er bi!!er !a%!e>-
a-Oil" coa!
b-E!eric coa!
c-6ridi) of !able!
991-;+ic+ of follo;i) !ric<clic a!idepre%%a! i% !er!iar< a"ieW
99D- a!i+<per!e%i,e (%ed i pre)ac< W
.lpha /ethyldopa
999-dr() (%ed for pep!ic (lcer WL ,osec=
9?2- dr() if(%io ra!e i% 9")a$)a+r = if(%ed for 09 +o(r% = for 12$)
pa!ie!& ;+a! i% !o!al do%eW
L9812809MY06D2 ")
9?0-L 6T#M "ea>- "ood /anufacturing @ractice
a-6ood Ta(fac!(ri) #ro!ocol
b-6ood Ta( fac!or #rod(c!
c-6eeral Ta(fac!(ri) #ro!ocol
d-6eeral Ta(fac!(ri) #rod(c!

9??- accordi) !o %!eril "e!+od ;+ic+ of !+e follo;i) i% fal%e abo(!
bcde fg hij able to filtter viscous substance
9?B- ;+e <o( $o; !+e pre%er,a!i,e (%ed ;i!+ a!i bio!ic i% o! %(i!able
<o( "a$e>-
a- (%e ao!+er oe i% %(i!able
b- add ao!+er !o icrea%e i! i% ac!i,i!<
c- (%e !o; or "ore pre%er,a!i,e "a< icrea%e !+e ac!i,i!< ad "a< beco"e %(i!able
d- aFc
9?-- del!iaCe" ^ ifedipie ^flocdipie ac! a%
- block :a to intracellular S increase metabolism from storage site
23(- .ll of this affect rate of absorption e#cept:-
a- chemical stability b- @U
c-protein binding d- .ST e- TS:
237-Aiteplase &streptokinase used in:-
( Pulmonary emboli )
231-:holystyramin resin act by :- anion e#change
23-!"e #on#. $f ioni%ed & unioni%ed #al#ulated by
(&enderson "asselba#"k e'uation)
2()- *ig"t sensitive drug s"ould be storage in:-
a-+olorless glass b-+olorless plasti# c-Amber
glass d-Amber plasti# e-*ig"t resistant #ontainer
9B0-Elec!ro"a)e!ic ra<% >- )a""a ra<%= 8-ra<%&
9B9-K<clop+o%p+a"ide L%ide effec!%M :ppe!i!e lo%%k ab%ece of "e%!r(al period%k
color c+a)e i %$ik diarr+eak )eeral (;ell feeli)k +air lo%%k a(%eak %$i ra%+k %!o"ac+
di%co"for! or paik !e8!(re c+a)e i ail%k ,o"i!i)k ;ea$e%%&
2$3-%soproterenol< %soprenaline =
adrenergic agonist medication&
2((-+oal tar uses in (psoriasis).^ dadr(f
9B--/+e "o%! co""o reac!io ca!al<%ed b< c<!oc+ro"e #B-2
i% a monoo#ygenase
2$(-The most common phase % reaction is o#idation
2$+-)hich f The 2ollowing 7T `sed %n @eptic `lcer >-
a-/e!rac<clie b- 7!racoaCole
c-Te!roidaCole d-bi%"(!+ %(b%alic<la!e
2$1-)hich f The 2ollowing act as alpha 1 blocker :-
a- +<draC<lie b-!eraCocie
c-propraolol d-cap!opril
e- cloidie
2$5-comparison between sterile water Swater for injection:-
a- p<ro)e free b-free fro" %od& K+loride
c- 7%o!oic d-free fro" bac!eria
e- :^K
2&8- aunidine has similar action to :-
a-procaia"ide b- lidocaie
c-propraolol d- +<dralC<ie
2&1- )hich of the following drug has side effect lupus like syndrome :
a- lidocaie b-"io8dile
c- procaia"ide d-+<droc+loro!+iaCide
2&2- ver dose of digo#ine we use:-<anti dote 2.T 2ragment =0
2&3- .mpicilline has similar action of:-
a- !e!rac<clie b-cep+ale8i
c-clora"p+iicol d-a"i$acie
2&$- :ephalosporin act as:-
a-7+ibi!or% of cell "e"brae f(c!io
b-i+ibi!or% (cleic acid %<!+e%i%
c-7+ibi!or% of pro!ei %<!+e%i%
d-7+ibi!or% of cell ;all %<!+e%i%
e-7+ibi!or% of "e!aboli%"
9--- :!ibio!ic (%ed a% a!i p%e(do"oa% aer()io%a>-
a- Teropee" b- 3aci!raci
c- :"o8icilli d- peicilli @
2&(- .ntipseudomonal .ntibiotic :-
<piperacillin;carbencillin;ticarcillin =
2&+-.u#liar of label are written on bo# contain :-
T'%/6TUR.b,6 all is true e#cept:-
a-%+a$e !+e bo!!le before (%e
c-freeCi) of dr()
d-$eep o(! of reac+ of c+ildre
2&1-%pratropium bromide :-<.nti muscarinic bronchodilator =

9-9-$eep i cool place "ea% >-
a-i refri)era!or
b-i freeCi)
c-a! 02-92 cl

2(2-.mphetamine act as :-
<%73%'6:T-.:T%7" .3'676'"%: ."7%>T=
2(3-%ncrease plasma U3, ,evel :-
<'educe 'isk of .therosclerosis =
2($-)araferin act as:- <inhibited blood clot = anticoagulant
2(&-cyclophosphamide side effect is:-
a-blared ,i%io=44444
b-,o"i!i) &alopecia
c-boe "arro; depre%%io
2((-.ction of alpha 1 receptor:-BBBBBBB0
2(+-which of the drug used in open angel glaucoma:-
<pilocarpine =
2(1-.ll <.:6%s= are prodrug e#cept:- :.@T@'%, <prototype=
2(5-pthalmic prep0 @roffered to be taken:-
a-%ol(& m %(%p& m oi!&
b-%ol(& m oi! m %(%p&
c-%(%p& m %ol(& moi!
d-a< do%a)e for" ca be (%ed
2+8-digo#in to#icity precipitated by : - <Uypokalemia =
2+1-which of the following drug has anti inflammatory effect :-
<%buprofen =
2+2-3igito#ine effect in electro cardio chart <6:"=:-
a-prolo) #&R b-%+or!e #&R

2+3-3igito#ine to#icity effect in electro cardio chart <6:"=:-
a-prolo) #&R b-%+or!e #&R
c- /& %+aped d-prolo) 3&R
2+$-'elative bioe4uivalent compared between std0 drug Stest drug
acc0 To :-
.`: <.rea `nder the :arve =
2+&-:ephalae#ine is :-first generation cephalosporin0
2+(-.fter the myocardial infraction we use :-
.nti platelet <aspirin=
2+1-meprazol used for :- peptic ulcer
2+5-.lph 2 .gonist :-
3ecrease blood pressure
218-The e4uation that determine the acid S base degree is:-
<T'76>T63 6a`.T%7 =
211-%>7%.b%36 used in T%T6':`,%> 0
212-mechanism of action of Tuspirone on:-
>erotonin <&UT9a= receptor
213-.ll these cases not cure with thiazides e#cept:-
a-+<pera!ri"ia b-.<per)l<ce"ia
c-.<po$alae"ia d-.<er(ricea"ia
21$-)hich of the following drug of choice for /y#odema:-
<Uypothyroidism = :-Thyro#in sod0
21&-!it0 . daily dose is 38;888-&8;888 %` for the correction of the
deficiency Sfor therapy from 188;888-288;888 %`Vday0
21(- .ll these cases not cure with thiazides e#cept:-
a-+<percalce"ia b-.<po)l<ce"ia
c-.<po$alae"ia d-.<er(ricea"ia
21+-bidovudine is used for U%!0
211-Tisacodyl used as :- ,a#ative
215-@/ mean:- prescription only medicine
258-The con0 f the drug on e#p0 3ate is :-
2rom 58-118A
251->urfactant not used orally :-
>od0 ,auryl >ulphate
252-The drug transfer through the cell membrane by :-
a-:U(eo(% diff(%io b-H%"o!ic pre%%(re
c-Pipid di%%ol,e d-#a%%i,e diff(%io
e-GHG of !+e abo,e
253- :alcipotriol is indicated for :- @>'%.>%>
25$-which of the following make water retention:-
25&-7itroglycerin is :- <!asodilatation of coronary artery=0
25(-.nti psychotic act as :- <3opaminergic .ntagonist =
25+- !it; X is antagonist of :- ).'.2.'%76
251-protamine sulphate is anti dote of:- U6@.'%76
255-@rmethazine used as :-
.nti histaminic <pruritus ; cough ;anti emetic=

388- )hich f The 2ollowing act as alpha 1 blocker :-
< @'.b:%7=0
382-6>/, is:-
>hort acting T- blocker used in emergency in
.cute arrhythmia as %! administration 0
383-which of the following has not effect on drug response:-
a-nutrition b-genetic
c-mental status d-age e-disease
38$-cyclizine used in :-
a-nausea Svomiting b-antibiotic
c-bronchodilator d-antihistaminic
38(-which of the following is not side effect of propantheline:-
a-blurred vision b-dry mouth
c-constipation d-bronchospasm
e-urinary retention
38+-propencid increase the con0 f penicillin through :-
a-increase renal tubular reabsorption
b-decrease renal e#cretion
c-decrease hepatic metabolism
381-one of the following not to#ic effect of methyl dopa:-
a-sedation b-drug fever
c-gangrene d-anemia
385-patient take cisplatin should be taken with :-
"ranisetron <anti emetic =
318-purified water can not used in:-
a-ophthalmic preparation
b-%! solution
c-oral preparation
d-oral suspension
311-ascobic acid is :-< vit0 : =
312-/ecanism of action of Tri cyclic antidepressant:-
>erotonin S 76 'euptake %nhibitor
313-%sopretrenol is :-
a-alpha Sbeta agonist b-alpha blocker
c- alpha agonist d-beta agonist
e-beta blocker
31$-.ctive immunity can be conferred by :-
a-anti to#in b-anti sera
c-vaccine d-immuno bodies
31&-/echanism of action of echothiophate:-
< 2orm stable comple# which cholinesterase enzyme =
<%ndirect-.cting :holinergic .gonists =
<.nticholinesterases Yirreversiblec =
31(- The latin abbreviation forYstatec:- <%mmediately =

31+- !olume of blood Vmint cleared through kidney called:-
a-total body clerance b-renal clerance
c-hepatic clerance d-BBBBBB0
311-ventami# is :- <bronchodilator=
315-3iltiazem not used in :-
a-heart falier b-.ngina pectories
c-Uypertention <UT7= d->. node block
e- Ueadach

328-3rug used in 3iarrhea Sconstipation :-
a-polycarbophil b-pictin
c-senna d-BaSbBBB
321-.lpha blocker has side effect :- <postural Uypotention =
322-the dose of cefi#ime :-
a-$88mg b-188mg
c-1288mg d-1&88mg
323-the dose of asprin as antiplatelet:-
a-18mg b-128mg ????????
c-2&8mg d-&88mg
32$-.lpha calcidiol can not used with patient:-
a-liver dysfunction b-renal dysfunction
32&-co-trimetho#azol precentage of trimethoprim to sulphmetho#azol
is :
a-1:2 b-1:3
c-1:& d-1:18
32(-diazepam over dose ttt with:- <flumanzenil=

32+-Thephylline side effect is :
a-skin rash b-insomnia
321-3ipivefrine is:-
a-.nti UT7 b-chelating agent

32- ,"i#" of t"e follo-ing .ot o##ur in digitalis to/i#ity:-
a)hypokalemia b)hypomagnesia c)hypocalcemia
d)hypothyroidism e)impaired kidney function.

??2-cla%% 7@ a!i arr+<!+"ia i% >- LverapamilM
330-Patient -"o is allergi# to peni#illins use:-
a) claforan b)erythromycin c)cefotetan
d)augmentin e)cephalexin.
332-!etra#aine used for:-
a ) Spinal anesthesia b) opioid analgesic c) neuromuscular
blocking agent d) vit d metabolite c) in treatment of Parkinsonism.
333- 1terility t"roug" .22 m filter2 do not remove:-
A)bacteria b)virus c)fungi
d) a+c e)b+c
33(-.ot used #lini#ally:-
a) heroin b)morphine c)codeine
d)oxycodiene hydro morphine.
333- ,"i#" in#rease t"e a#tion of morp"ine:-
a ) vit k b)carbazepine c)amidarone
d)contraceptive e)none of the above.
??1-%ide effec! of cla%% 9 a!iarr<!+"ic>- L bronchospasm M

334- 5n (+.&.6.) #ongestive "eart failure -e use digo/in
to:- a) incr.myocardiac contraction b) in#rease
myo#ardium e/#itability #) dec.myocardiac contraction
33-!"e least sedating:-
a) iazepam b) chlorodiazepoxide e) probamate
f) oxazepam g) buspirone
?B2-dr() o! decrea%e% P*P>-
a=simvastatin b= clobifibrate
c= nicotinamide d=propecol

!"#-$A%&'()(*+ (S S+%+,-(.+ +S-$&/+*
0&1%A-&$ ,&*-$A(*(,A-+ (* .- PA-(+*-2-
3 true)
!"4-Promethasine is used for2- 3antihistamic)
3(3-,"i#" of t"e follo-ing .ot used in diagnosis of
a#ute (8.5. ) myo#ardial infra#tion:-
a)albumin b)signs and symptoms c)troponin.
d) scurvy e) a5 d.
3((-+us"ing syndrome #aused by taking:-
0- /lucocorticoid drugs 5 4-tumor secret high cortisol level77
3(3-9.d.s. means to be taken " times daily.
3(:-;it A avoided in:-
a) $ickets b) blindness c) pregnancy
d) scurvy e) a 5d
3(7-,"i#" not effe#t of t"eop"illine:-
a)preiphral vasoconistriction b)cardiac stimulation
c)dieresis d)relax of stomach muscles
e)stimulation of ,.*.S.
3(4-.ot e/pe#ted -it" in"aled smoke of #annabis:-
a)increase pulse rate b)anorexia
c)preceptal changes d)vascular changes of eye.
3(-Per#entage of -ater a##. !o body -eig"t is7..678
33)-.a pi#osulfate is used for 7laxative7..
330-<opamine is used in #ardia# s"o#k as:-
a) increase lung performance b) decrease ,.&.P.
c) on9t induce preiphral vasoconistriction d) dec.force of contraction
e) selective dilate renal 5 mesenteric
332- .erapamil #an in#rease effe#t of (theophylline 5
carbamazepne&digoxin7.) as a liver enzyme inhibitor

333-=sed in treatment of parkinsonism:->
a)amphetamine b)dopamine
c)nicotine d)albuterol
33(-Aspartame is used as777s:eetener7
333- &ormone repla#ement t"erapy in all
postmenopausal -omen :-
a)true b) false
33:-Properties of #ate#"olamine:-
a)rapid metabolism by A,;+. b)slo: metabolism by ache
c)slo: ,&0- d)rapid metabolism by ,&0- and
?-1-a!i+<per!e%i,e ac! a% alp+a 0 bloc$er i ar!er< ^ ,ei>-
a=hydralazine b= mino#idil
c=terazocin d=BB BB
?-D-bile acid %eU(e%!ra!%nij oip
?-9-:KE7% ^ :R3% r co!ra idica!ed i >-
renal artery stenosis patient
?62-c<clo%erie (%ed i /&3 for +o; lo)WWWWW
?60- a!(ral ;a!er ca be (%ed i >- e#ternal preparation
?69-ideal ,ol("e of e<e %ol(!io>-
a=&88micro b=&8-2&8 micro
c=18-&8 micro d=Y18 micro
?6?-dipi,efree i%>- epinephrine analoug used in glaucoma
?6B-ido8r(bici i%:- antiviral for herpes simple#
?6--;+e p+ar"ac< o;er )i,e direc!io !o e"plo<ee i +i%
p+ar"ac< !o "oi!or policie%^ re)(la!io i! i% > -a=danocratic
b= democratic c= participation
3((-.,, 2 TU6 2,,)%7" .:T%7 2 :.22.%76
.-:7> >T%/`,.7T :-3%`'6T%:>
T->X6,6T., /`>:6,6 '6,.R.7T 3-:.'3%.: >T%/`,.7T
3(+-7%T' ",d:'%7 >%36 6226:T is:-
.-tachycardia b-bradycardia
3(1-propranolol is:- <none selective b-blocker=
3(5-which of the following drug cause tachycardia:-
a-propranolol b-atenolo
:-hydralazin d-BBBBB
3+8-enkefaline as peptide used in :-
a-electrical conduction as neuron transmitter
b-similar in action to morphine
3+3-pento#ifylline use as :-
a-peripheral vasoconstriction
b-dry cough
3+$-the main site of e#ecration of the drug in the body is:-
.-kidney b-liver
3+&- clofibrate act as :-
1-decreas U3,
2-deacreas lipoprotein lipase
3-synthesis of cholesterol
$-decreas lipoprotein

3+(-water used for reconstitution of large dose of parentral is:-
a-sterile water for for injection
b- water for injection
b-distal water
3++-all of the following side effect of hydrocortisone e#cept:-
a-7a retention
b- glucose intolerance
d- osteoporosis
3+1-reserpine side effect:
a-parkinsonism b-depression
379 - p; use to :
a-determine acidity
b- increase :ith basic
c-for P&;
380 - +nzyme ,<- P"=7 discovered by -:

311- T% .!%,.T%,%Td /6.7 TU6 3'`" '6.:U:
A-S(-+ &) A,-(&* >- >%&& ,($,1%A-(&*
c ..-
312- )hich of the following drugs is a systemic amoebicide*
a-3ilo#amide furoate
d->odium >tibogluconate
313-)hich of following drugs is the drug of choice for the
treatment of all forms of >chistosomiasis*
31$-)hich of the following drugs can be used for the
treatment of influenza . infection *
31&-)hich of the following drugs is used in the treatment of
c->odium >tibogluconate
31(-.ll of the following preparations contain alcohol e#cept:-
a->yrup simple#
b-.romatic ammonia spirit `>@
c-Terpin hydrate eli#ir `>@
d-Telladona tincture T0@
31+-)ich of the following solutions is used as an astringent*
a->trong iodine soluotin `>@
b-.luminium acetate topical solution `>@
c-.cetic acid 72
d-Tenzalkonium chloride solution 72
311-ane#trapyramidal adverse effects is caused by the
blocking of:-
a->erotonin receptors in the brain
b-.cetylcholine receptors in the brain
c-3opamine receptors in the brain
d-3opamine receptors outside the brain
315-. rare side effect of some anticonvulsants is >tevens-
Wohnson syndrome0this is a severe:-
a->kin reaction
b-Tone marrow to#icity
c-'enal failure
d-:7> suppression
358-)hich of the following are side effects of phenytoin
c-"ingival hyperplasia
d-a;b;and c
351-all factors affect on distribution of drug e#cept :-
a-partition co-efficient
b- 'ate of blood flow to tissue
c- @U
d- .ST
e- TS:
352-)hich of the following is 7T betamethasone side
effect *
b-skeletal muscle weakness
c-sodium retention
d-lowered resistance to infections
353-)hich of the following are causes of oedema*
a-increase hydrostatic pressure
b-decrease oncotic pressure
c-increase capillary permeability
d-all of the above
35$-.ll These are side effects of :hloramphenicol e#cept:-
a- %rreversible a plastic anemia
b- optic neuritis
c- peripheral neuritis
d- iron deficiency anemia
35&-Ticlopidine is used for :-
a- .nticoagulant
b- .ntibiotic
c- anticholinergic
d- .ntiplatelets
35(-.ll these drugs are fibrinolytic e#cept :-
a- 3ipyridamole
b- >teptokinase
c- urikinase
d- 776
35+-.ll These drugs cause anti-metabolic effect e#cept :-
a- /ethotre#ate
b- 2lurouracil
:- :ytabrin
e- :yclophosphamide
351-.ll These drugs can be used for @arkinsonism e#cept :
a- >elgitine U:,
b- :arbidopa
c- @ergolide
d- 7edocromil >od0
355-:ardiac arrest could be managed by the following e#cept :-
a- 6phedrine
b- ,%docaine
c- @ropranolol
d- 7ormal saline
$88-%nsulin which can be given %0!0 is :-
a- 'egular type
b- 38V+8 type
c- 7@U type
d- 7on of the above
$81-.ll These drugs are anti-bacterial e#cept :-
a- balcitabine
b- ,omeflo#acin
c- :efprazone
d- 7on of the above
$82-.ll These are natural 6strogens e#cept :-
a- /estronol
b- estrone
c- estriol
d- estradiol
$83-)hich one of the following has vasodilator effect :-
a- 7icotine
b- :holestyramin
c- urikinase
d- !it0 .
$8$-ne of the following is not from auinolone group :-
a- 7alidi#ic acid
b- auinine
c- 6o#acin
d- 7orflo#acin
$8&-ne of the following is not for 6pilepsy :-
a- :lorizepam
b- @henytoin
c- @rimidone
d- %mipramine
$8(->umatriptan is used for :-
a- Uypertension
b- Treatment of migraine
c- .ngina @ectoris
d- :ontrol of 6pilepsy
$8+-.ll of the following for prophyla#is of asthma e#cept :-
a- Xetotifen
b- 7edocromil >od0
c- >od0 :romoglycate
d- >albutamol
$81-.ll of the following is 7>.U e non sedating antihistamine f
e#cept :-
a- ,oratidine
b- :etrizine
c- .stemizol
d- .zotodin
$85-.ll of the following are controlled drugs e#cept :
a- 'ivotril
b- 6panutin
c- >resolid
d- 3iazepam
$18-)hich one of the symptoms does not occur with morphine :
a- 3iarrhea
b- 'espiratory depression
c- :onstipation
d- !omiting
$11-)hich one of these drugs is not used for acute pain :-
a- 7apro#en
b- :olchicine
c- :odeine
d- @rednisolone
$12-Uepatitis !accine dose is :
a- nce V year
b- Twice V dear
c- Three times V dear
d-7one of the above
$13-ne of the following is given once daily:-
a- .morphous %nsulin
b- @rotamine binc %nsulin
c- 7eutral insulin
d- 'egular %nsulin
$1$-3obutamine is given %0!0 because :-
a- %t is not stable in the gastric @U
b- %t is needed in large 4uantities in case of oral route
c- %t is eliminated very 4uickly
d- 7one of the above
$1&-.miloride as trimetren causes :-
a- :7> disturbances
b- Uyperkalamia
c- Uypokalamia
d- 7ot affect X e @otassium f
$1(-:efaclor is :
a- %st; "eneration :ephalosporin
b- 2nd; generation :ephalosporin
c- 3rd; generation :ephalosporin
d- 7one of the above
$1+-)hich .minoglycoside antibiotic can be taken orally *
a- "entamycin
b- 7eomycin
c- .mikacin
d- Tobramycin