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This is where Fraser Alexander had its origins in 1912.

have grown our influence in this part of the mining value
chain substantially since then to become the largest provider
of outsourced residue management solutions international,
and offer world class residue management solutions to a
variety of mining customers, locally and abroad.
We have designed and constructed many tailings dams, and
operate and manage approximately 170 of these on an
outsourced basis.
As the global price of commodities has risen, we have
extended our services to recover low grade minerals found in
old tailings, using our hydraulic re-mining techniques and
slurry pumping capabilities to remove and transport repulped
tailings to our customers processing plants. Almost 100
million tons of tailings is re-mined by us annually.
We manage 60 water and waste water plants for the mining
and industrial industry. Mines also generate a variety of
organic waste material. We are able to support our
customers with the recycling of this into useful compost and
mulch, used both for mine rehabilitation and for sale.
Our extensive range of scientifically-based environmental
management services range from tailings dams and dump
rehabilitation, to supporting our customers with mine closure
solutions and environmental monitoring services.
Our experience in residue management covers a wide range
of minerals including quartzitic gold, greenstone gold,
platinum, kimberlite, iron, magnetite, copper, ash, coal,
phosphate, gypsum, heavy mineral sands, andalusite,
chrome, ferro-chrome, zinc and nickel.
To maintain our position as market leaders we focus on
developing numerous R& D projects focussed on adding value
to our clients by continually searching for cost effective
solutions to their problems.
We have a well developed new business development team
that assists clients with turnkey projects ranging from Design,
Construct and operation of tailings dams, environmental and
water treatment solutions, to more fully integrated total
hydraulic remining solutions through delivery of an integrated
seamless solution with other group divisions.
The Tailings division also operates internationally in Chile,
Australia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia,
Ghana, Mali and the Ivory Coast.
Through our hydraulic re-mining engineering workshops we
offer clients a turn-key cost effective hydraulic remining
solution internationally designing, constructing, installing and
operating total slurry and high pressure pumping systems.

Tailings Dam Construction