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Planning Brief

ivision is about two young people that have struggled to find love in
their lives. Tom, aged 21, has just moved away from his parents
house, in search of love; this has always been a difficult concept for
him. He had always wanted that one person, to merely come home to, to
cook dinner for and to love and cherish for the rest of his life. Anna on the
other hand, has been in countless relations with other men, all of whom
turned out to be completely hopeless. She was on the verge of giving up on
love entirely.
Both wake up one day, entirely unaware that their lives are about to change
forever. Tom is not to be so lonely anymore, he can have someone to share
his life with, someone to cook for. Anna will finally regain her hope that there
is someone out there, that someone just so happens to be Tom.
The both learn that they have plenty in common yet so much to learn about
one another. They have a journey to complete and one word from Anna is to
bind their relation forever.
The genre of this short film is a romance; the following are example of
About Time
The Vow
The Notebook
The Time Travellers Wife
Pretty Woman

Crew members & their roles

5 minutes
Director Sahra Ahmed
Camerawoman Sahra Ahmed
Editor Adi Mohamed
Sound person Adi Mohamed

Target Audience:
Our production is aimed at all age groups however in order to narrow it
down, we aim to present out final production from those around the ages of
12-28, we believe at this age group, people are either learning about the
mere concept of love, or are experiencing it and therefore feel they can
relate to the production.
We have created a very stereotypical love story and we aim to please our
audience by making them relate to it or learn from it. We have therefore
decided to classify our film as a 12.

YouTube would be an obvious way to
promote out final production, many of
those in our target audience are likely to
use it, many are also it allows us to upload are video and
get it across to a wide audience, thus increasing the status and

Another way to promote our film would be
through popular social networking sites such as Twitter or
Facebook. These sites are very popular amongst the people of
today and it would therefore allow us to increase its popularity.

Also, we can use our very own blog, which is on Tumblr to promote our
final production, many young people use this
blogging site and so therefore, we can promote our
production and create awareness.

Comparable products researched in to:
Richard Curtis About Time was a great inspiration to this final product.
The characters I have planned to use greatly portray both Tim and
Mary which are both played by Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel
McAdams. The main influence was not only the stars of the film but also
the soundtrack, the music had all been by Nick Laird-Clowes and this had
helped me choose music for my final product, for instance Mid Air Paul
Another comparable product which inspired my ideas is the music
video by Passion Pit Carried Away. This band had produced many
music videos about romance and couples however this specific music
video is very comparable as my own characters, Tom and Anna share
similar traits to the characters of the music video. A couple of romantic
scenes had helped me and influenced by ideas.


Our final product may be classed as stereotypical as the ending of a
romance is usually a happily ever after - and of course for our finale,
there will be a happily ever after. Both characters may be arguably
stereotypical also, due to their aspects and the males romantic

How to test the success of our product:

As a pair we have decided that we will test the success of our product
by uploading it to YouTube, Twitter and our very own blog in hopes of
receiving likes and of course, more views.
Another way in which we will test the achievement of our final product
is to firstly, hand out a post questionnaire, after having collected the
results to this, we plan to compare it to the results of a our pre-
questionnaire results we will then contrast and compare the results
from both graphs and charts, hoping that the end result gets more,
higher ratings. This will hopefully help us to understand if we have truly
met our target, and of course, if we have not.

Generic codes and conventions:

Boy meets girl typical aspect
Happily ever after
Emotional feelings
Proposals/wedding bells symbolise love
Typical love story perhaps a voiceover
Romantic music
Disagreements, arguments
Predictable narrative
Bright lighting, dim for evenings
Close ups to show emotion


Time management This is an essential part of our final
product; it requires organisation,
dedication and honesty. Some days,
actors may not be free and others, I,
the director and camerawoman may
not be free so it will be difficult
however if organised well and in
advance, we should be able to
overcome the obstacle
Equipment Sometimes, equipment can be very
heavy and also, others in the class
may book it before us thus making it
difficult to book when necessary,
again, it simply takes organisation, if
organised well, all should go
according to plan.
Money This may sometimes be an issue as
the setting will mainly be in the heart
of London, therefore, travel costs may
be an issue however, if organised
well, cost can be spread out
between each member.