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Thi gian: ! "h#$
I% &A'T (N): ')ADING AND *'ITING +!,-
./0$i1n 1:
C12"3/$/ $h/ 413315ing 6/n$/n0/6 78 59i$ing a: 7: 0: 19 ; 1n $h/ An65/9 .h//$%
1. The huge machines .. the stones to make gravel for the new road.
a. crushed b. made c. broke d. ground
2. In the 1800s the owner of a chocolate factory in England .. that sugar
removed the bitter taste of cacao.
a. discovery b. discovered c. had discovered d. had been
. !aris is called the "ity of #ight because many of its buildings are
illuminated at night.
a. history b. historical c. historic d. historically
$. %ews&a&er .. are often written in a hurry.
a. books b. stories c. &ictures d. articles
'. The two &arties both s&ent millions of dollars on their cam&aigns.
a. &oliticalb. &olitics c. &olitician d. &olitically
(. Inflation dro&&ed to its .level in 0 years.
a. lowest b. lower c. low d. lowly
). *cientists estimate that smoking e+&ectancy by around 12 years
on average.
a. reduces b. reduce c. reducing d. reduced
8. There is fierce .between the three leading soa& manufacturers.
a. com&etitive b. com&etition c. com&eting d. com&etitor
,. - lack of formal ..will limit your .ob o&&ortunities.
a. educated b. education c. educating d. educator
10. /er baby was born ................. two o0clock yesterday afternoon.
a. in b. at c. on d. under
./0$i1n <
=>/6$i1n6 11 ? 1@
Look at the text in each question. What does it say?
Mark the correct letter A, B or C on your answer sheet.
A% 1uy three films for the &rice of two.
B% 2et a free film with every one you buy.
C% 3ilms bought here are &rinted free
-. This sho& will sell customers4
watches within twelve months.
1. This sho& will kee& customers4 watches for
u& to twelve months.
". This sho& will look after customers4
watches for more than twelve months.
-. !hili&&e and *tefano missed each other at
the stadium.
1. *tefano had to leave without !hili&&e to get
to work.
". *tefano has given u& waiting for
!hili&&e to arrive.
-. !arents must return forms this week if their
child is going on 3riday4s tri&.
1. !arents cannot go on ne+t month4s tri&
unless they return their forms by 3riday.
". The last day for returning com&leted forms
for the tri& is 3riday.
Ga7i 5an$6 B1 $1
-. change an arrangement.
1. cancel a regular event.
". come to a business meeting.
-. It is not &ossible to use the lift above the
ground floor today.
1. The lift will not be going to the basement
". The stairs between the basement and the
ground floor are closed today.

A""3/ 'i0h/9 Than $h/ U%.% G1C/9n2/n$ +D!$h B>38:
*trange but true 5 the technology giant -&&le now officially has more money
than the 6.*. government7 and significantly less debt. -merica0s Treasury
8e&artment shows that the country has an o&erating cash balance of 9).) billion
while -&&le0s most recent financial re&orts show a healthier bank balance of 9)(.$
billion. This incredible state of affairs has resulted in "%% to .oke that the 6.*.
government should start selling i!ads to hel& serve the -merican &eo&le. :r &erha&s
-&&le "E: *teve ;obs should become &resident of the 6*-< -nother financial
difference between the world0s largest economy and the hugely successful -&&le is
its debt ratio. The 6.*. government currently s&ends 9200 billion a month more than
it receives. "onversely7 -&&le takes in far more than it s&ends.
The 6.*. government is in a severe financial crisis7 which is having an im&act
on the world0s financial markets. It is des&erately trying to avoid defaulting on its
debt. !resident 1arack :bama has tried for weeks to get the o&&osition =e&ublican
!arty to agree to raise the country0s debt ceiling. /e says -merica must do this and
borrow more money to be able to &ay its way at home and around the world. The
country is in grave danger of running out of money. This would mean &ublic
workers getting no salaries and the country would struggle to meet its international
financial commitments. *uch a situation could see the dollar crash7 leading to a
&ossible second global financial crisis in five years. :bama told the =e&ublicans7
>to ste& u& and show the leadershi& that the -merican &eo&le e+&ect?.
1% T'U) E FAG.): =ead the headline. 2uess if 1(@20 below are true ATB or false
The tech com&any -&&le has more money than the 6.*. government. T C 3
1).The government is considering selling i!ads to its citiDens. T C 3
18.-merica s&ends around 9200 billion a month more than it receives. T C 3
1,.-merica0s crisis is not affecting global financial markets. T C 3
20.-merica could soon run out of money. T C 3
./0$i1n H
C12"3/$/ $h/ "a66ag/ 7/315 >6ing $h/ 519;6 giC/n in $h/ 71A% Th/9/ a9/ 219/
519;6 giC/n $han n//;/;%
G166 14 Na$>9/ *i33 Da2ag/ )01n12i/6
affect at facing marine effort pollution in
impact deaths history pollutant measures actions
framework dead
Ee are causing so much damage to our &lanet that it will soon A21B the
global economy. This bleak warning is according to a new 6nited %ations re&ort
called the 2lobal 1iodiversity :utlook A21:B. The &a&er says there are many
im&ortant ecosystems on our &lanet that are A22B ..danger. These >ti&&ing
&oints? in our natural world are where man0s negative A2B on nature will
start costing national economies. E+am&les of these are the A2$B of coral
reefs7 the destruction of huge areas of forest7 or ma.or &ollution of rivers. 6%
s&okesman -hmed 8.oglaf saidF GThe news is not good. Ee continue to lose
biodiversity at a rate never before seen in A2'B . @ e+tinction rates may be u&
to 17000 times higher than the historicalrate.G
*cientists are worried that governments will not do enough to try to reduce the
damage to the ti&&ing &oints. Eorld leaders will soon meet in %airobi to discuss
A2(B . to tackle global biodiversity loss. They ho&e they can then create an
international A2)B that will be ado&ted at a convention on biological
diversity in :ctober in ;a&an. The 21: re&ort outlines how serious the threat is. It
says huge numbers of s&ecies are A28B . e+tinction if we continue to &ollute
the environment. :ver a Huarter of corals may soon disa&&ear. This will have a huge
im&act on A2,B life and many fish s&ecies will also disa&&ear. This will be
fighting over much smaller stocks of fish. This &roblem will be made worse with the
increasing A0B of the world0s rivers.
&A'T T*(: *'ITING
./0$i1n 1
1. I didn0t visit him while he was in hos&ital.
I wish ..
2. *taying at home would be better than going out with a &erson I don0t like.
I would rather ..
. Eould you &lease switch the radio on<
/e asked me .
$. Ien doesn0t smoke and his wife doesn0t either.
%either Ien
'. They worked very hard in s&ite of their old age.
8es&ite ...
./0$i1n <
You borrowed a book from your friend and unfortunately you lost it. Write to your
friend to describe what happened and apologize.