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Postal Address : P.B. 1529, Wanowrie, Pune 411040.

Office Address : Flat No. 19, (FF), Jyoti Vihar, Jambhulkar Chowk, Wanowrie Gaon, Pune 411040.
Telefax : 020 - 2685 2179, 2685 6488, Mobile : 9420281872
Email :, Web page :
Timing : ( Mon. to Sat. ) 10.00 a. m. to 1.00 p.m. & 4.00 p.m. to 8.30 p. m.
Ref. No.-SSTC/GNL/2014-15 Date : 18 / 4 / 2011
Last Date of Filing of Salary IT INCOME TAX Return is 31st of July
Sub : Filing of Income tax Return for FY 2013-14 (AY 2014-15)
NB :- A) Without E-mail ID, Mobile No. PAN Card Xerox, Blank cheque Xerox & our fees return will
not be filed on line.
B) Send Information Sheet duly filled correctly (Attached) or Download from pdf file of our webpage.
C) Please visit our web page - befor giving call for any queries (Read FAQs)
1) Fees Rs. 600/- (Rupees Six Hundred Only) in cash/ Through multicity Cheque or direct credit to
our A/c Swami Samarth Tax Consulltant - A/c No. 11118967021, MICR Code - 411002009, IFSC Code
- SBIN0007433-SBI, Golibar Maidan, Pune Cantt Branch Pune. (Without fees in advance return will
not be filled) Send counterfoil of transfer of fees as proof of payment made.
2) Send Information Sheet duly filled correctly (Attached) or Download from pdf file of our webpage.
3) Form- 16 for FY 2013-14 - You will get from the site of PCDA (O) Pune or Form - 26 AS Annual Tax
Statement u/s 203AA for FY 2013-14 (AY 2014-15). Download from E-banking site, nsdl or Income Tax
Department Site.
4) Pension Certificate Form-16 from Bank (If Retired) If pension certificate then Pl obtains TAN No. of the bank
from which you receives the pension.
5) Details of Bankers Correct A/c No. & MICR Code. (please give blank cheque Xerox for details)
6) Housing loan certificate for FY 2013-14, (if applicable) with detail address of house and its status Vacant /
Self occupid or rented (Name of the Tenant & his PAN No., If Rented )
7) Any proof of savings such as LIC, NSC, PPF, Donation Receipt with PAN of the Donee.
8) Income from other sources such as interest on FDs if so Form-16A from bank Download Form - 26 AS
Annual Tax Statement u/s 203AA for FY 2013-14 (AY 2014-15). Download from E-banking site, nsdl or Income
Tax Department Site.
9) Clear Copy of Challan if Advance Tax / Self Asstt Tax is paid by you in FY 2013-14 (BSR Code, Challan
Sr. No. Date & Amount)
On Recipt of your above quoted documents / Papers - Income Tax return will be be filed online
or E-filing with CPC Centre, Bengaluru & ITR-V will be sent to you which you will have to send
the Acknowledgement or IRT-V duly signed in blue ink without any attachment or covering letter
etc. to CPC, centre, Bengaluru (Karnataka) within 120 days by ordinary post or speed post only.
If you miss this vital step, your return will be treated as not filed.
Any further query about receipt of Ack or ITR-V etc you will contact Ayakar Sampark Kendra on Toll free
No. 1800 4250 0025, 1800 180 1961, 080-25186901 or 0124-2438000 & email
For refund status please visit Income Tax site Go to the status of refund;
feed your PAN No. and A.Y. Refund of IT query on Toll free Tel No. 1800 425 2229 or 080-22546500.
Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully,
For Swami Samarth Tax Consultants
Imp. Notes: 1) PCDA (O) work will not be undertaken and no liason will be made with that office.
2) Quote your PCDA (O) A/c No. and change of Address etc. invariably on all Letters / Emails
/ SMS addressed to us to expediate action.
3) Inform your change of unit address through email/sms.
Kindly visit our web page :
Agriculture income : Who is having income only from Agriculture e.g. Farmers.
LTC [Leave Travel Concession]
Death-Cum Retirement Gratuity.
Commutation of pension.
Encashment of leave.
Payment of AGIF.
Sum received under LIC Policy.
Any payment from provided fund e.g. DSOP/PPF/GPF
Armed Forced Windows Pension exempt u/s 10 (19).
Pension exempt u/s 10 (18) if individual is awarded
Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakara or Vir Charkra Sena Medal. /Disability Pension.
(Up to Rs. 2,20,000/- = Nil (Whose income
is below Rs. 5 Lakh) for AY 2014-15
1. No Tax on Income upto Rs. 2,00,000/-
(Whose income is above Rs. 5 Lakh)
2. Exempt Income for Seni or Ci ti zen i s
Rs. 2,50,000/- ( Age above 60 years ).
3. Exempt Income for very Senior Citizen is
Rs. 5,00,000/- ( Age above 80 years ).
4. Following deductions are continued
i. Interest paid on Hsg. loan for Vacant or
Let out / Self Occupied House Property.
ii. Rebate u/s 80D, 80DD, 80DDB, 80G, 80E
& 80U.
5. Short Term capital gain Tax now 15% on
sale of shares / M. Funds within 12 months.
36 months i n the case of sal e of
immovable properties @30%
REBATE U/S 80 C Rs. 1,00,000/- + u/s 80CCG Rs. 50,000/-
Pension Plan / LIC ICICI Prudential
Repayment of Housing loan Principal of HDFC / Govt./ Bank
NSC Interest
Home Loan A/C
Mutual Fund (ELSS)
Publ i c Provi dent Fund
Tui ti on Fees etc.
Sr. citizen saving scheme deposits RDs in Po, FDs in Bank. (In
the limit of Rs. 1,00,000/-).
u/s 80CCG Rs. 50,000/- in RGESS can be invested if income
i s bel ow Rs. 12,00,000/- Rebate al l owed for 3 Succeedi ng
Assessment years.
a) 80 D
Mediclaim - Medical Insurance Premium- Rs. 15,000/- + 20,000/- for
Sr citizen parents.
b) 80 DD
Medical treatmetn of handicap dependent/ relative (with proof of
expenditure or declaration of expenditure ). Rs. 50,000/- for disability
more than 40% and Rs. 1,00,000/- for disability more than 80%.
c) 80 DDB
Deductionin r/o medical treatment for himself or dependent relatives
Rs. 40,000/- Medical Certificate must be in prescribed Form No. 10 I
(from doctor registered iwth IMA with Post Graduate Qualification),
(with proof of expenditure/ or declaration of expenditure). Dependent
Relative if Senior Citizen rebate allowed is Rs. 60,000/-
d) 80 E
Deductions in respect of loan taken from financial institute for higher
education on repayment of interest only, on such loan can be
claimed for next 8 years. The deduction is allowable to parent /
guardian of the assess also.
e) 80 G
Deduction for donations - 100% in Prime Minister fund, & National
Childrens Fund,10% of the gross total income as reduced by
deduction permissible & 50% of qualifying donations in other
f) 80 U
Deducti ons i n the case of permanent Physi cal Di sabi l i ty
(Assessee himself) prescribed in Rule 11 D of Income Tax Rules
for disability more than 40% Rs. 50,000/- and for disability more
than 80% Rs. 1,00,000/- Rebate allowed to Austim, Cerebral Palsy
or Multiple Disability also.
g) 80 TTA
Interest on savi ng Banka A/cs Bank s & Post offi ces upto
Rs. 10,000/- exempt from IT.
h) 10 (13 A)
Any allowance granted to an assessee by his employer to meet
expenditure atually incurred on payment of rent in respect of
residential accomodation occupied by the assessee.
The provision of section 10 (13A) shall not apply in case the
residential accommodation occupied by the assessee is owned
by him or the assessee has not actually incurred expenditure on
payment of rent. Assessee should not have his Own House in the
same city
Rebate in repayment of Housing loan interest
& principal allowed after actual completion
possession of house only.
Deduction u/s 23 (i) shall be allowed except
in r/o interest paid to Govt. / LIC / HDFC /
AGIF / Bank / not exceeding Rs. 30,000/-,
Rs. 75,000/-, Rs. 1,00,000/- & Rs. 1,50,000/-
or actually paid whichever is less.
Rs. 2,50,000/- interest is applicable only on
loans taken to acquire or construct a
house after 1
April, 2013.
a. Please furnish detail address of house
b. Completion Certificate/ handing taking
over certificate.
c. Municipal Tax/ Insurance / Ground Rent
d. Name of the Tenant & PAN No.
e. Pre-emi interest paid to HDFC / AGIF /
Bank / LIC etc. (Before Possession)
f. Housing loan certificate to claim rebate
u/s 80 C and u/s 24 the particular F.Y.
Received from HDFC / AGIF / Bank / LIC
etc. (Yearly)
If you own more than one house property
and both or more the properties are self
occupied (vacant) due to the officer has to
resi de el sewhere by reason of hi s
employment. One property can be treated
as Self occupied / vacant and the other
has to be offered for taxation while
showing Rented out, still it is vacant &
notional rent (Municipal Corporation letable
value) is to be offered as rent receivable
for taxation.
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