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LOST IN LOVE Words and Music by Moderately d =120 GRAHAM RUSSELL . Guada9) g, es) / ca ct fh # Amt, Gece 9) g. Ea Giada 9) A & zit re- al- ize. the best_—___part 2.7. (see additional lyrics) 6. (Instr. solo) © 1980 by Greenwood Musi, Carers Music Inc and Riva Moe Lid, Made In US.A. Rights Reserved ce cnaie ce 4 He iq nest slice, and-—«it_ don't. count for much but I'm amt, ame Ant ELE lieve there's too much to. 34.6. use) Lost In Love -3-2 ‘Amt Bet fool me, I've been lov- ing you too__ Ist time D.S.% 2nd time D.S.% 3rd time DS., i repeat verse ad lib and fade want to car -ry on, Verses 2 & 4: So, lift your eyes if you feel you can, Reach for a star and Pll show you a plan. T've figured it out, what I needed was someone to show me. (To Chorus:) Verses etc. Lost in love and I don't know much, Was I thinking aloud and fell out of touch? But I'm back on my feet, and eager to be what you wanted. Wieden as