Fajar Hamonangan Sinaga


If Clauses
Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type I) by putting the verbs into the correct form.
1. If you (send)
this letter now, she (receive)
will receive
it tomorrow.
2. If I (do)
this test, I (improve)
will improve
my English.
3. If her boyfriend (phone / not)
doesn't phone
today, she (leave)
will leave
4. If they (study / not)
don't study
harder, they (pass / not)
won't pass
the exam.
5. You (be able/ not)
won't be able
to sleep if you (watch)
this scary film.
6. Susan (can / move / not)
cannot move
into the new house if it (be / not)
is not
on time.
Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type II) by putting the verbs into the correct form. Use
conditional I with would in the main clause.
1. If we (have)
a yacht, we (sail)
would sail
the seven seas.
2. If he (have)
more time, he (learn)
would learn
3. If they (tell)
their father, he (be)
would be
very angry.
4. She (spend)
would spend
a year in the USA if it (be)
easier to get a green
5. If I (live)
on a lonely island, I (run)
would run
around naked all day.
6. We (help)
would help
you if we (know)

Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type III) by putting the verbs into the correct form. Use
conditional II with would in the main clause.
1. If you (study)
had studied
for the test, you (pass)
would have pa
2. If you (ask)
had asked
me, I (help)
would have he
3. If they (listen)
had listened
to me, we (be)
would have be
home earlier.
4. If it (not/ start)
hadn't started
to rain, we (walk)
would have w
to the museum.
5. We (swim)
would have sw
in the sea if there (not / be)
hadn't been
so many sharks there.
6. If she (take)
had took
the bus, she (not / arrive)
wouldn't have
on time.

Count and Non-count Nouns

Exercise 1: Add final s/es if necessary

1. I had chicken and rice for dinner last night.
2. Matt always has fresh eggsavailable because he raises chicken.
3. Outside the window, I can see a lot of trees, bushes, grass, dirt, and flowers.
4. Tom gave me some good advice. Sally also gave me some good suggestions.
5. Yoko learned several new words yesterday. She increased her vocabulary.
6. I drank two glassof water.
7. Window are made of glass.
8. Jack wears glasses because he has poor eyesight.
9. It took me a lot of time to finish my homework. I had a lot of assignments.
10. The air is full of smoke, dust, carbon monoxide, and many other harmful substances. We
must seek to reduce air pollution.

Exercise 2: Some of the sentences contain errors. Find and correct them.

1. It’s important for every student to have a book.
2. Each of the student in my class has a book.
3. Spain is one of the country I want to visit.
4. The teacher gave each of studenta test paper.
5. Every student in the class did well on the test.
6. Every furniture in that room is made of wood.
7. One of the equipment in our office is broken.
8. The committee gave a present to each of the woman in the room.
9. One of my favorite subject is physic.
10. It’s impossible for one human being to know every language in the world.

Passive Voice

Develop the sentence with different tenses and change them into passive.
1. A civil engineer builds a road. A civil engineer built a road.
 A road was built by a civil engineer
2. An architect designed the building.An architect designs the building.
 The building is designed by an architect
3. The contractors are estimating the cost.the contractors were estimating the cost
 The cost was being estimated by the contractors
4. The workers will finish the work soon. the workers have finished the work
 The work have been finished by the workers
5. The civil engineers have made a survey for the civil projects. the civil engineers will
make a survey for the civil projects
 A survey for the civil projects will be made by the civil engineers

Change the sentences into passive
1. People need to make a survey before the project starts.
A survey is needed to be made by people before the project starts
2. People must make a geodetic survey for larger project.
A geodetic survey must be made by people forlarger project
3. People measure distances between elevations in a horizontal plane.
Distances between elevations in a horizontal plane are measured by people
4. They level the tape which is attached to a line that gives the direction of gravity.
The tape which is attached to a line that gives the direction of gravity is leveled by them
5. Engineers require an extensive survey for engineering projects such as highways and
Nothing’s changed

Find the Indirect Object and Change it to Passive

1. Someone handed Andy a menu at the restaurant.
Andy was handed a menu at the restaurant
2. They will send him some money at the end of the month.
He will be sent some money by them at the end of the month
3. The company has paid the consultant five hundred dollars in consulting fees.
The consultant has been paid five hundred dollars in consulting fees by the company
4. The university will award the students a scholarship.
Th students will be awarded a scholarship by the university
5. A multinational company is offering Rudi a good job.
Rudi is being offered a good job by a multinational company

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