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Prysmian FP 200 Gold Cable
Prysmian FP Plus Cable
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Technical Information
Voltage Rating: 300/500V
Temperature Rating: -20C to +70C
Plain copper class 1 or 2, Insudite
insulation, laminated aluminiumfoil screen
and tinned copper earth wire, LSOH
BS 5839-1 Fire systems for buildings
BS 7629-1 Fire resistant screened
BS 6387 Category CWZ
BS EN 50200 Class PH30 & PH60
BS 8434-1 30 minutes
BS EN 61034-2 Low smoke emission
BS EN 60754-2 Halogen free
Prysmian FP 200 Gold Cable
Prysmian FP200 Gold is recognised as the world leader in fire alarmcables. Designed for
easy installation, FP 200 Gold uses Insudite insulation thats tough, resistant to tearing and
abrasion avoiding all the installation problems commonly associated with silicone insulated
soft skin cables. Approved by BASEC, LPCB & LUL (section 13) Prysmian FP200 Gold is
undoubtedly the best quality fire alarm & emergency lighting cable available.
FP200 Gold is stocked in red, white and black and in drum lengths of 100m, 200m, and 500m
lengths to reduce installation wastage and offer you rapid worldwide availability.

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Click here to download Prysmian datasheet for FP200 Gold
Part No. Cores x mm O/D mm Weight kg/km Sheath Material Colour Gland Clip
38701502E 2 E 1.5 8.1 93.00 LSHF Red G251 RCH37
38701503E 3 E 1.5 8.4 116.00 LSHF Red G251 RCH43
38701504E 4 E 1.5 10.0 143.00 LSHF Red G252 RCH47
38702502E 2 E 2.5 9.1 139.00 LSHF Red G252 RCH47
38702503E 3 E 2.5 9.5 140.00 LSHF Red G252 RCH51
38702504E 4 E 2.5 10.4 225.00 LSHF Red G252 RCH54
Part codes shown are for a red sheath. For different colours suffix the part code with W for white or B for black.
Standard pack size 100m or 500m. Other sizes are available to order.
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