Platforms: Orbis (PS4), Durango (Xbox3), PC
Game Mode: Single Player
Ship Date: Q3 2016
person Immersive SimAction / RPG
• The king of Immersive Sim RPGs
• One of the most anticipated cult
• You have to escape a space station
where things have gone bad
Spiritual successor to System Shock 2
Insert new story here
Key Highlights
• 1
person shooter + RPG hybrid
• Deep systems with original complementary
properties that encourage player creativity
• 10-20 hours per play through
• Highly re-playable due to built in variability in the
design and support for multiple play styles
• Randomized pick ups, objectives, gating
SS2 base layer for reference
• Security cameras / Light stealth
• Hacking
• Crates
• Security computers
• Vending machines
• Doors
• Mutants / robots / turrets
• Audio Logs of dead crew that reveal the past
through arguments, research logs, etc…
• Research / chemical ingredients
• Resurrect Chambers
• Upgrade consoles
• No dialog / faceless / voiceless gender neutral hero
• Cyber modules to upgrade player
• Nanites to buy shit from vending
• Psionic powers
• Guns
• Ammos
• Food
• Comlinks from shodan
• Expected missions:
• Go find a log of some guy to know the
code to open a door
• Batteries to recharge and plug in
• Find the access card to X
Our version
• Our own flavor of all of the above
• Real missions where your actions are connected to
the plot, not just traverse space
• A truly 3D interconnected space, Visually stimulating
and that offers variety
• More systems in every types of systems
• Powers that are not only attacks
• player movement
• Gadgets
• Physics
• Monsters
• Simulation
• AI
• Plant grow
• Ecology…
We don’t know yet which
feature will stand out
• Heavy Wrench
• Fire Axe
• Guns are very limited in ammo
• Guns and lasers
• Guided Blades (crafted by player)
Psionic Powers
• Pacify / Control Enemies
• Pull / throw physics
• Invert gravity in an area
Combat is physical
To be updated
• Self-replicating liquids that duplicates
themselves every time they feed. Kill them fast
or face a swarm.
• Mimics that shape shift into objects, other
monsters, or the player.
• Acid breathing aliens that corrode the
environment when dying, spitting, or bleeding
(cool way to open doors)
• Deranged Security and Repair bots native to the
Unique Aliens with Imaginative Powers
Survival aspect
• Survival aspect
• Food is rare
• you can be poisoned
• you need to sleep
• Maybe you can fall sick
• radiation has leaked in some
• Crafting / scavenging
• Extracting a component from
a monster
• Make an armor from a the
skin of a tough specie
• Make weapons
• Grow your food
• Cure to poison
Compose your own play style
• Growing your character should be a system if we can
pull it off
• Hacker
• Fighter
• Stealth
• Psionic
Upgrade Stats, acquire psionic powers, genetically
mutate and acquire properties from other aliens by
sampling their DNA.
• Stick to walls
• Chameleon
• Work on your immunities
Tailor your Character
More cool shit
• Story Choices / consequences
• Variability / replay ability
• Out of game experience
• social / achievement / tablet
• Asynchronous log sharing
The game should be hard!
• Better for tension
• We’ll still have modes for Anthony and Harvey
• Monkeys!