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Ana Maria Hernndez Garca

Specialization Areas
Well and Reservoir Arcitect!re"
Master in Reservoir Architecture, The University of Tulsa, USA (1998).
Several Projects focuse on !o"#le$ %ell Architecture in P&'SA ()T*'*P 'ene+uela (1999
SP* ,oru" Series an Multilateral %ells- *$#erience an ,uture &evelo#"ents in 'ene+uela .y
Several Projects in (ntelli/ent %ell Technolo/y in S()T*, Petroleu" Research, Tronhei",
)or0ay ( (A&! Prouction 1eolo/y A##roach as a tool to accelerate the i"#le"entation of
Avance &rillin/ Technolo/ies- (ntelli/ent %ell *valuation Methoolo/y, 2332)
Several Projects elineatin/ Reservoir 1eo"etry, ,lo0 Units, &rillin/ %ino0s, &raina/e Points
an ("#le"entation of Techni4ues to 5#ti"i+e &rillin/ , !o"#letion an Prouction of %ells
( 'ene+uela, )orth Sea, (ran, 6ra+il, 6arents Sea)
%ell an Reservoir Architecture in Shale Reservoirs, 1eolo/ical e7!onsultancy Services (in
*7learnin/ course on Reservoir8%ell Architecture, 1eolo/ical e7!onsultancy Services (availa.le
#rod!ction Geolo$%"
S#eciali+ation in Petroleu" at 9eriot %att University, Scotlan (2333) in the *valuation of the
("#act 1eolo/ical 'aria.les on Reservoir Si"ulation (*cli#se), &evelo#"ent of &ecision Su##ort
Techno7*cono"ical Tools in orer to i"#le"ent (ntelli/ent %ell Technolo/ies ((%*M) an
,orecastin/ an Ris: Analysis of 1eolo/ical 'aria.les in Reservoirs.
&evelo#"ent of a Methoolo/y to *valuate the ("#act of 1eolo/ical 'aria.les in &rillin/ an
!o"#letion of !o"#le$ %ell Architecture ( (A&! Prouction 1eolo/y A##roach as a Tool to
Accelerate the ("#le"entation of Avance &rillin/ Technolo/ies- (ntelli/ent %ell *valuation
Methoolo/y, 2332)
Several Projects focuse on Prouction Pro.le"s such as San Prouction, Mi/ration of ,ines,
,or"ation &a"a/e, &rillin/, !o"#letion an Prouction of %ells, Plannin/ 8Monitorin/ of %ells
an *valuation of ifferent Petroleu" Technolo/ies an their i"#act on 1eolo/ical 'aria.les.
Prouction 1eolo/y constrains in Shale Reservoirs, 1eolo/ical e7!onsultancy Services (in
*nhance"ent of Reservoir !haracteri+ation in )on !onventional Reservoirs, 1eolo/ical e7
!onsultancy Services (in #ro/ress)
*7;earnin/ !ourse on Prouction 1eolo/y, 1eolo/ical e7!onsultancy Services (availa.le no0)
&nviron'ental Geolo$%"
!onsultant in the !o"#any A".iental Technical Solutions, ;onon, U< (2332), in the
i"#le"entation of the (ntelli/ent %ell *valuation Methoolo/y ((%*M), in Projects 0here
Petroleu" Technolo/ies ha an ("#act on the Reservoir 1eolo/y an )atural Resources (soils,
0ater, air).
Project .ase in Plannin/ of Petroleu" 5#erations an their i"#act in ,ishin/ Activities in the
)orth Sea (S()T*, Petroleu" Research 2331).
&eli"itation of &rillin/ %ino0s in Artic *nviron"ents (S()T*, Petroleu" Research 2331).
Projects focuse on *nviron"ental Re/ulations .ase on =ero &ischar/e Policy an
*nviron"ental !ontrol in Petroleu" 5#erations in the )orth Sea (S()T*, Petroleu" Research
*nviron"ental 1eolo/y an its ("#act on Petroleu" (nustry Projects, 1eolo/ical e7!onsultancy
Services ( no0 in #ro/ress)
(nte$rated )no*led$e S%ste's-
!onsultant in the !o"#any AM> S"art ;earnin/, S#ain (2332) as (nfor"ation Mana/e"ent.
&evelo#"ent of Tools, Techni4ues an Methoolo/ies of (nfor"ation Mana/e"ent an
(nfor"ation Analysis 0ith the /oal to accelerate the ;earnin/ Process at .oth Acae"ia an
6usiness scenarios focuse in <no0le/e Mana/e"ent, !han/e Mana/e"ent, ?uantitative
Analysis, ?ualitative Analysis, S:ill Mana/e"ent an 6usiness (ntelli/ence.
(nte/rate Professional <no0le/e Syste"s an its <no0le/e Areas, 1eolo/ical e7!onsultancy
Services (A#ril 231@)
S#eciali+e Re#ort on To# A Real7Ti"e (nfor"ation Sources Per Sector A.stract, 1eolo/ical e7
!onsultancy Services (A#ril 231@)
*7;earnin/ course on (nte/rate <no0le/e Syste", 1eolo/ical e7!onsultancy Services (no0
Geological e-Consultancy Services
"na #aria $ernan%e& is an independent consultant with 15 years of
experience offering knowledge-based products and services by Internet in
the following specialized areas:
1. - 'il/ Gas/(nergy)
Production Geology
Reservoir and Well rchitecture
!hale Reservoirs
"nconventional Resources
Resources Reclassification
#nviron$ental Geology
*. - +ntegrate% ,nowle%ge Systems
%nowledge &anage$ent
'hange &anage$ent
(uantitative nalysis
(ualitative nalysis
!)ill &anage$ent
*usiness Intelligence
s a consultant+ I developed novel techni,ues+ tools+ approaches and
$ethodologies in each specialized area- .he goal is to get short-term-
high economic imact solutions .or the costumers-
.he delivery of products and services are internet/based according to an
agree$ent about pay$ent+ ti$efra$e and product0services deadline
between both parts- .hey can be:
1- 1 Seciali&e% /eort containing the state-of-art of particular pro2ect+
research area or sub2ect-
3- e-Consultancy Services providing a continuous infor$ation analysis by
using !ocial 4etwor)s+ 5ideoconferences+ e$ail+ Phone and any infor$ation
internet platfor$ to provide knowledge-based solutions for a particular area
of interest-
6- / e-0earning offering courses on Production Geology and Reservoir0Well
rchitecture suited for 7rilling+ 'o$pletion and Production 'o$panies- lso+
an e/8earning course on Integrated %nowledge !yste$ has been designed
for co$panies interested in speed up your )nowledge/based profits-

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