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Kinnevik Capital Markets Day
May 2014
How do you buy furniture today?
customer service
shop & content
What do you need in order to sell furniture online?
Now that customers are happy.
how does that work for Home24?
>100m net sales run-rate
Return quota <10%
Powerful unit economics and
negative working capital
Note: All figures unaudited and preliminary
Basket sie >!00
Positive profit contributions after variable costs already
purchase. !oyalty effects within first " months#
"t first purc#ase
%it#in 1
Profitable loyalty!
%it#in 1&0 da's
Note: Data for Home24 Europe December 201 co!ort" All figures unaudited and preliminary
$oes the model only work in %ermany?
Home24 as clear mar#et leader in core mar#ets!
$oday% already &40' of re(enues outside of )ermany
Latin America Europe
Note: All figures unaudited and preliminary
&his all looks so easy. How do you do that?
(erticall' integrated )usiness
wit# in-dept# sourcing
e*pertise in "sia and +,,
Proprietar' logistics
infrastructure wit# deep ,-.
integration wit# suppliers
/0#e gold standard1 in
performance marketing
2eav' tec# focus wit# ver'
data-driven3 quantitative
-ifferentiated inventor' model
com)ining #ig# availa)ilit'
and #ig# inventor' turnover
'ops( we for)ot somethin)# Home24 has practically
Home24 *it! negati(e *or#ing capital!
4 no st'le risk
4 no inventor' risk
4 no end of campaign5
season discounting
4 no o)solescence 4 no seasonalit'
4 no 'ear-end
inventor' depreciation
Home24 backed by powerful( well-known investors
Home24 team with )ood mi. of e/ommerce e.perience(
retail e.pertise and data-driven mindset
Dr. Philipp Kreibohm
E,-./) 0 E,-1res!fields
Domenico Cipolla
E,-./) 0 E,-/in(en
Constantin Eis
E,-4oland .erger
Home24 clear market leader. 0nmatched combination of
stron) topline )rowth and powerful unit economics
Huge maret moving online! Huge pri(ate label opportunity and fragmented supplier landscape
Home"# best positioned to sei$e Home & Living opportunit%! .y far largest online assortment%
!ig! a(ailability% attracti(e prices and best-in-class fulfillment and customer ser(ice
&arriers to entr%! Home24 *it! in-dept! sourcing e,pertise in Asia and /EE and deep ED5
integration *it! suppliers" Hea(y tec! focus and t!e gold standard in performance mar#eting
'odel traveling abroad! Already &40' of re(enues outside of )ermany" 6ery strong footprint in
.ra7il" 2
*a(e of internationali7ation under*ay
(nventor% model )ithout inventor% ris! No obsolescence% no end-of-season discounting% no
seasonality% no fas!ion ris#" 6ery lean in(entory model
*cale and po)erful unit economics on +
purchase: &8100m net sales run-rate" +trong li#e-for-
li#e gro*t!" A(erage bas#et si7e &8200" /A/-reco(ery o(er 100' on 1
purc!ase" +trong loyalty
effects" Negati(e *or#ing capital
$!e information contained in t!is presentation is public information only% but it does not necessarily represent all information related to t!e issues
discussed or presented !erein% or all (ie*s of t!e company" $!e information !as been researc!ed by t!e company *it! due care and all and any e(aluations
or assessments stated !erein represent t!e company:s opinions" ;e ad(ise you t!at some of t!e a(ailable information !as been independently (erified and
may be based on statements by t!ird persons% but no representation or *arranty% e,pressed or implied% is made as to% and no reliance s!ould be placed on%
t!e fairness% accuracy% completeness or correctness of t!is information or opinions contained !erein" /ertain statements contained !erein may be
statements of future e,pectations and ot!er for*ard-loo#ing statements t!at are based on our current personal (ie*s and assumptions and in(ol(e #no*n
and un#no*n ris#s and uncertainties t!at may cause actual results% performance or e(ents to differ materially from t!ose e,pressed or implied in suc!
statements" None of our team s!all assume any liability *!atsoe(er <in negligence or ot!er*ise= for any loss or unreali7ed profit *!atsoe(er arising from
any use of t!is presentation or t!e statements contained !erein as regards un(erified t!ird person statements% any statements of future e,pectations and
ot!er for*ard-loo#ing statements% or t!e fairness% accuracy% completeness or correctness of statements contained in t!e presentation% or ot!er*ise made
in connection *it! t!is presentation"
$!is presentation does not constitute an offer or in(itation to purc!ase or subscribe for any in(estment and neit!er t!is presentation nor any part of it s!all
form t!e basis of or be relied upon in connection *it! t!e entering into any commitment or contract *!atsoe(er% and is solely intended to communicate
information regarding t!e company% its business trac#-records and team members" No one s!ould base t!eir in(estment decisions on t!is presentation but
s!ould form t!eir personal opinions on t!e basis of furt!er a(ailable information and e(aluations and assumptions" 5n addition% any prospecti(e in(estor
s!ould consult its o*n attorney and business ad(isor as to t!e legal% business% and ta, and related matters concerning any in(estment decision"