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Movement & Transformation are the Primary Attribtes of all universal Ener!ies" The prerequisite for the
movement of energy is a #o$ar fie$%. Electromagnetic energy moves & transforms by virtue of the dynamic tension
established by e$e&troma!neti& fie$%s with opposite poles, referred to as '#ositive' (yang) & 'ne!ative' (yin).

Ne!ative Po$e (Yin) The Earths surface

Positive Po$e (Yan!) !onosphere

These two act as charged plates, which create a powerful electric field that envelops the entire planet, with polarity
ranging up to thousands of volts per foot. T'e eart'(s e$e&troma!neti& fie$% &ontinos$y ionises air mo$e&$es
in t'e atmos#'ere & )'en )e breat'e* )e absorb t'e e$e&tri&a$ ener!y t'ey &arry* (breathing plugs us into the
earths electromagnetic field in which we breathe). "ollutory man made shit interferes with our bodies access to
the energy of the earths normal electromagnetic field & can have devastating effects on human energy systems.

+ive Primary +orms of Ener!y permeate the universe



N&$ear for&es E$e&tri&ity


#ust as $i!'t & 'eat are closely related & often manifest them$selves together, as in a f$ame,
so e$e&tri&ity & ma!netism are inseparably connected, as in $i!'tnin!.
%ow lets also e&plore the way cutting edge physicists view reality. The current mindset began when 'lbert
Einstein came up with the equation E()* squared, he informed the world that matter is energy & the scientific
community quic+ly verified his findings. ,o in reality your environment, all the metal, plastic & wood surrounding
you, is not solid. -hat appears solid is actually made up of swirling molecules temporarily moulded in their current
patterns & vibrating at the rates of metal, plastic, or wood. Everything on earth, including the earth itself brea+s
down to subatomical particles, which means, matter is energy. .ur world & everything in it is not what it appears
to be, nothing is solid, everything is energy & energy is non$physical in nature & energy can affect energy, /ust li+e
two tuning for+s0 stri+e one tuning for+ & another close by will begin to vibrate in response & the cutting edge
physicists are now saying that our reality appears to be more li+e a thought form than anything else.
Therefore there is no physical matter co1 all that actually is, is a shit load of energies that have different vibrations
which in turn gives the illusion of liquidity, solidity or even transparency li+e that of the air. ,ome energies vibrate
slower, others faster, ta+e water for instance, put it in the fridge & starve it of its 2ang energy & it will free1e &
thus become solid. Ta+e it out of the fridge & add some 2ang to the point of boiling it & it will become liquid
again co1 2ang energy vibrates faster. 3oil the water even more by adding more heat 2ang energy & it will
evaporate thus become transparent. The way water can change from being solid to invisible is due to a drastic
change from e&treme 2in to e&treme 2ang, but it goes even further than that.
4or instance, in the spirit world whereby peoples consciousness 5 spirit has transferred itself onto their never dying
2in energy, 6co1 they un+nowingly wasted & run out of their 2ang which is why their body (that needs both 2in &
2ang to be considered alive), malfunctioned & ceased to be useful which equals to the equivalent of what some call
death7 their conception of time is different to that of the spirits tied to & inside a 2ang physical body for whom their
lives are8 very short & fast as opposed to the spirits lives which are very slow & eternal, thus a day in d spiritual
realm is nothing more or less than a whole year for us earthlings.
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*hi is classified as 2in because it can only be felt, while the physical body is classified as 2ang because it can be seen. 2in is
the root & source of the life, which animates the 2ang body & manifests power or strength e&ternally. Thus the saying8 9*hi is
the force of life:.

;owever, regulating your *hi comes after regulating your )ind, 3ody & 3reath. !n order to reach the final goal of *hi$<ung
you must have three fundamental spiritual roots8 0i$$, Patien&e & En%ran&e. ,o start by regulating your spirit so that you
may acquire a good morale & fighting spirit, for when your spirit is high your will power is strong, your mind is firm & focused
and your patience can last for much longer. ' concentrated mind can result in increased *hi control & conductivity.

!f you compare your 1o%y to a 1att$efie$%, then your Min% is li+e the Genera$ who generates ideas & controls the situation &
your 1reat'in! is the -trate!y. 2our C'i is li+e the so$%iers who are led to the most advantageous places on the battlefield.
'll four elements are necessary & all four must be coordinated with each other if you are to win the war against sic+ness &
aging. -hen your Min%2Yi (Genera$) +nows how to regulate the 1o%y (+nows the 1att$efie$%), how to regulate the 1reat'in!
(set up the -trate!y) & how to effectively regulate the C'i (direct your -o$%iers), you will be able to reach the final goal of *hi
gung training.

<enerally, your C'i is generated or converted naturally & automatically from the Essen&es within your body. These Essences
include the In'erite% .ri!ina$ Essen&e which goes to ma+e Primor%ia$ Yin3C'i 2 0ater3Ener!y, the Ce$estia$ Essen&e &
Terrestria$ Essen&e both of which are transformed into Yan!3C'i 2 +ire Ener!y. This natural *hi generation is the ma/or
source of your life$force. The *hi in your body is divided into two categories8 )anaging *hi (2in *hi, or %utritive *hi) &
<uardian *hi (-ei *hi).

The Prenata$ .ri!ina$ Essen&e

we receive upon conception from the sperm & ovum
of our parents & is stored in the glands of our bodies
in the form of highly potent hormones, especially in
the adrenal glands.

Ce$estia$ Essen&e
which humans derive from air
by breathing.

Terrestria$ Essen&e
which is obtained from food &
water by digestion & metabolism.

Primor%ia$ Yin3C'i 2 0ater3Ener!y

functions as the Mana!in! C'i which is the energy
thats being sent to the organs so that they can
Postnata$ Yan!3C'i 2 +ire Ener!y
functions as the Gar%ian C'i which is the energy thats being sent to
the surface of the body to form a shield to protect you from negative
outside influences such as cold.
1. The 4Ei!'t E5traor%inary C'anne$s(8
The latter function as 4reservoirs(, storing &
feeding energy into the twelve organ
meridians as required, or ta+ing up the
overflow when they get overloaded. 'mong
the eight channels, only the Governin! &
Con&e#tion &'anne$s have their own vital
points0 the other si& have their terminals
located along the ma/or organ meridians. The
latter are the two primary channels activated
by Taoist internal alchemy & the two ma/or
reservoirs of True ;uman Energy.

2. 67 Ma8or Meri%ians8
4unction as 4rivers( of
energy to irrigate the
organs & tissues with

3. 2our 4Po)er Points(8

'long the twelve meridians are found
A&#n&tre #oints (much li+e transformers
along power lines) which can be used directly to
manipulate the magnitude, balance & flow of
vital human energies. These points have
significantly lower electrical impedance &
therefore higher conductivity than other surface
areas of the body. 'll organs are associated &
connected to these power points via Ca#i$$aries
among other subsidiary networ+s, which
constitute the connection between )eridians &
.rgans as well as other internal tissues & bones.

1.1 The 4Governin! C'anne$(8

=uns up the spine form perineum to
head and controls
2.1 The -i5 Yan! .r!an Meri%ians8
=unning along the bac+ & e&terior surfaces
which are connected to
3.1 The -i5 Yan! .r!ans8
>arge intestine, stomach, small intestine,
bladder, Triple 3urner & gall bladder.
1.2 The 4Con&e#tion C'anne$(8
=uns down the front from head to
perineum and controls
2.2 The -i5 Yin .r!an Meri%ians8
=unning along the front & interior surfaces
which are connected to
3.1 The -i5 Yin .r!ans8
>ungs, spleen & pancreas, heart, +idney,
pericardium & liver.
;ave you ever thought, 9how do ! feel pain?: Theres more to it than /ust mere signals sent via the nervous system to the brain,
for the latter is material & if it didnt have energy circulating in it, it wouldnt function. -hen you pinch your s+in for instance,
that area is stimulated & the C'i fie$% is %istrbe%. 2our brain is designed to sense this & other disturbances & to inter#ret the
;ave you ever thought, 9why do some people pee in their pants when in fear of their lives?: -hen you e&perience a sudden
shoc+ for instance, the C'i in t'e b$a%%er imme%iate$y be&omes %efi&ient. %ormally the reservoir will immediately regulate
the *hi in this channel so that you recover from the shoc+. ;owever, if the reservoir *hi is also deficient, or if the effect of the
shoc+ is too great & there is not enough time to regulate the *hi, the bladder will suddenly contract, causing unavoidable
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