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Due to their beautiful architecture Temple of Artemis has been chosen

as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
This work was designed in honor of the fertility goddess Artemis, also
called Diana by the Romans, and was located in the city of Ephesus,
about 50 km south of the city of Izmir in modern Turkey.
Interestingly, the construction of this temple took 120 years due to
its large size. The place consists of many buildings later by
archaeologists managed to distinguish letters of the alphabet.
One of the most surprising facts is that it was one of the first
buildings constructed entirely of marble. In the year 356 BCE the
tempo was burned and decades later a new building on the remains of
the first was built.
This temple was included in the list of the Seven Wonders not so much
for its beauty but because somehow emphasized the grandeur of the
empire of Alexander Magno

The goddess Artemis or Diana was the goddess of the
harvest, nature and hunting. He delivered this manly
exercise, eventually become insensitive to the
inclinations of their sex. None of the suitors who sought
her love did so and so was given the nickname of caste.
Associated with the moon, was the protector of childbirth
of women and youth
The statue of any temple would have been his material was
a symbol of fertility, for which reason his body was
covered with many breasts.

In 356 B.C. was destroyed by fire
caused by an insane, Herostrato, who
wanted to immortalize his name with
it (356 BC) the same night that
Alexander Magno was born.
The whole city slept, and it was not
possible to prevent the flames from
destroying this unique monument, or
save untold riches accumulated there.

It was rebuilt after, almost in the same proportions by the architect
Although this place only ruins and the
stories that are told when tourists come
there are many who are interested in
visiting, especially because it is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient

This temple was built around 650 BC and from those kings, merchants
and curious times they came there; and after a fire and a
reconstruction was abandoned, leaving the ruins that can be seen

One of the most important
features that can still be seen
in the Temple of Artemis is a
column that is the only

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