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T Y I N A r c h i t e c t ' s T o o l b o x

T Y I N t e g n e s t u e
The TYIN Architects Toolbox contains the tools needed to create useful,
beautiful and necessary structures under any circumstance. TYIN Architects
Toolbox is mobile, sturdy, practical and simple to use. Bring it along when
you are starting a new project and see the value of using these simple
methods and tools. Your architecture and everyone involved will beneft
substantially from the use of TYIN Architects Toolbox.
The tools you fnd in your TYIN Architects Toolbox will help you in
implementing your ideas. The hand tools are useful for solving simple tasks,
building beautiful constructions, or shaping available materials. The abstract
tools presented will be crucial when facing the social and mental challenges
that lie beneath the surface of the situation. TYIN Architects Toolbox
contains practical tips on how to proceed with projects with tight schedules,
small budgets and limited resources.
TYIN Architects Toolbox is sturdy and can easily be shipped by any mode
of transport without danger to the contents. TYIN Architects Toolbox is
developed by professionals through hands-on experience and feld-tested
under extreme conditions.
Gather a good and sturdy team. The rising global challenges require
international teams. Select practitioners you feel comfortable working with.
Look for a combination of professional and personal skills.
Play at your strengths; everyone doesnt need to have the same skills.
If members of the team are inexperienced, start with something simple and
give everyone time to adapt to new challenges and situations.
Dont worry too much about language diffculties.
Use the universal language of the drawing and be aware of your
collaborators body language.
Let the confusion and miscommunications become a part of your work.
The unexpected results of miscommunication can often guide the
process towards the creation of beautiful mistakes.
Rubiks Cube: a good way to disconnect and reset your mind.
Pro tip: Sometimes you will need to change one part you have already
solved to fx the whole.
When bringing funding into a project, be conscious about what you
purchase and how you invest. Use low-cost materials if possible.
Recycle and innovate!
Try selecting products from local markets. This way your money can
circulate and multiply, strengthening the local economy. Its all about
leaving behind more than just the physical structures.
Further reading: Nabeel Hamdi Small Change
Warning! The hands-on approach will result in dirty hands. Antibac is
useful to stay clean and healthy. It solves a simple problem that can
have dire consequences.
Knowledge of basic sanitation is not available to all. Dont confuse lack
of education with respect for local culture and tradition.
...its about how.
its not just about what you see
The white board is a very powerful design tool, in the studio and on-site.
White board drawings are immediate, changeable and intuitive in nature.
All ideas and suggestions need to be considered and reviewed.
Only the strong ideas will survive the elusive quality of the white board.
Try to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.
There will always be enough challenges in the project as it is.
Feel free to bring small luxuries that enable you
to keep your professional focus.
Some naivet is healthy.
Sometimes baby wipes does the trick.
Bring a fashlight!
A pick-up truck can be your opportunity device. It takes you to new
sites and potential projects. Bring along your team, all your tools and
lots of energy.
Ole Jrgen Bryn, architect
Dont design your own problems...
Philip Pa has been working as a carpenter since 2008.
I need a hammer!
Philip Pa had a wish for the future.
He wanted to be a carpenter.
When asked what he needed
to become a carpenter,
his answer was simply;
Find inspiration outside your profession.
Music is a wonderful metaphor to architecture.
We recommend Radiohead for mystery, Deftones for energy, Pearl Jam for
endurance, Red Hot Chili Peppers for humor, Tool for sincerity, Nirvana for
self-scrutiny, Korn for aggression or Dave Matthews Band for precision.
be precise, stay sharp and cut the crap!
In a triangle with sides of 3, 4 and 5 units,
one of the corners will be precisely 90
Perfect when making measurements on your building site.
Manual labour encourages an architecture of necessity, where
everything serves a purpose. The use of basic hand tools will trigger
your creativity and force you to develop a pragmatic sense when
When used correctly even the most basic handsaw is effcient,
convenient and will provide a high degree of precision.
1. Get a =10-20mm clear PVC hose
2. Fill the hose with water
The water in both ends of the hose will always stay on the same level.
3. Hold one end at a chosen point zero
4. Hold the other end where you need to fnd a specifc level
5. Adjust your structure related to the height of the water column
Bolted connections ensures strength and precision
without the need for complicated explanations.
It simplifes prefabrication of building elements.
One bolt used in the right place will easily replace ten nails,
and you have a greater control of the quality and strength
of your projects main structure.
When working in small communities, a close connection is crucial for a
socially sustainable result. Dare to get involved and invest yourself in
the project.
However; dont get overly attached. Tight personal attachments might
create large gaps when you leave.
Follow up as closely as possible, and fnish what you start!
You will be affected by the project.
There will be blood, sweat and tears.
There will be dust, mud and ugliness.
Dont despair.
Frustration is a wonderful source of creativity.
put some heart into it
Dont think too much before you start working;
and dont work too much before you stop and
start to refect.
Nabeel Hamdi,
There will always be some risk involved when creating architecture.
Dont let fear of injury stop you from implementing in your ideas.
Let your determination lead you, with the safety of a simple frst aid kit.
The cell phone is a powerful symbol of the technological revolution.
With ease you can connect to people all around the planet with a push of
a button. The cell phone shows us that we are living on the same planet.
Bring a simple phone to the building site.
Get a local sim-card.
Keep in touch with collaborators, friends and family.
Use the camera as your storyteller. The lens works as a flter between
us and the reality. Sometimes this distance is needed to understand
the situation you are working in.
The most important part of photographing the projects is to convey
the ideas and reasons behind the work to a larger audience. This way
you can inspire other professionals to broadening their scope and
revaluating the principles of their practices.
Sketchbook, telephone, cinema, encyclopedia, music machine, organizer,
game center, day planner, dictionary, internet provider.
Dont give the computer an unreasonable amount of credit; it will not make
your design for you. It is a tool, just like any pencil, hammer or camera.
I wish I was as fortunate,
as fortunate as me
wishlist / pearl jam
Created by
TYIN tegnestue
Illustrations by
Mio Oribe Ueno Stuberg
+73 60 50 12

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