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Greg Thompson

I was born in Long Beach...grew up in Southern

California. I have been playing since the age of fve
years old. Started out with anything I could get my
hands on.
I am self-taught. My drumming
infuences were artsts such as Tommy
Aldridge, Cozy Powell, John Bonham,
and Neil Peart. I was born in Long
Beach...grew up in Southern

Here I am at sixteen...looking like a
I have played many bars and the
80's earning a solid reputaton as a hard-
hitng improvised drummer...played the
LA circuit....played in many bands...
I currently play the role of John Bonham in the Led Zeppelin tribute band Zoso: The Ultmate Led
Zepplelin Tribute. Zoso started in Los Angeles California in 1995...been together for 19 yrs....and
countng. Playing the part of an iconic fgure like John Henry Bonham is quite the rush...feeling his I lunge in a animalistc hunch ready to pounce like a lion afer its prey...feeling the energy
from the audience night afer night...never letng them afer show...from opening of
rock n roll" to Moby Dick"drum solo stretching to almost 20 minutes to the climatc end of Stairway
to heaven. We tour sold out shows all across the United States and in the last few
years out of the country. Japan, Argentna and Brazil.
My Equipment: I use two drum kits currently
in Zoso....the green sparkle ludwig
10x14 tom. 16x16 18x16 foor 14x26 bass
drum 6x5.5 chrome snare with paiste 2002
cymbals ..paiste gong ludwig tympany ketle
drum...same for Amber vistalite kit.
When I am not on the road I have presented at John Bonham clinics ...answering questons
from fans and eager upcoming drummers. I enjoy hanging out with friends at local jam nights
playing my favorites.
Fans say it best.....
...'The late John Bonham, notably referred to as "Bonzo"... would probably do a double take if he
met Zoso's drummer, Greg Thompson.'
...'Thompson's style and sound is idyllically similar to Bonzo. As Thompson's arms gravitate
through mid-air directly for his Ludwig Amber kit, cymbals, gong or ketle drum, one fnds
themselves evoked in the identfable memory of Bonzo's splintering drum chops.'
...'Greg Thompson plays the drums. He closely resembles John Bonham and played the drums
viciously hard. He did so while maintaining a cool demeanor. The Immigrant Song was loud
and upbeat thanks to the percussion contributon. The ringing drum beat supported the
wrenching collectve noises and shreiking moans. Thompsons full skillset was best displayed
during the Moby Dick extended solo which allowed hisband mates to take a breather of stage.'
...'Greg Thompson steals the show with his unbelievably wild 18-minute drum solo. Playing kick-
ass jams with two stcks, one stck , no stck and just his hands, this drummer elite puts on a show
within a show. Had itbeen necessary, I may have paid for the drum solo alone!'
....'Drummer Thompsons solo in Moby Dick was a pounding, mesmerizing, all-out assault on his
drum kit a true homage to the late Bonham.'
...'Greg is an Awe- inspiring talent on the drums!'
...'Favorite moment: Moby Dick- Stll one of the only drum solos that doesn't get boring afer a
few minutes and Greg Thompson nailed it!'
...'It never struck me how popular "Moby Dick" was untl seeing it preformed l never realized how
popular it was, as drum solos have never really been my thing, however Zeppelin came from the
era where such decadence was showcased, and Greg Thompson, who capture both the primal
nature of Bonham's vulgar displays of prowess in this regard as well as his innovatve touch. You
can tell he understood Bonham was infuenced by jazz drummers the likes of Gene Krupa, which
the frst part of the legendary solo gave a nod to.'
...'Just wanted to point out how massive the drummer Greg Thompson is, you have to see this
guy, BONZO himself would be blown away by this.Greg is a monster drummer. I had the pleasure
of touring with him while he was a member of ZOSO.He without a doubt is the best out there.He
has blown my mind on more than one occasion with his selfess renditon of the great BONZO
BONHAM.You have to see these guys.'
...It was "Bonzo" who we were the most impressed with. I had sooo much fun though!!! I was high
the rest of the night!'
Donnie Van Zant, of 38 Special
Robin Zander, of Cheap Trick
Darryl McDaniels, of Run DMC
Don Barnes, of 38 Special
Brad Gillis, of Night Ranger
Jack Black
Mick Brown, of Dokken
Stars I have met
along the way
opening up for
WATCH Greg Thompson perform with Zoso:
Z-LOT-Z My frst project.Houston, Texas (circa 1991-1992)
Drummer for Zoso: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience