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Colegio Madre M Rosa Molas

Unidad 3 Energy (3 ESO)

El adjetivo califica al nombre. En ingls, se coloca siempre delante del nombre. No tiene plural. En ingls se
hace la distincin entre adjetivos cortos y adjetivos largos.
1) u!les son los adjetivos cortos"
- los monos#labos$ old, fast.
- %os bis#labos terminados en &y$ happy, easy
') u!les son los adjetivos largos"
- los bis#labos no terminados en &y$ modern, pleasant.
- (odos los adjetivos de tres o m!s s#labas$ expensie, intelle!t"al
a) Qu es la co!"araci#$% uando hablamos de dos cosas, podemos compararlas. )odemos ver si son
iguales o diferentes. (al ve* son iguales en algunos aspectos y diferentes en otros.
)odemos utili*ar los adjetivos comparativos de igualdad, inferioridad y superioridad para
describir esas diferencias o igualdades.
%os adjetivos comparativos slo se pueden utili*ar cuando hablamos de ' cosas +no de , - 1. -
b) mo se forma el co!"arativo de su"erioridad"
/ay dos maneras$
- 0tili*ando more si el adjetivo es largo. More expensie, more intelle!t"al.
- a1adiendo &er si el adjetivo es corto. Older, faster. 2in embargo, hay 3ue tener en cuenta$
1) si el adjetivo ter!i$a &e, slo se a1ade #r$ late later.
') 2i el adjetivo es !o$os'la(o y ter!i$a e$ co$so$a$te)vocal)co$so$a$te, la 4ltima consonante se
duplica. $ig %igger
,) 2i el adjetivo ter!i$a e$ &y* cambia la &y por &i y a1ade &er. &appy happier
5) 6lgunos adjetivos bis#labos, pueden utili*ar &er o more$
'"iet ( )"ieter* more )"iet
Cleer( !leerer* more !leer
+arro,( narro,er* more narro,
Simple( simpler* more simple
7) %os siguientes adjetivos tienen +or!as irregulares$
.ell (healthy)( %etter
$ad( ,orse
/ar( farther* f"rther
6 menudo, los adjetivos comparativos de superiodidad van seguidos de than.
8ira los siguientes ejemplos$
0ohn is 1m234 &e is tall4 $"t Chris is 1m254 &e is taller than 0ohn4
6meri!a is %ig4 $"t R"ssia is %igger4
7 ,ant to hae a more po,erf"l !omp"ter4
7s /ren!h more diffi!"lt than English8
Colegio Madre M Rosa Molas
Unidad 3 Energy (3 ESO)
c) Older/ elder
%as formas habituales del comparativo y el superlativo de old son older y the oldest$
My %rother is older than me4
9he !athedral is the oldest %"ilding in the !ity4
omparando las edades de la gente, especialmente de los miembros de una familia, elder y eldest son a
menudo utili*ados como adjetivos y pronombres. No pueden ser utili*adas con :than9 y como adjetivos
pueden slo ser utili*ados antes del nombre.
My elder sister lies in Canada4
&e ,as the elder of her t,o sons4
7;m the eldest in the family4
Further/ farther
/"rther es ahora m!s com4n 3ue farther en ingls brit!nico. 6mbos pueden ser utili*ados en relacin a la
7 !an thro, m"!h f"rther* farther than yo"4
$ristol is f"rther* farther than Oxford4
En ingls americano farther es normalmente uili*ado en relacin a la distancia. En ingls brit!nico y
americano slo f"rther puede ser utili*ado para indicar adicin +:suma)$
6re there any f"rther )"estions8
6 College of /"rther Ed"!ation
d) mo se forman el co!"arativo de igualdad"
(anto los adjetivos cortos como los adjetivos largos forman el comparativo de igualdad utili*ando
"" +:tan ... como)
9om is as old as he loo<s
9his s<irt is as expensie as those tro"sers4
0tili*amos the same as : el mismo 3ue
6nn;s salary is the same as mine4
6nn gets the same salary as me4
e) mo se forma el co!"arativo de i$+erioridad"
%os adjetivos cortos forman el comparativo de inferioridad con la e;presin "not" +:no
9om isn=t as old as he loo<s4
(ambin podemos utili*ar la e;presin <not so ...as9
=t isn>t ?arm but it isn>t so cold as yesterday.
%os adjetivos largos forman el grado comparativo de inferioridad con la palabra less.
&is ne, %oo< is less interesting than his last %oo<4
2e utili*a la palabra than tras el comparativo de inferioridad less si hay segundo elemento de la
(ambin podemos utili*ar las e;presiones not y not so ... as.
9he !ity !entre ,asn;t as !ro,ded as "s"al4
9he !ity !entre ,asn;t so !ro,ded as "s"al4
f) Des"us de than/as se dice me* him* her* "s* them cuando no hay verbo.
>o" are taller than 7 am4
>o" are taller than me4
Colegio Madre M Rosa Molas
Unidad 3 Energy (3 ESO)
A, -rite t.e correct co!"arative +or t.ese se$te$ces,
1. (he 8ississippi is longer than the (hames. +long)
'. (his hotel is more !omforta%le than the other one. +comfortable)
,. = thin@ this shop is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthat one. +good)
5. (he restaurant is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe caf. +e;pensive)
B. = thin@ 2cotland is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEngland. +beautiful)
D. = li@e this school because it>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe other one. +big)
E. 6ccommodation here is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthan in my country. +e;pensive)
1.. (he ?eather here is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAat home. +cold)
11. = thin@ you>re AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA your father no?. +tall)
1'. /is home?or@ ?as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmine. +bad)
1,. (his film is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe one you ?anted to see. +interesting)
15. (he journey is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA= thought. +long)
17. (his lesson is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe last one. +difficult)
/, -rite t.e co!"arative o+ t.e 0ords give$ to co!"lete t.e se$te$ces, Add than 0.ere
1. /e is more helpf"l than he used to be. +helpful)
'. Fou seem AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyou ?ere yesterday. +happy)
,. Ge need AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAactors for this film. +young)
5. = thin@ that the ne? salesman is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe last one. +honest)
7. (his road is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAand AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe other one. +longH dangerous)
B. =s the ne? car AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe old one" +e;pensive)
C. (his system is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe last one ?e had. +easy)
D. )eople here are AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthey are at home. +polite)
E. (he city is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAit used to be. +cro?ded)
1.. 2he ?as feeling AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAshe had been earlier. +miserable)
11. omputers are AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAno?adays. +complicated)
1'. = thin@ trains are AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAand AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAcars. +fastH comfortable)
1,. Ge ?ill have to thin@ of a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmethod. +good)
15. =>m beginning to feel AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAabout the results.
17. /er ne? job is a lot AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe last one. +stressful).
1B. 8y ne? dictionary is a lot AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe last one. +useful)
1C. (hese trousers are too ?ide. Io you have any that are AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" +narro?)
1D. (he film got AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAuntil = fell asleepJ +boring)
1E. = thin@ that people ?ho live in villages are AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAApeople in big cities. +friendly)
'.. =t ?as slo?ly getting AAAAAAAAAAAAAA and AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. +hot)
'1. )eter gets AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAall the time. +selfish)
''. 8y chair ?as getting AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+uncomfortable)
'5. 2he seems to be getting AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAand AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+thin)
C, Co!"lete t.ese se$te$ces* usi$g t.e +ollo0i$g adjectives2
%oring* !omforta%le* dangero"s* deep* diffi!"lt* hot* independent* old* relaxing* al"a%le4
1. (his summer is not as hot as last summer.
'. = hope his ne? boo@ is not as %oring as his last one.
,. 2he ?as afraid of flying, but = told her it>s not as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAas travelling by car.
5. Ion>t ?orry. (he river isn>t as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAas it loo@s.
Colegio Madre M Rosa Molas
Unidad 3 Energy (3 ESO)
7. 2ilver isn>t as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAas gold.
B. Iogs aren>t as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAas cats.
C. Kur ne? car is very fast, but it>s not as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAas the old one.
D. Io you thin@ Lrench is as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAto learn as English"
E. Gere you really born in 1ED." = didn>t realise you ?ere as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAas me.
1.. Lor me, lying on the beach is not as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAas ?al@ing in the mountains.
D, Co!"lete t.e se$te$ces usi$g a co!"arative +or! 3older/ more important etc,4
1. =t>s too noisy here. an ?e go some?here )"ieter"
'. (his coffee is very ?ea@. = li@e it a bit AAAAAAAAAAA
,. (he hotel ?as surprisingly big. = e;pected it to be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
5. (he hotel ?as surprisingly cheap. = e;pected it to be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
7. (he ?eather is too cold in this country. =>d li@e to live some?here AAAAAAAAAAA
B. 8y job is a bit boring sometimes. =>d li@e to do something AAAAAAAAAAAAA
C. = ?as surprised ho? easy it ?as to use the computer. = thought it ?ould be AAAAA
D. Four ?or@ isn>t very good. =>m sure you can do AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
E. Ion>t ?orry. (he situation isn>t so bad. =t could be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
1.. = ?as surprised ?e got here so 3uic@ly. = e;pected the journey to ta@e AAAAAAAA
11. Fou>re tal@ing very loudly. an you spea@ a bit AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
1'. Fou hardly ever phone me. Ghy don>t you phone me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
1,. Fou>re standing too near the camera. an you move a bit AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa?ay"
15. Fou ?ere a bit depressed yesterday but you loo@ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtoday"
E, -rite se$te$ces usi$g the same as,
1. 2ally and Mate are both '' years old. 2ally is the same age as ?ate .
'. Fou and = both have dar@ bro?n hair. Four hair AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
,. = arrived at 1..'7 and so did you. = AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
5. 8y birthday is 7 6pril. (om>s birthday is 7 6pril too. 8y AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
5, Co!"lete t.e se$te$ces 0it. than... or as...
1. = can>t reach as high as you. Fou are taller than me.
'. /e doesn>t @no? much. = @no? more AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
,. = don>t ?or@ particularly hard. 8ost people ?or@ as hard AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
5. Ge ?ere very surprised. Nobody ?as more surprised AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
7. 2he>s not as very good player. =>m a better player AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
B. (hey>ve been very luc@y. = ?ish ?e ?ere as luc@y AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
6, Co!"lete t.e se$te$ces usi$g,
1. =Nm 3uite tall but you are taller. =>m not as tall as yo".
'. 8y salary is high but yours is higher. 8y salary isn>t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
,. Fou @no? a bit about cars but = @no? more. Fou don>t AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
5. =t>s still cold but it ?as colder yesterday. =t isn>t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
7. = still feel a bit tired but = felt a lot more tired yesterday. = don>t AAAAAAAAA
B. (hey>ve lived here for 3uite a long time but ?e>ve lived here longer. (hey haven>t AAAAA
C. = ?as a bit nervous before the intervie? but usually =Nm a lot more nervous. = ?asn>t AAAAAAAAAAA
7, Re0rite t.ese se$te$ces so t.e1 .ave t.e sa!e !ea$i$g,
1. Oac@ is younger than he loo@s. Oac@ isn>t as old as he loo<s.
'. = didn>t spend as much money as you. Fou spent more money than me.
,. (he station ?as nearer than = thought. (he station ?asn>t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
5. (he meal didn>t cost as much as = e;pected. (he meal AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Colegio Madre M Rosa Molas
Unidad 3 Energy (3 ESO)
7. = go out less than = used to. = don>t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
B. /er hair isn>t as long as it used to be. 2he used to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
C. = @no? them better than you do. Fou don>t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
D. (here ?ere fe?er people at this meeting than at the last one. (here ?eren>t AAAAAAA
Colegio Madre M Rosa Molas
Unidad 3 Energy (3 ESO)
a) Qu es el su"erlativo%
%a comparacin es entre ' cosas$ 6 is %igger than $4 El superlativo es el e;tremo entre , o m!s cosas$
6 is the %iggest4
)odemos utili*ar los adjetivos superlativos de inferioridad y superioridad para describir esos
b) mo se forma el su"erlativo de su"erioridad"
/ay dos maneras$
- 0tili*ando most si el adjetivo es largo. 9he most expensie, the most intelle!t"al.
- a1adiendo &est si el adjetivo es corto. (he oldest, the fastest. 2in embargo, hay 3ue tener en cuenta$
1) si el adjetivo ter!i$a &e, slo se a1ade #st$ late 9he latest4
') 2i el adjetivo es !o$os'la(o y ter!i$a e$ co$so$a$te)vocal)co$so$a$te, la 4ltima consonante se
duplica. $ig 9he %iggest
,) 2i el adjetivo ter!i$a e$ &y* cambia la &y por &i y a1ade &est. &appy the happiest
5) 6lgunos adjetivos bis#labos, pueden utili*ar &est o most$
'"iet ( the )"ietest* the most )"iet
Cleer( the !leerest* the most !leer
+arro,( the narro,est* the most narro,
Simple( the simplest* the most simple
7) %os siguientes adjetivos tienen +or!as irregulares$
-ood(the %est
$ad( the ,orst
/ar( the f"rthest
%os adjetivos superlativos de superioridad van precedidos de the.
8ira los siguientes ejemplos$
0ohn is 1m@54 Aeter is 1m234 Chris is 1m254 Chris is the tallest4
6meri!a, China and R"ssia are %ig !o"ntries4 $"t R"ssia is the %iggest4
Mo"nt Eerest is the %iggest mo"ntain in the ,orld44
c) mo se forma el su"erlativo de i$+erioridad"
%os adjetivos largos utili*an the least.
0ohn is the least intelligent4
9he least expensie of the three4
%os adjetivos cortos utili*an un antnimo y el superlativo de superioridad.
&e is the ,ea<est in the !lass4
%os adjetivos superlativos de inferioridad van tambin precedidos de the.
d) Iespus de los superlativos utili*amos in con lugares +ciudades, edificios, etc.)
.hat is the longest rier in the ,orld8
.e had a loely room4 7t ,as the ni!est room in the hotel4
(ambin utili*amos in para organi*aciones y grupos de personas +clases, compa1#as, e3uipos, etc.)
.ho is the %est st"dent in the !lass8
Normalmente utili*amos of para un per#odo de tiempo.
.hat ,as the happiest day of yo"r life8
>esterday ,as the hottest day of the year8
Colegio Madre M Rosa Molas
Unidad 3 Energy (3 ESO)
A, Co!"lete t.e se$te$ces, 8se a su"erlative 3& est or most... 4 ) a "re"ositio$ ,
1. =tNs a very nice room. =t is the nicest room in the hotel.
'. =tNs a very cheap restaurant. =t>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe to?n.
,. =t ?as a very happy day. =t ?as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmy life.
5. 2he>s a very intelligent student. 2he AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe class.
7. =t>s a very valuable painting. =t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe gallery.
B. 2pring is a very busy time for me. =t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe year.
I$ t.e +ollo0i$g se$te$ces use one of ) a su"erlative ) a "re"ositio$ ,
C. =t>s a very nice room. =t is one of the nicest room in the hotel.
D. /e>s a very rich man. /e>s one AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe ?orld.
1.. 2he>s a very good player. 2he AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe team.
11. =t ?as a very bad e;perience. =t AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmy life.
1'. /e>s a very dangerous criminal. /e AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe country.
/, -rite t.e su"erlatives o+ t.e 0ords give$* usi$g in or of 0.ere $ecessar1,
1. (his is the %iggest %"ilding in the ?orld. +big building)
,. /e bought AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe shop. +e;pensive flo?ers)
5. = thin@ she>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe group. +good singer)
7. /e>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe company. +careful driver)
C. =t>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=>ve ever seen. +bad film)
D. 2he>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAall the students. +intelligent)
E. =t ?as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA= had ever heard. +beautiful music)
1.. /e>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAall the assistants. +helpful)
11. /e>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhis class. +young)
1'. (his is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAthe ?orld. +poor country)
1,. 2he>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=>ve ever met. +strange person)
15. = didn>t ans?er AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA3uestions. +difficult)
C, Co!"lete t.e se$te$ces, 8se a su"erlative 3&est or most ....4 or a co!"arative 3&er or more ...4
1. Ge stayed at the cheapest hotel in the to?n. +cheap)
'. Kur hotel ?as cheaper than all the others in the to?n +cheap).
,. (he 0nited 2tates is very large but anada is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+large).
5. Ghat>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAriver in hte ?orld" +long)
7. /e ?as a bit depressed yesterday but he loo@s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAtoday. +happy)
B. =t ?as an a?ful day. =t ?as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAday of my life. +bad)
C. Ghat is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAsport in your country" +popular)
D. Everest is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmountain in the ?orld. =t is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAthan any other mountain.
E. Ge had a great holiday. =t ?as one of the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAholidays ?e>ve ever had. +enjoyable)
1.. = prefer this chair to the other one. =t>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+comfortable)
11. Ghat>s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?ay of getting from here to the station" +3uic@)
1'. 8r and 8rs Pro?n have got three daughters. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAis 15 years old. +old)