Hin Hua High School.

Revision ( Senior One )
Relative Clauses
A. Complete these sentences with the correct relative pronoun.
1. Brigitte Bardot is a French actress who/that has protested against the slaughter of seals.
2. The fox is an animal .……………….. can be seen in many British cities.
3. Kate is the girl .……………….. father bought a baby crocodile.
4. The office .……………….. I work is a branch of the RSPCA.
5. Charlie is the hamster .……………….. is stronger than all the rest.
6. Mr. Forrester is the butcher .……………….. had his shop window smashed by ALF
B. Join the two sentences using the appropriate relative clause.

1. His grandparents bought him a present. He wanted a silver mountain bike.


2. Her book was published last year. It became an instant best-seller.


3. A strange old lady lives next door. She is watching you again.

4. The novel is about a child. Her parents die in the jungle.
5. Do you know the children? They live in that house.
C. Join the sentences to make one.
1. Alisha is really frugal with money. I hate that about her.

(find) 8. The police interviewed all the witnesses to the accident first. (study) 17._______________________________________________________________ 2. (surf) 15. My flat is easy ___________________ . I don’t remember it now. The doctor encouraged his patients ___________________ healthy food. (do) 19. _______________________________________________________________ 5. At last they decided ___________________ the apartment. (cook) 12. (buy) 6. The baby doesn’t stop crying. (see) 16. _______________________________________________________________ 4。Michael Jackson wanted success. Isabel got Mike ___________________ her car (wash) 18. When I met her I couldn’t help ___________________ her. (remember) 4. I’m sick of ___________________ hamburgers every day. Reported Speech Change the following sentences into reported speech 1. I don’t feel like ___________________ English today. ___________________ sport every day is good for your health. _______________________________________________________________ 3. (eat) 14. My favorite hobby is ___________________ .” . She advised me ___________________ a doctor as soon as possible. I pretended ___________________ asleep. He finds it really annoying. Mathew is really good at ___________________ . It is important ___________________ the net for more information. (buy) 10. She is interested in ___________________ a doctor. (hug) 11. (b E. (eat) 7. (do) 3. (become) 9. My father helped me ___________________ my homework. Bella told me to do something. The spokesman said. “I can’t understand why billiards has been prohibited. Mary enjoys ___________________ to music. She waited ___________________ a movie ticket. (cook) 5. He is saving money ___________________ a new car. (listen) 2. (rent) 20. Irregular verbs are not easy ___________________ . _______________________________________________________________ D. (do) 13. Gerunds and Infinitive Fill in with the correct form 1. I don’t mind ___________________ the washing up.

14. until he broke his ankle. (deny) ____________________________________________________________ 4. Every morning. my sister and I took a camping trip in the Five Fingers Mountains. Unfortunately. He _______ be a very good tennis player. I _______be very shy. Would vs Used to Fill in the blanks with “would” or “used to”. but now I hate him ! 9. ____________________________________________________________ F. 4. we ______ wake up to the sound of singing birds. "Why don't you buy one?" said Tom. Gihan exclaimed. . but now there aren't any. On Sundays. I _______hide in my room. then she moved to New York. now it's forbidden. 8. (warn) ____________________________________________________________ 6. "You should have lessons. It was great. we _____visit my grandmother every Sunday. Bob _______ often come home exhausted.. 5. 12." she said. When I were children. Now. My grandfather _______ swim in this river." said my father. “We have had too many prohibitions. after his football match. Last Summer. I remember we _______ go fishing every morning when I was a child. 7. 13.The children _______ often help me to make a cake. She _______live in London before the war. 10. They still do sometimes. It was a wonderful experience. Ten years ago I _______have a motorbike.____________________________________________________________ 2. Yes. 2. Whenever we had guests at home. "Don't fly kites near electric overhead cables." she said. 11. (suggested) ____________________________________________________________ 5. 3.” ____________________________________________________________ 3. 1. There _______ be quite a lot of cinemas in the town.. I didn't do it. I am an accountant and I don't have any free time. You ______ like him.

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