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David Isai Arias
Yorkers, NY US United States h: 22923484 m: 74456707


Professional Profile Customer: I did as a professional service at Pizza Hut. HR Administrative Staff: Thanks to the experience i got in the field i can organize groups of people and information provided in an organized and dynamic way.

Work History
Yorkers, NY US US, WA, United States Jan 2013 - Present

AGENT PROFILE Call Center agents play a vital role , liaising between clients and business entities . They are responsible for responding to customer inquiries and questions about the products and services that the organization produces or provides . Depending on the organization that provides the products , the duties and responsibilities of a call center agent are different. Most agents exert their functions on the phone in the call center , some communicate with customers over the Web , email or skype . Duties and Responsibilities • Answer incoming calls and assist customers who have particular inquiries or questions . • Provide customer service in a personalized way with a high level of quality. Awakening the customer interest in products and services offered by the organization. • Update the existing database with lasmodificaciones or changes the current state of the clients or potential clients. • Assist clients of the organization based on communication with the service queries and troubleshooting. • Respond to customer inquiries and questions promptly. • Provide regular information on the effectiveness and robustness of the policies and procedures of the department of customer service. • Provide the information collected to monitor business opportunities and trends. • Checking and categorization of customer problems . • Identification of problems in queries or complaints and proposing solutions for improvement. • Provide a daily basis required reports according to customer needs.

Jan 2006 - Dec 2006

Assistant Kitchen
McDonald’s. Position: Assistant Kitchen. Function: In this job I served as a cook in various areas of the kitchen, i did a big effort to increased my personal development.

Pizza Hut
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Jan 2007 - Jun 2011

Professional Service
Pizza Hut. Title: Professional Service. Function: The customer service is the most important function exercised in this position, thanks to the experience i got in job I found it very easy way to interact with people.

Unilever HR El Salvador
Jan 2012 - Feb 2013

Unilever HR El Salvador . Title: LPC for IBM - Recruitment UNILEVER To Costa Rica in Central America. Function: Responsible for the activities related to the hiring of Unilever CA Responsible for ensuring appropriate processes with business , maintaining immigration status ( legalization process documentary Expatriate located in transfers between countries of Central America ) controls. Constant to employees on various processes as a Local point for everything related to payroll Guide. Performance reporting and consolidation of local data for computer performance indicators . ( Constant training in the area) . Document Review, audit on information provided by the various departments involved in the process from Costa Rica , to transfer with stakeholders : Legal Department, IT Systems Service, Department of Finance to HR activation processes .

Yorkers, NY US US, United States Jan 2007 - Apr 2014

Universtity, Education
I am doing the last process to finish my English Major..

software skills
(Beginner) 3-4 Years Experience, (Currently in use)

Languages ​​English: Advanced level, writing, reading, understanding and spoken. Computer Program. Management of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point. Programme. Management of online tools such as Siebel 7 Support Service HRT.

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