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WATER SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (WSDP) INVITATION FOR BID NO.: ME-011/2013-1 /W/0! " FOR CONSTRUCTION AND COMPLETION OF SAME # MWANGA # $OROGWE WATER SUPPLY PRO%ECT PHASE I #LOT 1& CONSTRUCTION PAC$AGE I The Ministry of Water has obtained a financing from OFID and BADEA for the financing of the construction and comp etion of !ame " M#anga " $orog#e Water !upp y %ro&ect %hase I "'ot () *onstruction %ac+age I and it is intended that part of the proceeds of the said oan,s-.financing #i be app ied to#ards the costs of the different #or+s. (. The Ministry of Water %.O Bo/ 0(12) Dar Es !a aam) Tan3ania in4ites sea ed tenders from e igib e bidders for the construction and comp etion of !ame " M#anga " $orog#e Water !upp y %ro&ect %hase I "'ot ( 5 *onstruction %ac+age I ,hereinafter ca ed the Wor+s- and the remedying of any defects therein) The #or+ comprises main y but is not imited to: 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 *onstruction of 6a# Water Inta+e. *onstruction of 6a# Water %umping !tation ,%!- and insta ation of si/ pump sets. *onstruction of Transmission Main from 6a# Water %! up to Water Treatment % ant. *onstruction of three trains of the Water Treatment % ant. *onstruction of Treated Water %umping !tation ,%! (- ocated inside the Treatment % ant and insta ation of the phase ( pumping units. %o#er supp y. *onstruction of Transmission 'ine from %!( up to $isangara !torage Tan+s. *onstruction of one of the $isangara !torage Tan+s.

7. Bidding #i be conducted through fo o#ing BADEA procedure) and sha be imited to Arab) African) or Arab African firms) and sha be based on the bidding documents appro4ed by BADEA.
3. Interested E igib e tenderers may obtain further information from and inspect the

Bidding Documents at the office ofThe !ecretary) Ministeria Tender Board a ong Morogoro 6oad) Ministry of Water %.O Bo/ 0(12) Dar Es !a aam) Tan3ania) Fa/ 8711 77 791:122 Te : 87115775791:;2;.9:.9() E5mai : pmumo#<gmai .com from ;:2: a.m. to 2:2: pm on Mondays to Fridays inc usi4e e/cept on pub ic ho idays . 9. A comp ete set of the tender documents may be obtained by e igib e interested tenderers on submitting a #ritten app ication to the aforesaid office and upon payment of a nonrefundab e fee of =!D 2:: ,On y Three >undred =nited !tate Do ars-. 1. Tenders must be submitted to the abo4e5mentioned office not ater than(7 hrs noon on Monday ?une 2:) 7:(9 and must be accompanied by a tender security) in accordance #ith the Instructions to Tenderers) in the amount of =!D @1:)::: ,On y !e4en >undred Fifty Thousands =nited !tate Do ars- and sha be addressed to the P'()*+'+, S'-(',*(.& M/+/0,(. 12 W*,'(. A. Tenders #i be submitted in one origina p us three copies proper y fi ed in) and enc osed in p ain en4e opes) and must be de i4ered to the address be o#. Tenders #i be opened prompt y thereafter in the presence of tenderersB representati4es #ho choose to attend in the opening proceedings at the conference room) Ministry of Water. @. The address referred abo4e is: !ecretary Ministeria Tender Board Ministry of Water Ma&i " =bungo) Morogoro 6oad %.O Bo/ 0(12) Dar Es !a aam) Tan3ania Fa/ 8711 77 791:122 Te : 87115775791:;2;.9:.9( Te egrams CMA?ID E5mai : pmumo#<gmai .com

Permanent Secretary MINISTRY OF WATER