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K-Comp System

Composition template for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game scenarios

v. 1.0 April 25, 2014

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1 How to Use This Document

This compositions template is made for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, either Legions of Middle Earth (LOME) or Warband army building. The goal of this document is to evaluate the strength of your army in regards to strength and durability and give a composition score of 0 15. The template is not made to incorporate values outside this range, so armies that score below 0 or above 20 might not have a very accurate composition score. 0 - 5: A powerful/hard army 6 - 10: A balanced army 11 - 15: A friendly/soft army This template is made to work for armies around 600 points. Armies of point values too far from this will not get very accurate composition scores on the rating system above (500-750 points should be fine), though the system is still designed to show the relative strength of a list in comparison to other lists within its same point limit. As the template takes all variables into consideration, many heavily themed armies may have an extremely low comp score. The composition values can be used for many things. Some of the more common and tested uses are: -Comp Threshold: To have a legal army in a tournament, your comp score must be above a certain predetermined value. Pros: A very simple approach that forces all armies to be somewhat equal in strength. -Classic Bonus Comp Points: At the end, beginning, or middle of the tournament, each players comp score is added to his final score. Pros: Each player can play whatever he wants, and players that bring softer armies are rewarded. -Active Comp: At the end of each battle, the results of the game are affected by the difference in comp score between the players. This is most easily done by giving bonus victory points to the player with the higher comp score. Pros: This works best in a tournament with random pairings, as players that face hard armies are rewarded more than players that face softer armies. Note that this approach only works if you have different degrees of victory: in a straight win-loss game this does not work. Also note that you may need to have a maximum and minimum allowed comp score to avoid high comp armies gaining too much of an advantage over low comp armies, thus creating a meta game where high comp armies that play to a draw become too powerful. -Pairings: The comp is taken into account when determining pairings. Pros: Ensures that the games are as even as possible where both the skill of the players and the strength of the army (as determined by the comp score) is taken into account.

The composition template works well for every scenario in the new sourcebooks and the One Rule Book for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, and is designed to accommodate player-created scenarios as well. Scenarios that greatly change the usefulness or roles of certain units (such as rewarding extra victory points for killing specific types of units) may not be accurately accounted for in the composition template. This composition template is made under the assumption that the rules interpretations from ORB are used. This composition template is purely player-created, and is not endorsed, recommended, or created by GamesWorkshop or any of its affiliates. This edition of the KComp System does not include models from the new Hobbit Sourcebook, though future renditions will include those army lists. Feedback on this document can be posted in the post, Announcing the K-Comp System on the blog, Most posts are in English, though the creators have a limited knowledge of assorted other languages as well.
Authors: Aaron Kamakawiwoole, Joshua Kamakawiwoole

2 Calculating Composition
All armies start at a composition score of 200 For each model in your army, the corresponding entry in this document specifies the composition score deduction from the total of 200 (or addition, in very rare cases). After all model deductions are taken into consideration, divide the remainder by 10. If several penalties under a unit are given (most commonly for equipment purchased by a model), add the additional deduction to the base score associated with the model instead of just the base comp deduction for the model. Each army list composition is divided into Heroes and Warriors, though some heroes (usually those under 30 points) are comped with Warriors instead of heroes (because their profiles are more akin to their warrior counterparts). In some cases we have written things as from 1-5, -2 or a similar entry. This means that for the first X number of models, the total deduction (or addition) is Y for all of those models, not each of those models individually. They are considered by the composition template as if they were one model, receiving one deduction (or addition).

After all units have been considered, divide your total score by 10 to reach your final composition score (which should be between 0 and 15). So, for example: [200 (Hero #1) (Warrior #1 from Warband #1) - - (last model) ] / 10 = final composition score (0 - 15)

Forces of Good
3 Minas Tirith
Aragorn, Elessar -36 Faramir, Captain -12 --With shield and/or heavy armor, -1 (each) Peregrin +2 --With elven cloak, -1 Boromir of the White Tower -36 --With shield -1, with the Banner of Minas Tirith -3 Madril -6 Denethor -1 Cirion -6 --With shield, -1 Faramir, Ranger of Ithilien -12 Knight of the White Tower -6 Captain of Minas Tirith -3 --With shield, -1 King of Men -3 -- With shield and/or heavy armor, -1 (each)

Damrod -5 Beregond -8 Warrior of Minas Tirith -1 --With shield, -1 Knight of Minas Tirith -2 --With shield, -1 Ranger of Gondor -2 Citadel Guard -2 --With longbow, -1 Guard of the Fountain Court -3 --With shield and/or XXX, -1 (each) Osgiliath Veterans -2 --With shield, -1 Battlecry Trebuchet -10 Avenger Bolt Thrower -7

4 Numenor
Elendil, High King of Gondor -27 --With shield, -1 Isildur -24 --With shield, -1 Captain of Numenor -3 --With shield and/or heavy armor, -1 (each)

Warrior of Numenor -1 --With shield, -1

5 The Fiefdoms
Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth -27 --With lance, -1 Forlong the Fat -12 Angbor the Fearless -3 Duinhir -9 King of the Dead -12 Captain of Dol Amroth -6 --With lance, -1

Knight of Dol Amroth -3 --With lance, -1 Man-at-Arms of Dol Amroth -2 Axeman of Lossarnach -3 Clansmen of Lamedon -2 Blackroot Vale Archer -2 Rider of the Dead -4 Warrior of the Dead -4 --With shield, -1

6 Rohan
Theoden, King of Rohan -6 --With shield and/or heavy armor, -1 (each) Theodred, Heir of Rohan -6 --With shield, -1 Hama, Captain of Rohan -3 Eomer, Third Marshal -12 --With shield, -1 Eomer, Knight of Pelennor -27 Eowyn, Shield Maiden -0 --With shield and/or armor, -1 (each) Grimbold of Grimslade -3 Erkenbrand -12

Captain of Rohan -3 --With shield and/or heavy armor, -1 (each) Kings Huntsman -3 Eorl the Young -18

Rider of Rohan -1 Rohan Outrider -1 Rohan Royal Guard -3 Son of Eorl -5 Warrior of Rohan from 1-5, -1 Warrior of Rohan 6+, -1 (each) --Any Warrior of Rohan with shield, -1

7 Arnor
Arvedui, Last King of Arnor -6 Malbeth the Seer -6 Arathorn -9 Captain of Arnor -6 --With shield, -1 Aragorn, Isildurs Heir -33 --With elven cloak, -1 Elrohir and Elladan -18 --With elven cloaks, heavy armor, or elf bows, -2 (each) Halbarad Dunadan -12 --With Banner of the Evenstar -3

Ranger of the North -6 Dunedain -5 Ranger of Arnor -3 Warrior of Arnor -2

8 Eregion & Rivendell

Elrond -39 Elrond, Master of Rivendell -30 Glorfindel, Lord of the West -27 --With Armor of Gondolin, -3 Elrohir and Elladan -18 --With elven cloaks, heavy armor, or elf bows, -2 (each) Cirdan -3 High Elf Captain -12 --With shield and/or elf bow, -1 (each) Erestor -18 --With elven cloak, -1 High Elf Stormcaller -3 Arwen Evenstar -2 --With elven cloak, -1

High Elf Warrior -4 --With shield and/or elf bow, -1 (each)

9 Mirkwood & Lothlorien

Galadriel -18 Celeborn -21 --With shield and/or elf bow, -1 (each) --With heavy armor, -2 Thranduil -27 Legolas -21 --With elven cloak and/or armor, -1 (each) Haldir -15 --With elven cloak, armor, and/or elf bow, -1 (each) Haldir, Defender of Helms Deep -21 --With elven cloak, -1 Rumil -21 --With elven cloak and/or elf bow, -1 (each) Wood Elf Captain -9 --With elven cloak, spear, and/or elf bow, -1 (each) Galadhrim Captain -12 --With elven cloak, spear, shield, and/or elf bow, -1 (each) Galadhrim Stormcaller -3

Wood Elf Warrior -3 --With spear/elf bow, -1 --Mirkwood Guard with elf bow, -3 --Mirkwood Guard with throwing daggers, -2 Galadhrim Warrior -4 --With shield/elf bow, -1 Wood Elf Sentinel -5

10 Durins Folk
Durin, King of Khazad-Dum -36 Dain Ironfoot, King of Erebor -30 Kings Champion -24 Gimli, Son of Gloin -24 Balin, Son of Fundin -18 --With Durins Axe, -1 Dwarf King -15 --With throwing axes and/or a 2H weapon, -1 (each) Murin and Drar -18 Dwarf Captain -9 --With shield, throwing axes and/or a 2H weapon, -1 (each)

Dwarf Shield Bearer -9 Dwalin -21

Dwarf Warrior -3 --With shield, -1 --With Iron Hills Veteran, -1 Dwarf Ranger -2 Khazad Guard -5 Iron Guard -4 Vault Warden -5 Dwarf Ballista -16

11 Fellowship of the Ring

Gandalf the White -36 --With elven cloak, -1 Aragorn/Strider -27 --With armor and/or elven cloak, -1 (each) --With Anduril, Flame of the West, -3 Gandalf the Grey -33 Boromir of Gondor -27 --With elven cloak, -1 Legolas -15 --With armor and/or elven cloak, -1 (each) Gimli, Son of Gloin -24 --With elven cloak, -1 Frodo Baggins -1 --With Sting and/or elven cloak, -1 (each) --With Bilbos Mithril Coat, -3 Samwise Gamgee +1 --With elven cloak, -1 Meriadoc Brandybuck +3 --With elven cloak, -1 Peregrin Took +3 --With elven cloak, -1 Bill the Pony +1

12 White Council
Elrond -39 Gandalf the Grey -36 Saruman the White -24 Radagast the Brown -33 Celeborn -27 --With elven blade and/or shield, -1 (each) --With heavy armor, -2 Glorfindel, Lord of the West -27 --With heavy armor, -3 Galadriel, Lady of the Galadhrim -27 Legolas -21 --With elven cloak and/or armor, -1 (each) Thranduil -27 Cirdan -3 Erestor -18 --With elven cloak, -1 Arwen Evenstar -2 --With elven cloak, -1

13 Shire
Frodo of the Nine Fingers -1 --With elven cloak, -1 Samwise the Brave -1 --With elven cloak, -1 Meriadoc, Captain of the Shire -1 --With elven cloak and/or shield, -1 Peregrin, Captain of the Shire -1 --With elven cloak, -1 Farmer Maggot w/ Grip, Fang, and Wolf -1 Fredegar Bolger +7 Paladin Took +3 Lobelia Sackville-Baggins +8 Bandobras Took, The Bullroarer -1 Bilbo Baggins -2 Aragorn/Strider -30 --With elven cloak and/or armor, -1 (each) --With Anduril, Flame of the West, -3 Gandalf the Grey -33 Dunedain -5

Hobbit Militia +1 --All militia in force: with Battlin Brandybuck, -1 --After the first five, -1 (each after the fifth) Hobbit Archers +1 --All archers in force: with Tookish Hunters, -1 --After the first four, -1 (each after the fourth) Hobbit Shirriffs +1 --After the first three, -1 (each after the third)


Forces of Evil
14 Isengard
Saruman -24 Lurtz -9 Ugluk -9 Grima Wormtongue +3 Thrydan Wolfsbane -9 Sharku -3 --With shield and/or warg, -1 (each) Vrasku -15 Mauhur -9 Uruk Scout Captain -6 --With shield, -1 Uruk-Hai Captain -6 --With shield, heavy armor, crossbow, and/or 2H, -1 (each) Uruk Shaman -2 --With armor, -1 Orc Captain -2 --With shield, -1 Dunlending Chieftain -3 --With shield, -1 Sharkey and Worm +1

Uruk Scout -2 --With shield, -1 Uruk-Hai -3 --With shield/crossbow, -1 Uruk-Hai Berserker -5 Feral Uruk-Hai -4 Isengard Troll -14 Dunlending Warrior -1 --With shield, -1 Wild Man of Dunland +1 --After the first four, -1 (each after the fourth) Warg Rider -1 --With shield, -1 Orc Warrior +1 --All orcs in force: with shield, -1 --After the first four, -1 (each after the fourth) Ruffian +1 --After the first four, -1 (each after the fourth) Uruk-Hai Assault Ballista -16 --With extra crew, -1 (each) --With engineer, -2 Uruk-Hai Demolition Team -10


15 Harad
The Betrayer -21 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 Knight of Umbar -21 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 Suladan the Serpent Lord -15 Hasharin -15 Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar -15 Golden King of Abrakhan -21 Haradrim King -6 --With war spear, -1 Haradrim Chieftain -3 --With war spear, -1 Haradrim Taskmaster -3 Corsair Captain -3 --With crossbow, shield, and/or 2H, -1 (each) Corsair BoSun -1 --With crossbow, shield, and/or 2H, -1 (each) War Mumak of Harad -45 --With Gnarled Hide, FT, and/or tusk weapons, -1 (each) Mahud King -12 --With shield and/or war spear, -1 (each) Mahud Tribesmaster -9 --With shield and/or war spear, -1 (each)

Haradrim Warrior -1 --With WoK, -1 Haradrim Raider -1 --With war spear, -1 Serpent Guard -2 Serpent Rider -3 Corsair of Umbar -1 --With shield, -1 Corsair Reaver -3 Corsair Arbalester -2 Watcher of Karna -4 Abrakhan Merchant Guard -4 Black Numenorian -3 Mahud Warrior -3 Mahud Raider -3 --With war spear, -1 Half Troll of Far Harad -6 --With 2H, -1


16 Easterlings
Khamul -21 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 Amdur, Lord of Blades -18 Easterling Captain -3 --With shield and/or Easterling Halberd, -1 (each) Dragon Knight -12 Easterling War Priest -1 Khandish King -12 --With chariot, -1 Khandish Chieftain -6 --With chariot, -1

Easterling Warrior -1 --With Black Dragon upgrade, -1 --With shield and/or pike, -1 (each) Khandish Warrior -1 --With 2H, -1 Khandish Charioteer -3 Khandish Horseman -1

17 Angmar
Witchking of Angmar -2 --For each Might, Will, and Fate Point added, -1 (each) --With Morgul Crown, -2 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Dwimmerlaik -6 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Tainted -3 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 Gulavhar, the Terror of Arnor -30 Buhrdur, Troll Chieftain -24 Barrow Wight +2 --After the first four, -1 (each) Shade +1 Orc Captain -2

--With warg and/or shield, -1 (each) Angmar Orc Shaman +1 --With warg, -1

Orc Warrior from 1-5, -1 Orc Warriors 6+, -1 (each) --With shield or 2H, -1 (each) Orc Tracker +1 --After the first four, -1 (each) Warg Rider -1 --With shield, -1 Spectre -1 Cave Troll -11 --With troll chain, -1

18 Moria
Durburz, Goblin King of Moria -9 Druzhag the Beastcaller -2 Groblog -6 Wild Warg Chieftain -10 Moria Goblin Captain -1 --With shield, -1 Moria Goblin Shaman +2 Gundabad Blackshield Captain -9 Gundabad Blackshield Shaman -1 Ashrak -1 Balrog -72 Dragon -60 --With Breath Fire and/or Tough Hide, -2 (each) Cave Drake -42 The Watcher in the Water -42 Spider Queen -15

Moria Goblin from 1-5, -1 Moria Goblin 6+, -1 (each) --All goblins: With shield, -1 Moria Goblin Drum +1 Gundabad Blackshield Drummers -3 Bat Swarm -2 Warg Marauder -6 Moria Goblin Prowler -1 --With shield and/or 2H, -1 (each) Gundabad Blackshield -3 Dweller in the Dark -12 Wild Warg -1 Giant Spider -5 Cave Troll -11 --With troll chain, -1

19 Mordor
Dark Lord Sauron -60 --With the One Ring, -3 Mouth of Sauron -2 Gothmog -24 --With shield and/or warg, -1 Witchking of Angmar -2 --For each Might, Will, and Fate Point added, -1 (each)

--With Morgul Crown, -2 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 Ringwraith -2 --For each Might, Will, and Fate Point added, -1 (each) --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Betrayer -12 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Dark Marshal -12 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2

The Dwimmerlaik -6 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 Khamul the Easterling -12 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Knight of Umbar -15 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Shadow Lord -9 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Tainted -3 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 The Undying -9 --With Fell Beast (any form), -2 Shelob -27 Orc Shaman -1 --With warg, -1 Grishnahk -3 --With shield, -1 Shagrat, War Leader of Cirith Ungol -30 Shagrat, Captain of Cirith Ungol -9 --Wirth shield, -1 Gorbag -3 --Wirth shield, -1 Orc Captain -2 --Wirth shield and/or warg, -1 Kardush the Flamecaller -1 Morannon Orc Captain -6 --With shield or 2H, -1 Captain of the Black Guard -12 Black Guard Drummer -1 Orc Drummer +1 Castellan of Dul Guldor -6 Black Numenorean Marshal -6 --With shield or 2H, -1 Mordor Uruk-Hai Captain -6

--With shield or 2H, -1 Mordor Orc Taskmaster -3 Spider Queen -15 Dragon -63 --With Breath Fire and/or Tough Hide, -2 (each) Cave Drake -42 The Necromancer -27 Mordor Troll Chieftain -33 Smeagol/Gollum +1

Orc Warrior from 1-5, -1 Orc Warriors 6+, -1 (each) --With shield or 2H, -1 (each) Morannon Orc Warrior -2 --With shield, -1 Warg Rider -1 --With shield, -1 Orc Tracker +1 --After the first four, -1 (each) Mordor Uruk-Hai -2 --With shield or 2H, -1 Morgul Stalker -2 Morgul Knight -3 Black Numenorean -3 Giant Spider -4 Black Guard of Barad-Dur -5 Spectre -1 Great Beast of Gorgoroth -12 Mordor Troll -15 Mordor War Catapult -10 Mordor Siege Bow -8