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Deisy Bautista Bautista Argueta
Student Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador
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The most important in this moment is to graduate as Bachellor in Art in English and complete the specialization in Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching and Administration of the English Language. I'm extroverted person, I like English Language, I´m responsabily person., .I like public speaking, my favorite experience is to work witht chidren because you can do so many things and activities with them. I consider myself a happy person with many skills and above all eager to fight and work for the community good.

High School

Work History
Centro Escolar Católico Pio XII
Ilobasco SV , El Salvador Jan 2011

English Teacher
As a teacher I worked in a school where she taught English to basic degrees (1rs, 2nd, 3th, and 4th,) was a nice experience because it works with children, they taught me to have patience and also to be a good teacher. High School Liceo Católico Crito Rey, Siguatepeque, Honduras. (2002-2004)

Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador
Ilobasco SV , El Salvador 2008 - Present


Bacchellor English, Student

My objective is to be a good person as a professional, is to finish the English Major, and to find better opportunities in the professional campus.

For the future.

(Expert) 3-4 Years Experience, (Last Used 3-4 years ago)

As a teacher, I like to teach and demonstrate the best of me, I especially enjoy working with children, and the most importantly do it with dedication and know that I am working for a better future.

Technical Bacchellor in Secretary
(Liceo Católico Cristo Rey)
Feb 1992 - Dec 2024

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"Interpersonal Relations" "Etiquette and Protocol"

( " National Vocational Training Institute" INFOP)

May 2004 - May 2004

Jun 2003 - Jun 2003

(National Institute of Vocational Training, INFOP, Tegucigapa, Honduras)

Motivational Seminar Mental Health For Teens
(Liceo Católico Cristo Rey, Siguatepeque, Comayagua, Honduras)

Sep 2002 - Sep 2002

I have many interests in my life: • • • • • Get a better job to support my family. Work with special children. Support people who have no financial resources. Study abroad and gain new experiences for a better future for my life, To travel to Spain and get a job and better opportunities to grow as a professional and as a person.

Education Technologic for the future

Isabel Castillo Mercado

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