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USA Rugby

Age Grade

High Performance Player Manual

Table of Contents:

Introductory Letter 3 Player riteria ! " Age Grade Path#ay ! $ Strength and onditioning %ac&ground Information ! ' Strength and onditioning Program !( Strength and onditioning )e*ting %enchmar&* and )e*ting Protocol* ! 1+ ,utritional Informationo Sto. Light hart ! /1 o ,utritional am. Guideline* ! // o Meal Guideline* ! /3 o om.etiti0e S.ort* ,utrition ! 31 Player Goal Setting Sheet ! 3( Sugge*ted Reading Li*t ! 32 Po*itional Profiling ! "1

Gentlemen3 4ou are recei0ing thi* manual becau*e you are currently being con*idered for *election for your Local Area Union or State %a*ed Rugby 5rgani6ation U12 or U1+ All Star team*7 ongratulation* on thi* achie0ement #hich i* a te*tament to your athletici*m3 rugby ability3 and commitment and attitude7 )he*e team* #ill com.ete at one of fi0e Regional All Star )ournament in May or 8une that #ill attended by USA Rugby Age Grade ,ational )eam Selector*7 )he*e tournament* #ill be the .rimary .ath#ay onto USA Rugby9* Age Grade :U/13 U1(3 and U1+; ,ational )eam*7 )he follo#ing Manual i* meant to a**i*t you in your de0elo.ment a* a .layer7 All a*.ect* of being an elite rugby .layer are im.ortant :*trength and conditioning3 nutrition3 mental *&ill*3 *&ill de0elo.ment and tactical &no#ledge;7 If you #ant to achie0e the goal of ma&ing the ,ational )eam3 #e ho.e you continue to #or& hard and de0elo. a* a .layer in all the*e a*.ect7 <e ho.e thi* information #ill *er0e to hel. you become the be*t .layer you can be3 and #e loo& for#ard to *eeing you com.ete at a Regional )ournament thi* *ummer7 Regard*3 Matt Sherman USA Rugby- Age Grade =irector m*herman>u*arugby7org "1$7(/(7(1+3

Age Grade Player National Team Criteria This sheet outlines what we are looking for in players as selection criteria toward making the age grade national teams. These are the characteristics that we look for in players to select and if you desire to be an Eagle you should be able truthfully answer yes to all of these questions. Athletic Ability- Are you *trong3 e?.lo*i0e3 @uic& and fa*t3 and do you #or& hard on your *trength and conditioning le0el* to ma?imi6e your abilitie* in the*e area*A Skill Level and Tactical Knowledge- =o you ha0e the re@uired *&ill le0el* to .lay the game at the elite le0elA )hi* include* general *&ill* re@uired of all .layer* :.a**ing3 catching3 tac&ling3 ruc&ing3 etc; and .o*ition *.ecific *&ill* :&ic&ing3 Bum.ing3 thro#ing3 etc;A =o you under*tand the game a* a #hole tactically and do you fit into your team9* .hilo*o.hy and game .lan3 ma&ing tho*e around you better and .laying #ithin a *y*temA Are you a *tudent of the game3 *tri0ing to al#ay* learn and im.ro0eA Commitment Attit!de- Are you committed to learning3 im.ro0ing and a* a rugby .layerA =o you con*tantly gi0e ma?imum effort and focu* in training3 game*3 meeting* and all element* of your rugbyA Are you moti0ated and #illing to .ut in e?tra time and effort to de0elo. your*elf to be the be*t athlete and *&illed rugby .layer you can beA Coachability: Are you coachable and #illing to ta&e on board con*tructi0e critici*m to hel. you im.ro0eA =o you ha0e the de*ire3 to li*ten3 learn and .ay attention to con*tantly im.ro0e in all facet* of the gameA =o you acti0ely *ee& out ad0ice and &no#ledge from your coache* and .eer*A


"SA #!gby Age Grade $lite Player Pathway

1- Play for your High SchoolC lub /- )rialCGet Selected for you LAU or S%R5 All Star U12CU1+ All Star )eam 3- Play for your LAU or S%R5 All Star U12CU1+ )eam in a Regional All Star )ournament "- Get Selected for one of the Age Grade USA Rugby ,ational )eam* through your .lay at one of the Regional All Star )ournament*

The basics of strength training for r!gby%

8eremy %ettle3 Ph= A%=3 S S7 Pacific Region Strength D onditioning oach &verview <hen training for rugby it i* im.ortant to con*ider the .redominant .hy*ical action that ta&e* .lace in almo*t e0ery acti0ity in the game7 )hi* i* e?ten*ion of the an&le3 &nee3 and hi. #ith force tran*ferred through the *houlder7 )hi* action i* u*ed for tac&ling3 *crummaging3 ruc&ing3 mauling3 accelerating3 Bum.ing3 and liftingE )hi* gi0e* u* an idea a* to #hich mu*cle to *trengthen7 )he mu*cle* that ma&e thi* ha..en are tho*e in the rear of the body :.o*terior chain;7 )he*e mu*cle* are the ham*tring*3 glute* and lo#er bac&7 )he core lifts in your *trength training .rogram* #ill focu* on the*e mu*cle*7 Core Lifts S'!at: *@uat 0ariation* that ta&e the hi.* at lea*t .arallel #ith the &nee are an e**ential .art of any .rogram7 Follo# the direction* belo# to .erform *@uat* Place the bar on the traps just above the shoulder blades. Do not put the bar too high up on to your neck. Concentrate on squeezing the shoulder blades together. And squeeze the bar like you are trying to bend it over your back. Stand with your feet at least shoulder width apart. eet straight ahead or slightly turned out if you are not fle!ible enough. "end at the hips first. #eeping your back straight$ stick your butt back like you are going to sit on a chair placed % foot behind you. Sit down until your hips are parallel with your knee. Do not let your knees go in front of your toes and keep your weight on your heels. #eep your knees out$ do not allow the& to collapse' #eep looking up and drive through the heels to stand up again$ keeping the back straight.

(ead)lift: )he dead lift #ill increa*e you ability to o0ercome a *tatic *tart .o*ition7 )hi* i* im.ortant in acti0itie* *uch a* the engage in a *crum or fir*t *te. acceleration in defen*e7
(he technique for this is very si&ilar to the squat. Place the toes under the bar squat to the botto& position of your squat. )our grip should be slightly wider than shoulder with. Squeeze your shoulder blades$ look up$ and$ keeping your back straight and chest up$ drive through the heels to the upright position.


(he bar should re&ain close to your body at all ti&es. *ower the bar in the sa&e &anner as for the lowering portion of the squat e!ercise$ starting by bending at the hips.

*ang Clean
Technique is everything in this lift. I would seek out a qualified instructor in your area to teach you how to perform this lift correctly. You will be ineffective in this lift if you have weak glutes, hamstring, and lower back so you should focus on strengthening these first! (hese lifts are good however in that they force you to recruit the fast twitch &uscle fibers that &ake us &ore e!plosive. (his is because you can only perfor& this lift if you do it fast' Pick up the bar as described above in the dead lift. ro& the upright position quickly descend until the bar is just above your knee+caps$ again$ descend as described for a dead lift by sticking your butt out first. ,ithout pausing in the botto& position drive the hips forward and e!tend through the ankle and knees as though you are trying to ju&p through the ceiling. Si&ultaneously you should first shrug the bar$ then continue its upward &o&entu& by perfor&ing an upright row. -n this action$ the elbows should end up above the shoulders. Do not try to curl the bar. ,hen the bar reaches its top point$ you should .snap/ the elbows under the bar and drop your body beneath the bar so that you catch the bar in a front squat position. Stand up with the bar as described for the squat.

S!++lemental lifts )he *u..lemental lift* are tho*e u*ed to com.liment the core lift*7 )hey #or& to fill the ga.* not co0ered by the big three lift*7 For lo#er body day the*e may be unilateral mo0ement* *uch a* lunge* or *te.!u.*3 for body lift* the*e may be .ull!u.* or *houlder .re**e*7 ,ody Com+osition and Performance %ody com.o*ition ha* a dramatic effect on all a*.ect* of your .erformance7 Many factor* in rugby are reliant on out*tanding relati0e body *trength3 meaning your *trength in relation to your body #eight7 If you ha0e high body fat then you cannot ha0e high relati0e body *trength7 )hi* #ill negati0ely affect your endurance3 acceleration3 to. *.eed3 .o#er7 Putting thi* into .ractical term*3 you #ill not be able to la*t a full (1 minute*3 you #ill not be +

able to get off the line in defen*e3 or accelerate through a ga. in attac&3 you #ill not be able to *u..ort a team mate #ho ma&e* a brea&3 and you #ill not be able to Bum. a* high for a ball in the lineout or in o.en .lay7 %ottom lineA 4ou #ill ne0er .lay for the eagle* if you ha0e too much body fatE 4ou can ha0e a big im.act on your body com.o*ition by follo#ing the nutritional guideline* *et out and *tic&ing to a lifting and conditioning .rogramE

For more information 0i*it ###7u*arugby7org and clic& the Rugby Fitne** lin& on the left hand *ide7

"SA #!gby Age Grade Strength and Conditioning Program

)he follo#ing i* a fle?ible 11 #ee& *trength and conditioning .rogram that include* *trength training3 *.eed de0elo.ment3 and conditioning .rogram7 Here i* an e?am.le #ee&ly #or&out *chedule for the 11 #ee& .rogre**ion7 <ee&* 1!11 AM M5, )UG <G= )HURS FRI SA) SU, 5,=I)I5,I,G 5FF 5,=I)I5,I,G FLGHI%ILI)4 RGS) RGS) RG 5IGR4 S<IM FLGHI%ILI)4 PM <GIGH)S 1 SPGG= 1 D )RAI,I,G <GIGH)S / SPGG= / D )RAI,I,G <GIGH)S 3 GAMG RGS)

)hi* can be fle?ible #ith your commitment* and it i* fine to do / *e**ion in the morning or e0ening de.ending on #hat you ha0e going on in your lifeE

For the S.eed and onditioning Se**ion* there are a li*t of 0ariou* #or&out* belo#7 Iary your #or& out* .er #ee& and ne0er do the *ame #or&out t#ice in the *ame #ee&7 For more information 0i*it the rugby fitne** .age at ###7u*arugby7org and al#ay* con*ult #ith a ertified Strength and onditioning oach if you ha0e @ue*tion* about ho# to .erform an e?erci*e7 For Fle?ibility *e**ion* com.lete a dynamic and *tatic *tretching *e**ion3 or attend a yoga or .ilate* cla**7 For Reco0ery S#im- S#im in a .ool for "11 meter* u*ing 0ariou* *tro&e* and incor.orating both your arm* and your leg* in the mo0ement*7

AL-A.S ST#$TC* AN( *.(#AT$ ,$/&#$0 ("#1NG0 AN( A/T$# -&#K1NG &"T

Strength Program
Safety is always first with strength and conditioning. Before starting this program ensure that you are familiar with the exercises and can practice them safely. It is recommended that you first consult with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) before beginning this or any program. Each session should be started with 1 minutes warming up. !his should include both dynamic and static stretching. 2onday G?erci*e Ma? Gffort body <& 1!"- %% bench .re** <& $!(- %% Floor .re** <& 2!11- lo*e gri. bench <& 1!"- .u*h!u.* <& $!(- incline =% he*t .re** <& 2!11- S#i** ball =% che*t .re** <& 1!"- %% bent o0er ro# <& $!(- =% bent o0er ro# <& 2!11- Seated cable ro# S"P$#S$T -1T* <& 1!"- Rear delt flye* <& $!(- able *carecro#* <& 2!11- Face .ull* Re.* <) Re.* <) Re.* <) Re.* <)

( ( ( ( ma? ma?

( ( ( ( ma? ma?

' ' ' ' ma? ma?

$ $ $ $ ma? ma?

1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/

1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 11 11 11 11

11 11 11 11 ( ( ( (

11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11

<& 1!"- Prone IJ* <& $!(- Lateral rai*e <& 2!11- U.right ro#

1/ 11 1/ 1/ 1/ 11 1/ 1/ 1/ 11 1/ 1/ 1/ 11 1/ 1/ <& 1!"- Kottman curl* 11ea 1/ea (ea 11ea <& $!(- %% bice.* curl* 11ea 1/ea (ea 11ea <& 2!11- =% bice.* curl* 11ea 1/ea (ea 11ea 11ea 1/ea (ea 11ea %% Floor .re**- *et u. the *.ot bar* on a *@uat rac& a* lo# a* they #ill go7 Lay on the ground under the bar and .erform bench .re** #ith regular techni@ue7 Lo#er the bar to the ground3 .au*e for a *econd then e?.lode u.7 able *carecro#*- ta&e a cable in each hand3 *tanding bac& from the machine7 arm* *traight .ull the cable* bac& *@uee6ing the *houlder blade* *o you fini*h in a cro** .o*ition7 Pau*e for a *econd and bring them bac& to the *tart .o*ition7 Face.ull*- #ith a cable attachment at face height :#ith a ro.e attached; grab the ro.e and .ull it to#ard* the bridge of your no*e7 4our hand* *hould reach bac& a* far a* your ear* at lea*t7 Pau*e for a *econd then relea*e7 Prone I9*- lay face do#n on a *lightly inclined bench3 #eight* *hould be hanging directly belo# the *houlder* #ith thumb* .ointing out to ma&e a I7 Follo# the line of the thumb* rai*ing the #eight* *o the arm* are .arallel #ith the body7 Kottman url*- Start #ith the #eight* do#n by your *ide3 thumb* .ointing for#ard7 Rotate the #eight* a* you lift them together *o that your .alm* face your body7 At the to. turn your hand* *o the .alm* face a#ay from the body and *lo#ly lo#er the #eight*7 Re.* <) 1 Re.* <) / Re.* <) 3 Re.* <) "

-ednesday G?erci*e Ma? effort lo#er body <& 1!"- %o? *@uat* <& $!(- %ac& S@uat* <& 2!11- Front S@uat* <& 1!"- Re0er*e Lunge <& $!(- %% Ste. u. <& 2!11- <al&ing lunge <& 1!"- %all Ham*tring curl* <& $!(- Glute ham rai*e <& 2!11- R=L %all crunch

11 ( ' $ 1/ 1/ 1/ 11 11 11 1/

11 ( $ " 1/ 1/ 1/ 11 11 11 1$

11 ( $ " 11 11 11 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/

11 ' $ 3 11 11 11 1/ 1/ 1/ /1 11

Su.erman 1/ 1$ 1/ /1 Re0er*e crunch 1/ 1$ 1/ /1 :Perform a* circuit #Cno re*t; 1/ 1$ 1/ /1 %o? *@uat*- Set a bo? or bench *o that #hen you *it on it your thigh* are .arallel #ith the ground7 After lifting the #eight from the rac& #al& bac& *o the bo? or bench i* directly bet#een your leg*7 %ending fir*t at the hi.*3 .u*h the hi.* bac& & the che*t and head u.7 Lo#er all the #ay to the bench and e?.lode u.7 )he re. doe*n9t count unle** you *it on the bo?E Re0er*e lunge- #ith barbell on your bac& or =%* in your hand*3 *tart by bending at the &nee3 .u*hing the &nee for#ard and the hi.* bac&7 Lo#er your body *o that you ha0e a 0ertical line from your toe through your &nee and into your che*t7 4ou *hould lo#er until your front thigh i* .arallel #ith the floor #ith little to no #eight on you bac& leg7 =ri0e u. through your heel to the u.right .o*ition and on the *ame leg7

Glute ham rai*e- &neel on a mat & your tor*o u.right7 Ha0e a .artner hold your feet or tra. them under a hea0y bar7 Maintaining tight core and hi.* lo#er your*elf for#ard a* *lo#ly a* .o**ible #ithout bending at the hi.*7 4ou are trying to touch your che*t to the ground under control7 F4I3 you #ill ,5) get thereE At the .oint #hen you cannot hold it fall for#ard catching your*elf in the .u*hu. .o*ition3 .u*h your*elf bac& u. e?.lo*i0ely #hile *imultaneou*ly .ulling #ith your ham*tring*3 again3 #ithout bending at the hi.*7 Re.eat7 It i* normal to get cram.* in the cal0e* and ham*tring* #hen .erforming thi* e?erci*e3 *tretch them out and &ee. goingE 4ou #ill be *ore #hen you fir*t *tart doing the*e7 R=L- Romanian =ead Lift7 Standing u.right holding a bar in front of your body3 *lightly bend your &need and fi? them in thi* .o*ition7 %ending only at the hi.*3 lean for#ard until the bar i* roughly at the mid .oint in your *hin or until the #eight* touch the floor7 Lee. your bac& .erfectly flat #ith che*t u. throughout thi* mo0ement to a0oid inBuryE =ri0e bac& u. to the u.right .o*ition u*ing the glute* and ham*tring*7 Re.* <) 1 Re.* <) / Re.* <) 3 Re.* <) "

/riday G?erci*e Re.etition body <& 1!"- =% incline che*t .re** <& $!(- Su.ine ro# <& 2!11- hin u.* :a**i*ted if nece**ary; <& 1!"- 8 .ulldo#n* <& $!(- hin!u.* :*ee abo0e; <& 2!11- Lat .ulldo#n* S"P$#S$T -1T* <& 1!"- face .ull*

1/ 1/ 1/ 11 11 11 11 11

1/ 1/ 1/ 11 11 11 11 11

1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/

1/ 1/ 1/ ( ( ( ( 1/


<& $!(- rear delt flye <& 2!11- Prone *houlder .re** <& 1!"- %% Shoulder .re** <& $!(- U.right ro# <& 2!11- lateral rai*e <& 1!"- =% *hrug* <& $!(- %% *hrug* <& 2!11- =% incline *hrug* S"P$#S$T -1T* <& 1!"- )rice.* .ulldo#n <& $!(- S&ull ru*her* <& 2!11- lo*e gri. .u*h u.*

11 11 11 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 11 11 11 1$ 1$ 1$

11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1/ 1/ 1/

1/ 1/ 1/ 11 11 11 11 ( ( ( 1( 1( 1(

1/ 1/ 1/ ( ( ( ( ( ( ( /1 /1 /1

8!.ulldo#n*- &neeling in front of a high cable .ulldo#n :ro.e attachment;3 & the arm* *traight .ull the hand* do#n to#ard* the ground7 <hen they are le0el #ith your belly button ro# the ro.e directly in to#ard* the body bending at the elbo#* a* if you #ere .erforming a cable ro#7 Straighten the arm* again and rai*e the #eight7


S+eed Sessions
Gach *e**ion *hould be *tarted #ith 1$ minute* #arming u.7 )hi* *hould include both dynamic and *tatic *tretching and *ome run through* al*o7 Ma&e *ure you are ready and comfortable to *.rint #hen the *e**ion begin*7 I9d *ugge*t that you #ear molded cleat* and .erform on gra** to *a0e your Boint* a* much a* .o**ible7 Fini*h #ith a *tatic *tretch and re!hydrating7 It i* im.ortant #hen training *.eed that you al#ay* .ut in a ma?imal effort #ith e0ery re.etition3 and that there if no fatigue during the #or&out7 )he re*t .eriod* are long for a rea*on3 adhere to themE If you are not fully reco0ered then your mu*cle* cannot .roduce their ma?imum force and *.eed and you end u. training them to contract *lo#er7 )he full re*t .eriod allo#* you to be com.letely reco0ered bet#een re.etition*7 ,5)G- you *hould not feel tired after thi* *e**ion3 it i* not conditioningE Se**ion 17 =ynamic #arm!u. 3 ? '1m *tride out* S.rint 1 from normal .o*ition3 *.rint / and 3 get!u.* from floor3 *.rint " from normal .o*ition7 All s+rints have a walk back recovery% Pro.*3 *econd ro#* ' ? $m *.rint ' ? 11m *.rint ' ? 1$m *.rint :*tart #ith a $m lateral *huffle3 then *.rint 1$m for#ard; ' ? $1m *.rint Hoo&er*3 bac&ro#3 *crum hal0e* ( ? 11m *.rint ' ? 31m *.rint :*tart #ith $m lateral *huffle3 then *.rint 31m for#ard; ' ? '1m *.rint Flyhalf3 center* ( ? 11m *.rint ' ? /1m *.rint S.rint for#ard $m3 immediately *.rint $m bac&#ard*M1 re.3 com.lete '3 re*t 31*ec*3 com.lete ' re.*7 <ing*3 fullbac& ( ? 11m *.rint Run in a cur0ed formation *tarting on the 1$m line and fini*hing on the touchline /1m in length3 com.lete $ea #ay7 ' ? 1$m


Se**ion / =ynamic #arm!u. Pro.*3 *econd ro#* ' ? "1m3 ' ? 31m ' ? 11m ( ? $m3 then "$ *.rint off for 11m all from the get u. .o*ition3 " ea #ay7 Hoo&er*3 bac&ro#3 *crum hal0e* " ? 11m " ? /1m " ? "1m " ? +1m ( ? $m3 then "$ *.rint off for 11m all from the get u. .o*ition3 " ea #ay7 Flyhalf3 center* " ? $m " ? 31m " ? "1m " ? '1m ( ? $m3 then "$ *.rint off for 11m3 " ea #ay7 <ing*3 fullbac& 3 ? 31m 3 ? /1m 3 ? $1m 3 ? 11m ' ? 1$m3 then "$ *.rint off for 1$m3 3 ea #ay7

Se**ion 3 Single leg bounds (hopping)- Ho. a* far a* you can in 3 ho.*3 going again immediately on contacting the ground7 )he aim i* to get a* far a* .o**ible on your 3 ho.* #ith a limited and light contact #ith the gra** bet#een ho.*7 on other leg7 " time*7 Speed with different start positions Set cone* a 1 and 11 metre* and 1$ metre*7 Fa*t feet on *.ot accelerate through 117 again7 Stationary at *tart #ith feet in line #ith each other3 accelerate through 117 =o once7 Fa*t feet on *.ot3 accelerate hard and aim to *to. dead on 11 metre mar& #ith feet in line7 again7 8og along the *tart line facing u.#ard*3 then acclerate hard through 1$7 :<hat I mean by thi* i*3 imagine you are Bogging along the tryline but facing the touchline3 then accelerating hard to the //m;7 but facing the other #ay #hen Bogging7 4ou *hould therefore accelerate of o..o*ite feet each time7 Facing the #rong #ay3 turn and accelerate hard throught the 117 but turn the other #ay7 Any *tance you li&e3 accelerate and *.rint a* hard a* you can through the 1$7 Se**ion " =ynamic #arm!u. / ? '1m *tride out* All sprints have a walk back recovery o " ? 11 N +$m :11m fa*t feet and go; o " ? 11 N $1m :11m fa*t feet and go; o " ? 11 N 31m #ith ball :11m fa*t feet and go; o " ? 11m #ith ball o " ? $m #ith ball om.lete the fir*t *.rint of the " re.* in each *et from a normal *tanding .o*ition3 then re. / and 3 from Ooff the dec&P .o*ition3 and *.rint " from the normal .o*ition7 )he 11 meter and $ meter *.rint* are aimed .urely at Oe?.lo*ionP ty.e effort7


Se**ion $Hill S.rint*Find a lo# grade incline *treetChill7 *lo# #al& bac& reco0ery

om.lete 11 ? $1 meter *.rint* u. the hill #ith a

Se**ion '%all S.rint*%all in t#o Hand* at all time*=ouble Leg Ho.*C%ound* a* farCfa*t a* .o**ible for /1 meter*Q '? #ith #al& bac& reco0ery Single Leg Ho.*- Same a* abo0e but for 11 meter*Q "? on each leg "? 11 meter *.rint* #ith ball in t#o hand* ' ? /$ meter *.rint* #ith ball in t#o hand*

Conditioning Sessions
Gach *e**ion *hould be *tarted #ith 1$ minute* #arming u.7 )hi* *hould include both dynamic and *tatic *tretching and *ome run through* al*o7 Fini*h #ith a *tatic *tretch and re!hydrating7 Se**ion1
Running: 3mins on (75%), 3 mins off' (50%) continuous for 18mins. (thus 3 full reps of 3 on and 3 jo ) !omplete rest 3 mins ("al#). $ mins on (80%), $ mins off'(50%) for 1$ mins continuous. !omplete rest $ mins ("al#). 1 min on (85%), 1 min off (50%) for 8 mins continuous. %arm do"n and stretch

Se**ion /

Row & reps of 3mins "ith $ mins reco'er( )et"een reps. *im to #eep rate )elo" 1.50+500m ideall( )elo" 1.,8+500m. -r( to ro" stead(.

Se**ion 3

.unnin : 400m and 300m session. , / ,00 runnin e'er( 3mins 30sec. (-herefore this time includes the time it ta#es (ou to run ,00m) .un hard )ut not flat out 0 10%. .est , mins. 5 / 300m runnin e'er( $min ,5 sec. %arm do"n, stretch, re h(drate.

Se**ion "

Running: 2imple out and )ac# run. .un out from (our start point for $0mins. 3a'in run for $0mins return to (our start point 'ia the same route as fast as possi)le aim for a ma/imum of 17mins.

Se**ion $
Row: 8 reps of $ mins "ith $ mins reco'er( )et"een reps. 4eep rate )elo" 1.,8+500m if poss, 1.,5+500 is a ood le'el to aim for.

Se**ion '
Running: 300m and 200m session. , / 300m runnin e'er( $mins ,5. , min complete reco'er(. & / $00m "ith $ mins )et"een reps. *im to run


hard )ut not (et sprintin . 2ta( )et"een 85 and 10% of ma/ effort. For those not using a track: 200m = 25sec hard run, 2 lengths of rugby field 300m = 45 sec hard run, lap of field excluding dead ball area 400m = !5sec hard run, lap of field as abo"e plus one side

Se**ion + 345m Sh!ttles: Place / mar&er* /$m and *.rint ' time* bet#een them7 )hi**ent* 1 re.etition of a 1$1m *huttle7 om.lete 3 *et* of $ re.* each3 #ith 31*ec* in bet#een re.* and 21*ec* in bet#een *et*7

Se**ion ( 34m Sh!ttles17 Lateral Shuffle from *ideline to $m and bac& /7 )urn and *.rint to 1$m7 37 <al& bac& to *ideline a* reco0ery bet#een re.*7 "7 thi* " ? " #ith 1min bet#een *et*7 S.rint*%ac&*- (1m run7 Accelerate throughout #ith a deliberate *te.C*#er0eCchange of direction e0ery /1m7 Increa*e *.eed aggre**i0ely e0ery /1m7 3 ? 3 #ith a *lo# Bog bac& reco0ery- 1 min in bet#een *et*7 For#ard*- "1m run7 Accelerate throughout #ith a deliberate *te.C*#er0eCchange of direction e0ery 11m7 Increa*e *.eed aggre**i0ely e0ery 11m7 3 ? " #ith a *lo# Bog bac& reco0ery- 1 min in bet#een *et*7 Se**ion 2 4)64 sh!ttle r!n *et a cour*e #ith mar&er*3 #ith a mar&er on $m3 11m3 1$ 1$m3 /1m3 and /$m7 Start by *.rinting from 1!$ and bac&3 1!11m and bac&3 and *o on continuou*ly for 31*ec*3 re*t for 31*ec*3 com.lete ' re.* M 1/min* in total7 ' minute* of #or&3 ' minute* of re*t7 Se**ion 11 ,ike: 5n a *tationary %ycicle- S.rint :flat out a* hard a* you can for 31 *econd*; then rela? and .eddle *lo#ly #ithout * for 31 *econd*7 ontinue for 31 minute* total Se**ion 11 75m 8 39 running e0ery minute :on the minute; bac& and forth Se**ion 1/ Swim- S#im /$ meter* :any *tro&e ty.e;7 Re*t *ame amount of time it ta&e* to reach /$ meter*7 continuou*ly for 31 minute*7


Se**ion 13 95m 8 39re+s running e0ery 1min7 Aim to com.lete run in 2*ec* and therefore you #ill re*t for about $1*ec*7 Run flat out each re.7 Se**ion 1" 365m 8 36 #ith #al& bac& reco0ery

Strength and Conditioning ,enchmarks

Note: These are best practice scores that players in this age range should aspire toward and if they reach it try to surpass it. Age Grade Fitne** )e*ting- =e*ired )e*t* Iertical 8um. :Standing %road if una0ailable; - Strength and G?.lo*i0e Po#er "1 Meter *.rint - S.eed 1L Shuttle- Fitne** N&T$: -ith weight training e8ercises: AL-A.S -&#K -1T* A C%S%C%S (Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach) to be properly educated on how to safely and correctly perform each of these e ercises BEFORE attempting. They are comple mo!ements that REQUIRE correct form to be performed safely.

See %enchmar&* %elo#-



USA Rugby Age Grade Testing Benchmarks

Collegiate All Americans
Vertical Jump
Elite Competitive Elite

10 Meter

40 Meter
Elite Competitive

1k Shuttle
Elite Competitive

Forwards &acks

Props &ack ' (ooker *+side &acks ,eep $

29 $0 $2 $$

2 2) 2# 29

1!" 1!" 1!" 1!)

1!# 1!#2 1!# 1!"

!$ !2 4!9

! !4 !2 !1

$%4 $%$ $%$ $%$0

4%00 $% 0 $% 0 $%4

Lift !ep "a#$ %quat &'# (ody )eight*+ ,lean & .'# (ody )eight*+ (ench & .-# (ody )eight*


Or U !s
Vertical Jump
Elite Competitive Elite

10 Meter

40 Meter
Elite Competitive

1k Shuttle
Elite Competitive

Forwards &acks

Props &ack ' (ooker *+side &acks ,eep $

2# 29 $1 $2

2 2) 2" 2#

1!"" 1!"2 1!"2 1!)"

1!#" 1!# 1!#2 1!""

!$ !2 !1

!) ! !$ !2

$% 0 $%40 $%40 $%$

4%0 $% $% $% 0

Lift !ep "a#$ %quat & ..# (ody )eight*+ ,lean & # (ody )eight*+ (ench & ./# (ody )eight*

"igh School All Americans


Or U #s
Vertical Jump
Competitive Elite

10 Meter

40 Meter
Elite Competitive

1k Shuttle
Elite Competitive

Forwards &acks

Props &ack ' (ooker *+side &acks ,eep $

2" 2# $0 $1

24 2 2) 2"

1!# 1!" 1!" 1!"

1!9 1!#" 1!# 1!#

!4 !$ !1

!" ! !4 !2

$% 0 $%4 $%4 $%40

4%10 4%00 4%00 $%


!ep "a#$ %quat & .0# (ody )eight*+ ,lean &..# (ody )eight*+ (ench & .1# (ody




Testing Protocols:

"ertical #ump
Pur.o*e- )hi* i* the .referred mea*uring tool of e?.lo*i0e .o#er7 If a 0ertical Bum. can9t be te*ted for3 .lea*e te*t for a *tanding broad Bum.7 5nly one of the*e te*t* are needed7 G@ui.ment Re@uired- Iertical 8um. Mat or Iertec 0ertical Bum. mea*urer :both can be found at a .erformance gym;7 =e*cri.tionC.rocedureU*ing the Pad- Stand on .ad #ith t#o feet flat7 )he athlete may *#ing there arm*7 A t#o!foot ta&e!off and landing i* u*ed3 #ith *#inging of the arm* and bending of the &nee* to .ro0ide u.#ard dri0e7 )he *ubBect attem.t* to Bum. a* far u. a* .o**ible3 landing on both feet7 )#o attem.t* are allo#ed7 U*ing the Iertec- Stand on .ad #ith t#o feet flat directly belo# 0ertec mea*uring7 G?tend arm and hand to ma?imum reach and mea*ure 0ertical reach7 )he athlete may *#ing there arm*7 A t#o!foot ta&e!off and landing i* u*ed3 #ith *#inging of the arm* and bending of the &nee* to .ro0ide u.#ard dri0e7 )he *ubBect attem.t* to Bum. a* far u. a* .o**ible3 :not *mac&ing the 0ertec #ith a *#inging arm3 but u.3 reaching 0ertically and the 0ertec mea*uring bar*; landing on both feet7 )#o attem.t* are allo#ed7

Standing $road #ump

Pur.o*e- to mea*ure the e?.lo*i0e .o#er of the leg* G@ui.ment re@uired- ta.e mea*ure3 to mea*ure di*tance Bum.ed3 non!*li. floor for ta&eoff3 and *oft landing area .referred7 )he ta&e off line *hould be clearly mar&ed7 =e*cri.tion C .rocedure- )he athlete *tand* behind a line mar&ed on the ground #ith feet *lightly a.art7 A t#o!foot ta&e!off and landing i* u*ed3 #ith *#inging of the arm* and bending of the &nee* to .ro0ide for#ard dri0e7 )he *ubBect attem.t* to Bum. a* far a* .o**ible3 landing on both feet #ithout falling bac&#ard*7 )hree attem.t* are allo#ed7 Mea*urement i* ta&en from the bac& mo*t heal7 )he ta.e mea*ure i* *ecured to the ground3 #ith the 1cm mar& on the *tart line and ran do#n the length3 #hich the .layer* #ill Bum. right ne?t to7 Mea*ured in meter* and centimeter*7


%&m Sprint
Pur.o*e- )he .ur.o*e of thi* te*t i* to determine acceleration3 ma?imum running *.eed7 G@ui.ment re@uired- mea*uring ta.e3 cone*3 timing gate* :if .o**ible;3 *to.#atche* and 3 .eo.le recording7 =e*cri.tion C .rocedure- )he te*t in0ol0e* running a *ingle ma?imum *.rint o0er a *et di*tance3 #ith time recorded7 )he te*t i* conducted o0er "1 meter* :"" yard*;7 )he *tarting .o*ition #ill be *tandardi6ed3 *tarting from a *tationary .o*ition #ith a foot behind the *tarting line3 #ith no roc&ing mo0ement*3 no 3 or ".oint *tance7 If you ha0e the e@ui.ment :e7g7 timing gate*;3 you can mea*ure the time to run each *.lit di*tance* :113 "1m; during the *ame run3 and then acceleration and .ea& 0elocity can al*o be determined7 )#o attem.t* #ill be allo#ed7 3 timer* #ill be u*ed and mean time u*ed if no timing gate*7 Sto.#atche* #ill *tart on the athlete* fir*t mo0ement3 inde? finger* #ill be u*ed and not thumb*7

'( Shuttle
If the bee. te*t can not be .erformed3 .lea*e .erform the 1L *huttle te*t)he te*t i* .erformed by running a *erie* of *huttle*7 )he .layer begin* at one try line3 run* to the // and bac& to the try line3 half #ay and bac& to the try line3 to the far // and bac& to the try line3 and to the far try line and bac& to the try line7 He* thi* .roce** again running a total of 1111 meter* #ithout *to..ing7 )he field mu*t be mar&ed .ro.erly :111 meter*C111 yard*;7 If you are u*ing a football field3 *tart at one goal line3 run to the near /$ yard line and bac&3 the far "$ yard line and bac&3 the far 1$ yard line bac&3 then to the bac& of the far end 6one and bac& t#ice;7


N"T#1T1&N: ST&P L1G*T C*A#T


Food Class

7rass85ed 2ee5 Ski+less chicke+ 2reast 4ea+ turke6 4ow85at9 plai+ :7reek; 6o1urt 4ow85at cotta1e cheese Salmo+<tu+a<mack erel<herri+1 Free ra+1e ome1a8 $ e11s :a+6 st6le; Ve+iso+<2u55alo Protei+ powders with whe6<milk co+ce+trates a+d +o added su1ar<5at

Ve1eta2les 3 Starches
Mi=ed 2ea+s :kid+e69 white9 etc! &roccoli .+io+s :red<white; Chickpeas :hummus; /omatoes Mushrooms 7ree+<red<6ellow peppers >spara1us ?ucchi+i @hole oats Fla=seed Aui+oa 4e+tils Sto+e81rou+d whole wheat 2read :at least $ 1rams o5 5i2er per slice; 4o+1 1rai+ rice Cor+ Potatoes :ideall6 2oiled9 +ot mashed; Sweet potatoes Popcor+ &reads made with whole wheat 5lour :2a1els9 pa+cakes9 etc!; PiBBa Pasta

Fruits 3 su1ars
>pples Mi=ed 2erries :5roBe+ or 5resh; 7rapes Plums Straw2erries .ra+1es 7rape5ruit Cherries Fi1s Ca++ed pumpki+ :+o added su1ar;

.lives E=tra vir1i+ olive oil Fish oil suppleme+ts >vocadoes 7rou+d 5la=seeds Ca+ola<su+5l ower oil >lmo+ds (aBel+uts Cashews Su+5lower seeds Pumpki+ seeds Pea+ut 2utter &utter @hole milk Coco+ut oil Palm ker+el oil Cream Ma6o++aise Cheeses

First c4ass
*deal 5oods that should 2e eate+ at a+6 time i+ accorda+ce with 6our +utritio+ pla+

Seco+d class
Foods that are 2est eate+ at speci5ic times or i5 First Class 5oods are u+availa2le

Skim milk /urke6 peppero+i 4ea+ red meat ,eep sea 5ish :sword5ish; Edamame<to5u<mis o Shrimp<scallops Protei+ suppleme+ts with su1ar<5at :ie! Muscle Milk9 protei+ 2ars;

0. C4>SS
Avoid at all costs

Fast 5ood meats 0o+8lea+ 1rou+d 2ee5 .6sters<clams (ot do1s Processed cold cuts >+6 meat thatEs 2ee+ 5ried :i!e! chicke+ te+ders9 5ried 5ish9 5ried

@a55les<mu55i+s<pa+cakes<2 a1els<2read made with white 5lour @hite or stick6 rice >+6 5ried dou1h or potato :dou1h+uts9 5u++el cake9 Fre+ch 5ries;

&a+a+as Pi+eapples -aisi+s Melo+s @atermelo+ 100C pure 5ruit Duice Car2 dri+ks like 7atorade Car2<protei+ dri+ks like >ccelerade >+6thi+1 that co+tai+s maltode=tri+9 de=trose9 or 1lucose >+6thi+1 with (i1h Fructose Cor+ S6rup :(FCS; a+d<or sucrose Sodas Fruit Duices with added su1ar &reak5ast cereals Ca+d6 2ars

>+6thi+1 with Fh6dro1e+at edG or Fpartiall6 h6dro1e+at ed ve1eta2le oilsG :eve+ i5 it sa6s Bero tra+s 5ats; ,r6 soup powders /" Pastries

P#1NT AN( P&ST "P:::

USA Rugby: Nutritional Camp Guidelines

10 RULES: 1. Eat every 2-3 hours, regardless of hunger levels 2. Get lean protein at every meal 3. Eat healthy fats every day. Avoid all hydrogenated (trans) fats and fried foods all the time. . !re-, during, and post-training"game nutrition is a#tually one $ig meal, and it is the most important meal of the day %. Go to $ed, $ut not &ithout protein. 'his in#ludes sleep at night, as &ell as naps during the day (naps are to $e en#ouraged). (. Eat vegeta$les at every opportunity. ). *rin+ &ater all the time. *rin+ green tea some of the time. *rin+ anything &ith high fru#tose #orn syrup ,-,E of the time. .. Eat these foods at least 3 times per &ee+"at #amp/
0 1ean red meat 0 2almon 0 -mega 3 eggs 0 1o& fat plain yogurt 0 !rotein supplements 0 2pina#h 0 'omatoes 0 3ru#iferous vegeta$les ($ro##oli, #auliflo&er, #a$$age) 0 4i5ed $erries 0 -ranges 0 4i5ed $eans 0 6hole oats 0 4i5ed nuts 0 Avo#adoes 0 E5tra virgin olive oil 0 Green tea 0 1i7uid e5er#ise drin+s for pre and post-training"game nutrition (should have #ar$s and protein)

8. 9ood first. :se supplements intelligently, not as a #rut#h or to ma+e up for inattention to diet. 1;. 9ood is a drug, and sports nutrition is a performan#e enhan#ing drug. 'herefore, a##ept that $eing professional a$out rug$y means $eing professional a$out nutrition. 9ol+s &ho eat to $eat and fo#us on &hat they do to their insides are usually pleasantly surprised $y &hat they see happening on the outside. 0 9or more information, to provide feed$a#+ or to as+ a 7uestion on nutrition"supplements, go to http/""hpnutrition.&ordpress.#om 0 9or information on #om$ining protein, #ar$s, and fats into meals, see this free <re#ipe finder= at >unner?s 6orld/ http/""&&&.runners&orld.#om"topi#";,)122,s(2 2-3;3-;-;,;;.html 0 9or dire#t 7uestions, email Adam at highperforman#enutrition@gmail.#om


Adapted from/ Competitive Sports Nutrition: Do you eat? Or do you Eat to Beat? A Adam >ussell

Meal Guidelines: these are three ta$les that help guide your de#ision-ma+ing and fo#us for ea#h part of the day depending on &hether you are training, playing, or re#overing"preparing. Blue days are training daysC >ed days are game daysC and 6hite days are either re#overy days or preparation days (getting ready for a game the ne5t day). Df ne#essary, you #an re-arrange the s#hedule, $ut not if it violates the 1; rules. Training Day Time Purpose o!us on Avoid
Foods that are hi1h i+ 2oth 5at and su1arH 5ried 5oodsH 5oods hi1h i+ saltH +ot 1etti+1 e+ou1h protei+ :ca+ lead to 2lood su1ar crash; Power2ars9 power1els9 or dri+ks that are a2ove )C :hard to a2sor2 a+d ca+ deh6drate; Break$ast (alt muscle loss due to sleepH 5uel up %hole grains and oatmeal a+d reh6drateH I lean &rotein like eggs' ali1+ circadia+ yogurt' cottage cheese rh6thms to local I (ater)green tea* time Training Provide e+er169 mai+tai+ h6dratio+9 2lu+t A +, solution (ith 2reak dow+ o5 electrolytes' sugars and muscle tissue amino acids I -rinking at e.ery

o&&ortunity /e.en i$ only a si&0

1ost2 training /(ithin 3 minutes o$ end o$ training0 -estore muscle Fat a+d hi1h salt9 which 5uel9 provide slow a2sorptio+ o5 tools 5or 2od6 %ater +eeded +utrie+ts to re2uild I Reco.ery shake (ith tissue9 re8 carbs)amino acids' like h6drate chocolate milk or

&rotein in Accelerade)Gatorade
4unch Co+ti+ue to recoverH take adva+ta1e o5 a+a2olic e+viro+me+t 5rom trai+i+1 stimulus 0ot 1etti+1 e+ou1h protei+H 5oods that are hi1h i+ 5at a+d su1arH 5ried 5oodsH 5aili+1 to dri+k e+ou1h water

5ull s&ectrum o$ carbs' &rotein' and good $ats I 6at a 7rainbo(8 o$

.egetables' grains' lean &rotein' $ruits' and good oils)butter


Training Day Time Purpose o!us on I %ater)green tea Avoid


Provide e+er169 mai+tai+ h6dratio+9 2lu+t A +, solution (ith 2reak dow+ o5 electrolytes' sugars and muscle tissue amino acids I -rinking at e.ery

Power2ars9 power1els9 or dri+ks that are a2ove )C :hard to a2sor2 a+d ca+ deh6drate;

o&&ortunity /e.en i$ only a si&0

1ost2 training /(ithin 3 minutes o$ end o$ training0 -estore muscle Fat9 5ried9 a+d hi1h salt9 5uel9 provide which slow a2sorptio+ tools 5or 2od6 %ater o5 +eeded +utrie+ts to re2uild I Reco.ery shake (ith tissue9 re8 carbs)amino acids' like h6drate chocolate milk or

&rotein in Accelerade)Gatorade
Snack /(ithin !0 minutes o$ end o$ training0 Jeep 2lood Fat9 5ried9 a+d hi1h salt9 su1ar levels which slow a2sorptio+ "igh &rotein stead69 take o5 +eeded +utrie+ts adva+ta1e o5 I Com&le9 carbs trai+i+1 I Good $ats /mayo' stimulus9 a+d butter' oils0 avoid over8 I :uts' sand(iches' eati+1 or smoothies' etc; maki+1 poor choices at di++er 7et 2od6 read6 /6pical >merica+ to sleep a+d mistakes at di++er9 5ull s&ectrum o$ carbs' provide such as eati+1 too &rotein' and good $ats +utrie+ts 5or much meat at e=pe+se recover6H o5 ve1eta2les<5ruitsH I 6at a 7rainbo(8 o$ reh6drateH .egetables' grains' lean avoid 5ried 5oods a+d 2olster mood &rotein' $ruits' and 5oods hi1h i+ 5at and su1arH good oils)butter I %ater)green 1re2bed snack


(i1h su1ar<car2oh6drate 5oods like piBBa9 5ries9 etc!

E+ha+ce sleep9 provide 1rotein +utrie+ts 5or 2od6 to I Small number o$ good assimilate carbs whe+ sleepi+1 I Good $ats to e+ha+ce I 1eanut butter' cottage recover6

cheese (ith some nuts' lean meat' &rotein /+

Training Day Time Purpose o!us on shake (ith $la9 oil Avoid


"ame Day Time Purpose Break$ast (alt muscle loss due to sleepH 5uel up a+d re8 h6drateH ali1+ circadia+ rh6thms to local time Snack Provide e+er169 mai+tai+ h6dratio+9 e+ha+ce 5ocus 1re2game Fuel a+d h6dratio+ Avoid Foods that are hi1h i+ 2oth 5at and %hole grains and su1arH 5ried 5oodsH oatmeal 5oods hi1h i+ saltH I lean &rotein like +ot 1etti+1 e+ou1h eggs' yogurt' cottage protei+ :ca+ lead to cheese 2lood su1ar crash; I (ater)green tea* Fat a+d hi1h levels o5 su1ar o!us on

Small &ortions o$ carbs)&rotein I Green tea)(ater

Small &ortions o$ $oods that you are $amiliar (ith I -rinking enough li<uid to ha.e clear)stra( colored &iss

Fat a+d hi1h salt9 which slow a2sorptio+ o5 +eeded +utrie+tsH 5oods 6ou have+Et tried 2e5ore :like Kru1ua6a+ 2utter;H

%arm U& Fuel a+d h6dratio+

A +, solution (ith electrolytes' sugars and amino acids I -rinking at e.ery o&&ortunity /e.en i$ only a si&0

Passi+1 up opportu+ities to 5uel<h6drateH overl6 lar1e portio+s o5 hi1h su1ar 5oods like 1umm6 2ears or Ja55a cakesH Power2ars9 power1els9 or dri+ks that are a2ove )C :hard to a2sor2 a+d ca+ deh6drate;


Provide e+er169 mai+tai+ h6dratio+9 2lu+t 2reak dow+ o5 muscle tissue

A +, solution (ith electrolytes' sugars and amino acids I -rinking at e.ery o&&ortunity /e.en i$ only a si&0

1ost2 Game /(ithin 3

-estore muscle 5uel9 provide tools %ater 5or 2od6 to I Reco.ery shake (ith

Fat9 5ried9 a+d hi1h salt9 which slow a2sorptio+ o5 +eeded +utrie+ts! /2

"ame Day Time minutes a$ter game0 Purpose re2uild tissue9 re8 h6drate o!us on Avoid carbs)amino acids' like >void alcohol! chocolate milk or &rotein in Accelerade)Gatorade Skippi+1 this! /his is a VE-L importa+t time to eat! >void alcohol!

Snack /(ithin !0 minutes a$ter game0

1ost2 game =eal

Jeep 2lood su1ar levels stead69 take "igh &rotein adva+ta1e o5 I Com&le9 carbs I Good $ats /mayo' trai+i+1 butter' oils0 stimulus9 I :uts' sand(iches' a+d avoid over8eati+1 smoothies' etc; or maki+1 poor choices at di++er 7et 2od6 read6 to sleep<dri+k 5ull s&ectrum o$ carbs' &rotein' and 2eer a+d good $ats provide +utrie+ts 5or I 6at a 7rainbo(8 o$ .egetables' grains' recover6H reh6drateH lean &rotein' $ruits' 2olster mood and good oils)butter I %ater)green tea til your &iss is clear again

1re2bed snack

E+ha+ce sleep9 rovide +utrie+ts 5or 1rotein I Small number o$ 2od6 to assimilate good carbs I Good $ats whe+ sleepi+1 to I 1eanut butter' cottage cheese (ith e+ha+ce some nuts' lean meat' recover6 &rotein shake (ith $la9 oil

/6pical >merica+ mistakes at di++er9 such as eati+1 too much meat at e=pe+se o5 ve1eta2les<5ruitsH avoid 5ried 5oods a+d 5oods hi1h i+ 5at and su1ar >void alcohol u+til the e+d o5 the meal a+d 6ou have pissed clear at least o+ce Foods hi1h i+ su1ar and 5at like piBBa9 ice8cream9 5ries9 2ur1ers9 etc!H 5ried 5oods


Re!overy#Preparation Day Time Purpose o!us on Avoid Break$ast (alt muscle loss Foods that are hi1h due to sleepH 5uel i+ 2oth 5at and %hole grains up a+d re8 su1arH 5ried 5oodsH and oatmeal h6drateH ali1+ 5oods hi1h i+ saltH I lean &rotein like circadia+ rh6thms +ot 1etti+1 e+ou1h eggs' yogurt' to local time protei+ :ca+ lead to cottage cheese 2lood su1ar crash; I (ater)green tea* Snack -eh6drate9 provide ami+o acids to 2od6 to re82uild tissue Fat a+d hi1h levels o5 su1ar9 a+d 5ried Small &ortions 5oods :ca+ make o$ carbs)&rotein i+5lammatio+ I Green tea)(ater worse; Fat a+d hi1h levels o5 su1ar9 a+d 5ried 5oods :ca+ make i+5lammatio+ worse;

Reco.ery Fuel a+d session h6dratio+H a+ti8 i+5lammatio+

Gatorade (ith &rotein* chocolate milk I -rinking enough li<uid to ha.e clear)stra( colored &iss


(6dratio+9 recover69 a+d a+ti8i+5lammatio+ "igh &rotein I Com&le9 carbs I Good $ats /mayo' butter' oils0 I :uts' $ruits' sand(iches' smoothies' etc; I %ater)green tea Provide e+er169 mai+tai+ h6dratio+9 2lu+t 2reak dow+ o5 muscle tissue

Fat a+d hi1h levels o5 su1ar9 a+d 5ried 5oods :ca+ make i+5lammatio+ worse;! You should be pissing clear by now


Fat a+d hi1h levels o5 su1ar9 a+d 5ried 5ull s&ectrum o$ 5oods :ca+ make carbs' &rotein' i+5lammatio+ and good $ats worse; I 6at a 7rainbo(8 o$ .egetables' grains' lean &rotein' $ruits' and good oils)butter I %ater)green tea 31

Re!overy#Preparation Day Time Purpose o!us on Avoid Break$ast (alt muscle loss Foods that are hi1h due to sleepH 5uel i+ 2oth 5at and %hole grains up a+d re8 su1arH 5ried 5oodsH and oatmeal h6drateH ali1+ 5oods hi1h i+ saltH I lean &rotein like circadia+ rh6thms +ot 1etti+1 e+ou1h eggs' yogurt' to local time protei+ :ca+ lead to cottage cheese 2lood su1ar crash; I (ater)green tea*


Jeep 2lood su1ar levels stead69 avoid over8eati+1 "igh &rotein or maki+1 poor I Com&le9 carbs choices at di++er I Good $ats /mayo' butter' oils0 I :uts' $ruits' sand(iches' smoothies' etc; I %ater)green tea

Fat a+d hi1h levels o5 su1ar9 a+d 5ried 5oods :ca+ make i+5lammatio+ worse;


(6dratio+9 Fat a+d hi1h levels recover69 a+d o5 su1ar9 a+d 5ried a+ti8i+5lammatio+ 5ull s&ectrum o$ 5oods :ca+ make carbs' &rotein' i+5lammatio+ and good $ats worse; I 6at a 7rainbo(8 o$ .egetables' grains' lean &rotein' $ruits' and good oils)butter I %ater)green tea 7et 2od6 read6 to sleep a+d provide "igh &rotein +utrie+ts 5or I Com&le9 carbs recover6H reh6drateH 2olster I Good $ats /mayo' butter' mood oils0 I :uts' $ruits' sand(iches' Fat a+d hi1h levels o5 su1ar9 a+d 5ried 5oods :ca+ make i+5lammatio+ worse;



Re!overy#Preparation Day Time Purpose o!us on Avoid Break$ast (alt muscle loss Foods that are hi1h due to sleepH 5uel i+ 2oth 5at and %hole grains up a+d re8 su1arH 5ried 5oodsH and oatmeal h6drateH ali1+ 5oods hi1h i+ saltH I lean &rotein like circadia+ rh6thms +ot 1etti+1 e+ou1h eggs' yogurt' to local time protei+ :ca+ lead to cottage cheese 2lood su1ar crash; I (ater)green tea* smoothies' etc; %ater)green tea

1re2 bed snack

E+ha+ce sleep9 provide +utrie+ts 5or 2od6 to 1rotein assimilate whe+ I Small amount o$ sleepi+1 to e+ha+ce good carbs recover6 I Good $ats I 1eanut butter' cottage cheese (ith some nuts' lean meat' &rotein shake (ith $la9 oil

Foods hi1h i+ su1ar and 5at like piBBa9 ice8 cream9 5ries9 2ur1ers9 etc!H 5ried 5oods


C.MPE/*/*VE SP.-/S 0K/-*/*.0

5on6t eat to #eep up "ith (our competitors, eat to )eat them.

Guidelines $y Adam >ussell highperforman#enutrition@gmail.#om)


to it! "our

Never forget, some !ere in C!ina a little girl is ma#$% &im Conro", 'l"mpi( lifting (oa(!

arming up

-+ay, so as+ 1;; athletes to define <sports nutrition= and you?ll get a laundry list of #ommandments/ thou shalt not eat fried foods and #andy $ars, thou shalt eat fruits and veggies, thou shalt drin+ &ater and Gatorade, thou shalt may$e #onsider a protein po&der. 2ome of them &ill $e right, some &ill $e &rong, and some &ill $e very, very &rong. But all 1;; &ill have some opinion. ,o& as+ them to define the me#hanisms $y &hi#h these #ommandments a#tually ma+e a differen#e to them. 'hat gets a little tougher. ,o& you?re do&n to may$e %; &ho &ill give you a reasona$le argument for &hy thou shalt not eat fried foods or thou shalt hydrate religiously or thou shalt #onsume Gummy Bears after training. ,o& as+ those %; to des#ri$e ho& the sports nutrition a#tually gives them an edge E ho& it improves their performan#e $eyond that of their #ompetitors. 3han#es are you?ll $e do&n to 1; E generously E &ho might have an idea. 'hey?ll tell you ho& <sports nutrition,= li+e Gatorade, #an enhan#e their performan#eD9 their #ompetitors don?t also drin+ it. 9inally, as+ those 1; &hat elite #ompetitors might do that?s different from them. ,o& you?ve got may$e one athlete &ho #an give you an opinion E and that?s pro$a$ly &rong. As athletes, &e are E or at least &e should $e - inherently #ompetitive. 'hus, our nutrition should $e geared to hand us a #ompetitive edge over other teams, &hether that?s having fe&er #olds, not as many inFuries, or re#overing faster from &or+outs and $eing sharper on the day than our #ompetition. Df your nutrition doesn?t do this, then don?t #all it sports nutrition.


Conventional people are roused to fur" )" departure from (onvention, largel" )e(ause t!e" regard su(! departure as a (riti(ism of t!emselves$% * +ertrand Russell
'he premise of #ompetitive sports nutrition is that the $rain is the most important organ in de#iding &ho &ins and &ho loses in sport. D &on?t go into more detail here, $ut suffi#e it to say that the 3 G pounds of Fellypa#+ed #ells that evolved over million years to end up $et&een our ears E &hat &e #all the $rain E is the master and #ommander of the rest of the $ody. Dt #ares a$out itself, first and foremost, and it has its priorities, &hi#h are $asi#ally/ survive. Df the $rain is not $eing optimiHed, then it &ill sa$otage other systems of the $ody, in#luding mus#les. 4us#les, $y the &ay, &hi#h have not #hanged very mu#h sin#e they first evolved to move $odiestells you something, doesn?t itI 'hus, 32, is a$out ma+ing the $rain &or+ optimally, &hi#h &ill then translate into the rest of the $ody performing to its #ompetitive $est. 9ollo&ing are 1; tips e5plaining the $est &ays to do this.

,-t.s never too late to )e )een$, George Eliot

!o "ou mig!t !ave

1. Eat every 2-3 hours, regardless of hunger.

a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ the most $asi# parts of the $rain evolved to organiHe the internal &orld of the $ody relative to the e5ternal &orld. Along &ith temperature, moisture, and light, nutrition is one of the $asi# messages the $rain re#eives from the &orld. 'he presen#e of nutrients in the $lood stream E and the resulting flu5 of different hormones, li+e insulin, ghrelin, leptin, glu#agons, et#. E tells the $rain one of t&o things/ things are good and &e have plenty of food and resour#es, or things aren?t great, feeding is in#onsistent, resour#es are #rap, and you might $e fa#ing a period of starvation. 'hree s7uares a day doesn?t do it. 'he <up and do&n= of different hormones, along &ith $lood sugar, s#ares the $rain, sin#e it re7uires up to 2;; grams of glu#ose per day. Eating in#onsistently tells the $rain to #onserve energy $y slo&ing do&n, not e5er#ising, feeling tired, et#., rather than e5pend it on things li+e $uilding mus#le or repla#ing mus#le fuel (gly#ogen). >emem$er, the $rain?s priority is survival. 2o give it the all #lear signal of routine feedings on a #onsistent $asis. Kes, that means ( meals a day. $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ sending the $rain #lear signals means the $rain, in turn, &ill signal the $ody through hormones and other messengers that it #an go ahead and start $uilding mus#le, repla#ing mus#le fuel, and re#overing from e5er#ise. Dn other &ords, the good times are here so go ahead and use some of those nutrients to improve L-2 ma5 E &e #an spare the nutrients $e#ause the $rain is se#ure and happy.

2. Get amino a#ids at every meal (a+a lean protein).


a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ some nutritionists &ill tell you that a #alorie is a #alorie, regardless of &hether it #omes as fat, #ar$ohydrate or protein. Dn the old manner of measuring <heat given off= E this is &hat a #alorie measures - that?s true. But re#ent eviden#e is demonstrating that nutrients are also signals to the $ody and $rain, and that they have distin#t effe#ts of their o&n. Amino a#ids are an e5ample. Jigh doses of leu#ine, a single amino a#id, appear to stimulate protein synthesis (mus#le $uilding) in #ells more than other nutrients. Dt?s very &eird and resear#h is Fust $eginning, $ut &hat is #lear is that a steady stream of amino a#ids helps to steady $lood sugar levels, #an help the $rain feel at ease and, more, help signal the $ody to go ahead and ma+e proteins out of the amino a#ids. 'hat means more mus#le, 7ui#+er re#overy and in#reased strength. $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ don?t ta+e amino a#id supplements unless you +no& &hat you?re doing, and don?t overdo the protein E you don?t need 3;; grams"day. But you do need to eat lean protein &ith every meal E meat, protein sha+es, #ottage #heese, mil+ E and let the $ody ma+e &hat it needs. 'he steady presen#e of amino a#ids &ill translate into #onstant resour#es that the $ody &ill use to enhan#e re#overy from e5er#ise and stress, so it &ill $e &illing to go harder and faster the ne5t time. 'he $est &ay to sa$otage your #ompetitive edge is to as+ the $ody to #ompete under e5treme stress and not give it resour#es to ans&er.

,/!e future )elongs to t!ose toda"$,

!o prepare for it


3. Eat healthy fats every day E 3 grams of fish oil, 2 t$sp of fla5 seed oil, 2 t$sp of e5tra virgin olive oil, handful of almonds and other nuts. Avoid A11 hydrogenated (trans) fats E period.
a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ 'he $rain evolved in part to #oordinate movement. 2pe#ies that do not move do not have $rainsC spe#ies &ith larger $rains have the most sophisti#ated movements. Dn humans, dire#tly or indire#tly, the $rain #oordinates movement $y using fats, and it &ill only do that as &ell as the tools that you give it. Dn some #ases, fats are made into hormones and su$stan#es that #ommuni#ate &ith distant #ells in the $ody, telling them to operate effi#iently (or not). Dn other #ases, fats ma+e up the insulation around $rain #ells that help them to #ommuni#ate &ith ea#h other. 9eed the $rain #rap, li+e trans fats, and the $rain &ill &or+ at a redu#ed effi#ien#y. Give it good fat, and it &ill improve. And the eviden#e is in#reasingly hard to ignore/ <good= fats promote $etter $rains than others E and a very lengthy $ody of literature is starting to prove it, so mu#h that the British are even #onsidering ma+ing fatty a#id supplements mandatory for s#hool +ids. $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ 'he right fats &ill translate into ana$oli# hormones, &hi#h help enhan#e performan#e, as &ell as a $eefed up immune system and in#reased inFury repair. -mega-3 fatty a#ids (found in fish oil) in parti#ular have anti-inflammatory properties, &hile over the long term they help ma+e up the mem$ranes around neurons in the $rain E resulting in improved rea#tion times, enhan#ed motivation, and $etter &or+ing memory. 'hese are the tools of a #ompetitive edge E $ut &on?t happen overnight. Dt ta+es &ee+s to months for healthy fats to $e in#orporated into your $ody and $rain, so start no&. 'he differen#e in a year &ill $e remar+a$le, espe#ially #ompared to #ompetitors &ho don?t do this.

0e improve ourselves$



vi(tories in$%


/!ere must )e (ontests, and "ou must

* Ed ard Gi))on . 'reat pre-, during and post-&or+out nutrition as the most important meals of the day, $e#ause that?s &hen the $rain is most vulnera$le. Jave #ar$ohydrate"protein drin+s $efore, during, and immediately after e5er#ise.
a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ E5er#ise is good for everyone, rightI >ight. But it #an $e $etter for some than for others. 6hile #onditioning has a host of $enefi#ial effe#ts on performan#e, the reality is that the $rain has evolved &ith a list of priorities E survival, first. 6hen you pla#e stress on your $ody, the $rain gets nervous $e#ause you are ta+ing it out of its #omfort Hone. *o everything you #an to tell the $rain that not only &ill it survive $ut that it #an a#tually afford to let the $ody use pre#ious nutrients to re#over. 'a+ing in #ar$s and protein in an easily digesti$le form $efore and after &or+ing out, &hile sipping a diluted #ar$"protein drin+ during e5er#ise, has $egun to sho& fairly remar+a$le effe#ts in this regard. $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ 2tudies sho& that if given the proper resour#es, the $ody &ill respond to #onditioning $y $urning even more fat, in#reasing gly#ogen stores, $uilding more mus#le, and generally allo&ing the $ody to $e <$etter than &ell.= Df you don?t give the $ody these things, you &ill still see progress from #onditioning, of #ourse, $ut no more progress than anyone else. 'here?s not mu#h advantage to that, unless you only &ant to $e as good as everyone else. 3+


/!e 1ualit" of a person.s life is in dire(t proportion to t!eir (ommitment to e#(ellen(e, regardless of t!eir (!osen field of endeavor$% * 2in(e Lom)ardi %. Go to $ed, $ut not &ithout protein.
a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ 2leep should $e #onsidered a part of <nutrition.= A$out half an hour after you doHe off, your pituitary gland releases a pulse of gro&th hormone that ro#+ets around your $ody, telling everything to start repairing itself from the &ear and tear of the day. Jo&ever, if you don?t have amino a#ids availa$le, the $rain &on?t prioritiHe physi#al re#overy, so mu#h as &orrying a$out itself and vital organs (and mus#le, remem$er, is ,-' a vital organ as far as the $rain is #on#erned). 'a+e 2;-3; grams of a slo& digesting protein, li+e #ottage #heese, #hi#+en $reast, s+im mil+ or a protein sha+e, $efore heading to $ed. 'hat tells the $rain that it?s time to get to &or+ $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ &hi#h tells your $ody to get to &or+. 'he protein &ill prevent the $ody from <#ata$oliHing= (or $rea+ing do&n) your hard earned mus#le for energy and &ill flood your $lood stream &ith amino a#ids, using the GJ to turn the amino a#ids into enhan#ed physi#al re#overy. Dt?s Fust too $ad you?ll $e asleep and miss the <+a-#hing= sound that your $ody &ill ma+e as it dete#ts large num$ers of aminos.


!o sa" t!at somet!ing is impossi)le a" of people !o are doing it.=

s!ould not get in t!e

(. Eat vegeta$les at every opportunity.

a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ 6e #an put a man on the moon, &e #an thread #ameras through people?s veins, and &e #an gro& human ears on mi#e. 2eriously. But &e don?t fully understand &hat it is a$out vegeta$les that ma+e them so good for us. Dn some #ases, &e have a suspi#ionC in others &e Fust +no& that they seem to &or+ mira#les. But the #onstituents of vegeta$les &or+ on the $rain and $ody in different and #omplementary &ays. 'ell the $rain that you?re getting a ri#h, varied diet and it &ill let the $ody +no& that it?s getting &hat it needs, so the $ody is good to go. $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ 'his &ill ma+e sure you get your fi$er, your phytosterols, your polyphenols, your resveratrol, your antho#yanins, your proantho#yanins, your isothio#yanates E among others E all of &hi#h provide the foundation for optimum performan#e through different $ut important me#hanisms (su#h as providing anti-o5idants). 6ithout them, yes, you &ill live E $ut so does everyone else. Df you &ant to $e li+e everyone else, you?re in the &rong line of effort.

4spire rat!er to )e a !ero t!an merel" appear one$% * +altasar Gra(ian


). *rin+ &ater all the time. *rin+ green tea some of the time. *rin+ anything &ith high fru#tose #orn syrup (soda, !o&erade) none of the time.
a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ Jydration is situated firmly in the top three priorities of the $rain. Df it?s dehydrated, the $rain?s going to do everything it #an to +eep you from going $eyond the pa#e of an arthriti# pensioner on i#e E from shutting do&n de#ision-ma+ing fa#ulties to shifting $lood flo& a&ay from the mus#les and to the vital organs. 2o hydrating regularly tells the $rain that you?re ta+ing #are of it, and the neurons &or+ faster, the hypothalamus senses a de#ent $ody temperature, and the $rain gives the $ody a $ig thum$s up. $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ 3ells &or+ $est &hen hydrated in general (this is partly ho& #reatine enhan#es performan#e E it su#+s &ater into mus#le #ells). But for an added edge, green tea is sho&ing some pretty remar+a$le 7ualities as &ell E from enhan#ed enduran#e to anti-#an#er to fat-$urning properties (D have the studies to sho& that), the polyphenols in green tea #an?t $e $eat. 2o have 2-3 #ups a day, in $et&een &ater. #. Jigh fru#tose #orn syrup (J932) is the e7uivalent of giving your $ody an internal sun$urn. ,o matter &hat industry-funded resear#h and <meta-analyses= are invented to #ompli#ate the issue. Dt lea#hes #al#ium from your $ones, it #auses inflammation, and it in#reases fat storage. Dn 3; years, after J932 and trans-fats have $een $anned $e#ause of the mounting eviden#e that they are the e7uivalent of drin+ing !otoma# river &ater, &e?ll loo+ at this stuff the &ay &e loo+ at our parents? 18(;s fashion or $elieving that 1an#e Bass &as straight. 6hat the fMN+ &ere &e thin+ingIO

,0!en "ou do t!e (ommon t!ings in life in an un(ommon a", "ou ill (ommand t!e attention of t!e orld$, * George 0as!ington Carver

.. Eat these foods at least three (and ideally five) times a &ee+/
a. 'hese foods are good for $rain and $ody. Df you &ant to +no& spe#ifi#ally ho&, as+ me and D?ll get you the literature. But these are the foods that give you the spe#trum of &hat your $rain (and thus your $ody) needs to $e $etter than the #ompetition E $e#ause D guarantee you that most #ompetitors are not eating this #omprehensively. Atta#hed is a list that &ill help you #he#+ off the foods as you eat them, ta+en from Pohn Berardi, &ho is a very highly regarded sports nutritionist E he gets his #lients to eat in order to $e $etter than their #ompetition.


I 1ean red meat 0 2almon 0 -mega-3 eggs 0 1o& fat plain yogurt 0 !rotein supplements 0 2pina#h 0 'omatoes 0 3ru#iferous Legeta$les (Bro##oli, 3auliflo&er, 3a$$age) 0 4i5ed Berries 0 -ranges 0 4i5ed Beans 0 6hole -ats 0 4i5ed ,uts 0 Avo#ados 0 E5tra Lirgin -live -il 0 9ish -il 0 9la5 2eeds or 9la5 seed oil 0 3anned pump+in (no sugar added) 0 Green 'ea 0 1i7uid E5er#ise *rin+s (#ar$"protein) 0 A vegeta$le"fruit #on#entrate supplement E these are supplements that are #omposed of freeHe-dried fruits and veggies that help round out the re7uired nutrients that are in#reasingly hard to find in the nutritional desert #alled 4odern Ameri#a.


5o toda" !at ot!ers on6t, so "ou (an do tomorro !at ot!ers (an6t$%

8. A##ept that $eing professional a$out rug$y means $eing &illing to prepare meals in advan#e.
a. Jo& it feeds the $rain/ 6hat else #an D sayI 'o feed your $rain, you have to use it. 'hin+ ahead so you don?t get #aught short-handed and are for#ed to eat #rap. Buy a doHen plasti# #ontainers and #arry sna#+s &ith you. 3oo+ #hili $y the potful and freeHe some. 4a+e sure you have #hi#+en $reasts availa$le &hen you need some lean protein. Jard$oil some eggs and #arry them to &or+. $. Jo& that optimiHes your #ompetitive edge/ Be#ause then you #an follo& the other . tips a$ove mu#h more easily than the #ompetition.

,3rogress often (onsists of merel" turning up !at is alread" t!ere$ 5id "ou 7no t!at rig!t and left s!oes ere t!oug!t up onl" a little more t!an a (entur" ago8, * +erni(e 9it:*Gi))on
1;. :se supplements intelligently. 'hey #an ma+e up for #rap diets on o##asion, $ut that Fust puts you $a#+ on even footing &ith #ompetitors &ho eat right. 2upplements should $e a$out $eing <$etter than &ell= in order to $e <$etter than them.= a. !eople &ill tell you supplements don?t &or+. >u$$ish. 6hat they mean is, some supplements don?t &or+, and others haven?t yet $een <proven= to &or+. ,either has $ro##oli. 'he right supplements do &or+, and they &or+ a##ording to the prin#iples of #ompetitive sports nutrition E give the $rain &hat it needs, and the $ody &ill $e enhan#ed a##ordingly. 6hether that?s in#reased hydration or po&er generation through #reatine or a more effi#ient nervous system through #affeine, supplements #an ta+e the 8;Q athlete to 1;;Q. But you have to get to 8;Q through nutrition first. ,ote that D #onsider protein sha+es, fish oil #apsules and veggie"fruit #on#entrates not to $e <supplements.= Dn today?s fast food apo#alypse, these are vital enough to $e #onsidered foods. $. 2upplements are a tough $usiness, and +no&ing &hat to ta+e, ho& mu#h, and &hen #an $e #onfusing and e5pensive E the s#ien#e isn?t e5a#t and the in#entive to study supplements is pretty small $e#ause they are rarely patented. 2o you pay for a study and then some mom-n-pop fly-$y-night supplement #ompany uses that to sell something they?ve #oo+ed up in their $athtu$. 'hus &hat &e #an gather so far from supplemental s#ien#e and its effe#tiveness is that the follo&ing supplements sho& pretty demonstra$le promise for rug$y players (for dosing re#ommendations, pla#es to $uy this, et#. #onta#t me and"or &ait for the ne5t pu$li#ation &hi#h &ill fo#us on supplements)/ i. 3ertified pure mi#roniHed #reatine monohydrate ii. 3ertified pure Beta-Alanine iii. >easona$le sports drin+s &ithout J932, li+e Gatorade or A##elerade, $ut only during &or+outs or in re#overy. D realiHe Gatorade sponsors the Eagles, so D shouldn?t say this, $ut D suggest A##elerade $e#ause it #ontains some amino a#ids that #an help &ith hydration, stave off fatigue, and enhan#e re#overy E ta+e my opinion for &hat it?s &orth


iv. Rin#"4agnesium during periods of stress v. 3ertified pure, standardiHed 'ri$ulus 'errestris"Eury#omia 1ongifolia e5tra#t (her$s that $oost natural produ#tion of testosterone) vi. 3ertified #affeine and vitamin B1 derivatives li+e sul$utiamine


vii. 3ertified Bran#h 3hain Amino A#ids (1eu#ine, Dsoleu#ine, Laline) and, in parti#ular, l-leu#ine viii. 3ertified neurotransmitter formula, #ontaining tyrosine, taurine, *4AE and phosphotidylserine"#holine i5. 3ertified !hosphatidylserine 'he Fury?s still out on some others, li+e #itrulline malate, d-ri$ose, et#., $ut many of these are sho&ing signifi#ant promise. '&o important points - D highlighted #ertified for a reason/ if #ompanies aren?t &illing to provide independent la$ assays demonstrating their produ#ts? purity, then don?t $uy. Dt?s the least they #an give to you, the #onsumer. 2e#ond, thin+ of supplements li+e rug$y a##essories (e.g. $oot stud length, mouth pie#es, gloves, pads, et#.) E they are vital, $ut they need to $e tailored for individuals. *on?t dump all of these into you at on#e, and don?t play &ithout testing ea#h one reasona$ly to see ho& K-: do on them. Kou &ouldn?t run into a game &ith a ne& pair of $oots that someone else handed you if you hadn?t &orn them in pra#ti#e. 2upplements are the same.

-f - ere pla"ing t!ird )ase and m" mot!er ere rounding t!ird it! t!e run t!at as going to )eat us, -.d trip !er$ '!, -.d pi(7 !er up and )rus! !er off and sa", ;Sorr", Mom,6 )ut no)od" )eats me$% Leo 5uro(!er

9inal thought E if you de#ide to do this, you &ill pro$a$ly #at#h some heat from fol+s. 'hey &ill #all you strange, o$sessed and possi$ly #raHy. 'hey?ll tell you that there?s no proof this &or+sC they?ll tell you that you?re &asting your time and moneyC they?ll tell you that all they need is a $ag of *oritos and a 3o+e after game time. And, &hen they?re 1. and a$le to eat #rap and still play, or retired, $ro+en, and over&eight (and the latter is usually the former only 1; years later) they might a#tually $elieve that. But #han#es are that E li+e J932 and trans-fats - they are to5i# people, &ho &ill almost un#ons#iously revel in slo&ing do&n your progress. 2u#h people #an $e &ell-meaning, $ut this doesn?t ma+e them any less to5i#. As the 7uote at the $eginning demonstrates, this is $e#ause &hen you follo& these steps, you #hallenge &hat they have al&ays +no&n and done. *eparting from a #ommon path for#es others to #onsider the possi$ility that there may $e $etter &ays of doing things than ho& they have al&ays done it (not tough to #on#lude if you a#tually study the last 1; years of resear#h $ut &hat +ind of dor+ does thatIO). >emem$er/ the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing $ut e5pe#ting a different out#ome. Df you al&ays do &hat you have al&ays done, you &ill al&ays get &hat you have al&ays gotten.

,'pportunities multipl" as t!e" are sei:ed$, * Sun /:u


Goal Setting -orksheet )hi* #or&*heet i* meant to *er0e a* a goal *etting guide to gi0e your*elf moti0ation and direction on #hat your goal* are and ho# to achie0e them7
': Ta)e an audit of yourself as a player by listing strengths and wea)nesses (engage your coach for feedbac)). *: +ist outcome goals that you,d li)e to achie!e (e . -a)e a team. win a championship. etc.) These are long term goals with an outcome. that often times you don,t ha!e complete control o!er. but that supply you with moti!ation. /: +ist performance goals that will help you achie!e each outcome. These performance goals are what you do ha!e control o!er and should be your focus on doing e!erything in your power to gi!e you the best chance of achie!ing your outcome goals (achie!ing these is the highest le!el of success). %: +ist processes for each performance goal that you will put in place on a daily0wee)ly basis to reach your performance goals. 1: Complete and print this sheet out. 2ut it somewhere where you will see it daily to moti!ate you.

(ate -hat are yo!r 3 ample: Strong $all Carrier strengths as a +layer; 3: 6: <: -hat are yo!r 3 ample: 4,m not fit enough to play my best weaknesses or areas 3: to im+rove as a 6: +layer; <: -hat are o!tcome goals yo! wo!ld like to achieve as a +layer; -hat +erformance goals will yo! achieve to give yo! the best o++ort!nity to achieve that o!tcome; -hat +rocesses will yo! +!t into yo!r daily training to achieve those +erformance goals; 3 ample: -a)e 5S6 5'7 National Team 3: 6: <: 3 ample: $e as fit as 4 can be and run a '/ on the *& meter beep test by #une 'st. 3: 6: <: 3 ample: 8o / fitness wor)outs each wee) on top of my team training and eat with good nutrition. 3: 6: <:


Goal* *hould be S%2%A%#%T :S.ecific3 Mea*urable3 AlignedCAdBu*table3 Reali*tic3 )ime!%a*ed;

"SA #!gby S!ggested #eading List Gentlemen3 reading about high .erforming athlete* and rugby .layer* and learning from there e?am.le i* a great #ay to learn and im.ro0e a* a .layer7 <e *ugge*t you ta&e a loo& at the*e boo&*C&AC* AT*L$T$:
8ohn <ooden3 RA lifetime of 5b*er0ation* and Reflection* on and off the ourt79 R)hey all me oach9 RMy Per*onal %e*t- Life Le**on* from an All American 8ourney9 Phil 8ac&*on3 RSacred hoo.*9 RMore than a game9 Michael 8ordan3 RI an9t acce.t ,ot )rying9 Lance Arm*trong3 RIt9* not about the bi&e9 Pat Riley3 R)he <inner <ithin9 8onny <il&in*on3 RMy <orld9 Rod Mac@ueen3 R5ne Ste. Ahead9 8a&e <hite3 RIn %lac& and <hite- the 8a&e <hite Story9 li0e <ood#ard3 R<inning9 8oe Montana and )om Mitchell3 R)he <inning S.irit9 %ill <al*h3 RFinding the <inning Gdge9 Iince Lombardi R<hen Pride Still Mattered9 8ohn Fein*tein3 RA *ea*on on the brin&9

)erry 5rlic&3 RIn Pur*uit of G?cellence9 8ohn Ma?#ell3 R)alent i* ,e0er Gnough9

Rob Gilbert3 RGilbert on Greatne**- ho# S.ort P*ychology an Ma&e you a ham.ion9 8eff Grout and Sarah Perrin3 RMind Game*9


harle* Garfield3 RPea& Performance9 %ryce ourtenay3 RPo#er of 5ne9 =an Millman3 R)he <ay of the Peaceful <arrior9

,ancy lar&3 RS.ort* ,utrition Guideboo&9**7comC USA Rugby ,utrition <eb*iteC%log :#ith .o*ting* and SCA;

Positional Profiling
Rugby i* a game that re@uire* all .layer* to ha0e all *&ill*7 )hat mean* that all .layer* mu*t be able to go into contact and .ut bac& a ball3 run3 .a**3 tac&le3 .lay #ithin an attac&ing or defending *y*tem3 com.ete for the ball3 etc7 Ho#e0er3 rugby i* al*o a game that re@uire* *.ecific *&ill *et* out of *.ecific .o*ition*7 )he*e .o*itional .rofile* are meant to *er0e you a* a guide for #hat i* *.ecifically re@uired of you out of your .o*ition on the field3 on to. of the general *&ill *et* re@uired of all .layer* li*ted abo0e7

3 <: Pro+
Strength3 .o#er and .hy*ical .re*ence Ability to mani.ulate *crum o..onent =e*ire to dominate your area )hin& ahead to ne?t role AF)GR doing fir*t Bob fir*t Urgency to brea&do#n Strong at .icRn9go Under*tand deci*ion ma&ing at .ha*e o.tion*3 Sna&e3 clean!out3 .icRn9go3 runner a* decoy or ball carrier Under*tand all role* at brea&do#n attac& and defen*e Iital .o#er and *trength to be out*tanding lifter Self hone*ty in Ohidea#ayP .lace* Ma&e it ha..enTdon9t be a O#aiterP Unload under .re**ureTnot $1C$1 ball

6: *ooker
Accurate thro#ing *&ill* Shar. and alert at lineout body *trength to .re**ure o..o*ition *crum Ability to control *crum #ith .ro.* "th loo*e for#ard ty.e role and *&ill* =efen*e and tac&ling e*.73 on *hort *ide from lineout* Attac&ing role at &ic& off PicRn9go *&ill* =eci*i0e and leader at brea&do#n defen*e


Self dri0enT#or& hard in hidea#ay .lace* Unload under .re**ureTnot $1C$1 ball

= 4: Lock
Aerial *&ill*T*trong core to O*tay u. in airP at lineout and &ic& recei.t* Hand *&ill* abo0e head Iariety of lineout #inning *&ill* Pride in control of your OareaP Po#er and a..lication at *crum3 ruc&3 maul on*tant #or& rate Mobility and ball *&ill* %onu* tac&le* Get in0ol0ed Under*tand defen*e role* Unload under .re**ureTnot $1C$1 ball

9: ,lindside /lanker
Hard no*e defender <or& in total unity #ith mini!grou.* e7g73 blind*ide #ing3 23 ( and + Loo& to become in0ol0ed a* decoy or ball runner ontinuity and ball #inner at brea&do#n 3rd lineout o.tion Mo*t of *ame *&ill* a* + and ( Good communicator Under*tand all role* in mo0e* and o.tion* Unload under .re**ureTnot $1C$1 ball

>: &+enside /lanker

MaBor continuity role Su..ort ball carrier Angle* line to ball %all hungry and direct line to ballTattac& the ball S.eed of foot and MI,=- antici.ation ,e0er lo*e *ight of the ball G?treme aerobic ca.acity %all handling 3di*tribution and running ca.abilitie* )ac&le choice* at target :high 0* lo# .er *ituation; body *trength


=efen*i0e line* to ball Lno#ledge of all bac& attac& and defen*e *y*tem* <or& in uni*on #ith mini!grou.* Alert and functional at tail of lineout Unload under .re**ure!not $1C$1 ball

7: $ight 2an
)o be in0ol0ed continuou*ly in general .lay Attac& or brea& gain line and ability to lin& clo*e and #ide Good ball control and di*tribution *&ill*Tcritical lin& at *crum High #or& rate %all hungry and a**erti0e ohe*i0e relation*hi. #ith + and 2 Strong clo*e @uarter defender Under*tand all mo0e* and o.tion* A**e** o..o*ition configuration to cut do#n their o.tion* Unload under .re**ureTnot $1C$1 ball

?: Scr!m *alf
Pa**ing *trong and accurate off either handTground and che*t Suic& clearance from conge*ted area* Good tal&erCorgani6er Under*tand all o.tion* and mo0e* G?.lo*i0e runner High #or& rate and aerobic ca.acity Preci*e u. touch &ic&* off either foot Strong defender e*.7 at brea&do#nT#or& the boot A**e** o.tion* and e?ecute hee&y and ad0enturou* Shar. reaction*Ta#a&e and a#are at all time* S.eed to brea&do#n* to clear ball 5rgani6e defen*e around ruc&*Tfill in ga.* Lin& bet#een for#ard* and bac&*

35: /lyhalf
Shot callerTdirector of .lay Accurate .a**e* all ty.e*Tlong3 mi**3


dummy3 feint3 long!*hort3 *hort!long Iary .oint of attac&3 e*.7 from .ha*e Lic&ing game off either foot and full range3 long3*3 bo?3 chi.3 grubber3 dro. goal Acceleration o0er *hort di*tance* )hreat to o..o*ition defen*e line High #or& rate in *u..ort and co0er =eci*ion ma&ing under .re**ure Strong communicator )a&e defen*i0e line u. Mental and .hy*ical toughne** Read defen*e of 5..o*ition

36: 1nside Center

%all carriage and di*tribution *&ill* :a* for 13; Full range of .a**e*Te*.7 under .re**ure3 .o.3 feint3 .a**3 *hort!long3 long!*hort %all*entationCdi*tribution at im.act Ability to *tay u. at im.act Alternate foot &ic& o.tion to 11 Range of &ic& o.tion*!chi.3 gruber3 long ommunicationCorgani6ational *&ill* Suic& to actCreactT0i*ional *&ill* Suic& to reformCregrou. Ley defenderTbrea& u. attac&* hard no*ed!front on and either *houlder Unity #ith 13 on defen*e 5rgani6e in*ide and out*ide =efen*eTe*.7 at brea&do#n7 Strong clean out3 *na&e3 Bac&al *&ill* Ability to *te. into fir*t recei0er #hen needed

3<: &!tside Center

%all carriage and di*tribution *&ill* / handed carriage7 %all*entationCdi*tribution at im.act Accurate range of .a**e*3 in .a**3 .o.3 feint .a**3 *hort!long3 long!*hort Ability to *tay u. at im.act AccelerationTchange of .ace 5ut*ide *#er0eC*te.3 dra#Tunload Lic& range3 chi.3 grubber3 nudge3 long Iery *trong defen*e to brea& u. attac&Te*.ecially #or& #ith 11 and 1/ ommunication Suic& actCreact *&ill* <or& rate3 get bac& to a**i*t counter attac&3 etc7 Strong clean out3 *na&e3 Bac&al *&ill*

33 3=: -ing

Play either *ide Su*tained *.eed G0a*i0e *&ill*3 *#er0e *te.3 change of .ace3 fend Lic& and reco0er *&ill*Tchi.3 gubber3 long3 etc7 High #or& rate cha*e High #or& rate bac& to offer counter attac& o.tion* Under*tand counter attac& and your role ommunication *&ill* e*.ecially bac& 3 Hungry to get in0ol0edTloo& for o..ortunitie* to in*ert into .lay =ecoy or recei0er in*ertion* ha*e hard and .re**ure o..o*ition Hunger to get in0ol0ed oncentrationTdon9t drift in and out of game all defender* out to co0er o0erla.* etc7 %lind #ing to *u..ort ball carrier3 clean out3 *na&e

34: /!llback
%all recei.t *&ill* Antici.ation3 e*.ecially off .ha*e ball S.eed3 both acceleration and *u*tainedTto. endTfor *u..ort .lay Under*tand and initiate counter attac& 5rgani6e bac& three Range of &ic&ing *&ill*Teither foot All tac&le ty.e*!Front on3 #ra. u.3 *cythe3 *hado# Hard no*ed la*t line of O=P mentality Utili6e .anoramic 0i*ion of game and communicate3 actCreact7 Ad0enturou* 5rgani6e defen*i0e line3 *.ot ga.* and ad0i*e .layer* to fill *.ace*