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Volume 11 Number 8

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Leading in Diversity

Happy Resurrection Day

Empowering Communities and Changing Lives

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The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

TX- The passage of the Civil Rights legislation, which was signed into law 50 years ago by Lyndon B. Johnson was honored at a three-day Civil Rights Summit in Austin Texas at the LBJ Presidential Library during the week of April 10. Below is an excerpt of the speech by President Obama. The entire speech can be read at Also, in attendance at the three-day summit commemorating the landmark law that ended racial discrimination in public places was Presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Famer; Haley Barbour, former Mississippi Governor; Julin Castro, Mayor of San Antonio; The Rev. Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center; and Ed Welburn, General Motors Vice President for Global Design. THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you so much. Please, please, have a seat. Thank you. What a singular honor it is for me to be here today. I want to thank, first and foremost, the Johnson family for giving us this opportunity and the graciousness with which Michelle and I have been received. We came down a little bit late because we were upstairs looking at some of the exhibits and some of the private offices that were used by President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson. And Michelle was in particular interested to -- of a recording in which Lady Bird is critiquing President Johnsons performance. (Laughter.) And she said, come, come, you need to listen to this. (Laughter.) And she pressed the button and nodded her head. Some things do not change -(laughter) -- even 50 years later. To all the members of Congress, the warriors for justice, the elected officials and community leaders who are here today -- I want to thank you. Four days into his sudden presidency -and the night before he would address a joint session of the Congress in which he once served -- Lyndon Johnson sat around a table with his closest advisors, preparing his remarks to a

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act Honored

In this July 2, 1964, file photo, President Lyndon B. Johnson reaches to shake hands with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. after presenting the civil rights leader with one of the 72 pens used to sign the Civil Rights Act in Washington. Surrounding the president, from left, are, Rep. Roland Libonati, D-Ill., Rep. Peter Rodino, D-N.J., Rev. King, Emanuel Celler, D-N.Y., and behind Celler is Whitney Young, executive director of the National Urban League. :AP

shattered and grieving nation. He wanted to call on senators and representatives to pass a civil rights bill -- the most sweeping since Reconstruction. And most of his staff counseled him against it. They said it was hopeless; that it would anger powerful Southern Democrats and committee chairmen; that it risked derailing the rest of his domestic agenda. And one particularly bold aide said he did not believe a President should spend his time and power on lost causes, however worthy they might be. To which, it is said, President Johnson replied, Well, what the hells the presidency for? (Laughter and applause.) What the hells the presidency for if not to fight for causes you believe in? Today, as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, we honor the men and women who made it possible. Some of them are here today. We celebrate giants like John Lewis and Andrew Young and Julian Bond. We recall the countless unheralded Americans, black and white, students and scholars, preachers and housekeepers -- whose names are etched not

on monuments, but in the hearts of their loved ones, and in the fabric of the country they helped to change. But we also gather here, deep in the heart of the state that shaped him, to recall one giant mans remarkable efforts to make real the promise of our founding: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Those of us who have had the singular privilege to hold the office of the Presidency know well that progress in this country can be hard and it can be slow, frustrating and sometimes youre stymied. The office humbles you. Youre reminded daily that in this great democracy, you are but a relay swimmer in the currents of history, bound by decisions made by those who came before, reliant on the efforts of those who will follow to fully vindicate your vision. But the presidency also affords a unique opportunity to bend those currents -- by shaping our laws and by shaping our debates; by working within the confines of the world as it is, but also by reimagining the world as it should be. This was President Johnsons genius. As a master of politics and the legislative process, he grasped like few others the power of government to bring about change. LBJ was nothing if not a realist. He was well aware that the law alone isnt enough to change hearts and minds. A full century after Lincolns time, he said, Until justice is blind to color, until education is unaware of race, until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of mens skins, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact. He understood laws couldnt accomplish everything. But he also knew that only the law could anchor change, and set hearts and minds on a different course. And a lot of Americans needed the laws most basic protections at that time. As Dr. King said at the time, It may be true that the law cant make a man love me but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think thats pretty important. (Applause.)

Jefferson Jackson Dinner Featured Speaker Announced

President Bill Clinton will headline the 2014 Jefferson Jackson Dinner on April 26 at Cobo Hall in Detroit. For additional information or to reserve tickets visit

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April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

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The Michigan Banner

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, MI 48602 989.753-3475 Office Hours: Monday Friday 9 a.m. 5 p.m. Publisher Jerome Buckley Senior Editor R. L. Buckley The Latino Banner Senior Editor Rosa Morales Circulation & Distribution: Staff Marketing & Sales Staff Sales Staff Mission: The Michigan Banner operates and serves as a print and online media venue committed to educating, informing and enlightening our readership regarding events and news that directly and indirectly affect the communities regionally and globally. Furthermore, to serve as a catalyst and a link for cultivating young adults as entrepreneurial and business leaders for the future. Disclaimer: The Michigan Banner and its staff are not responsible and will not be held liable for any mistakes, error, misspellings and false advertisements in part or whole that may be placed within its publication. Articles, information or comments printed in the newspaper are not necessarily the views or beliefs of The Michigan Banner newspaper. The Michigan Banner reserves the right to edit, change, or delete any information, or refuse to print any information, article or advertisement which is believed to be inconsistent with or conflicts with the mission of the newspaper. Deadlines: 2 weeks before each publication date of the 1st and 16th of each month Submission Procedure: Mailed or e-mailed Preferred format: Jpeg or PDF Blog: Michigan Banner Classified Call 989-753-3475 or go online at

Year-Round and Early Childhood Programs Get a Boost in School Finance Legislation

Bill also includes support for low-income students taking advanced classes

Lansing - Year-round schools and early childhood education both can help Michigan students get the best education possible, and both are getting a boost from the supplemental school aid bill Gov. Rick Snyder signed recently. House Bill 4295 provides state school aid supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2014, which runs until October. The bill covers a variety of measures affecting education, including an investment that helps high-achieving low-income students take Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, which helps them prepare for college. The bill also provides assistance for school districts that took on students when another district was dissolved. We know that a solid public school education is an essential part of Michigans continuing comeback, Snyder said. Studies show low-income Gov. Rick Snyder students may lose as much as three grades of reading comprehension due to the traditional summer break. I want to support innovative districts voluntarily looking to move to the balanced calendar to help students build a strong educational foundation for a lifetime of learning. Gov. Snyder called for the year-round school pilot as part of his fiscal year 2015 budget. The supplemental law moves funding ahead to fiscal year 2014 so that districts can prepare over the summer and offer the new calendar in time for the next school year. Eligible districts are those that qualify for the federal Community Eligibility Option for free-andreduced lunch or have50 percent or more pupils that are free-lunch eligible. The district must also have a board-adopted resolution that commits to a year round program for at least three years. The maximum amount anyone district may receive is $750,000. The legislation also accepts $51.7 million federal Race to the Top Early Challenge grant to increase the number of low-income children enrolled in high-quality preschool programs. The money will be invested over four years in accordance with the federally approved application and state plan. Also included in the bill is $250,000 to help cover all or some of the testing costs associated with Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses for low-income students. We want to make sure that a familys finances dont prevent a student from taking these advanced high school courses that can prepare a student for college and in some cases provide college credit, Snyder said. The bill also includes $7.2 million for reimbursement to districts of costs specifically related to the transfer of property from a dissolved district. Funds may be used for maintenance, utilities, security, insurance, or the demolition of transferred properties. It is now PA 116 of 2014. For more information on legislation, visit

The Michigan Banner is a Proud Sponsor of: CAN Council Circle of Love Saginaw County Community Action Committee ( CAC) Saginaw Habitat for Humanity

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The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014


Congratulations to the 2014 Black Heritage Award Recipient

extravagant celebration included dinner, and the premiere screening of Images: Dare to Hope, Dare to Dream: an inspirational short film. Nelson Mandela and Bishop T.D. Jakes are past recipients of the Black Heritage award. A native of Saginaw, Tolliver was a dedicated teacher in the Saginaw Public School system for 23 years; she is a Saginaw County Excellence in Education retired educator and has received the Crystal Apple Award. She is a member of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in Saginaw, a member of the Michigan State Association of Colored Womens Club and the National Association of Color Womens Club, the National Education Association and the Michigan Educational Association, and Zeta Omega Zeta Chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Tolliver is a graduate of Delta College and Central Michigan University, and earned an honorary doctorate degree from Urban Bible College in Detroit. Tolliver is also an author and wrote her autobiography The Triumph and Tribulations of a Leader: The History of My Life.

SaginawMarie Wright Tolliver was recently the recipient of the 2014 Black Heritage award, at the 24th annual Black Heritage Awards Celebration held at the Martinique Marie Wright Tolliver receives Ballroom in The Black Heritage Award Burbank, Ill. The

Local Worship Band Releases New Single in Anticipation of Full-Length Album

Saginaw Modern Day Cure, a Contemporary Christian worship band of Saginaw has released its new single Strong God. The song is the first release from Modern Day Cures upcoming full-length album Victorious. Strong God was written by bandleader and drummer, Aaron Chipp, and is inspired by Proverbs 18:10, which says the Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe. The song, according to Chipp, is a declaration of strength and power that only comes from God. Regardless of our situation, we can be confident and know He rescues and saves. For Modern Day Cure, becoming a band meant starting with a guitarist who never played before, a drummer who hadnt picked up sticks in six years, and a lead singer whose voice was silenced by disappointment. A call from God overshadowed inexperience, rust, and discouragement. Aaron Chipp, Tamar Chipp, and Tifani Hall, all from Saginaw stepped out on faith, obeyed Gods voice and founded Modern Day Cure. Andy Reed, a Bay City musician and owner of Reed Recording Company, co-produced Strong God and the remaining songs on the has experienced opportunities bigger than themselves. They were winners at the Big Ticket Festival Indie Band Competition in Gaylord, Mich., ensuring a slot on the main stage in June 2014. They also shared the stage with Newsboys, Sanctus Real, and Disciple as the opening act for the Rock the Island Christian Music Festival in Saginaw. Strong God is available for purchase on ITunes. The band is
L-R - Tifani Hall, Tamar Chipp, Aaron Chipp

bands album. Its always a great experience when working with a band or artist that puts their heart and soul into their music. Modern Day Cure has done that on this album, said Reed. I think that people will really embrace it. I believe that Modern Day Cure will be a musical force for years to come. Brian Simmermacher, worship arts director at New Life Christian Fellowship in Saginaw Township, says the song will connect with church congregations in a powerful way. I love how Strong God goes back to the basics of salvation. Its through the name and power of Jesus alone, not belonging to usbut to God. Modern Day Cure reminds us of this through Strong God, and gives congregations a powerful, fresh way to sing about salvation, Simmermacher said. I cant wait to introduce this to our church and declare that there is no stronger one. Since the release of their EP in 2012, MDC

Modern Day Cure!

currently offering a free download of the song at For more information about Modern Day Cure, call Aaron Chipp, 989.274.5502, aaron@, visit www.moderndaycure. com., Vimeo:, Instagram:, Twitter:

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Volume 2 Number 8

Leading in Diversity

Michigan Audiences Cheer Chvez Film

By Rosa E. Morales, Senior Editor The Latino Banner fields, DeLeon said. Today the community and the U.S. as a whole are waking up to the Latino historical narrative, he said regarding the gaps in history textbooks about Latinos and few Hispanic images and authentic stories in feature films. The strong historical thread in the film using black and white photos and archival film of laborers moved retired school teacher and gay Hispanic activist Leo Romo. So typical with migrants working in the fields. This is part of history for millions of Mexican Americans. I loved all the film, I saw it with many Latinos on the first day in Saginaw, Romo said. Another aspect Romo appreciated was the high and low relationship with his son---a

The Latino Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Latino Newspaper



April 16, 2014

Vamos Adelante

On the big screen at last, the life of farm labor activist and civil rights icon Csar E. Chvez, What did film goers think of the film Csar Chvez and the turbulent time in civil rights history portrayed? Local reviews are in. Overwhelmingly favorable responses from viewers ranged from I loved all the film, to His (Chvez) impact is felt everyday in the fields. The limited film distribution in some Michigan cities limited the opportunities for both Hispanic and non-Hispanic audiences from buying tickets to see it at multiplexes. But local community groups using social media created successful petitions and within hours had the names of hundreds of residents wanting to see the film. That was the case in Saginaw, Lansing and Detroit. Using social media and emails, Adam Gonzalez, of the Saginaw Chapter of the American GI Forum and supporters had rounded up hundreds of signatures within a 24-hour period to convince cineplex managers there is an audience for this type Student signing petition to of limited run film. bring movie to Saginaw Asking for help from

L-R - Roxanne Chantaca, AHHS, Bobby DeLeon, Mexican American Center, Roland Vela, Mgr., Goodrich Quality Ten Theater GDX, Kathleen Chantaca, SVSU. his friend and aunt, Monica Reyes, of the Great Lakes Bay Hispanic Leadership, of which Adam had just graduated, together they connected with friends in Lansing and San Antonio, Tx. With the help of three key people from Lansing, James Ramos, Aida M. Cuadrado, Isais Solis and Andrea Rodriguez, the petition launched continued. The distributor from Pantelion Films (Lionsgate) called to inform the Saginaw Hispanic Community they would watch the petition. On the other end, Representative Stacey Erwin Oakes, made phone calls to contacts to help make the case, and after the successful gathering of hundreds of signatures, GDX Goodrich Quality Theaters announced they would show the Movie! One of the people who responded was Bobby DeLeon, the president of Saginaws Mexican American, who saw the film in late March with his wife Irma and daughter Sara. His (Chvez) impact is felt everyday in the

80 Spanish students of Spanish teacher Roxanne Chantaca of Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw arrive to see Cesar Chavez Film. relationship that most people do not appreciate or understand. Chvezs family continues working on SEE P LB 2, Michigan Audiences Cheer Chvez Film

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475 The Latino Banner

LB 2
FROM P LB 1, Michigan Audiences Cheer Chvez Film social justice and the United Farm Workers union that the late Chvez and Dolores Huerta co-founded in California. The UFW has endured

The Latino Banner Vamos Adelante

April 16, 2014

Rivera sees the film as an asset for raising awareness about Chicanos, Hispanics and their role in the U.S. civil rights movement. The quality of filming was superb, including the use of archival footage, Rivera writes in an email to The Latino Banner. It took key points in UFW history and Chvezs role in them and tried to meld bullet points into a fluid story; the story read easier with visual on-screen date cues. But no one can disagree that its hard to tell a story even for the time period covered in 101 minutes. It was great to see that the women got their due in history. Dolores Huertas role as advisor and Helen Chvez as a strong partner for Chvez. I would have liked to have seen more about Chvezs famed strategic sense. A quiet but important moment in the film for Rivera is the Chvez and Bobby Kennedy scene relying on the Bill of Rights and Constitution as reading points for their opposition Rivera described the Lansing night out at the movies with a theater-full of vocal Latinos. For the premier viewing in Lansing, it was great to see many of the folks from that period at the theater. It was sort of like the Rocky Horror Picture Show with audience participating with the farm worker clap. Shouts of Viva La Causa and voicing of disgust towards goon squad and police violence against farm workers. Wayne State University Detroit academics also leaped at the chance to include the Chvez movie into a discussion of current political issues. Ethriam Cash Brammer, Ph.D., is the Associate Director Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies at Wayne State University. Brammer was recently interviewed on WDET-FM in Detroit regarding SEE LB 3 Michigan Audiences Cheer Chavez Film

a theater full of Hispanics and other ethnicities. I think, too, the movie challenges all Americans, but particularly Latinos of all background to stand up and be heard. To participate in our democracy by voting and letting Americans hear what Latinos think and have to say about a variety of issues, said the former Wayne County government staffer and lifelong advocate for migrant workers. I think, too, that it demonstrated well the historical aspect of the movement, La Causa that became part of the Mexican American Civil Rights movement beginning decades ago and that our communities have been addressing issues of equality, education, employment, housing, immigration and more for many years. Keep in mind that its a movie and not a documentary, but it also challenges Hollywood to make good films, movies that portray L-R - William Neumeyer, Ana Avila and Cheyenne Latinos and Latinas in positive roles and like all Forge, having lunch and chatting about the Chavez Americans, we want better lives for everyone. movie. Michigan State University troubled times in union representations and On the campus of agriculturally-based contract negotiations with growers. Michigan State University, film screenings Most leaders bring a higher power for took on a scholarly, analytical tone for students others, Romo said. At the same time, leaders to learn about Chvez, his work and life and lose a personal and family connection. When challenges of migrant life. Campus leaders used the son read that letter, it was so powerful--the film to create a much-needed discourse about everybody cried. Romo said Csar Chvez is how the paradigm is shifting from powerless to more of a documentary than a general film. empowered and what lies ahead for farm workers Like a PBS documentary, it will live as a classic and other Latinos. film, especially with a targeted audience--Diana Rivera, M.A., is founder and curator Mexican, Latinos, justice, labor, etc. of the Csar Chvez Collection at the MSU Lansing Libraries. Riveras work focuses on Chicano An outspoken Latino political consultant Studies/Ethnic Studies. She created a special and activist based in Lansing said the movie educational gallery of Chvez memorabilia/ was inspirational for young people, particularly artifacts that was displayed in the lobby of the young Latinos and families in general. movie venue in Lansing in early April. As a Lorenzo Lopez saw the film in Lansing with doctoral student in Chicano/Latino Studies,

Disclaimer: The Latino Banner and its staff are not responsible and will not be held liable for any mistakes, errors, misspellings and false advertisements in part or whole that may be placed within its publication. Articles, information or comments printed in the Latino Banner are not necessarily the views or beliefs of The Latino Banner newspaper. The Latino Banner reserves the right to edit, change, or delete any information, or refuse to print any information, article or advertisement which is believed to be inconsistent with or conflicts with the mission of the newspaper. We encourage readers to send letters, story ideas, comments and questions. Deadlines: 2 weeks before each publication date of the 1st and 16th of each month Submission Procedure: Mailed or e-mailed to the Latino Preferred format: Jpeg or PDF

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April 16, 2014

FROM LB 2 Michigan Audiences Cheer Chavez Film the movie at As always, whenever being interviewed live, you always forget to say something, he emailed the Latino Banner. So, what I was not able to say that I wanted to is: The artistic and directorial vision for Csar Chvez, the movie, doesnt seem to be the traditional, Western, Great Man film. It isnt the kind of film which celebrates the individual accomplishments of a single visionary or charismatic leader. So viewers--and film critiques--expecting this very westernized, individualistic genre of film making are likely to be disappointed. Indeed, such a film would not accurately reflect the popular movement that led to the creation of the UFW and the grape boycott either. In fact, it would fail to reflect the cultural values of collectivity, interdependency and people-power held by Csar, as well as his family, his union colleagues and the community from which this movement and this great leader both emerged. In the end, this film is grounded in Latino/a values and culture and it serves to celebrate the spirit of collectivity and the collective action

The Latino Banner Vamos Adelante

which sought to address injustices which affect us all, Brammer emphasized. His kids, ages 9 and 7 also loved the film, Brammer said. For days, we couldnt get them to stop running around the house, shouting, Huelga! Huelga! Huelga! (Spanish for Strike!) just like Helen Chvez and Dolores Huerta in the film. Brammer said his sevenyear old daughter even wrote a book about Csar Chvez, based on what she learned from the movie, as well as Richard Griswold del Castillos childrens book about Csar Chvez. The second grader read it to her class during show-and-tell on March 31. A very proud moment for us as parents--as you can imagine. Great movie! Great learning experience! (Albeit somewhat misunderstood by film critiques from outside of the Latino/a community. High school teachers also may find the film help students touch history in todays best story-telling medium--a Hollywood movie on the big screen. Arthur Hill High School Roxanne Chantaca, Spanish teacher at Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw, got transportation, chaperones and parents together on by April 10 for a big field trip Friday, the next day. One of my proudest moments as a teacher

LB 3
will take place tomorrow: I am taking 80 of my Spanish One students to view the Csar Chvez movie, she told The Latino Banner. Many of my students signed the petition to get the movie to show in Saginaw. Students have been inspired to step up, get involved and make a change. These young leaders were sparked when learning about the impact Csar Chvez and Dolores Huerta have on American history. AHHS staff members and community leaders will serve as chaperones. After the movie we will go to lunch to discuss the movie. Hispanic-theme Films? What connects all these film viewers comments is their sense of openness to accurate portrayals of Hispanics and their stories, with all their complicated and intriguing dimensions and multi-political perspectives. The Hispanic market in the hinterland here--outside of the top ten Hispanic states--is ready to support these films at the box office. The catch-22 is that these films are not usually distributed here, unless petitions get the theater chains attention. Thats when local people can exponentially increase their influence by using social media and their greenbacks to say Im buying here.

The movie, Cesar Chavez, came at a time in my life when I needed it most. One may say his work and organizing efforts have been around since the early 60s, but what some dont realize is that his leadership is a legacy that still lives today. When we learned the first major film about Mexican-American Civil Right and Labor Leader Cesar Chavez was not showing in Michigan movie theatres, Latinos all over the state decided to do something about it. Petitions were created and signed to bring the movie to Michigan, and more specifically, Saginaw, where the Hispanic

Si Se Puede!

community is strong. Su Voto es Su Voz came to life and I personally, along with hundreds of other people from the community, had something to do with it. The spirit of Cesar Chavez lives on and represents him self in numbers. As an ambassador of the Great Lakes Bay Hispanic Leadership Institute (GLBHLI), our goal is to become effective leaders, not just for our own sake, but also for the sake of others. This is something that Cesar Chavez believed in. He had a vision of progress and prosperity for the community. Through this biography I was inspired by the strength and wisdom of Cesar

Chavez, and I was immensely proud of the determination and courage displayed by mi gente. Although some critics may argue that the film didnt do justice for the commitment and struggles that Cesar Chavez endured alongside of others, I personally felt the film inspired me beyond the big screen. If Cesar Chavez can use a tiny grape to move mountains, imagine the possibilities ahead of us. History and change is made one step at a time, but we are not alone. Together, si se puede! Marina Jimenez

The Cesar Chavez movie was captivating and truly inspiring. Cesars humble servant-leader example is exactly what we as Christians are called to follow. I am ecstatic that the movie so eloquently captured Cesars unceasing determination to achieve social justice at any cost! S se puede!
Sabrina Costilla, Associate Offices of Hispanic Ministry and Christian Service Catholic Diocese of Saginaw

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LB 4

The Latino Banner Vamos Adelante

April 16, 2014

an Stud ies


demia del Pueb lo

y ne Wa

State Univer

ric Ame in

sit y

6-9 P.M.

9 A.M.-6:30 P.M.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475 The Latino Banner

n te r Ce

for Latino

an dL


El Movimiento 2.0: Youth, Identity, Empowerment

Latino/a and Latin American Studies Research Conference

From Mambo to Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale Film Screening Where: 5045 Anthony Wayne Dr., 150 General Lectures Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202 Followed by a panel discussion by Ozzie Rivera, Dez Hernandez, 5e Gallery and The Raiz Up Hip Hop Collective

5th annual La Academia del Pueblo

Where: 495 Gilmour Mall, McGregor Memorial Conference Center Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202 Keynote speaker: Dr. Andreana Clay Andreana Clay is associate professor of sociology and sexuality studies at San Francisco State University. She is author of The Hip-Hop Generation Fights Back: Youth, Activism and Post-Civil Rights Politics which explores how youth activists of color organize in the post-civil rights era. In her articles, she also studies hip-hop culture, queer sexuality, popular cultures and hip-hop feminism. You can nd her blog, QueerBlackFeminist, at Featured Authors: PEN Beyond Margins Award-winning author, Lolita Hernndez, reading from her new book of short ction, Making Callaloo in Detroit. National Book Award-winning translator and poet, Clayton Eshleman, reading from The Complete Poetry of Csar Vallejo, his book of translations of the great Peruvian poet.

Free Film Screening, conference registration and meals included.

For more information and to register, visit or call 313-577-4378. Presented by the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies with the support of the WSU Graduate School, the Leven Foundation, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, AARP and El Saln de Nuestra Cultura.

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

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The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Intersection of Business
The Saginaw Valley State University College of Business and Management honored regional businesses, students, faculty, and alumni during the first annual Academia Awards Best In Business ceremony Friday, March 21. Nexteer Automotive received the Outstanding Business award. The automotive parts manufacturer headquartered in Saginaw is a multibillion dollar steering and drive line production business, employs 10,000 people and serves more than 50 customers globally including General Motors, Ford, Fiat and Toyota. The Outstanding Family Business award was given to Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. The Saginaw-based moving and storage company earned the award in part because of its development and implementation of family policies for the business, as well as its development of the next generation of family members for the business. Herbert Spence III received the Outstanding Business Leader award. The president and chief executive officer of Spence Bros., a familyowned construction firm, also is a member of a number of community boards including the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance, United Way of Saginaw County, and the Boys and Girls Club of The Great Lakes Bay Region. Pamela Forbus received the Outstanding College of Business and Management Alumna award. A native of Macomb Countys Harrison Township, the vice president of strategic insights for Frito Lay earned a bachelors degree from



SVSU Honors Best in Business in The Great Lakes Bay Region

Dr. Rama Yelkur, Dean, College of Business & Management

SVSU in 1987. At Frito Lay, Forbus leads a team of 30 strategy, analytics and market insight professionals at the company with six brands and over $1 billion in sales. The Outstanding Undergraduate Student award was presented to Stephanie Smith. The Harbor Springs native, who graduated from SVSU with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in December, was a recipient of the universitys Presidents Scholarship and a member of the Honors Program. She has traveled to Cambodia, Haiti, Mozambique and Nepal for service activities and research. Brian Funk received the Outstanding Graduate Student award. A Midland native, he completed his Master of Business Administration degree in December. Funk is currently the controller at Johnson Carbide Products, a Saginaw manufacturer of drills and other specialized cutting instruments. The Excellence in Teaching: Faculty

award was given to Mark McCartney. The SVSU professor of accounting was recognized because of his passion for teaching and student learning. I am proud to say that I work to the best of my ability to help students prepare for their careers, he said. John Abbott received the Excellence in Teaching: Adjunct Faculty award. The retired major manager from The Dow Chemical Co. began teaching SVSU marketing and management courses in 1994. My passion is opening the students mind and heart to the realities of life in the business world and showing them how to succeed in that environment, he said. The Excellence in Research award was given to Kaustav Misra. The SVSU assistant professor in economics has written scholarly articles published by a number of journals since joining SVSU in January 2011. One of Misras articles, The propensity to use incentive compensation for non-family managers in SME family firms, was selected as the Journal of Family Business Managements Outstanding Paper of 2013 by the publications editorial board. SVSUs undergraduate and graduate business programs are accredited by AACSB International, the leading accrediting agency for business colleges. SVSU first received accreditation from AACSB in 2002 and recently was granted an extension through 2018. Less than 5 percent of the 13,000 collegiate business programs worldwide are so accredited.

Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce Welcome to the Chamber!

Bicycle Village 5675 Bay Rd. Saginaw, MI 48604 989.792.8121
1000 businesses strong: Are YOU a member? Contact or 989 757-2112 for more information.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 11

Meet the Lenders


Michael L. Oakes


Benton Harbor - Here is your chance to pitch your business start or expansion plan to more than 20 commercial lenders, loan guarantors and service organizations. Those interested in attending should meet for one-on-one counseling with SBDC Business Consultant Bob Jones to ensure your business plans and financials are complete and ready to Meet the Lender. The one-on-one counseling session will be April 24, 9 a.m. to noon, at 499 W. Main Street, in Benton Harbor. To register contact Bob Jones 269-927-1799, ext. 1148.

We give personalized attention to every client who seeks our advice. We provide quality legal services to our clients, and keep them informed every step of the way. Our services include, but are not limited to:
Criminal Law Misdemeanors and Felonies Civil Litigation, including Breach of Contract, Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Construction Defect Litigation, and High Profile Litigation. Landlord/Tenant Law. Civil Appellate Practice. 2811 E. Genesee Ave. Small Claims Matters. Saginaw, MI 48601 Contract Law, and more.

SBA Announces National Small Business Week

Washington - Aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and others are invited to attend the U.S. Small Business Administrations National Small Business Week events held May 12-16, 2014. Interested individuals can register online at www.sbagov/ smallbusinessweek

When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. George Washington Carver

Great Lakes Bay Economic Club Featuring Jason S. Palmer, Director of the Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives
The Great Lakes Bay Economic Club April Luncheon on April 28, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., will Feature Jason S. Palmer, the Director of the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, at Saginaw Valley State University. The topic will be an Annotated Economic and Labor Market Update for the Great Lakes Bay Region As Director of the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, Palmer oversees Michigans federal-state cooperative programs with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau and directs the states economic, workforce, and demographic research and analysis. Prior to serving as its Director, Palmer was the Bureaus Research Director. In addition, Palmer enjoys an appointment as Visiting Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, where he lectures on topics including the sociology of work, labor markets, occupational health and safety, employment discrimination, and labor and employment law. Palmer received his Bachelors in Economics from Michigan State University and his Masters in Labor and Industrial Relations from Wayne State University. He received his Juris Doctorate, with honors, from the Michigan State University

College of Law and is a licensed attorney admitted to the State Bar of Michigan and its Sections on Labor and Employment Law and Administrative and Regulatory Law. Palmer is a member of the American Economic Association and the American Sociological Association. While serving as an economic update, Jasons remarks will also identify some common shortcomings and not-so-common pitfalls associated with using economic and labor market data for decision making. He will also discuss practical data issues throughout his presentation, providing some insights for those in the room.

The YWCA Great Lakes Bay Region, located at 723 Washington Ave., in Bay City, will present a charisma workshop on May 8, at 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Building Personal Charisma

Can charisma be taught? Research says yes! In this interactive workshop, define what charisma is, how to get it, and what it will do for you. Come ready to participate in a series of

activities with instructor Jennifer Luzar of Northwood University. For additional information call 989.894.9055.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 12

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Bancroft & Eddy Launch Luxury Apartments in Downtown Saginaw MEDC

Grant Will Support Project
Saginaw - Developers of the Bancroft & Eddy have launched their luxury apartments in Downtown Saginaw with support from the Michigan Community Revitalization Program in cooperation with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). Bancroft Project Saginaw LLC is investing $6 million to renovate both historic buildings located on Downtowns key intersection of Washington Ave. and E. Genesee Ave. The MEDC awarded a $1 million grant that will support the completion of the project. This has been an incredibly rewarding process, which has allowed us to restore and reinvent two buildings in the heart of Saginaw that are more than 100 years old, said Carol Bodnar, attorney-at-law with Bancroft Project Saginaw LLC. The Eddy building is already filling up and the Bancroft is ready to go. The Michigan Community Revitalization Program is an incentive program available from the Michigan Strategic Fund, in cooperation with the MEDC, designed to promote community revitalization that will accelerate private investPhotos Credit: Saginaw Future ment and foster redevelopment of functionally obsolete or historic properties. This is a day to celebrate a new vision of Downtown Saginaw and the collaboration that is making it possible. Everyone involved, the developers, the city, Saginaw Future, and MEDC have teamed to bring about a new era of opportunity and growth in this historic center of the city, said Michael Finney, MEDC President and CEO. Talent is the new currency of ecoMichael Finney, MEDC nomic development and President and CEO this development opens new opportunities for those looking to live in a vibrant community. The City of Saginaw worked closely with Saginaw Future Inc. (SFI), the county-wide economic development organization, to help streamline the renovation process and put incentives in place to help make the project viable. The City and SFI assisted with property acquisition that included bid solicitations from around the country by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. The project received an Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act, which essentially freezes taxes on the buildings and a flexible parking plan has been developed. The repurposing of the Bancroft and Eddy Buildings has been a huge goal for the City of Saginaw for a number of years that was only made possible by private sector, state and local colSaginaw City Manager, laboration, said Tim Morales Saginaw City Manager Tim Morales. People are interested in urban living again and with all of the exciting developments taking place, they are moving to Downtown Saginaw! For available apartment information at the Eddy Building and the Bancroft Luxury Apartments, visit or call 989-776-9000.

MIDLAND- The Michigan Small Business Development Center Great Lakes Bay Region will offer a Starting a Business seminar at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library at 1710 W. St. Andrews in Midland on Thursday, May 1 from 6pm to 8:30pm for free. This seminar is designed for individuals who are considering self-employment and those who may be at the beginning stages of starting a business. Delivered in a seminar format, this introductory session helps aspiring entrepreneurs assess

Starting a Business

their abilities to lead and manage a company, as well as evaluate market and sales potential for their products/services. Start-up costs, financing options, and business planning are introduced, along with other necessary steps to getting started. For more information about Michigan SBDC, online resources, business education seminars and registration, go to or call (989) 686-9597. Pre-registration is required. Seminar sponsors are Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, Midland Area Chamber of Commerce, Midland

Tomorrow, Midland County Clerk and the SBDC Great Lakes Bay Region hosted by Delta College Corporate Services. This same seminar is repeated at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library in Midland on Thursday, June 12 from 6pm to 8:30pm and you can register online using the link above. The SBDC Great Lakes Bay Region serves Arenac, Bay, Midland and Saginaw Counties.

Local Business Earns Recognition Statewide

Mount Pleasant Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. (PATI) will be recognized this spring by Gov. Snyder as one of the 2014 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch during the tenth annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business event, May 6 in East Lansing, MI. PATI specializes in iden-

tifying harmful contaminants in the air. Established in Mount Pleasant in 1992, the company started as a service based company.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 13

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, 1400 W. Genesee Saginaw,Michigan (989) Michigan (989) 753-3475 753-3475

Page 14

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Attorneys The Law Offices of Alan A. Crawford PLLC Alan A. Crawford, Attorney At Law 615 Griswold Ste. 1215, Detroit, MI 48226 803 Court Street, Saginaw, MI 48602 313.559.7881 313.556.2487 (Fax) Michael L. Oakes, Attorney At Law 2811 E. Genesee Saginaw, MI 48601 1-888-886-5711 Authors W. James Richardson 1356 Woodside Street Saginaw, MI 48601 988-753-0233 Auto Labadie Olds 711 S. Euclid Bay City, MI 48706 Terry Reed Sales Professional 989-667-2000 Ext. 341 Direct 989-460-0341 Fax 989-667-0103 E-mail Website McDonald Pontiac-GMC, Inc. 5155 State Street Saginaw, MI 48603 Leon V. Washington Sales & Leasing Professional 989-790-5155 Saginaw Valley Ford Lincoln 4201 Bay Road Saginaw, MI 48603 Parys Liddell Sales Consultant-Lincoln Certified Representative 989.792.2453 Auto Detail Morningstar Auto Detail Shop 306 East Remington Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989-482-6505 Bakeries Lighthouse Bakery 285 S. Outer Drive Saginaw, MI 48601 989-754-7088 Fax 989-754-7099 Sweet Creations Owner Anesha Stanley Address: 116 N. Michigan Avenue Phone: 989-797-6727 Banquet Facilities Rowan - West Facility 1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan 48602 989-753-3475

Beauty Illusions Beauty Salon Valerie King Owner/Operator 1400 W. Genesee Street Saginaw, MI 48602 989.755.2666/989.755.3883 Reflection of U Too Louise McKinnie, Owner 2103 Sheridan Ave. Saginaw, Michigan 48601 989.753.4600 Sports Barbershop 1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan 48602 989-992-2600 Unique Cuts & Massage 1502 Court Street Saginaw, MI 48602 989-327-2338 Unique Cuts II 3125 E. Holland Saginaw, MI 48601 989-327-2338

Business Directory

Dentists Jack W. Nash, DDS Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry 1320 S. Washington Ave. Saginaw, Michigan 48601 989-752-1200 Fashion Where Did U Get That Hat? Specialize in Custom Designs Sundays Best Yvonne Ellison/Milliner Phone 989-529-4193 E-mail: Financial City of Saginaw Block Grant & Rehab Program 1315 S. Washington Avenue, Room Saginaw, MI 48601 989-759-1530 Saginaw Economic Development Corporation Shontaye Bibbs 1315 S. Washington Avenue, Room 207 Saginaw, MI 48601 989-759-1395 Florists Erikas Flowers 214 Federal Ave. Saginaw, MI 48607 989-755-9330 Food & Dining Spencers Route 46 Spence Dambro Proprietor 5530 Gratiot 989-793-3400 Saginaw, MI 48638 Funeral Homes Deisler Funeral Home 2233 Hemmeter Rd. Saginaw, MI 48603 989.799.1151 Graphics/Digital TBF Graphics Digital 803 S. Washington Ave. Saginaw, Michigan 48601 989-752-5540 TBFGRAPHICS.COM TBFDIGITAL.COM Heating and Cooling HORIZON Azola Williams 989-755-8650 Business 989-233-3295 Cell

Home Health Care Services Comforcare Home Care 320 S. Washington Ave. Ste. 202 Saginaw, MI 48607 989.752.5502 Painting Services Resurrection Painting Scott Severin 989.792.2009 Interior/Exterior Drywall Repair/Power Washing Deck Staining Free Estimates Photography E.B. Studio 212 Washington Ave. Saginaw, MI 48607 989-397-4144 Publications David Hall Crimiel Publications LLC POB 20061 Saginaw, Michigan 48602 Restaurants Brother Arthurs Fish & More 2522 E. Genesee Saginaw, MI 48601 989-752-0200 Rite Spot 1205 Lapeer Saginaw, MI 48601 989-754-6001 Savoy Bar & Grill 127 S. Franklin Street Saginaw, MI 48607 989.754.9660 Retailers GREEKS R US 2203 E. Genesee Saginaw, MI 48601 989-755-4925 Shoe Repair Morgans Shoe Repair 308 Federal Ave. Saginaw, MI 48607 989-754-6155 Tax Services Robert McDuffy Tax & Accounting Service/ERO e-file 2127 Ledyard Saginaw, MI 48601 Business - 989-443-0115 Fax 989-752-1467

Business Solutions The Growth Coach Cal Talley, Owner 293 Provincial Ct. #78 48602 989-401-6229 C.Talley@The www.The Cleaning Services Extreme Carpet & Upholstery William & Denise Murphy - Owners Commercial & Residential Janitorial Services 989-753-3335 Best Choice Floor Maintenance & Carpet Cleaning 989-316-8327 Community Centers and Services First Ward Community Services 1410 N. 12th Street Saginaw, Michigan 48601 989-753-0411 Construction Kingdom Builders Jim Shafley, President 2210 Annesley Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989. 948.8094 Consultants EnviCare Consulting, Inc. Billy J. Strawter, Sr., President 2809 Blairmont Drive Midland, MI 48622 989.839.9177

Advertisers Are Talking 24/7 Around The Great Lakes Bay Region And Beyond @! To Join The Conversation Contact The Sales Staff at 989.753.3475, or

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 15

The Gamma Kappa Kudos and Xinos of The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Gamma Kappa Chapter attended the 2014 Midwestern Regional Xinos/Kudos Conference in Cleveland, OH on April 4-6, 2014. Kudos are the young men and Xinos are the young ladies that are sponsored by the sorority. The dynamic young people who participated attend the area high schools in the Great Lakes Bay Area. In attendance at the conference were 20 chapters from 7 states in the Midwest-- (2) Illinois, (8) Ohio, (3) Indiana, (3) Michigan, (2) Missouri, (1) Wisconsin, and (1) Kansas. The Great Lakes Bay Area Gamma Kappa Chapter brought home the following individual and group trophies in the following categories: KUDOS --Math Algebra, Dwight Peters, Saginaw Arts and Science Academy, Third Place --Dramatics, DeJoiry McKenzieSimmons, Arthur Hill High School &

Dynamic GLBR Youth Capture Top Awards At Conference

SASA, First Place --Oratorical, Otis Jackson III, Heritage High School, First Place --Poetry, DeJoiry McKenzieSimmons, Arthur Hill High School & SASA, First Place -- Kudos Activity Book, First Place. XINOS --Dramatics, Karrie Bell, Saginaw High School, Second Place --Vocal Music, Ronisha Sheppard, Carrollton High School, First Place --Dance, Imani Roberts, Saginaw High School & Saginaw Arts and Science Academy, First Place --Prose, Ronisha Sheppard, Carrollton High School, First Place --Oratorical, Raven Simmons, Saginaw Arts and Science Academy, Second Place --Poetry, TyMia Taylor, Heritage High School and SVSU, First Place --Photography, Ashley Jackson, Utica High School (formerly attended Saginaw High School & SASA), Third Place --Art 1, MyKeyah Walker, Arthur High

School, First Place -- Xinos Activity Book, Second Place Group Talent (Skit), Gamma Kappa Chapter, First Place. The Skit was based on the conference theme: If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change. This theme is reflective of the direction to take our youth, the future leaders of our world and Mahatma Gandhis quote, Be the change you wish to see in the world. Fifteen (15) trophies were won by Gamma Kappa Chapter. Senior Advisors for the Gamma Kappa Xinos is Mrs. Thelma Ruffin; Senior Advisor of the Gamma Kappa Kudos is Mrs. Mary Currie. Students in grades 9-12 who are interested in becoming members of the Kudos or Xinos can email Dr. Lillian JonesThomas, Gamma Kappa Chapter Public Relations at or call 989. 497-0288.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 16

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Pit and Balcony Youth Theatre Project

Pit and Balcony Theatre is happy to present TWO great opportunities for kids ages 9-17!

Class Act Workshops:

A fun and informative day-long theatre workshop including the following seminars and instructors:
Musical AuditionsSue Sprigg & Lucy Malacos ImprovisationNaseem Mazloom Readers TheatreAnn Russell-Lutenske DanceCandy Kotze Character DevelopmentMike Wisniewski

When: April 26th Time: Check-in/Breakfast 9:30-10:00 am Workshops begin promptly at 10:00 am Where: Pit and Balcony Theatre, 805 N. Hamilton, Saginaw To register, call us at (989) 754-6587 Registration Deadline: April 22nd

Fee: $20 per participant

Workshop space is limited to the first 100 participants!

Summer Production: North Woods Nonsense

Open Auditions: May 13th & 14th at 6pm Performances: June 20th and 21st No registration needed! This fast action comedy centers round a run-down hotel lobby in Moose Bottom Lake in northern Maine, where handyman Pete has written a newspaper article about Bigfoot kidnapping a local resident. The rumored sighting of Sasquatch provides the perfect excuse for Birch and Pine, assistants to the worst congressman in history, to suggest a trip to the senator. But with reporters hot on the congressmans trail and lunatic guests pursuing Bigfoot, you can imagine the zany fun that converges at the hotel... especially when Pete decides the guests really should get a chance to see Bigfoot! Pit and Balcony Youth Theatre Project
Is made possible through a grant from The Morley Foundation.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 17

Future GLBR Leaders to Begin Intensive Training Program

The Saginaw Valley African American Leadership Training Institute (SVAALTI) is a component of the Great Lakes Bay Region African American Leadership Institute with the primary purpose to develop promising African American leaders who have a passion and desire for the Great Lakes Bay Region in the areas of politics/public policy, education and economics. The 2014 intensive 1 year program will begin in May with a Saturday orientation and in June the classes will begin. For additional information concerning enrollment contact Kevin N. Gregory at 989.964.8116 or

Delta College Student is 2014 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Bronze Scholar
Bronze Scholar. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation sponsors the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team program by recognizing 50 Gold, 50 Silver and 50 Bronze Scholars, and providing nearly $200,000 in scholarships annually. Each Bronze Scholar receives a $1,000 scholarship and a special medallion. I learned college is about taking advantage of any and all opportunities, and Delta College makes this a priority, Worden said. My instructor encouraged me to apply to be an officer of Phi Theta Kappa. Now Im on the 2014 AllMichigan Academic Team and I am a Coca-Cola Bronze Scholar. Worden will graduate from Delta College this May with an Associates in Science and a Liberal Arts Certificate. He plans to transfer to University of Michigan-Flint to pursue physical therapy. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society administers the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Program and recognizes Coca-Cola Academic Team scholars during All-State Community College Academic Team Recognition ceremonies held in 38 states. Student scholars also receive recognition locally during ceremonies held on campus and internationally for those who are able to attend Phi Theta Kappas Annual Convention. Community college presidents or their designated nominators may submit two nominations per campus for this award. An independent panel of judges considers outstanding academic rigor, grade point average, academic and leadership awards, and engagement in college and community service in the selection process. We thank the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation for their vote of confidence in community college students by investing in their futures, said Dr. Rod Risley, Executive Director of Phi Theta Kappa. Their support is especially welcome during this challenging economic climate, as more and more community college students need additional resources to help them complete their degrees. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, headquartered in Jackson, is the largest honor society in American higher education with more than 1,285 chapters on two-year and community college campuses with approximately 131,000 students inducted annually.

Brandon Worden Brandon Worden of Frankenmuth, a student at Delta College, has been named a 2014 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team

YPN Network @ Noon

Join us on Thursday, April 17 for the YPN Network at noon at the Horizons Conference Center, located at 6200 State Street, in Saginaw, Michigan. Former Central Michigan University football player and Saginaw native, Brian Pruitt will be on hand to discuss how to influence others and motivate change. The cost is $15 in advance by credit card, or $20 at the door with cash or check only. To register call Lisa at 757-2115. Pre-registration IS required to attend this event.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

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The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Youth Have Fun While Providing for Community

An extraordinary and out-ofthe-box hair and fashion show was enjoyed by the Great Lakes Bay Region at the recently held Natural Couture and Fashion Show co-organized by Candace Buchanan and Arneeshia Richardson. The event on March 21, at the Four Points Sheraton in Saginaw, featured a fashion show of men and women with unique natural hairstyles, and also included giveaways. The Good Neighbors Mission located at 1318 Cherry in Saginaw, which provides services and food for the community, received a portion of the ticket sales donation from the Natural CouNatural Couture Models ture and Fashion Show.

Eboni William and Jaquana Bivens showcasing their tribal makeup looks.

Co-Creators and Founders, Arneeshia Richardson and Candace Buchanan, Mannequin Model, Aleggra Porter, Center

Our Advertisers Are Talking 24 Hours @ Www.Themichiganbanner.Com

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 19

CMU Computer-Based Testing Center Ranked Among 100 best in U.S.

Mount Pleasant Central Michigan Universitys ComputerBased Testing Center has been named to the list of 100 top testing centers in the country for 2013 by the College Level Examination Program. The center, located in the basement of Robinson Hall, administers 2,000 high-stakes tests a year according to Terri Moeggenberg, administrator at the testing center. Many of the tests are for admission to graduate school, law school and medical school. Students take the SAT here, as well as CLEP tests, to test out of college classes. International students take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, known as the TOEFL, in order to attend college in the U.S. But the center isnt just for students. Professionals take certification tests as well, driving from other areas of the state to be tested here. These include teacher, medical examiner, and alcohol and drug counselor certifications, executive chef and interpreters in the health care industry exams, and assorted tests in the information technology field. Moeggenberg also is the proctor for students taking tests for online courses through other universities. As test administrator, she greets all test takers, gets their paperwork in order and seats them in the testing room. She waves a security wand over them to check for any cell phones or cameras that could be used for cheating. When they leave to take a break, she scans their palms, then scans them again when they re-enter to make sure its the same person finishing the test. Sometimes test takers are like secret shoppers. Theyre not trying to get into graduate school theyre sent undercover by the testing companies to make sure Moeggenberg is doing everything right. Is she asking for ID, scanning test takers with the security wand and informing them theyll be videotaped? Then they rate her performance. She and the testing center recently received a 100 percent excellence rating. Test takers have a big investment. The fee for tests ranges from $160 to $250 per test. These tests determine whether you get into your school of choice or not, Moeggenberg said. Some take them two and three times to get the score they want. Ive had people say, Thank God if I didnt pass this test I would have lost my job. At the end, they thank me, she says. I tell them, I didnt do anything. But, youre welcome.

Like Us @
Girl Pride Sugar & Spice Young Men Who Dare GEMS Parent Committee Tuesday Tutoring

Tweens and Teens Make their own Bubblegum Machine Students in grades 5th -12th can join in the fun as you make your own personal bubblegum machine. Be creative by personalizing it with your school colors, school mascot or favorite art design. When youre all done, fill your machine with bubblegum. This program is FREE, but registration is required by calling the library of your choice. Registration is limited to 25 at each branch. Monday, April 21 4:30 p.m.

APRIL is Celebrate Libraries Month

Now taking applications for youth ages 6-18 wanting to meet new friends, explore ideas, and learn different aspects of life.
For more information call (989) 399-9275 / 737-9286 Sponsored by: Women of Colors, Inc.

Wickes Library ~ 752-3821 Tuesday, April 22 4:30 p.m. Claytor Library ~ 753-5591 Digital Scrapbooking for Teens Bring a picture or two on a flash drive and we will show you how fast you can make a scrapbook page using digital software. You will see a demonstration and techniques to use and then will be free to put your own artistic spin on what youve learned. Everyone will leave with a scrapbook page printed. Program is limited to 12 participants and registration is required, call 799-9832.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 20

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper Saginaw Township Community Schools

April 16, 2014

Your Schools of Choice!

STCS is accepting Schools of Choice applications for the 2014-15 school year for K/Y5 through 6th grade students in Saginaw County. STCS is also accepting applications from students residing in Saginaw County for Special Programs as follows: Hemmeter K-5 Gifted and Talented; Heritage Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs for 11th and 12th grade students who meet qualification guidelines. STCS offers:
g g g g g g g

Elementary art, music, and physical education Talent Development programs K-12 g Active Parent Organizations Middle and High School Art, Band, Choir, Drama, and Orchestra Middle and High School Industrial Technology High School Advanced Placement classes Middle and High School International Baccalaureate Technology Infused Instruction and Wi-Fi

Covenant Kids is a fund within the Covenant HealthCare Foundation committed to enhancing the care for all Covenant Kids, any Covenant patient under the age of 18, and their families. The fifth annual Covenant Kids Telethon will take place Saturday, April 19, from noon to 6pm at the Mid Michigan Childrens Museum (315 West Genesee Avenue) airing live on WNEM TV5. Presenters will showcase equipment and projects made possible via previous donations to Covenant Kids. In the past four years, Covenant Kids has fulfilled funding requests for many hospital needs that support pediatric patients. From purchasing whole body cooling systems for preemies with encephalopathy, to initial supplies for newly diagnosed pediatric diabetes patients, to a Ret Cam that helps to diagnose a condition that can lead to blindness in premature infants, donations to Covenant Kids have made significant changes in the lives of countless children from across the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond. For more information about Covenant Kids or to donate, visit www., or call 989.583.7655

Covenant Kids Telethon

Applications will be accepted from April 23 - May, 7. Applications are available online at (Schools of Choice link under Parents), or at the Community Education office inside Heritage HS. Questions? Call 797.1847 or Steve Elliott at 399.8029 (

1574 S. Washington Ave Saginaw, MI For ages 10 and under up to 15 For additional information and registration email Mike Jacobs at or Chris Packard at

2014 CYFAS Invitational June 27 29 Hoyt Park

Castle Museum Explores the Places People Called Home

Explore the places people called home in the Castle Museums latest exhibition, At Home in Saginaw: 1850-1960. Using photographs, videos and models, the exhibit focuses on what Saginaw was like in years past. The display tells the stories of housing construction and the places people called home. It shows living areas that were common in the late 1800s and also the more modern 1960s. This is a wonderful exhibition showing that a home is more than simply a place to live, said Thomas Trombley, deputy director at the Castle Museum. It shows how the Saginaw community was defined. The technology and building styles have changed immensely through the years. The examples of photographs, architectural drawings and living areas with period furniture bring a wide variety of what the Saginaw community has been over the course of a century. The dollhouses are an interesting part of the exhibit, Trombley said. We easily forget that dollhouses are a form of housing, only on a much smaller level. Sometimes dollhouses are based on an architectural style and sometimes were a replica of the family home. One of the dollhouses in the exhibition shows an Italianate-style house, which at the time was popular in Saginaw. The other is a replica of a Braun family home. Although considered toys, these dollhouses remind visitors how early it is instilled in us to have a home and fill it with goods. The Braun toy house was made in the 1940s and features the same flooring as the original home. At Home in Saginaw is on exhibition at the Castle Museum through April 20. The Castle Museum is open Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 4:30 p.m. For more information, call 989-752-2861 or go to The Historical Society of Saginaw County is committed to serving the community by telling the continuing story of the people of the Saginaw region through exploration, preservation and presentation of their historical and cultural heritage.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 21

Sabrina Beeman-Jackson Saginaw ISD Head Start/Early Head Start Program Director

NHSAs Annual National Head Start Conference is the nations largest gathering of Head Start and Early Head Start professionals. More than 2,500 directors, administrators, managers, teachers, supervisors, parents and policy council members, from hundreds of programs and from every state are Driven to Make a Difference and will attend in 2014, in Long Beach, CA. The NHSA Vision All children should reach their full potential, Every child can succeed, We can impact the success of at-risk children, and Quality early education fundamentally transforms children and families To lead - To be the untiring voice that will not be quiet until every vulnerable child is served with the Head Start model of support for the whole child, the family and the community. To advocate - To work diligently for policy and institutional changes that ensure all vulnerable children and families have what they need to succeed. NHSA Mission Our mission is to coalesce, inspire, and support the Head Start field as a leader in early childhood development and education. The National Head Start Association is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization committed to the belief that every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, has the ability to succeed in life. The opportunities offered by Head Start lead to healthier, empowered children and families, and stronger, more vibrant communities. NHSA is the voice for more than 1 million children,

200,000 staff and 1,600 Head Start grantees in the United States. Since 1974, NHSA has worked diligently for policy changes that ensure all at-risk children have access to the Head Start model of support for the whole child, the family and the community. NHSA offers an impressive portfolio of professional development services and programs for the entire early childhood community. These include the annual National Head Start Conference, the largest national event devoted to the Early Head Start and Head Start community, and the National Parent Conference, the only national event devoted to parents and families. NHSA has several donation opportunities for supporting NHSA. Dollar Per Child Donate $1 per child enrolled in your program to help fund NHSA advocacy efforts.

Scholarships and Awards The National Head Start Associations Scholarships & Awards Program is open to individual, program and affiliate members of NHSA in good standing. Ron Herndon Scholarship The Ron Herndon Scholarship celebrates Head Start parents who, through their own efforts to mobilize other parents and community members, have affected real change in their Head Start programs and communities. Disaster Relief The Disaster Relief Fund is used to assist NHSA member Head Start and Early Head Start programs and their staff and families who become victims of natural disasters. General Fund Donations to the General Fund are used to support the programs and services of NHSA. Source:

Announcing our Keynote Speakers!

Opening Session Keynote Speaker: Nirvan Mullick, Caines Arcade Closing Session Keynote Speaker: LeVar Burton!

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 22

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Better Choices, Better Medicine, Better Healing

Free Skin Cancer Screening Offered at Covenant Cancer Care Center
An estimated 76,690 men and women in the United States will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer this year (American Cancer Society, 2013 facts and figures). To assist people access an annual skin check, the Covenant Cancer Care Center is hosting a free skin cancer screening Thursday, May 1, 2014. From 5 pm to 7:30 pm at the Covenant Cancer Care Center, 5400 Mackinaw, in Saginaw. Medical professionals will be performing free skin screenings. To schedule an appointment, please call 989.583.4035, option 1. Space is limited.


You Can Make a Difference

The Sexual Assault Center of Child and Family Services provides 24 hour crisis intervention and advocacy, sexual assault & abuse counseling, legal advocacy, sexual assault response team, community education & prevention. Activities that you can participate in to help in the fight against sexual assault are listed below: April 17 - Bennigans Sexual Assault Benefit-Dine and 20% of your all day bill will be donated to the Sexual Assault Center. Download voucher at April 23 - National Denim Day-wear denim to work to speak out against sexual assault learn more about how you can be involved. For additional information contact Carrie Schultz MSA, Child and Family Services at 989. 393.4229, visit www.

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 23


We began our third Incredible Years class series in October 2012. On the first day of classes we do We believe this paperwork and story shows just introductions. how vital the During the first Incredible Years class, my co-group leader and Project and I began Launch are to introductions by our community. saying what our jobs are and what our background is. Then it was the parents turns to share. This group went way above and beyond the typical name and brief background (number of children, gender and ages) that most parents give when they first meet each other. These parents voluntarily opened up and shared difficulties they were having with each child including the troubles and barriers their families were facing. Several of the parents cried when they shared. Each parent spent a good ten minutes or more telling their story and what had led them to be in the class. They chose not to hold back! We believe this story shows just how vital the Project Launch-funded Incredible Years is to the community. The parents in our current session had these feelings and concerns bottled up just waiting for someone to listen to them. Just waiting for someone who had support to offer them. When adults who have never met are willing to open up to strengthen their families, you know the services being provided are exactly what they were hoping for! ~ Danelle Elliott Incredible Years Group Leader CAN Council Great Lakes Bay

Are you or someone you know having child behavior problems?

Incredible Years

The CAN Council, through Project LAUNCH funding, offers FREE parenting classes. The program is called Incredible Years and is an evidence based curricula targeting parents with 3 to 6 year old children. The parent training program is designed to work jointly to promote emotional and social competence and to prevent, reduce, and treat behavioral and emotional problems in young children. There have been 40 parents and caregivers who participated in 3 series of 20 sessions each. Is IY helpful? National studies have shown promising results: Increased positive and nurturing parenting Decreased harsh coercive negative parenting Reduction in childrens home and school behavior problems Increased positive behaviors at home and school Increased parent-child bonding

For more information about Incredible Years, please contact Vera, CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region CAPE Director and Incredible Years Group Leader, at or 989-752-7226.

Project LAUNCH stands for Linking Actions for Unmet Needs for Childrens Health. The Michigan Department of Community Health was awarded a grant from the federal government and they chose Saginaw as the area to provide services. If you want to learn more about Project LAUNCH contact Pamela at (989) 202-1485 extension 102 or

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

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The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

healthy communities
Sponsored by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Saginaw Alumni Chapter

Healthy Kappas


Mens Health Fair
2 Annual
for the

SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2014 11:00AM3:00PM

GREATER COLEMAN TEMPLE (World Outreach Campus) 2405 BAY ROAD (Corner of Bay Road and Deindorfer) FREE HEALTH SCREENINGS FOR: Cholesterol Hearing Vision Blood Pressure Mini Health Assessments...and much more! Co-Sponsors:
Its About You. Its About Family. Its About Community!



College of Health and Human Services

For additional information, contact 989-239-8406 or 810-624-3432

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 25

Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance need a lot of support. From families, teachers, social service and healthcare providers and often more. We maximize those resources to make sure those children get all the support they need.



Contact Wardene Talley


1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 26

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Nonprofit Best Practices Management Winter 2014 Program Graduates

Saginaw Valley State University-Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development is pleased to announce the completion of the Nonprofit Best Practices Certificate program for winter 2014. The following people have successfully completed the requirements of the program and will be presented with a certificate of completion: Jeanna Byers Adult Recruitment and Education Specialist at Girl Scouts of America in Saginaw, MI Pastor Larry Camel President of Parishioners on Patrol in Saginaw, MI Connie Glave Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator at The Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network in Midland, MI Jeremiah Janze Food Donor Coordinator at Hidden Harvest in Saginaw, MI Elizabeth Negrete Ambassador at The Great Lakes Hispanics Leadership Institute in Saginaw, MI Samantha McKenzie Hospital Hospitality House in Saginaw, MI Michael Tesch Instructor at Major Cords for Minors in Saginaw, MI Rene Torres Volunteer at Shilo Boxing for Youth Club in Saginaw, MI William Traxler Executive Director at Boy and Girls Club in Bay City, MI Neil Wackerle President of the Midland County Humane Society in Midland, MI Cresandra Washington Youth Director at Women of Color in Saginaw, MI The Nonprofit Best Practices Management Certification program, made possible by United Way of Saginaw is for upper level

employees and management from nonprofit organizations. The program provided participants with tools, techniques and industry information to help them overcome the challenges in the nonprofit world today. Instructors from the nonprofit sector lead students through 36 classroom hours and workshops. Content covered included Leadership, Evaluation, Governance, Strategic Alliances, Financial Management, Social Media & Marketing, Human resources, Advocacy, Public Policy and Grant Writing. The next program will be held this spring with classes starting April 25, 2014. For more information about the program, call 989.964.2030, email or visit

April is Community Spirit Days Month


A.Philip Randolph Institute POB 1107 Saginaw, MI 48606 American Red Cross 1232 N. Michigan Saginaw, MI 48602 989-754-8181 Boys & Girls Club of Bay County 300 Lafayette Ave. Bay City, MI 48706 989-892-6723 CAN Council Saginaw County 1311 N. Michigan Avenue Saginaw, MI 48602 (989) 752-7226 / fax (989) 752-2777 Castle Museum of Saginaw County History 500 Federal Ave. Saginaw, MI 48607 Circle of Love 1809 Durand Ave. Saginaw, MI 48602 989-754-2377 Emmaus House of Saginaw 733 S. 15th Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989-755-7538 THE EZEKIEL PROJECT P.O. Box 3470 Saginaw, MI. 48605-3470 Phone: 989.755.1620 Fax: 989.755.4038 First Ward Community Center 1410 N. 12th Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989-753-0411 Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan 5470 Davis Rd. Saginaw, MI 48604 989-799-9565 Good Neighbors Mission 1318 Cherry Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989-399-9918 Health Delivery, Inc. 501 Lapeer Ave. Saginaw, MI 48607 989.759.6400 Houghton-Jones Task Force 1708 Johnson Street Saginaw, MI 989-752-1660 Lighthouse Outreach Center 808 Janes Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989.928.9096 Michigan Banner Outreach 1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, MI 48602 989-714-2240 Operation Reach 119 S. Jefferson Avenue Saginaw, MI 989-754-4444 Pit and Balcony Theatre 805 N. Hamilton Saginaw, MI 48602 989. 754.6587 Public Libraries of Saginaw Butman-Fish, Claytor, Hoyt, Wickes & Zauel Libraries 505 Janes Avenue Saginaw, MI 48607 989-755-0904 Restoration Community Outreach 1205 Norman Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 753-1886 / fax (989) 753-2880 Email: Saginaw County Community Action Agency, Inc. (CAC) 2824 Perkins Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989.753.7741 The Saginaw Community Foundation 1 Tuscola, Suite 100 Saginaw, MI 48607 989-755-0545 Women of Colors POB 5525 Saginaw, MI 48603 989.399.9275 or 989.737.9286

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 27

FUNdraising Good Times

Part Two

Comprehensive Campaigns: Where Is The Money?

By Mel and Pearl Shaw We were taken aback when, in casual conversation, an acquaintance blurted out, comprehensive campaigns are nothing but a con game. We listened as he shared his experience of institutions that report campaign success but dont have the money needed to implement projects laid out as campaign priorities. While we wouldnt be so blunt in our assessment, we do agree that a lot can happen in a comprehensive campaign that leaves donors and the community confused and feeling misled. But, comprehensive campaigns dont have to end that way. We present the following example to share three steps you can take to ensure your campaign meets its goals and has the money to implement priorities. Lets say a nonprofit provides healthcare for children ages birth to three years old. It launches a three year $20 million comprehensive campaign for the following: $9 million for annual operations for three years ($3 million a year), $6 million for capital costs for a new medical facility, and $5 million to endow future costs for pediatric services. During the campaign a local philanthropist wants to donate $15 million to provide establish a reporting system that can track how healthcare services to uninsured local residents much has been raised towards each priority. Gifts regardless of age, and a foundation wants to donate $6 million for childcare services. If the non- should be appropriately recorded and tied to a profit accepts these gifts it will raise $21 million priority. Management reports should clearly combut there will be no money for annual operations, municate this information so everyone is aware of overall campaign progress, and progress towards the medical facility or endowment of pediatric each specific priority. services. Would this be campaign success? Heres our bottom line: Make sure your comConsider these three steps before launching prehensive campaign raises money for its stated your campaign. First, be clear on what you are raising money for. Define your priorities and how priorities. Dont be derailed by an abundance of non-priority related gifts. Be clear and transparent much you need to raise for each. Second, determine which gifts will be count- about how you account for gifts received. Decide ed towards the campaign goal, and which will be how you define campaign success and communicounted as what we refer to as over and above cate it clearly: dont leave your community asking wheres the money? gifts. For example, when you accept gifts that Mel and Pearl Shaw position nonprofits, are outside campaign priorities record them, pubcolleges and universities for fundraising success. licize them, but dont count these towards your campaign goal as they cannot be used to finance For help with your campaign visit campaign priorities. When you do raise the funds or call 901.522-8727. for your campaign priorities be sure to declare Copyright 2014 Mel and Pearl Shaw success and communicate that you met goal and raised funds for additional projects as well. Independence. Dignity. Quality of Life. The third step is to COMFORCARE HOME CARE
A Dedicated Non-Medical Home Care Agency

Volunteer in Your Community!

ESCORTING PATIENTS -from the front desk at St. Marys Medical Center in Saginaw--lots of walking! Youll be greeting guests, escorting patients to tests/procedures; delivering flowers, and helping to provide an exceptional patient experience. For additional information contact Rachael at 989.907.8920. To volunteer your services or to donate goods, call Henrietta Watson at the United Way of Saginaw County at 989.755.0505, Ext. 216, hwatson@ Or check the web-based volunteer program at www.

The ComForcare Mission To improve the quality of life and level of independence for every client and family receiving our services. We focus on four initiatives that are critical to the well-being of seniors: Fall Prevention Medication Adherence Chronic Disease Management Transition of Care

Wilbert J. Smith and Alois B. Smith Owner/Operators

In Case You Missed It: Key Facts About High Blood Pressure @

Contact us today to learn more about our Quality Care Guarantee! 320 S. Washington Avenue Suite 202 Saginaw, MI 48607 989-752-5501 989-752-5503 FAX Email: Website:

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 28

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released last week 1 in 68 children have been identified with autism spectrum disorders and it is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, tell us what you think the Saginaw community could do to increase awareness, understanding and support for children in our community that have been diagnosed.
I think our community and schools could get more involved in the education of autism spectrum disorders. The more that people know, the better. It would also be nice to see more programs for older youth and their families that might have previously fallen through the cracks. Theres a lot of focus right now on autism spectrum disorders in early childhood which is great, but there are many older children and families that could use supportive services as well. Craig Neiderquill, Wraparound Care Coordinator at SCCMHA

April 16, 2014

I think our community could offer more opportunities for autistic children to interact with other children like them. There are camps and activities like that, but it would be nice to see something in the community that is more accessible on a regular basis. Judith Holmes, Optician at Pearl Vision

I think it would definitely be nice to see more education about autism spectrum disorders throughout the community. Any education and support that helps the children and their families would be so beneficial. Sharon Luplow, Medical Assistant

I think a fairly comprehensive section on developmental disabilities, including autism, should be part of every elementary school curriculum -- fairly early on. This will not only help the next generation more fully understand people with these disabilities, it would also help them understand, and perhaps better empathize, with their classmates. As the parent of a child with autism, Ive seen how others think he is odd, and treat him that way. And its largely because they dont know he has a disability, nor do they understand it. Greg Branch, Brand Strategist at AMPM, Inc.

I honestly think being more aware is the first step for the community. Create more education opportunities for everyone to learn about the autism spectrum, have more specialized teachers in the schools that can help students learn at an early age about how these disorders effect the child and their families. More awareness and education is going to lead to more understanding and change. Debbie Metiva, Community Member

Many parents report that it is embarrassing to take their child into the community for fear of getting those looks, like why cant you manage your child? Please dont be quick to judge without understanding the severe challenges children diagnosed experience as well as their family members. Offer your assistance in a non-intrusive way and lets celebrate the uniqueness of each Saginaw citizen! Heather Beson, Autism and Therapeutic Foster Care Supervisor at SCCMHA

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 29

Praise Connections and Life

Heaven Is For Real- Pastor Todd Burpo on Sons Near Death Experience and What Heaven is Like
By Vincent Funaro Christian Post Reporter Heaven Is For Real opens in theaters on April 16 and tells the story of the Burpo family, whose son Colton experienced a vision where he traveled to heaven and met Jesus when he was just 4 years old. The film, based on a book of the same name, is Coltons father and small town church Pastor Todd Burpos account of what his son saw during this vision, which took place during emergency surgery on the boys appendix around 10 years ago. The family partnered with T.D. Jakes and director Randall Wallace to bring the story to the big screen. The film is generating a lot of media attention, however, the Nebraskan family still claims to function like any other American household despite the fame that might come with Heaven Is For Real. After all the promotion for the film we go home. Were normal at home. Sometimes you just have to disconnect. Its a lot easier for me to disconnect from Facebook than mom, Todd Burpo told The Christian Post. When we go home I go back to pastoring, Im a fireman. I do what Ive always done. Its a good change of pace for me. During the film Todd Burpo deals with doubt concerning his sons visit to heaven that could have easily been written off as a childs imagination or dream. However, the details shared by Colton help to strengthen his fathers confidence in what his son saw throughout the so I know what to expect. But with some people that not knowing just gets the better of them. The details Colton shared with his father about heaven include the fact that people do not age there. Todd Burpo decided to break this down from a theological standpoint. Adam and Eve were created to never die and once they sinned the punishment for sin was death so they started aging, he explained. We know in heaven there is no sin, so if you go to a place where there is no sin, why would the consequence of sin be there? Coltons visit was the only one he has experienced. But just that one vision gives him the opportunity to touch many with a message of hope in Christ. Todd sees this as the main goal for the film. I hope that when people see this film, God speaks to their minds and hearts and they see that the same Jesus that did this for Colton wants to do this for [them] too, Todd said. Were not special. I just pray that they want Christ to be in their lives and realize that heaven could be a reality for them too. He also hopes the film encourages Christians to dig deeper with one another by asking questions about their experiences with their faith in an honest and candid manner. Heaven Is For Real stars Greg Kinnear and Thomas Haden Church and opens in theaters on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. Source: Christian Post

(Screenshot: Heaven Is For Real/YouTube) film and in real life. I didnt know what I believed about near death experiences, confessed Burpo. Where does his vision match reality, scripture and reason? No one had prepared me to talk to someone who had a NDE. I come from a church tradition that sometimes undervalues personal experience and says scriptures way more important and I agree with the validity of scripture, but sometimes to a fault where we almost dismiss personal experience. But I could not dismiss my son and I had to deal with that. The movie documents this struggle accurately, according to Todd, however, he had a lot more time in real life to flesh it all out. Coltons visit to heaven took place around 10 years ago and shapes the way he looks at the faith of the outside world today. It allows me to have a little more of an understanding of why its harder for people to grasp on to the thought of heaven, said Colton Burpo to CP. I got to experience it

Faith International Vending

Eddie & Genevieve Benson Owners

Lighthouse Bakery
285 S. Outer Drive

989.239.6771 or 989.992.2233
We Have a Treat For You

Stop in Today and Try One of our Homemade Specialities

Tel: 754-7088 Fax: 754-7099

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April 16, 2014

Obituaries Mrs. Loubertha Taylor Little

May 12, 1924 March 26, 2014
Mrs. Loubertha Taylor Little, beloved wife, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt and mother to MANY of her students, went home to be with her heavenly Father on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at the age of 89 years. She was born May 12, 1924 in New Hebron, MS, the daughter of the late Lawrence and Anna (Griffin) Taylor. Loubertha was a member of Mt. Olive Institutional Missionary Baptist Church where she served as Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School Teacher, and various other ministries in the church until her health failed. Loubertha was educated in the Mississippi Public School system. She received her Bachelors Degree at Jackson State College in Jackson, MS. She attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI and received her Masters Degree in Education at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. Loubertha taught in the Mississippi Public School system for 10 years before moving to Saginaw in 1954. She taught elementary education in Buena Vista Township and Saginaw Public Schools before retiring in 1986. Loubertha was a lifelong member of the NAACP, and served on the Voter Registration and Membership Committees. She worked in the Assault on Illiteracy Program. Loubertha was one of the charter members of Zeta Omega Zeta Chapter, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. In addition, she was a member of the American Association of Retired Educators; Vice-President of the Buena Vista Lioness Club; a member of Senior Citizens Volunteers; a member of the Eastside Neighborhood Association and other community organizations, especially those involving youth. Loubertha loved cooking and socializing with family and friends. Her memory will be cherished by her husband, B.L. Little; two daughters, Betsy Little, Duluth, MN, Gail Little, Saginaw, MI and one special daughter, Brenda Reynolds, Saginaw, MI; five sons, Calvin (Phyllis), Benny, Gerald (Linda) Victor, all of Saginaw, MI, Donald (Janice) Little, who recently joined his mother and heavenly father, Braxton, MS; a special son, Dr. Lawrence (Winnie) Crawford, Tupelo, MS; two godchildren, Ronalda Sullivan, Waldorf, MD and Jalisa Burnside, Saginaw, MI; twenty-one grandchildren, thirty-five great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren; one sister, Mavis Lipsey, Grand Rapids, MI; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and other relatives that she dearly loved. Loubertha was preceded in death by brother, J.C. Taylor; daughter, Vanita Little-Hunt; grandson, Calvin Dwayne Tubbs; sisters-in-law, Lula Mae Hardy and Mable Taylor; and brother-in-law, L.C. Lipsey. Funeral service was held at Mt. Olive Institutional Missionary Baptist Church on Friday, April 4, 2014. Dr. Marvin T. Smith officiated with interment in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Donald Duck Gene Little

February 28, 1949 April 1, 2014
Donald Gene Little passed away on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at the age of 65 years. He was born on February 28, 1949 in New Hebron, Mississippi to B. L. and Loubertha Taylor Little. He graduated in 1967 from Arthur Hill Technical High School in Saginaw, MI where he was in the drafting program and played on the basketball team. He worked as a truck driver for Cal-Maines Foods in Mendenhall, MS, and he worked at the General Motors Grey Iron Foundry in Saginaw, MI, Engineering Internships with Dow Chemical Corporation in Midland, MI and Cancellation Mens Clothing Store in Saginaw, MI. Donald resided in Braxton, MS. He belonged to Grace Temple Church of God in Christ in Pinola, MS. There he did special work with the clothing ministry and worked in as many capacities as needed. Donald loved helping neighbor, church, family, and friends. He loved to take care of animals, hunting, gardening and he had an eye for fashion, design, and jewelry. He was fun socially and on the job. He was well liked and held in deep regard by friends and colleagues as always willing to help somebody, and Donald never met a stranger. He leaves behind to cherish his memory, his wife, Janice Camper Little of Braxton, MS; children, Bridgette (Schon) Jackson of Braxton, MS and Sally Martinez of Eaton Rapids, MI; grandchildren, McKenzie Jackson of Braxton, MS and Celicia Martinez of Eaton Rapids, MI; father, B. L. Little of Saginaw, MI; sisters, Betsy Little of Duluth, MN, Gail Little and Brenda Reynolds of Saginaw MI; brothers, Calvin (Phyllis), Benny, Gerald (Linda) and Victor Little, all of Saginaw, MI; sistersin-law, Madessia Camper of Braxton, MS and Mavis (Clarence) Evans of Jackson, MS; brother-in-law, Melvin (Buelah) Camper of Chicago, IL; and a host of loving nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Donald was preceded in death by his mother, Loubertha Taylor Little; sister, Vanita Little Hunt; father-in-law, Memphis Camper; motherin-law, Georgia Camper; nephew, Calvin Dwayne Tubbs; aunts, Mable Taylor and Lula Mae Hardy; and uncles, J.C. Taylor and L.C. Lipsey. Funeral service was held on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Pinola, Mississippi.

Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 31

Bethel AME Church Pastor P. David Saunders 535 Cathay St. Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 755-7011 Bethlehem Baptist Church Pastor Ernest W. Bothuel 3309 Bundy Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989-752-5866 Bread of Life Harvest Center Senior Pastor Rodney J. McTaggart 3726 Fortune Blvd. Saginaw, MI 48603 (989) 790-7933 Christ Disciples Baptist Pastor Eddie Benson 3317 Lapeer Street Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 754-2444 Christ Fellowship MBC Pastor Robert Davis 818 N. Washington Ave. Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 754-4435 Corinthian Baptist Church Pastor Roy L. Manning 104 S. 10th St. Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 754-1820 Faith Harvest Church Bishop Ronald E. Chipp Faith Harvest Church 1734 N. Mason Saginaw, MI 48602 (989) 799-4200 Website: E-mail: Greater Freewill Missionary Greater Williams Temple Bishop H.J. Williams 608 Remington Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 755-5291

Jacobs Ladder Pastor Dempsey Allen 1926 Fairfield Street Saginaw, MI 48602 989-799-6601 Life In Christ Ministries Pastor Dennis Cotton, Sr. 2915 S. Washington Ave. Saginaw, MI 48601 989-752-2837 Messiah Missionary Baptist Church 2615 Williamson Road Saginaw, MI 48601 Pastor Otis Washington Phone: 989-777-2636 Fax: 989-777-2640 Email: Website: Mt. Olive Baptist Church Pastor Marvin T. Smith 1114 N. 6th Street Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 752-8064 New Beginning Christian Church Reverend Dr. Willie F. Casey 1016 Sherman Road Saginaw, MI 48604 989-754-2963 New Beginnings Life Changing Ministries Pastor Otis Dickens 2312 S. Washington Ave. Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 755-3650 New Birth Missionary Baptist Pastor Larry D. Camel 1418 S. Warren Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 755-6604 New Covenant Christian Center Pastor Ron Frierson 523 Hayden Saginaw, MI 752-8485

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Floyd A. Logan 1721 Tuscola Street Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 753-7600 Email: New Life Baptist Church Pastor Rufus Bradley 1401 Janes St. Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 753-1151 New Mt. Calvary Baptist Pastor Robert Donald 3610 Russell Street Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 754-0801 Ninth Street Community Church Pastor William L. Scott, Jr. Assistant Pastor Rex Jones 1118 N. 9th Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989-752-7366 Prince of Peace Baptist Church 825 North 24th Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989.754.2841 Pastor Robert B. Corley, Jr. Resurrection Life Ministries Church Pastor Carolyn L. Wilkins 2320 Sheridan Avenue Saginaw, MI 48601 989.754.9466 St. Paul Baptist Pastor Vincent D. McMillon 120 N. 15th St. Saginaw, MI 48601 (989) 752-5023 Saginaw Valley Community Pastor Richard Sayad 3660 Hermansau Saginaw, MI 48603 (989) 752-4769

St. Lukes CME Church 1121 Tuscola Saginaw, MI 48607 (989) 755-0351 Transforming Life Ministries Pastor William Brown 3024 South Washington Avenue Saginaw, MI 48601-4353 (989) 754-9573 Truevine Baptist Church Pastor Paul E. Broaddus 2930 Janes Street Saginaw, MI 48601 989-752-0751 Victorious Believers Ministries Church Rev. Christopher V. Pryor 624 S. Outer Dr. Saginaw, MI (989) 755-7692 Wolverine Baptist State Convention 615 S. Jefferson Ave. Saginaw, MI 48607 World Outreach Campus of Greater Coleman Temple Ministries Supt. H.J. Coleman Jr. 2405 Bay Rd. Saginaw, MI 48602 (989) 752-7957 Zion Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Rodrick Smith 721 Johnson Saginaw, MI 48607 (989) 754-9621

Obituaries and Memorials

To Celebrate a Life Call 989.753.3475, or email

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 32

The Society Page

Hurley Medical Center 33rd Annual Benefit Ball 2014
Celebrated an Enchanted Forest Theme, and a Tale of Health and Healing Raising over $20,000 in the Silent Auction

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

L-R - Dillon Nash, Laura Jasso, Chair of the Silent Auction, Tucker Jasso, Linzi Jasso.

Mike Burnett, Hurley Chair, and Karin Burnett

Melany Gavulic, Hurley CEO, and Phil Shaltz, Hurley Board Chair

Photos Credit: Douglas Pike, Media Production Specialist, Hurley Medical Center * Guest and Entertainment Participants

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

April 16, 2014

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

Page 33

Spor ts
Congratulations to the 2014 Champions F.O.H. Saginaw Basketball Club and Coach Kevin Marshall
Business Wedding Church

Saginaw Suits and Alterations

402 N. Michigan, Saginaw, MI 48602
Tel: (989) 752-5169 Come see Sal for more Deals and Discounts.

Terry Reed
Sales Professional Used Cars

Suits, Shirt, Tie Starting at: $149

Soccer Megastar, David Beckham, Visits Florida Memorial University

Fla. - Florida Memorial University (FMU) received an unexpected surprise recently by International Soccer Star, David Beckham. FMU is among the leading higher education institutions in our community and I am so pleased that Mr. Beckham took the time to come on campus and see what our University is about, said Dr. Artis.

A special thanks to all of my customers. I appreciate each one of you.

David Beckham and FMU President, Dr. Roslyn Artis

Phone (989) 667-2000 Ext 341 Direct (989) 460-0341 Fax (989) 667-0103 E-Mail Website
Labadie Buick Cadillac GMC 711 S. Euclid Ave. Bay City, MI 48706

APRIL 2014: temperature 52.5 (4.5 above avg.); precipitation 3 (0.5 below avg.); Apr 1-6: T-storms, then sunny, mild; Apr 7-10: Scattered t-storms, warm; Apr 11-17: Rain, then showers, cool; Apr 18-20: Sunny, turning warm; Apr 21-24: T-storms, then sunny, cool; Apr 25-30: Sunny, then t-storms, warm.

Long-Range Weather Forecast

1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Page 34

The Michigan Banner First Great Lakes Bay Regional Newspaper

April 16, 2014

Ar ts and Enter tainment

40th Annual Saginaw County Police Chiefs Associations Country Music Spectacular
The 40th Annual Saginaw County Police Chief Associations Country Music Spectacular Featuring Aaron Tippin and Morgan Frazier will be on April 28, at the Temple Theatre, 201 N. Washington Ave., in Saginaw at 7 p.m. The funds generated from this show are donated to organizations in Saginaw County including Child abuse and Neglect Council, the Sexual Assault Center, the YMCA, and Exchange club of Saginaw. Tickets are $50, $40 and $25 and are on sale now; at the Temple in person, over the phone at 989-754-7469, or on line at The doors will open one hour prior to the event. Concessions are available on a cash only basis.

5530 Gratiot Road, between M-47 & Center Rd. in Saginaw M-F Open for Lunch 11:30 a.m. Sat Open at 5 p.m. CLOSED Sun Spencer Dambro, Owner
1400 W. Genesee Saginaw, Michigan (989) 753-3475

Spencers Restaurant

April 16, 2014

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April 16, 2014

a role model
Tackling life is a matter of problem solving thats Terrance Moores way of thinking. And what better way to improve the world than to help others as they leap lifes hurdles? The junior criminal justice major likes to be there when someone can use a helping hand: Terrance serves as a resident assistant, helping his students overcome the roadblocks of college life, and as vice president of the Cardinal Military Association, supporting veterans through any difficulties they might face. A firm believer in support systems, Terrence is also a member of the National Leadership and Success Society, an organization that unites students who want to set and achieve goals. And as part of the Greek fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon, the Criminal Justice Society, and the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Sigma Pi, hes learned that the best way to lead is by example. If I dont help, he said, who will?

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