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What Happened When There Was Rebellion in Heaven?

LUCIFER - A LEADER OF ANGELS Full of Joy We have seen that the angels were created by God for His purposes. The joy in heaven among these angels is described in the book of Job. Job 3&7 while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy ne of these angels was also described as a !morning star" in the book of #saiah. Isaiah 14:12 How you ha e fallen from hea en! " morning star! son of the dawn# $ou ha e been %ast down to the earth! you who on%e laid low the nations# This one called$ the morning star or son of the dawn was also known as %ucifer. We have a description of Him in the book of &'ekiel. Perfect in Beauty &'e(iel 2):12b!13 *his is what the +o ereign ,ord says: -$ou were the model of .erfe%tion! full of wisdom and .erfe%t in beauty/ $ou were in &den! the garden of 0od1 e ery .re%ious stone adorned you: ruby! to.a' and emerald! %hrysolite! ony2 and! sa..hire! tur3uoise and beryl/ $our settings and mountings were made of gold1 on the day you were %reated they were .re.ared/ Blamele %ucifer was also described as being blameless.

&'e(iel 2):14 $ou were blameless in your ways from the day you were %reated till wi%(edness was found in you/ !u ic Per onifie" #n addition to his perfect wisdom and beauty$ he also was created for music$ apparently as an e)pression of praise and worship as he ministered unto the %ord. &'e(iel 2):13b (KJV) 5the wor(manshi. of thy tabrets and of thy was .re.ared in thee in the day that thou wast %reated/6 Isaiah 14:lla 7ll your .om. has been brought down to the gra e! along with the noise of your har.s1 There are three different types of musical instruments. These were all represented by the musical instruments described as an integral part of this one called %ucifer. > Tabrets are percussion instruments. > *ipes are wind instruments. > Harps are string instruments. His voice must have sounded like a great orchestra. LUCIFER#S FUNC$ION IN %EA&EN %ucifer+s original function in heaven was to cover God+s throne as an !anointed cherub." &'e(iel 2):14 89J:; *hou art the anointed %herub that %o ereth1 and I ha e set thee so: thou wast u.on the holy mountain of 0od1 thou hast wal(ed u. and down in the midst of the stones of fire/ &ven as the cherubs were on both sides of the mercy seat covering the ,rk of the -ovenant$ %ucifer was entrusted to be ne)t to God in the place of greatest honor.

&2odus 24:1)<22 7nd made two %herubim out of hammered gold at the ends of the %o er/ =a(e one %herub on one end and the se%ond %herub on the other1 ma(e the %herubim of one .ie%e with the %o er! at the two ends/ *he %herubim are to ha e their wings u.ward! o ershadowing the %o er with them/ *he %herubim are to fa%e ea%h other! loo(ing toward the %o er/ %ucifer$ the morning star$ covered and protected God+s throne and reflected God+s radiance and glory. He was anointed as a guardian cherub. He was entrusted by God to the place of greatest responsibility. /rom the description of his musical voice$ it appears that he led all the angels in their praise and worship as he ministered unto the %ord with a covering of praise and worship. 'AR IN %EA&EN Pri"e an" Re(ellion ne day$ wickedness came into his heart through the sin of pride. &'e(iel 2):17 $our heart be%ame .roud on a%%ount of your beauty! and you %orru.ted your wisdom be%ause of your s.lendor/ +o I threw you to the earth1 I made a s.e%ta%le of you before (ings/ ,s pride entered in$ %ucifer began to think about his own beauty and splendor instead of keeping his attention on the beauty and radiant brightness of God. )I 'ill* %ucifer began to e)ercise his will$ contrary to the will of God. Isaiah 14:12<17 How you ha e fallen from hea en!

o morning star! son of the dawn# $ou ha e been

%ast down to the earth! you who on%e laid low the nations# $ou said in your heart! 5I will as%end to 0

hea en1 I will raise my throne abo e the stars of 0od1 I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly! on the utmost heights of the sa%red mountain/ I will as%end abo e the to.s of the %louds1 I will ma(e myself li(e the =ost High/6 >ut you are brought down to the gra e! to the de.ths of the .it/ *hose who see you stare at you! they .onder your fate: 1s this the man who shoo( the earth and made (ingdoms tremble! the man who made the world a desert! who o erthrew its %ities and would not let his %a.ti es go home?6 &ach of these five !# wills" of %ucifer were progressive rebellion leading to the point of desiring to replace God upon the throne of heaven. Lucifer# Fall God in his perfect holiness$ could not co1e)ist with the sin of rebellion. #n harmony with God+s perfect justice$ an order was given to the archangel 2ichael to cast out %ucifer and the angels who had followed him is his rebellion. @e elation 12:7<1" 7nd there was war in hea en/ =i%hael and his angels fought against the dragon! and the dragon and his angels fought ba%(/ >ut he was not strong enough! and they lost their .la%e in hea en/ *he great dragon was hurled down A that an%ient ser.ent %alled the de il! or +atan! who leads the whole world astray/ He was hurled to the earth! and his angels with him/ *hen I heard a loud oi%e in hea en say: 5Bow ha e %ome the sal ation and the .ower and the (ingdom of our 0od! and the authority of his Christ/ Dor the a%%user of our brothers! who a%%uses them before our 0od day and night! has been hurled down/ U

Eas Fisgra%ed
%ucifer left heaven in disgrace.

&'e(iel 2):1G *hrough your trade you were filled with iolen%e! and you sinned/ +o I dro e you in disgra%e from the mount of 0od! and I e2.elled you! H guardian %herub! from among the fiery stones/

Cast Hut
ne1third of the angels of heaven$ who were under %ucifer+s command followed him in his rebellion and were cast out of heaven with him. The other angels$ under the command of 2ichael and Gabriel$ remained faithful to God. @e elation 12:4a His tail swe.t a third of the stars out of the s(y and flung them to the earth/

Hurled to &arth
it is interesting to note that out of all of the planets in the universe$ that %ucifer and his angels were cast down to the very same planet earth where man was to rule and walk in authority. @e elation 12:I *he great dragon was hurled down A that an%ient ser.ent %alled the de il! or +atan! who leads the whole world astray/ He was hurled to the earth! and his angels with him/

Change of Bames
With %ucifer+s change of nature came a change of names. He became known as the dragon$ the serpent$ the devil and 4atan. Change of Bature /ollowing his pride1filled rebellion$ his beauty$ wisdom and voice of musical praise turned to all that is evil$ dark$ ugly$ corrupt and full of hatred. The angels who had followed him in his rebellion were cast out of heaven with him and they also took on his corrupt$ dark and evil nature and became known as demons.

,ost Hea enly Jur.ose

,ll of the angels in heaven including %ucifer and his angels had important functions to fulfill while they were in heaven. We have seen that these functions included covering the throne as His anointed. They were guardians of the throne as they ministered unto the %ord. ,bove all we saw that this covering was one of ministering unto the %ord in continual praise and worship. %ucifer was entrusted to be right beside the throne of God as he carried out his daily functions in heaven. $RINI$+ IN ANGELIC LEADERS%IP Just as there is a trinity in the Godhead$ there appears to have been a trinity in the leadership of the angels in heaven. These angelic leaders were 2ichael$ Gabriel and %ucifer.

2ichael was known as the archangel. Judges 1:I >ut e en the ar%hangel =i%hael! when he was dis.uting with the de il about the body of =oses! did not dare to brin3 a slanderous a%%usation against him! but said! *he ,ord rebu(e you#6 2ichael appears to be the leader of the warrior angels. Faniel 1":13 >ut the .rin%e of the Jersian (ingdom resisted me twenty<one days/ *hen =i%hael! one of the %hief .rin%es! %ame to hel. me! be%ause I was detained there with the (ing of Jersia/ @e elation 12:7 7nd there was war in hea en/ =i%hael and his angels fought against the dragon! and the dragon and his angels fought ba%(/ The angels that were under 2ichael+s leadership were called !his" angels. %ikewise$ the angels under %ucifer+s leadership were called !his" angels. 6

%ucifer #t is obvious that one third of the angels of heaven were under the command of %ucifer. @e elation 12:4a His tail swe.t a third of the stars out of the s(y and flung them to the earth/ #t would seem that a third of the angels were also under the leadership of 2ichael and a third under the leadership of Gabriel. 0abriel Gabriel is the messenger angel. He brought the message of good news to mankind. ,u(e 1:1I *he angel answered! I am 0abriel/ I stand in the .resen%e of 0od! and I ha e been sent to s.ea( to you and to tell you this good news/ An,elic Function 4ince there was a trinity of leadership in the angelic ranks even as there is a trinity in the Godhead$ there is a possibility that each of these three leading angels and the angels under their command were assigned to minister either to God the /ather$ God the 4on or God the Holy 4pirit. -ould it be then that 2ichael the archangel$ and the warrior angels under his command$ were assigned to minister unto the /ather7 #f so$ possibly$ Gabriel$ the messenger angel together with his angels were assigned to minister to the Holy 4pirit. #f this is so$ then could it be that %ucifer and his angels were to minister unto the 4on of God as they led all of the angels in praise and worship before the throne of God7

FILLING $%E &OID IN %EA&EN ,s a result of their rebellion$ %ucifer and his angels were cast out of heaven. 4uddenly$ there was a void in heaven. How was the function of these angels to be fulfilled7 9id God ask %ucifer and Gabriel to give up one third of their angels to fill this void7 r did God have a better plan when he created mankind in His image to be at His side$ to reign with Him throughout all of eternity. @e elation 22:3<4 Bo longer will there be any %urse/ *he throne of 0od and of the ,amb will be in the %ity! and his ser ants will ser e him/ *hey will see his fa%e! and his name will be on their foreheads/ *here will be no more night/ *hey will not need the light of a lam. or the light of the sun! for the ,ord 0od will gi e them light/ 7nd they will reign for e er and e er/ $-e Fullne of C-ri t How wonderful it is to know that the void in our life is filled to overflowing through Jesus+ presence in our life. How wonderful to know that we$ as new creations$ are now complete in Him because of His completed work on our behalf. Colossians 2:1" and you ha e been gi en fullness in Christ! who is the head o er e ery .ower and authority/ Ee Dulfill Him We are not only complete in Him. He is now complete in us. The void that was left in heaven by the e)pulsion of %ucifer and his angels$ the emptiness that was left by His side where this anointed cherub once stood to cover His throne with praise and worship$ is now fulfilled by His -hurch which is comprised of every believer in Jesus -hrist.

&.hesians 1:22!23 7nd 0od .la%ed all things under his feet and a..ointed him to be head o er e erything for the %hur%h! whi%h is his body! the fullness of him who fills e erything in e ery way/ >y Jraise on &arth ,s His church$ we too have been anointed by God to minister to His 4on in praise and worship before the throne. We are now His body. We are His fullness. ur lives can only be fulfilled in Him. Jesus can only be fulfilled when we as His body minister to Him with our daily praise and worship. &.hesians 1:4!G he .redestined us to be ado.ted as his sons through Jesus Christ! in a%%ordan%e with his .leasure and will A to the .raise of his glorious gra%e! whi%h he has freely gi en us in the Hne he lo es/ &.hesians 3:21 to him be glory in the %hur%h and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations! fore er and e er# 7men/ >y Jraise in Hea en Throughout all of eternity$ we will continue to minister to Him in praise and worship. @e elation 7:I!1" 7fter this I loo(ed and there before me was a great multitude that no one %ould %ount! from e ery nation! tribe! .eo.le and language! standing before the throne and in front of the ,amb/ *hey were wearing white robes and were holding .alm bran%hes in their hands. 7nd they %ried out in a loud oi%e: 5+al ation belongs to our 0od! who sits on the throne! and to the ,amb/6 We are important to God. He has a plan and purpose for our lives$ not only on this earth$ but throughout all of eternity. How wonderful it is to know that we are !the fullness of him who fills everything in every way."


!AN.IND GI&EN E&ER+$%ING LUCIFER DESIRED This one who had wanted to rule the whole universe from God+s throne had been cast down to the earth with all of his demons. He must have watched in shocked disbelief as God created mankind on this earth in his own image. This one who willed to be !like the most high$" must have watched in horror as God created man to look just like Himself. This one who wanted to e)alt his throne above all of the stars of God$ must have shrunk back in seething hatred of mankind as man was given rulership over this earth and everything in it including that old serpent that !moved along the ground." ,ll that 4atan had attempted to take in his rebellion was given to mankind. 4atan said$ !# will ascend to heaven." Go" ai"/ )'e 0ill rei,n 0it- %im* 4atan said$ !# will raise my throne above the stars of God." Go" ai"/ )'e 0ill 1u",e an,el 2* 4atan said$ !# will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly$ on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain." Go" ai"/ )%e -a eate" u 0it- %im in t-e -ea3enly realm in C-ri t Je u 2* 4atan said$ !# will ascend above the tops of the clouds." Go" ai"/ )'e 0-o are till ali3e an" are left 0ill (e cau,-t u4 to,et-er 0it- t-em in t-e clou" to meet t-e Lor" in t-e air2 An" o 0e 0ill (e 0it- Lor" fore3er2*


4atan said$ !# will make myself like the most high." Go" ai"/ )Let u ma5e man in our ima,e2* ,ll of the hatred that 4atan had toward God was turned toward these God1like creatures called men and women. SA$AN#S A$$AC. 4atan+s only hope of defeating mankind was to deceive ,dam and &ve into disobeying God+s instructions not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. #n order to carry out his deception$ he disguised himself by entering into the body of a serpent$ a creature that could freely enter the garden unnoticed. 0enesis 3:1 Bow the ser.ent was more %rafty than any of the wild animals the ,ord 0od had made/ He said to the woman! 5Fid 0od really say! -$ou must not eat from any tree in the gardenK?6 4atan mis<uoted God+s words in order to twist them into his carefully planned scheme of deception. 0enesis 3:2!3 *he woman said to the ser.ent! 5Ee may eat fruit from the trees in the garden! but 0od did say! -$ou must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden! and you must not tou%h it! or you will die/6 Satan# Lie 0enesis 3:4<G 5$ou will not surely die!6 the ser.ent said to the woman/ 5Dor 0od (nows that when you eat of it your eyes will be o.ened! and you will be li(e 0od! (nowing good and e il/6 !an# Ori,inal Sin ,dam was with &ve at the time of the temptation$ but failed to use his God1given authority over 4atan.


0enesis 3:G Ehen the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and .leasing to the eye! and also desirable for gaining wisdom! she too( some and ate it/ +he also ga e some to her husband! who was with her! and he ate it/ ,t the moment that ,dam and &ve sinned$ they died spiritually. The life of God that had been breathed into them could not co1 e)ist with sin. This sin and death would pass down to all mankind through the original parents. @omans 4:12 *herefore! just as sin entered the world through one man! and death through sin! and in this way death %ame to all men! be%ause all sinned/ @omans 3:23 for all ha e sinned and fall short of the glory of 0od! ,dam and &ve had been clothed in the radiant light of the glory of God. This glory left them when they died spiritually and they suddenly reali'ed they were naked. Fello0 -i4 Bro5en God$ desiring fellowship with ,dam and &ve came down in the cool of the day to spend time with them. 0enesis 3:)<11 *hen the man and his wife heard the sound of the ,ord 0od as he was wal(ing in the garden in the %2ol of the day! and they hid from the ,ord 0od among the trees of the garden/ >ut the ,ord 0od %alled to the man! 5Ehere are you?6 He answered! 5I heard you in the garden! and l was afraid be%ause I was na(ed1 so I hid/6 7nd he said! 5Eho told you that you were na(ed? Ha e you eaten from the tree that I %ommanded you not to eat from?6


Blamin, Ot-er ,dam blamed &ve and even implied that it was God+s fault$ because He had created her. &ve blamed the serpent. 0enesis 3:12!13 *he man said! 5*he woman you .ut here with me A she ga e me some fruit from the tree! and I ate it/6 *hen the ,ord 0od said to the woman! 5Ehat is this you ha e done?6 *he woman said! 5*he ser.ent de%ei ed me! and I ate/6 Promi e of Re"eemer #mmediately after ,dam and &ve sinned$ God announced His great love plan of redemption though the !offspring" of the woman. 0enesis 3:14 57nd I will .ut enmity between you and the woman! and between your offs.ring and hers1 he will %rush your head! and you will stri(e his heel/6 The ! ffspring" of the woman was a reference to the coming of Jesus as the promised =edeemer who would crush 4atan+s head. Cur e

Re ult Of Sin -urses came as a direct result of mankind+s sin.

Curse on +er.ent
God placed a curse on the serpent. 0enesis 3:14 +o the ,ord 0od said to the ser.ent! 5>e%ause you ha e done this! Cursed are you abo e all the li esto%( and all the wild animals# $ou will %rawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life/


Hn Eoman Genesis 3:16-19 To the wo an he said! "# will $reatl% in&rease %o'r pains in &hildbearin$( with pain %o' will $ive birth to &hildren. )o'r desire will be*ore %o'r h'sband and he will r'le over %o'.+ Hn =an *o 7dam he said! 5>e%ause you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about whi%h I %ommanded you! -$ou must not eat of it!K

Hn the 0round
5Cursed is the ground be%ause of you1 through .ainful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life/ It will .rodu%e thorns and this ties for you! and you will eat the .lants of the field/ >y the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground! sin%e from it you were ta(en1 for dust you are and to dust you will return/6 ,s a result of dying spiritually$ man would also die physically and would return to dust. Fir t Bloo" Sacrifice 2an+s effort of covering himself with fig leaves did not provide an ade<uate covering for his sin. That covering would re<uire the shedding of the blood of an innocent animal sacrifice. 0enesis 3:21 *he ,ord 0od made garments of s(in for 7dam and his wife and %lothed them/ This blood sacrifice$ to provide the covering for man+s sin pointed forward to the coming of the 4on of God to this earth to shed His blood on the cross.

=an<=ade @eligions
0enesis 3:7 *hen the eyes of both of them were o.ened! and they reali'ed they were na(ed1 so they


sewed fig lea es together and made %o erings for themsel es/ ,dam and &ve tried to cover the results of their sins with fig leaves. &ver since that time$ mankind has attempted to cover sin with man1made religions. =eligion is mankind+s attempts to make themselves acceptable to God through their own self1efforts. True -hristianity is a relationship with the *erson of Jesus -hrist. This relationship is provided as a free and undeserved gift. This relationship is possible with a righteous and Holy God because He has clothed us in His righteousness when we received forgiveness through faith in Jesus -hrist our 4avior. &ven as the blood of an innocent animal was shed to provide the covering of skins for ,dam and &ve$ our covering of righteousness was made possible by the substitutionary work of Jesus. He became the innocent %amb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Through the shedding of His precious blood$ He purchased our redemption from sin. This teaching gives us the biblical account of the rise and fall of 4atan. #t tells us how mankind was created to be everything 4atan desired to be. 2ankind was created to fill the void in heaven caused by 4atan+s fall. But t-i i only t-e (e,innin,2 In t-e fullne of time/ Go" ent -i Son Je u 6