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Wushu (sport)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the modern sport Wushu (Wusu). For information on other types of Chinese martial arts, see Chinese martial arts. Wushu

A typical wushu competition, here represented by the 1 th All!China "ames.

Also known as #un$ fu, "on$ fu, C%A, W& &trikin$, "rapplin$, Throwin$, Focus 'erformance %artial Art Country of China origin (et )i, Wu *in, +ay 'ark, (on Foo, Wu (in$, ,onnie -en, -uan Wen Famous .in$, Cun$ )e, Alfred /sin$, practitioners 0incent 1hao, ,ennis To, )iu /ailon$ Olympic sport no This article contains Chinese text. Without proper renderin$ support, you may see 2uestion marks, bo3es, or other symbols instead of Chinese characters. Wushu &implified Chinese 4 Traditional Chinese )iteral meanin$

martial arts

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Wushu (simplified Chinese9 4 : traditional Chinese9 ) is both an e3hibition and a full! contact sport deri8ed from traditional Chinese martial arts.6176;7 <t was de8eloped in China after 1=>=, in an effort to standardi?e the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts,6@7 althou$h attempts to structure the 8arious decentrali?ed martial arts traditions date back earlier, when the Central "uoshu <nstitute was established at Aankin$ in 1=;B. The term wushu is Chinese for Cmartial artsC ( CWuC D military or martial, 4 C&huC D art). <n contemporary times, wushu has become an international sport throu$h the <nternational Wushu Federation (<WEF), which holds the World Wushu Championships e8ery two years: the first World Championships were held in 1==1 in *eiFin$ and won by -uan Wen .in$.6>7

Competiti8e wushu is composed of two disciplines9 taolu (: forms) and sanda (: sparrin$).6G7 Taolu in8ol8es martial art patterns and maneu8ers for which competitors are Fud$ed and $i8en points accordin$ to specific rules. The forms comprise basic mo8ements (stances, kicks, punches, balances, Fumps, sweeps and throws) based on a$$re$ate cate$ories of traditional Chinese martial art styles and can be chan$ed for competitions to hi$hli$ht oneHs stren$ths. Competiti8e forms ha8e time limits that can ran$e from 1 minute, ; seconds for some e3ternal styles to o8er fi8e minutes for internal styles. %odern wushu competitors are increasin$ly trainin$ in aerial techni2ues such as G> !, I; !, and e8en = !de$ree Fumps and kicks to add more difficulty and style to their forms.6J7 &anda (sometimes called sanshou or )ei tai) is a modern fi$htin$ method and sport influenced by traditional Chinese bo3in$, Chinese wrestlin$ methods called &huai Fiao and other Chinese $rapplin$ techni2ues such as Chin Aa. <t has all the combat aspects of wushu. &anda appears much like #ickbo3in$ or %uay Thai, but includes many more $rapplin$ techni2ues. &anda fi$htin$ competitions are often held alon$side taolu or form competitions.