Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life


Master Key To Imagination
Practical Spirituality Guide for Everyday Life
By Andrey Karra

This eBook is dedicated to my Eternal Teacher, Sri Tulshi Sen, for I am forever thankful for his wisdom and guidance in my path on personal development and spiritual growth, and to my family for their undying support and inspiration. Thank You. 

The material contained in this guide is for informational purposes only and is meant to assist you in your study of reading “Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World” book and meditation on the four proclamations. I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information herein. However, the information contained in this guide is presented without warranty, either expressed or implied. No part of this publication shall be modified or sold in whole or in part in any form, without the prior written consent of the author. The image of a flying man displayed on the cover of this guide is by Martin Stranka.  

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Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life

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          Andrey Karra    P. at any point. transcribing audio recordings from various conference calls. you have any questions. The contents of this guide have their roots deep in the abyss of time and have been embodied by the Masters and Sages that ever walked this Planet Earth before us. please do not hesitate to contact me. the author of “Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World” book where he shares these secrets as he has received them from the Master who initiated him into the mysticism of the East and West. These very same principles have touched me so deeply that they became the pillars of all success in my life. imagine yourself sitting face to face with my teacher and just listen to the voice within 3    . You can best reach me on Twitter. It is my privilege to be a medium of this wisdom and pass it onto you in this guide. I have spent countless hours gathering information from my own notes. Sincerely. seminars and webinars of my teacher Sri Tulshi Sen. Here is to You and the Power within You. If you want to reach me in private you can email me at andrey@divinemind. Master Key To Imagination ‐ so the world around you will change as well.S. The wisdom that you are about to be presented with is not to be taken lightly or read as a novel. Instead. If. or on my Facebook page. If you take time to internalize the principles contained within this guide you will change yourself forever and as you change.divinemind. I would like to tell you the source of the information enclosed herein.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Acknowledgements   Before you begin your journey into the amazing world of imagination. while you are reading this guide.

to improve . Thought is constructive. to overcome the pain. human thought is the spiritual power of the cosmos operating through men. As such. but made by men. which corresponds to aspirations.divinemind.and to continue the development of one’s personal growth. and use it both constructively and creatively. whether physical and emotional. Change is Life and quite often change. Every thing you see around you that is not natural. had first to exist as a thought. but to evolve . In order for things and conditions to become realities. and to achieve any worthy ideal while enjoying life's beauty and wonder by utilizing a mental process of thinking. Individual’s thought has this incredible ability to tap into great Cosmic Intelligence and to attract from it that.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Preface   As the saying goes “The only constant thing in the Universe is change”.com 4    .                   Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Every living being wants not merely to move through life without a purpose. which requires specific knowledge and practice. Master Key To Imagination Guide will take you through the process of how to use that power. desires. it diminishes the joy of life. and will. This development can occur only through the improvement of the quality of individual thought process and the ability to control it. is associated with pain. a vision in some human mind. you must first create them in a thought form. Master Key To Imagination Guide will empower you and have you equipped with a new ability to embrace the change. Therefore.

our imagination . Most of us live our Sundays in our Mondays imaging the work place and getting very tensed up. A thought without a vibrant image is a weak thought. What is imagination? Imagination is thought. Imagination is the source of vision. or carry on an intense discussion with someone sitting next to us while driving and yet we image changing lanes. dear inferior position? Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. like when we eat or drive a car. if not the most powerful faculty of the human psyche. and to become? That is what this chapter is all about and that is how you.the one we do not have confidence in or we really do not believe that it can happen. which is the substance of manifestation of the world we occupy and live in. We do not feel that image consciously. An image in action is called imagination. It feels that way because we have turned that particular action of ours into a habit. We seem to have lost our Sundays or holidays just by imaging what we have to do on Monday and that is imagination too. That is when we allocate imagination into the world of fantasy. Every thought has an image. Imagination dominates our lives. getting off on the right exit or getting off the highway. Where does imagination come from? What is the source of imagination that flows into our mind? Imagination is very powerful. We seem to have this huge ability to imagine what we dread more than what we would love to do and to have. also imaging the final destination we will be arriving at.divinemind. How do we relegate the most powerful faculty of all . Some things we do automatically and we feel that we did not image it before we did it. Why is that? How can we control this runaway imagination of dread and begin to control our imagination and imagine all the beautiful things we would want to do. to have. We do not believe our own thought and even collectively we hear people say "He was caught up in his world of imagination or he just lives in her own imaginary world and does not want to face reality”. It is very important to know what we mean by 5    .Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Powering Your World with Your Imagination   Every moment of our waking hour of our life we carry an image of something we see before we do.a “may be” thought. can and will empower your life.

Is this the way we want to live and then die? Of course not! Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Imagination is our ability to make movies in our mind and play them. What usually happens is that the mind sensors imagination like a sensor board and says "Not allowed" or "It cannot be projected". we can imagine what we want to imagine if only we gain control over our own mind and know how to imagine. or do. if we do not have proper control of our mind then we will be replaying tragedies over and over again instead of playing comedies and romances. As long as our imagination is under the control of our mind. We have to realize this fact and accept it before we can take action to take back control of our lives and imagine what we want to imagine. Enjoy it or dread it as the case may be. Do we really have a choice of what kind of imagining we are going to do? The answer is yes and no. It is a comfortable proposition. or have what we cannot imagine. some of us have developed tendencies to live each new day the same as yesterday. It is safe and comfortable to replay the old movies of our lives and create endless sequels and carry on. and manifest fun and plenty. and even change the circumstances if we want to by imagining it.divinemind. Any new movies we make must follow the same pattern and the same ideas as the old ones. We stay small because we make our imagination an unimportant factor in our life. we are not allowed to imagine freely and we are only permitted to replay our old movies filed away in our memory bank. we deprive ourselves of the greatest power of the Universe that we have inherited from the Universe. Everybody wants to be happy but what happens is that we live a life of constant dread and overcoming the dread each day is not being happy . what to imagine regardless of our present state of our circumstances. and then replay them over and over again. For what? We really do not know. The reference number in this case is the reference in the memory bank of our mind. We can make it a romantic comedy or a horror 6    .Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life In essence. live in our imagination. The reason why the mind rejects it is because the mind cannot find the reference number of the movie in its files and it does not allow it to be shown. Some of us consider imagination an impractical faculty. Imagination is images that we conjure up in our mind from our consciousness and the mind is supposed to play them on the screen of our is just being comfortable. We cannot live or be. That is why we live in the same kind of environment every day and we have gotten used to it. It is as simple and as plain as that. The choice is ours. Yes. In fact. Now.

This imagination will be ours today and for eternity." In essence what is he saying? He said exactly what most people do not believe in . What have people spoken about imagination? One of the excellent references is one of the greatest men that ever lived in modern times. Then it explains what knowledge is. Imagination is the power of the artist with which he creates art and then scientists come along and explain how that art was created. while imagination embraces the entire world and ALL there ever will be to know and understand.we think knowledge is more important than imagination. However. Let's study imagination. his statement proclaims exactly the opposite. while imagination embraces the entire world. which the artist has imagined. This is why it is important to empower our life with the greatest faculty that we have been given . vision. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. To corroborate Dr. imagination is our future. Einstein’s saying we would have to go back to the Sanskrit texts thousands of years ago where it says "Gyana habandha". Our previous knowledge would not have permitted us to think of the internet. as that is the region of science.divinemind. So let's begin to take back control of our life and our destiny. He is more than a great scientist.the great artist. means . Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. All of this may sound a bit mystical at this point to you but you will see a bit later how this piece of information will help you take back control of your imagination from the kludges of the hard herded mind that cannot laugh. and ALL there ever will be to know and understand. Here is what he said about imagination: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. and manifest now becomes knowledge later. which when translated. That is why 7    . he is a thinker. However. Knowledge is our past. That is why we play the old movies of our imagination over and over again. someone imagined internet and now we are able to share and distribute our thoughts with the speed of light around the entire globe thanks to imagination at work.Knowledge Limits.imagination. Knowledge is important but it also hinders progress.Albert Einstein. That is why the creator of this Universe is often called . the whole Universe. as it is limited to what we now know and understand. for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand. the greatest scientist who changed Newtonian principles . Science is the knowledge. which is common knowledge now. What we imagine.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life This is why we seek success. Imagination is the source of knowledge.

it gives and gives but it is not attached to anything. we imagine and the source of imagination is intuition. It is in our guts or our abdomen where our abdominal brain is located. It is a bit confusing but we must get a clear understanding of the intuition to know the source of imagination. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. When it reaches the ocean. this imagination-the river. Intuition means inner tuition. We usually use intuition if we do not see any other practical solutions. The cave from which the river flows in the dark regions of the mountains is the source of the river. he could not laugh. On its path through hills and valleys and plains it nourishes the land.he had no emotions. Intuition is the dark cave from which the river is waiting to break free to merge with the ocean.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life If you ever watched TV series “Star Trek” you would remember a character called Mr. In the darkness of the cave it engaged in deep meditation to see the vision of the 8    . building towns and cities but taking nothing for itself. It flows out in a trickle and flows out for what? To offer itself to the ocean of life. Loving is bestowing happiness on others. We imagine loving. doesn’t it? Most of us define intuition as the reason for the paranormal. Even when we say "I have a gut feeling". We see intuition as gut feelings that cannot be relied upon. The goal is to merge back into the great life after having traveled through plains and mountains and valleys.divinemind. Spock. teachings from within. Fish grows in it. I know. Its entire purpose is to bestow happiness to everything that it passes by. It is not gut feelings. at this point we must know what intuition is because we want to know the source of imagination. which regulates. When the river passes by. we have to believe in our imagination. He was intellect. Imagination is the beginning of visions. and drives all the involuntary actions of our body. However.becomes the ocean. it immediately raises doubts in your mind. bathe in it. When the river comes out of that cave it rushes out with one single goal in mind-to merge with the ocean and to become the ocean. That is pure imagination. People come and thrive because they have the river. Intuition is not paranormal. runs. First. The intellect does not have emotions and living at the Spock’s like existence has become our habit. and drink in it. It flows onwards growing food. We cannot separate the water of the river from the water of the ocean when it merges with the ocean. It is definitely all that to those who do not recognize intuition. However. Animals come to it. he could only calculate and he was very good at it . we intuitively know what we are saying. the moment I mention the word intuition.

That too is being done by your abdominal brain. We have to let loose our intuition. He said "The wisdom of God is foolishness with man". Most of us suffer from intuition entropy. There it is . to love and to give. as the world would say. and does millions of actions every second in your body. We live day after day. So. Isn't it a crazy idea for practical people? Intuition is gut feelings only because it has not been used. It is entropy. and regain our right to imagine out of the box. And to corroborate that fact. your inner teacher. believe in the Universe. and wants us to live a fantastic life. Intuition is our relief from that box. just like if our arm is put in a cast for 4 or 5 weeks and when the cast is taken off we cannot use that arm easily right away. is foolishness with man. We are stuck in the box of our mind. to play and to laugh. Paul. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. We are not familiar with intuition. which digests the food. a very astute man. realizes the enzymes.the wisdom of God. Intuition is the voice of 9    . Then we can imagine from out of the box. or the Universe. which we call pleasures. your intuition. The mind has boxed us in and we are so uncomfortably comfortable with our life with no real imagination. how do we loosen up? By practice. Every breath you are taking to live-you are not consciously aware of breathing. nor could you read this very text. You are not even conscious of those vital actions without which you would not even be able to live. This voice does not know limitations and this voice is madness to the mind. week after week making resolutions for New Years but do we really want to be happy? Are we willing to make the sacrifice to be happy? There is actually no real sacrifice. Let me quote St. listen to our intuition. It is a life we really get ourselves in. who puts it very clearly.divinemind. We think we have imagination but we do not permit ourselves to imagine. sleeping. Solomon a few thousand years ago said "Trust in God with all thine heart and lean not upon thine own understanding". We need to loosen up. Listen to it. really. This voice calls us to action to bring us back home to the ocean. the voice and not the chatter of the mind that constantly tells us what we need and what we cannot do. This voice wants to frolic.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The food you are digesting now is being done by the abdominal brain.the life of eating. This voice takes us where we have never been before. It is the wisdom of the Universe and so it is the foolishness of the mind. the voice within with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding. and dreading with a few distractions.

Sometimes we really fail to imagine great things. so it can obey the commands of our consciousness. The book “Ancient Secrets of Success For Today’s World” clearly refers to higher reasoning and lower reasoning in the form of pure thought and impure though in chapter 10 (page 75) under the cross header. Finally.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life You see. aching to come out in the form of our imagination. Intuition is the source of imagination. So we relegate that imagination to the area of fantasy and that is exactly what Albert Einstein stressed "Imagination is more important than knowledge". If he did not imagine what he had invented and discovered. How do we let it out? By quieting the constant chatter of our mind and when we have done that. we would still be living in the dark ages. we will hear clearly the calling of our consciousness for us to form the vision of our life from the core of our being. Conditioned thoughts are generated from the senses and are driven by the senses. Two Kinds of Thought “In the Amritabindu Upanishad from the Vedic text. it reads as Pure thought and Impure thought. past and present. what we end up doing is we let the movie makers do our imagination for us and we pay $9 or $12 to see the movie because we cannot live without imagination. If the thought evolves out of conditions. it gives the meditations to conquer the fears that hold us back to imagine. which is the memory bank of our mind and its constant chatter. Most of the time when imagination comes out of our intuition it seems to be corrupted by our reasoning.divinemind. it says there are two kinds of thoughts. So. and develop the ears to listen to intuition filtering out the chatters of our external world. we watch TV because we want to live with pictures that somebody else is showing us. it can only be conditioned thought. our divinity. Unconditioned thought and Conditioned thought. Deep down inside us is the urge to be someone or do something. It defines the quality of thought. Purity and Impurity in this context does not refer to morality and immorality.” When the mind is trained and our Consciousness is liberated from the senses. The book also gives step by step instructions to liberate the mind from its dependency on the senses. This is a substitute for our frozen imaging faculty. Literally 10    . we watch TV. defined by the source of the thought. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. to feel what we have never felt before. It is conditioned thought which the Ancients termed as impure thought. tainted by conditions. When there is nothing to do. Unconditioned thought naturally arises.

Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. We have all the power to be whatever we want to be. You will control your mind and you will control your life. The mind does not want to agree with that. Isn't it exactly what we have been discussing? The mind is like a bird that has been locked up in a cage for a long time where it is so comfortable in its confinement. imagination is our life. If you live it you will manifest it. We see before we do so. The book then gives the 3 steps towards manifestation of the vision and clearly explains how to do it. We must power ourselves with liberated imagination to form a true vision for our life of what we want to be today. the word ecstasy releases immediate rejection for our mind and tells us “Come off it. With the practice of meditations on the four proclamations given in the book and finally the ultimate meditation you will gain back your intuitive faculty and your imagination. this year. the river produces energy that powers cities. You did not come into this existence to endure a living but to live in ecstasy. It cannot flow backwards. This sort of feeling prevails in all of us when we engage ourselves in building a life of freedom. We have come into this world to experience what we have never experienced before. So why postpone it? If we have a tendency to postpone it. When we want to feel it we do not require anybody's permission to live a euphoric or an ecstatic life. for its ecstasy is almost an unachievable goal. Life is a river. That is the chatter of the mind and you should definitely make your mind understand that you are the Master of your mind and your imagination comes from the Universe. We know that we can be whatever we desire to be. Whenever we move to live to be happy we should not be on guard in case we get caught up in our past. We have come here to celebrate life. We are not running away from our past. I know. then I hear the bird in the cage. When we are told to imagine by our intuition our inner teacher tells us what to do. which will liberate the mind from the shackles of the senses and then you will be able to listen to your heart and create the vision for your life from the freedom of your imagination. So let’s stop wasting our Sundays anymore by living in our Mondays. Our life is like a river. the whole world. and just do not overdo it”. Our life cannot flow backwards. Power yourself with imagination and live free. factories. its home of limitations. We have to understand that we cannot even form a vision without first having imagination for it. Imagination is the first step to visioning. The past is like a river. We live on the leftover imaginations. and it is scared of freedom. and afterwards that we have come to live and to cherish.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The book gives the ultimate meditation. Imagination is like a river. We can have whatever we want to have and we know it is our right to feel ecstatic. When we dam it and then release it. be satisfied with what you have 11    .

to have. Albert Einstein. If we depend on our hard drive for all future work. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Most of us do not consciously link what is happening outside us to what is taking place in our mind or inside us. It has got all the memory. He feels that he has lost control of his life because he cannot control his circumstances and all the activities that are taking place in his environment. He also knows that this world around him and the world that he has lost control of is really out of control because he cannot control what is happening inside. This power is like fire.envision worst case scenarios? Do we even vision the best case scenarios? What is happening inside people is nothing but a runaway imagination like a runaway transport truck down a steep slope on an icy road with no brakes. Imagination is the power with which we create. if not consciously but subconsciously. What did Einstein say? I think everyone should burn it in their memory.divinemind. We do have a powerful imagination but our imagination is out of control. Imagination is the greatest human faculty that we have been gifted with. Let me repeat this. for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand. Hard drive is the knowledge. Most of the time we do not even realize that we are in the worry mode. and to do but we think about what we would like to avoid. "Imagination is more important that knowledge" he said.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Formatting Imagination into a Vision . we look back and see what we were thinking about. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. put knowledge before their imagination." Most people. We always have to be conscious of that. We are constantly battling against our circumstances and visioning future apprehensions by becoming “Masters of worst case scenarios”. 12    . we will not be able to create anything. Isn't that what most of us do . We cannot think about what we would like to be. while imagination embraces the entire world and ALL there ever will be to know and understand. It can cook a delicious dinner to nourish our senses and the body.Part 1   There comes a time in a person's life when he sees that whatever is happening around him is going on inside him. In the previous chapter we have discussed the relationship between knowledge and imagination as understood by Dr. They do not realize that imagination is the progenitor of knowledge and Einstein said it clearly. Mind is simply our memory bank for already existing knowledge. This fire can also cremate the same body. It can warm our body on a cold night.

You can read all the books in the world and attend all the seminars in the world on the subject but if you do not train your mind through the proper way. Then we can create our vision. It will become forgotten.divinemind. When we realize that our outside will always be the same as our inside. No amount of theory can train the mind. Knowledge limits and constricts our imagination. To train the mind to prevent it from corrupting our imagination. Knowledge guides us but cannot lead us. knowledge is not power but the use of knowledge is power. when we realize that our outside will always be same as our inside. It transcends all knowledge. we must meditate on the four proclamations over and over again. and when we can control our inside. and manifested in our life good or bad. but reason to fit our imagination in its proper sequence and paint a vivid picture of what we see. It does not come in order. We must learn to imagine and control our imagination to control our life. It corrupts our imagination and tells us that it is a fantasy. put it in the right place where we use our higher reason. I will give you some exercises to cultivate your power of imagination.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Knowledge is our past experiences. comes from our intuition. the mind aborts imagination before it can be ordered into a vision. To understand that. Knowledge will show us what we have imagined in the 13    . it will only remain with you as knowledge. I will repeat this to you again. the teacher within our consciousness. It is chaos. We will learn to imagine and then order that chaotic imagination to turn into a vision. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. It helps you release your imagination to be creative. It is the meditations and proclamations that will discipline the mind to hold a vision. We also know that knowledge is power. only then we become successful. Imagination. the power with which we create our vision. We want to listen to it and our mind does not want us to do so. formed a vision of with that imagination. Corrupting our imagination into a fantasy. Now. not the reason that it is not practicable. Man's purpose in life is to create and the basis of creation is imagination. Cosmos means to set in order and harmony. We make the chaos into a cosmos. we cannot have an outside different than what is inside us. come to think of it. Then we order this imagination. which speaks to us with a crystal clear voice that surfaces amidst the chatter of the mind. Knowledge also shows us the value of imagination in our life. We know the consciousness creates and we know that all imagination flows from our consciousness. the four proclamations are given. Imagination comes from all directions. Imagination flows out like a river from the cave of our intuition. Intuition is our inner tuition. which is the absolute.

Then you can control your inside. There lived a farmer. It will submit to you and will listen to you. Also. To arrive at this state you need to practice assiduously. we must keep at it no matter how many times we have failed. He was all alone. thoughts in pictures. we all stumble. You will stumble.divinemind. We imagine all the time. In the heat of the summer day he had to go to town to buy seeds for his next crop. for our use in the book. then we have become successful. he thought "If only I could have a bed to take a nap". The following story . Half way to the town the farmer saw a beautiful tree with long and strong branches fulfilled with rich green leaves. He had to walk with a sun beating down on him to his heart. at the same time. after day. on our inside. We have to train our mind and the training must be done through the system given by the Ancients. After having the meal of his life. the mind will give up. a poor farmer.think about it. If we give up. It is like learning to walk. Imagination is the picture in motion.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life So. when we realize that our outside will always be same as our inside and when we can control our inside (controlling the inside can only be done by meditation on the four proclamations and the four steps of visioning). As he was dosing at the shade. All of us must have gone through this. Who has not stumbled? You must get up again and again and keep at it until you have trained your mind not to rely on external. The mind must be trained to completely rely on our consciousness. At the base of the tree trunk there was a pond and the shade. which is distilled for us. he saw a banquet before him. he thought “If I could have a cold glass of water it would be great”. He did not realize that he was sitting under the wish fulfilling tree. no family to help him to farm. after day. Our mind can make us imagine what we do not want to 14    . Ah. There was a small village far away from anywhere with no access road to the nearest town. just travel with me for a little bit in this story. which challenged the scorching sun. The farmer decided to rest there for a while. We also. resting at the base of the tree. what have we left? That is what most people do. We must not give up. Eventually. He had nobody. The following story is in the book but I am going to tell you this. we try to imagine what we do not want to imagine but we do imagine things around us. Also. Shortly. but first. he saw a refreshing glass of water before him and he thought "Wow!" He quenched his thirst and wished "If only I could have some sweets and some food". Think of this as your journey through life. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. I will keep on doing this the way I am doing it day after day. Before he knew it. must be able to control our inside to think the thoughts we want to think.

a new automobile. Everything. I am going to give you a few exercises for imagination. He was still sitting under the wish fulfilling tree. go on vacation or having a soul mate. Step one. he wanted the most beautiful woman as his wife and plenty of children to help him on the farm and there he was surrounded by his family and wealth. The fulfillment of one wish led to larger and larger wishes. Imagination. If we imagine at all. is for 15    . Before you can vision. First. You have to make a list of what you want immediately. If there is an answer at all. We have stopped imagining. have a job promotion. Most people. he got worried a lot. As a matter of fact. however. which cannot be comprehended by our mind. It is because they have no answer. Right now. Imagination is more important than knowledge.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life He was lying on the most comfortable bed before he could even speak the thought completely. He immediately thought "If only I had a house to sleep in on this comfortable bed" and the house was there before he knew it. do not know what they want. These exercises are called imagination stimulation exercises. all circumstances and every condition in your life within the past or in the moment was brought to you by your thoughts on this wish fulfilling tree. a new condo or a house. I am going to give you some guidance on how to develop relationships. they get agitated with you. the same power that created this magnificent Universe. To make a list of what you want. You need to understand several points discussed below. we have to learn to imagine. let alone by our brains. It will only fulfill them instantly. He thought "What will happen if now a ferocious man eating tiger comes out of the jungle and eats me up?" A ferocious man eating tiger appeared and ate him up. we imagine what we do not want to or what we want to avoid because our imagination have not been used. It is individualized cosmic consciousness. he got a little worried. It will not judge the wishes. they will tell you what they do not want. This power works. Worry is imagination. That is the first thing that we have to accomplish. if used at all. We move and have our being under the wish fulfilling tree. Take a piece of paper and make a list of what you want immediately. If you ask them "What do you want?". When he saw what he got just by wishing. This tree is your consciousness. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Before he knew it. or family life.divinemind. Most people's faculty to imagine has been atrophied and has gone stiffed. We have to loosen up our capacity to imagine. Controlling imagination is secondary. you must have imagined what you want. We must train our mind not to fall for that.

Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Think of some other things like business or professional accomplishments whether you want to write a book, travel around the world, find romance in your life, help making your children successful and making them financially secure. Think about financial security for yourself, building self-esteem, or being a public speaker. There is the whole list of other things that you can think of. I just gave you these to actually stimulate the list that you can have. Mind you, I may have missed a lot but you must make a list of what you want immediately. Let's write down the points. We do not have to go into elaboration of each point right now. Step two. Pick one item you want each day from the list. You can have as many as you want. Do not restrict yourself. Do not let your mind stop you from making the list because at that specific moment it may feel like a fantasy to you. Do not fall into a trap of “I'll do it later” mentality. If you truly love yourself, you will do it. You will not do it for me or anybody else. You will do it for yourself. Make a list. Let your feelings loose and let go, let it happen. We cannot allow our imagination to be boxed in- in the dungeon of limitation of our past conditioning. Take a piece of paper and write it, write the list. Treat it as a game but do not fake it. We cannot concentrate on the lie. That is why the book was written to show you the truth that your imagination is the basis of all creation. Your imagination is the same imagination with which the Universe was created by the creator. The book tells you over and over again what the Ancients tell you “As the Macrocosm, so the Microcosm, and as the Microcosm, so the Macrocosm”. This way they tell you “As the Universe, so the Individual and as the Individual, so the Universe”. You are the spark and the Universe is the blaze. Each spark has the same power of combustion, the same ability as the blaze and it can also develop a blaze. So make a list. The sole purpose of this exercise is to loosen up your capacity to imagine. Step three. Every day without fail set aside five to ten minutes after your mediation on one of the proclamations. Never fail to meditate on the proclamations as it is explained in detail in the book. Take one of the items on your list and start imagining. Keep a notebook or a journal and a pen handy. Start imagining from anywhere, which means you do not have to imagine going on a vacation by beginning with a plane ride or a train ride, or buying a vacation package from a travel agency. If you want a luxury condo you do not have to start by buying it to start seeing yourself sitting in your study or living room entertaining guests and let your imagination fly all over the place. Your imagination must engage all of your five senses. You should be able to see everything in three dimensions and full color. You should be able to smell everything because everything has a smell. Master Key To Imagination ‐ 16   

Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life A house has a smell, an automobile has a smell, even vacation has a smell. It is that salty air from the ocean or the smell in the Caribbean. It has a nice smell, smell it! You should be able to touch and feel what you want like a house or a relationship, or your children’s embrace, or your condo's floor, or walls, or rugs. You will be able to even taste the air in the condo or the vacation, or the automobile. You will hear the sound of the vacation or the waves of the ocean, the voice of your companion, the steps in your new condo, the sounds of your children’s voices, and the rustle of your soul mate’s clothes. Let your imagination create the raw footage of your movie that will be edited by you later to make the vision, which is ordering your imagination into a vision. Step four. Time your imagination sessions and if necessary set the alarm clock or set the timer. You must discipline your mind. If you feel that your imagination is not showing as you want it to do, do not stop it. Do not stop the session. Sit on that chair or wherever you are and say "I will stay here for the duration that I have allocated myself whether it will be 5 or 10 minutes". You will see that you disciplined yourself. Your mind will give up and then you will enjoy this reverie but do not go over your allocated period. If you say 5 minutes, keep it for 5 minutes. If you leave it, do not continue with it. Get up and go, and do whatever you have to do. You will see that it will be with you throughout the day and you will see how your imagination is losing up. Remember, your imagination has been atrophied or gone stiff out of misuse or nonuse rather. Do not go over your allocated period ever, even if you are enjoying the ride of your imagination. When the time is up, just get up and go about your daily work. Next, try to have imagination sessions during lunch time and then before your go to bed but every time after your meditation on the four proclamations or whichever one proclamation you are meditating on. This will absolutely give you control. It will give you control over your own mind. Remember, the mind makes you and the mind breaks you. Thus, the four proclamations will give you control over your mind. You will then get intuitive instruction and you will get ideas while you are having your imagination sessions. By the way, do not ever skip your imagination sessions. That is a date with yourself, date with your life. This is romancing with life. Even if it feels funny, just do it. Once you have done it for about a week, then you will understand the value of it. After you do that, make sure that whatever ideas come, you write them down. Make sure that you write them down without any delay. You will get lots of ideas, mundane or exciting. It does not matter. These ideas, however mundane or exciting they may be, write them down. I can assure you, you will not be able to remember them. Just write everything down in you journal as it comes and do not try to edit it.

Master Key To Imagination ‐ 17   

Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Do not try to modify it. Just write it down even with your eyes closed. Write it down, scribble it fast because while you are writing the mind will try to edit and modify it to soothe itself. Remember, you are loosening up your imaginative faculty. Just write what comes to you. Do not share the ideas or imagination sessions with anybody. It is for the benefit of those people who are around you, whom you love, for the benefit of whom you are doing it for. Silence is power. This exercise is called "Living in Reverie". A reverie is awaking dream. Awaking dream is a vision. Visionaries are the architects of the Universe. We have to learn to dream and live our dream. When we consciously choose to discipline ourselves to let our imaginal hair down and let ourselves go to the regions, the distant regions of imagination that we have never been before, we will have a blast. We loosen up, we lighten up, we turn into laugh and smile, and then we can dream the impossible dream. As the song goes in the South Pacific: "You have to have a dream. If you do not have a dream, How are you going to have a dream come true?” This is absolutely intuitive that you learn to imagine. This is such an important factor in your life. It does not matter whether you are a CEO of a company or you are running a family. All you have to do is vision but you cannot vision if you do not have imagination. People need hope and vision. A great leader cannot have his followers filled with anxiety. When we do not have a vision, that is when anxiety picks up. The whole idea is people have to be able to develop their vision and what they need is the power to vision. There is a section on imagination on page 48 in the book. In the third paragraph, it says: "To train the mind to believe that we create out of No-thing is our mission in life. We must face the trials, tribulations, and seeming challenges of our daily existence with the knowledge that we create from No-thing and we require no pre-existing materials to manifest our desires. The challenges that besiege us are gifts though they appear troublesome. Each time we overcome them we come closer to our real Self, our Consciousness, and come closer to the idea that Consciousness produces the circumstances and the materials required to meet and overcome the challenges. Each time we accomplish a Vision by creation, we become more aware of who we really are; we also become more confident in of our Divinity.”

Master Key To Imagination ‐ 18   

as a professional coach. For example. A vision is an organized imagination on a particular aspect of our life. When imagination comes from the intuition we receive a lot of resistance. How do I see myself as a man. The vision of a new way to India was a fantasy. a woman . So.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Formatting Imagination into a Vision . Then there was a vision of Copernicus who was the first person to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology. As a woman. Organizing it is a vision. what is a vision and what is imagination? Where does imagination come from since life is centered around imagination and vision? A vision means sight.Part 2   In the previous chapter we discussed that imagination is the foundation or the raw footage of the vision of our life and it comes in a chaotic state. do I see myself as strong and powerful and equal to man? Do I see myself as a romantic and willing and able to face all obstacles that may come in my journey to success? Do I see my beauty and realize that beauty and strength are synonyms? See. Our intuition is the inner teacher. the Master within. and o From the absolute. what do I see? Do I see a strong man or a mediocre man? Do I see a Hercules who can overcome obstacles? How do I see a man who buckles under in the face of obstacles or runs from obstacles? Do I see a man who wants to be powerful and is willing to do anything and everything that is proper to become great and powerful? As a 19    . do I see myself as a leader in my organization? Do I see myself as a great friend to my partner and a strength to my children? These are visions. We often say "He has a 20/20 vision". or a coach? As a man. which displaced the Earth from the center of the Universe. our memory bank. We can have a clear vision or we can have a fuzzy vision. What we see is our vision. or a teacher. If it does not see anything that is in the memory bank it will resist it and will call it a fantasy. beauty is harmony. the vision of Columbus was a fantasy to people at that time. do I see myself as a powerful tool that benefits organizations and individuals? Where does imagination come from? Imagination comes from two zones or two areas: o From our past experience. From where? From our mind.divinemind.that is a vision of me? How do I see myself as a father or a businessman. which is our consciousness. or a hazy vision. That means he can see clearly. As a coach. through the channel of intuition. Our mind is the region of our past experience. It is only the superficial beauty. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. The beauty of the human being is the strength of the human being.

Your mind will resist it and you will be fighting it but do not fight it. Solomon. it creates a cocoon and then creates imaginal cells. which becomes a butterfly.divinemind. It drinks the nectar of the flowers the same way when you start imagining from your consciousness. The Ancients knew about this. Even if we do not have a vision. This resistance goes on and then the imaginal cells dominate even more. You have to understand. which your vision holds. If we believe in that we end up living the life of recycled visions. said "A nation without a vision shall perish". the caterpillar crawls and crawls. from your intuition. Keep on meditating on it. We need a vision. he was wise. The caterpillar gets destroyed and then wings emerge from that guck. We have always thought that we need the substance and as such. We cannot even get in the car without a vision of where we are going. one of the wisest men ever lived in the history of time. Then one day it stops and from its own body it creates a cocoon that surrounds itself. The problem in forming the new vision is the lack of belief that you create from no-thing. so we can even say "An individual without a vision shall perish". it can only drink. This caterpillar metamorphosis is changed into a butterfly created out of the guck from the imaginal cells. slowly changed into the “new” you. we have to have a vision of having no 20    . we need the substance and the circumstances to form a vision. This is which comes from the absolute. So. Individual is a nation into himself. like guck inside the cocoon. the caterpillar gets scared of itself. Solomon was a King. The pain of crawling and living that caterpillar like existence becomes intolerable. Keep on it assiduously and all of a sudden you will see the “old” you that you hang on to so closely and that gives you all the pains. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. When creating the imaginal cells. If we do not have a vision we will always have to live somebody else's vision. You have to remind yourself who you are and the four proclamations proclaim who you are in the book. The butterfly cannot eat anymore. from the inner teacher. which futuristic writers call science fiction. It fights those imaginal cells as if those cells are going to destroy the caterpillar itself. It eats more than its body weight throughout the day. This is very well expressed in the nature of metamorphosis of the caterpillar. See. those cells are scientifically called imaginal cells. The whole caterpillar becomes like a pig soup. We cannot move. all those visions have been transcended. Today.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life His vision was a fantasy too.

It is the raw footage of our “would be” movie. a genius drowning in anxiety becomes an incapacitated genitor. it becomes a vision. we get a sense of helplessness. Furthermore. a vision. We can live and move. and to supervise imagination. destroys anxiety. he gave them a collective vision. Spartacus who was a slave himself and who wanted to free the slaves gave the slaves the vision of being free. People need a hope and a vision. angry. which they can only buy with their emotional currency. When Moses gave that vision. However. A vision. a boss. let’s go over how to order imagination into a vision. be proud to have. initiating rebellions against the vision of a promised land. He becomes a liability. and are willing to face all the obstacles to bring that vision to life. The leader's first order of the day is to give his people a common vision. He may have a genius with him.divinemind. there were resistances inside the group. When we do not consciously form a vision of what we want to be. There were people who wanted to go back to slavery in Egypt. Solomon knew that. Leadership starts with a vision. You must have a vision and a vision needs belief. as we discussed before. He also knew that when an individual does not have a clear vision. A great leader cannot have his followers filled with anxiety. the leader then needs to prepare his people to earn the currency. Anxiety is a vision of being what we do not want to be. It is not really the movie. a wife. Whether you are a parent. for the day. a vision that they are willing to stand up for. or a friend. they do not know what they want. even with a sense of helplessness. We cannot live without a vision for a moment. If at that time. what does supervise mean? Supervision means super-vision. or for the daily activities. They become agitated. The tendency to go back was always there. when we edit the slices and set it in the format of a movie. Then. a husband. Ordering is to set imagination in the right sequence. and live in anxiety. is a movie that we create in our mind. Moses gave his people the vision of a promised land and that vision sustained them for 40 years going through the desert. and have our being in that vision. a CEO. to take command. The word order is the key. We feel that all the time we are what other people or our environment wants us to be. After that he will be able to sell them the common vision. which is formed by us. what we do not want to have and to do. it is absolutely necessary to have a vision. they do not have that emotional currency or preparedness to buy the vision.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life He also knew that most individuals do not make an effort to make a vision for their own life. the vision that is super beyond the normal. So. Let's stop here for a moment and ask. Our 21    . He must give them a vision or help them build a vision. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. which is the final product. He realized that he has to give his nation a vision. stressed out.

It 22    . In the book it is called "jumping off the boat". You have to let it go. We cannot be a caterpillar and then decide to be a butterfly and have both. The mind cannot comprehend that. Becoming the vision is the key . The creator made it with no. We must practice seeing it as a vision. What do you mean? The chair I am sitting on is no-thing? As a matter of fact. A flower is the reality and it is the vision at the same time. We live in particles. A great messenger in the Greek mythology. But then the affirmations. A vision is never static. All we have in this whole Universe is made out of no-thing. so the Universe”. Remind yourself that all the time. It breaks up the old. We create out of no-thing. and the reading alone will not bring you the vision. A vision the individual has is the spark and the Universe is the blaze. We need the boat to cross the river. The Ancients across the world. Crossing the river is the meditation. The particles are waves. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. it is no-thing. which is energy. takes us to the other side to our vision. we have gone to the other bank and if we still stay on the boat. All we have is made out of no-thing.the moment you start living in the vision. the reading. It is particles there. It is evolving.divinemind. we need a boat. It grows. A reality is the vision. like when we see a flower or a beautiful baby's face. Nobody disputes this. so the Microcosm and as the Microcosm. We are still the caterpillar but when we jump off the boat. when we cross the river. tells us "As the Macrocosm. both in the east and the west tell us that “As the Universe. even the table is not a solid.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The Universe is a vision of the creator. and the affirmations. It breaks up the old like the caterpillar that has to be destroyed to become a butterfly. so the Macrocosm". we have not crossed the river. The same is with individuality.thing and without hands or feet. The mind cannot accept that. then we have crossed the river the same way that knowledge. Vision is a living entity. That spark can create the same blaze. so the Individual and as the Individual. So. How can the lesser comprehend the greater? The solid. When we want to cross a river. All the knowledge we have and all the education we have becomes a load if we do not jump off the boat. Then we have to start living in the vision. the meditations. Every great philosophy. It evolves and spirals up. which is our boat. A vision is the reality. Hermes. There is no difference and there is no contradiction. We jump off the boat. A vision is a living entity. all great teachings confirm that and it has sustained itself for thousands of years. yes.

I would like to expand on that more. significant others. we would not have internet today. by all means discuss it! Otherwise. Ask any scientist. That infection. Since in the previous chapter we have touched a little bit on the aspect of privacy regarding imagination sessions. You should remember that. The mind prevents us from giving the input if it does not find it in its memory bank. they will say that they are stuck there. Science does not know what a thing is. Keep your vision and imagination sessions private. The individual is a spark. the injected doze of doubt will dissipate your powers. Matter has dissolved into mystery. It can have a tendency to destroy your vision or bring in doubts. Imagination is curtailed by circumstances. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Even if they do not say anything. close friends. as it is a very important topic. Do not let the mind answer it. If this guardian at the gate. if not resisted. was successful at all times. You have to know who is visioning. That is where this infection will come 23    . It is our memory bank. That is why it should be kept private. That is why we need a vision. can multiply like a virus. and the Universe is the blaze. We would not be able to hold live conferences via internet and have people attending them right across the continents. but it will come from people who you have a lot of faith in. Science does not know today what matter is. they can infect your vision with doubt. We give it commands and it will give us the output but it needs the input.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life It is also made out of no-thing.divinemind. When we see the Universe. Infection will not come from people you do not trust. the same aspirations as you do. Remember. etc. That is why the four proclamations are given and they actually proclaim who you are. as it is simply a hard drive in our computer. who is designing. The mind does not know. You never know where this infection is coming from. There is a difference between a goal and a vision. The spark can create the same blaze you can. which we call mind. When you talk about your visions and your aspirations to other people and they do not think the same way you think. their look or a rising eyebrow could affect you. when we play hockey or soccer the vision is to win the game and the vision is how we play the game. Most of the time it will be your parents. silence is power. Not long ago we would be called mad if we said that this is what we have in mind. the infection of doubt. Do not set a date or deadline to manifest your vision. For example. Unless those people have the same mindset as you are. Now scientists say that matter is not a thing. we must know that it is all inside us.

When we vision the assignment. We see with imagination. I say onto you. “behold”. It takes four months for the harvest to be produced.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life We see the whole game in its entirety being played out by us. The manifestation is time bound but not the vision of the game that we played over and over in our mind. A goal of completing an assignment has to have a time of completion. Jesus of Nazareth. not the vision. When we vision that our assignment has been done. We vision who will make what movements. for they are white already to harvest". “See the harvest already white”. Imagination is the eye of consciousness. and look on the fields. Conditions are time bound. If you go to page 47 and look at the third paragraph. There are yet four months. "Say not ye. Lift up your eyes. It has been completed in our mind. The Master takes this natural phenomenon on farming and any farmer knows that this is time bound. At that time it is a contradiction in terms when we vision it. That means you have to “be” it. The Master knows the conditions are fulfilled. He used a metaphor that boggles the intellect. We even vision that the goal that we are required to shoot to win the game is time bound because we have so many minutes to score the goal. not the physical eyes that you have. in the allocated time. He told his disciples. In the book there is one beautiful example. That means a vision is being it and then holding the vision. Now.divinemind. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. The words are be and hold. it is not time bound. that is an intellectual 24    . we have already seen it being done. it is not time bound. You experience fear of the vision of not having a job long before it happens. The goals are the components of our vision and that is the manifestation of our vision. Lift up your eyes. it says: The Great Master. We only see ourselves winning the game and laying on the ice or grass exhausted and victorious. and then cometh harvest? behold. with pristine clarity drew a picture of visioning and seeing the vision already fulfilled without depending on any conditions. an eye of imagination. For example. A vision cannot be locked in time and space but the manifestation of the vision must be in the three dimensional world and has to be locked in time and space. a worry is a vision of what might happen and it may happen next year when your contract runs out and you see yourself without a job. he says. Just like the worry. then we will see the Universe getting to work to synchronize everything for us to finish our assignment in “by when” time.

but through the Atlantic going west. All the Masters. we have to focus on how to get the desired end results and we have to start with the end results first. It was a dangerous path. he tells the disciples "Therefore I say unto you. so is he”.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The eyes do not see. When we watch TV. we are watching people raising their hand in China and we see them in that very moment like today. The visible is sustained by the invisible and we have to remember that always. and what audios they hear. This is the same thing that all the great teachers of the Ancients taught. His own country. There are always two creations. “believe that ye receive them. The creation in time and space is impossible if it is first not created in our heart. we need “by when” for the business world and for our own world. there was no Suez 25    . which was Vasco de Gama’s way. rejected him but Spain supported him. The eyes are extension of our vision. Everyone knows that it takes four months for the crop to grow provided all conditions of cultivation. Then again. which is an extension of our vision too. Yes. what videos they see.divinemind. The ancient wisdom of Solomon reconfirms the same: “As a man thinketh in his in our heart and the other one in time and space. If we break the TV we would not see it there. It is absolutely true. Remember. Italy. How to get to desire and result? Can it be possible to not need to focus on the how and still trust that the desired outcome will happen? That is the question that is in most people's mind no matter what book they read. just like our glasses are extension of our vision. which is our consciousness. and ye shall have them”. if you go back to page 32. so you never do anything. all the teachers of the Ancients taught us this. what things so ever ye desire. The Master takes the natural phenomenon on farming as the metaphor. when ye pray". the weather. All of these things are the same thing. just like binoculars are extension of our vision including the TV. That picture is not in the TV. We have to focus on the end results we want to see. He did not want to go through the Cape of Good Hope though Africa. not the end results we can have given the circumstances. and all the other requirements are fulfilled. Most people see the end results on the basis of what they can see. He did not consider himself how. He tells his listeners to see the harvest at the same time as they see this land. When Columbus was looking for the route to India from the west he saw the end result of going to India. You see it being done and it is done. He was looking for India not through the Cape of Good Hope. I refer to this because people in the western world can recognize this more. which means vision. such as irrigation. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www.

divinemind. Success is not having money. what do we do? We hit it with reasoning. The only way to overcome the lower reasoning is through assiduous practice. Assiduous practice means if you are not successful the first time. Now. practice.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life He knew there was a way and he saw the end vision so much so. What we have to do is to vision the best case scenario. It is a vision of failure. which is still called West 26    . He had a vision. the change will take place. that when he reached America. Your consciousness is the creator. which comes from the past experience and present conditions. o The other reasoning is the lower reasoning. knowing that your consciousness is the creator. Otherwise. Then. The required scenarios will appear not by magic but by holding the vision. “Success is being able to hold a vision without faking it. holding no doubt and believing that you will have it because this is how the Universe is made. It will take practice like meditation to break through. So. It will be like that caterpillar fighting its own imaginal cells and we will see the metamorphosis. The visible world is sustained by the invisible. he called the place India. it will not be easy but what else can you do but practice? Practice. you start again. you will be living in perpetual doom and gloom. Assiduous practice of the worst case scenario on the other hand is imagination by itself. but from seeing things that you have never seen before. which comes from the part of our consciousness that says anything is possible.” Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. My consciousness is the creator. You have to handle all the problems as they come. or the Indies. If your consciousness is the creator it will create the desired results. There are two kinds of reasoning: o The first kind is the higher reasoning. Hold a vision. how can it be possible not to focus on the how and still trust the desired outcome will happen? If you live in the vision all the required scenarios will come not from your past experience. This is our conditioning and it will take some time. All metamorphose accompanies destruction of the old. and practice. that requires assiduous practice. Imagination comes from our intuition.

You must embrace this statement in your heart if you want to be successful. or the solid thing that we may be standing on. They are the proclamations of who you are. In a dream we live amidst solidity. he. It is one of the four proclamations in the book. So. This is so important. Reality is observer created. Your reality is your creation and consciousness creates everything out of no-thing. they say we are stuck there. is the greater conqueror”. Now. We are now relying on circumstances and on our present conditions. he. Consciousness is the creator. We know it is not solid. The question is: how do you know that was not real and the waking up is a dream? We don't. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. is the greater conqueror” –Gautama Buddha. the latter. why are we so hung up on time and why can't we hold a vision and manifest a vision? “If one man conquers in battle a thousand men a thousand times. It is ridiculous because we can touch it and we can feel it. Science today has come to the conclusion that consciousness creates reality. This something that we are sitting on. the latter. These proclamations are not mantras. in a dream we bump against another car and we have a car accident. Then we have to ask: why don't we create things we want to create? We know that we create by visioning. For instance. say the chair. Matter is not a thing. In the Copenhagen interpretation it says "Consciousness creates reality". and if another conquers himself. Then why can't we hold a vision and manifest a vision? What do we mean by no-thing? This is what it is. We get hurt. We wake up from the sleep and say "I had a dream". “If one man conquers in battle a thousand men a thousand times. Let me repeat this. We know that it is particles that are reduced to waves and vibrations and they are 27    . We bleed. the floor…. Everything is real in the dream yet our body is lying in bed. When we ask science what is matter. Consciousness creates reality. consciousness is the creator. The mind cannot believe that the vision can physically materialize out of no-thing. It takes assiduous practice to conquer the aspect of time before our vision and. What do we mean by substance? That is the question that we have to stop and ask. most importantly. we know today that matter is no-thing.divinemind.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Why Can’t We Hold A Vision And Manifest It? Time on itself is very meaningless as it is simply a tool that we use. We cry. the belief can materialize in the three-dimensional form out of no-thing. and if another conquers himself.

What is substance anyway? It comes from the two Latin words sub and stance. circumstances. That is what we call a materialist. All the Masters who taught us. why can't we hold a vision and manifest a vision? Because we cannot believe in it. Your imagination is the eye of your consciousness. which are processed through our mind. one who depends on pre-existing materials. then we will be buffeted by circumstances the rest of our life. and not the money they want in their imagination. we will be called insane. then there is no release anywhere. In the book it says very clearly "Nothing affects us more than our mind”. If we cannot depend on the vision to get we what we want. Thought is imagination. Our entire dependence is on matter. We rely too much on our intellect. money they have. The reason we cannot hold on to a vision is because either we do not want it badly enough or we believe that visioning alone will not get for us what we want. That is a hard thing to do when we are not used to it. Sub means below and stance means what we stand on. That is a hard one to accept because we are all in the "show me" state of mind. Our thought is our imagination. If we do that. That means if I do not see it. like fear of heights or death? That fear is so real that you get eruptions in the body. that everything is made of and made with consciousness. Chemical changes take place in your body just by imagining what you do not want.divinemind. We have to understand this. Intellect comes from two words intel and legere. To train the mind to know the truth that consciousness creates everything out of no-thing. and fever. so we are. stomach ache. That is why we cannot hold it. A vision can only be a vision if our mind agrees to believe it. I do not believe it but our mind's eye is seeing it. depends on conditions. If we can depend on the riches that our vision holds. Our consciousness creates substance. which means to choose between this and that. Let's stop for a moment and ask ourselves. Is that real? Is that rush that is coming through your body real? So why can't it be for the good things you want? Because the belief is not 28    .Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Our mind truly cannot believe this. The whole purpose is to control our thoughts and to hold our thoughts. If that is the case. We cannot concentrate on a lie. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. We cannot hold on to a vision that we cannot believe in. How often do you get sick just imagining fear that has never happened. then we have mastered our circumstances. is the true secret of success. taught us that as we think.

let's vision this idea. this metaphor that is given in the book from Upanishads says "Our individuality is made up of consciousness. The body. which is the intellect. would we? No way. In most cosmogeny it says that “God and Man are One”. which is your body. I am talking to you intellectually now. so the Macrocosm”. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. The passenger tells the driver. which is the body. and intellect". mind. mind. and senses are the equipment of consciousness. So. so I can enter your heart through your intellect because your intellect is the security guard. intellect. so the Microcosm. All limitations are of the mind and all freedom is of the mind. We are told that “As the Macrocosm. It says that consciousness is a rider. We have hired the taxi. The intellect is the driver of the chariot. where your consciousness wants to go. The reigns.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The Mind is the ultimate bully and we get bullied by it all our life. We are told “The spark of the blaze is equal in power to the blaze because it can produce the same blaze”. Let's vision this 29    . The Masters say that just because our consciousness has been awaken. Now. it is your consciousness in the passenger seat in the chariot. The Upanishads of the Vedas draw the vivid picture of our individuality. is the mind and the horses are the senses. The driver of the taxi is our intellect. it is a passenger in the chariot. it becomes that color. so the Universe”. Whatever color we dip it in. You are the consciousness and your engine are the senses while the steering wheel is your mind. our body. and as the Individual. mind. If we went on a taxi and we told the taxi driver to go north and he goes south. so the Individual. and you are the consciousness. where to go. The mind is like a white piece of cloth. This example. it does not mean a thing if we do not have control over our mind. We say “As the Universe. It will not allow any thought to enter your heart and your consciousness if it does not find an identification point. which guide the horses. For example. We are told throughout history the same thing in all parts of the world. body. These turbulent senses are the horses. intellect. When we are in control of our mind. The senses must take you to where you want to go. The body. let's backtrack a bit. we would not be continuous practice and detachment to the process of creation. Are we in control of our mind as much as we would like to be? How do we control our mind? The ancient Masters have one answer and that answer is not an easy one . The intellect must hear the mind. we are in control of our life. and as the Microcosm. This is the state of affairs with your life as you drive through life. that is our body and it must obey us.divinemind. and the senses are the equipment of consciousness to take you to your destination.

That means we do what the creator does. and longevity of the movement. There was only water. We dive into our consciousness. He brought it up to the surface of the water and so on until the turtle's back was filled with the earth. As the Macrocosm. A drop of the ocean has all qualities of the ocean in that drop. “In the beginning there was only water. from spirit comes matter. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. We put that vision on the earth and the 30    . The creator creates and we create. The turtle is a symbol of patience. trend. several of them.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The man is made in the image and likeness of God. dries it. This is in every culture and we know there was no shore. All the major cultures tell us that you and I are the creators of the world. It was told to us in the cosmogeny that “As above. The genesis of the western world has their story of creation and there are allegories in the beginning. hold the image. we will find the vision. being the brain. Then the muskrat found a piece of earth on the bottom and brought it up. If we notice. Then the beaver went down and brought the earth in his hand. So. but where could he put the earth? He put it on a turtle that was floating in the was all done by imagination. there was no earth. Then we have the Vedic cosmogeny. From spirit came water and earth. Spirit is consciousness.divinemind. how we create our world. There was no place to rest or to stop. Now. the earth. by looking at all the allegories of creation including our Universe there is one thing in common. We hold that vision with the mind. The image is the same as the object that reflects that image. In all cultures all across the world the water represents spirit. We go deep down in our consciousness. The turtle is us. there was only water. This is how we create everything. our own world. Everyone has their own story. We know even in astronomy the sun rules the brain center. the vision of the earth and that becomes the manifestation. The sun from above dried it and that became the earth”. That means he can do what God can do. In the native Indian culture the story of the Turtle Island has different variations depending on which part of the North American continent and which tribe we are talking to. These are the metaphors to tell us how and what we can do. this is an allegory. so Below. They tried again and again. If we dive into the spirit of life. Why are these stories given? These stories tell us how we create our world. they dived down to the bottom of the water but could not reach any bottom. So. so the Microcosm”. the native Indians of North America have their story of the Turtle Island. In general it goes like that. Then we hold the vision with patience and it holds as a manifestation. The muskrat and the beaver and all the other animals were swimming tirelessly. It was imaged. bring it up to the surface and put it on the turtle.

the kingdom of heaven is within us. our most invulnerable senses. bitter and sweet. However. In this sleep in a dream state and from his belly button. The whole objective of those two monsters was to devalue the creator. At the same time.divinemind. there was no time and on the fourth day God created the sun and the moon. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. in the genesis of the Bible God said “Let there be light” and there was light but before that God created heaven and then the earth was formed. The earth was formed out of consciousness. there was no time there. Heaven is within us. That is how we relate our 24 hours. two monsters came out through the ears of the preserver. these monsters come out of the ears. One was too much and the other one was too little. then you are in heaven. Creation of the sun and the moon distinguishes time and space. There was no earth because there was no shore. When the world inside you matches the world outside you. The mind is continuously suffering either from too much or too little and wants to consume our consciousness and say that we cannot create. It destroyed the too much and too little. and that is what the first proclamation “Consciousness Is The Creator” is about in the book. as we know. the consciousness immediately went deep into meditation and asked the preserver "Help!”. Among the five senses. being void of those means the earth would not exist. At the same time as he was imagining the world was being created. in the Vedic cosmogeny one of the stories is that vision or the preserver of this Universe was laying in an ocean in a deep sleep. So. So. Similarly. pain and pleasure. There was no place that the animals could stay in. To take charge of our mind we have to take charge of too much and too little.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life It was for the vision of spirit that the earth was created. That is concentration and attention. That is how we relate our 365 days in a year. So. the creator. The intellect is those two monsters. What we hear we cannot resist. from his naval cord came out a lotus and on that lotus was sitting Brahman. to put it in the most modern language. Do not forget. How can anything be without form and void? We know heaven is our consciousness. Brahman meditated and then through the center of the eye came enlightened energy. which is consciousness. In the meantime. the vision of what we hold is already ours if we can hold it with patience on the turtle. He was lonely and he imaged. This is how we get rid of the two monsters that are preventing us from holding the vision and manifesting the 31    . what happens? Our life is regulated today by too much and too little.

We have to feel it and that is why there is a second proclamation in the book “Everything Is Consciousness”. I will have paid homage to my life. That is what we were born to accomplish and be victorious over.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Consciousness cried out to energy of the preserver and from between his eyes came out the power of the Universe to combat these two monsters. He was trying to experience what he had never experienced before. As long as we are not bold enough to step out into the unknown and experience life to its fullest. Whatever we touch is consciousness. have an enchanting day. and all that we have never felt before”. Bored means a 32    . a nice day. the naval cord of vision. We have come to reach out and feel all that we can feel. I have come to reach out and feel all that I can feel. whatever we hear is consciousness. Recycled days we are living every day. Is the vision coming from our past or is the vision coming from acceleration to ecstasy to reach out an experience that we have never experienced before? If we go to the book and go to the last page. whatever we smell is consciousness. the epilog. have a magical day. That is the first step but where is the vision coming from? That is the second. all that I have never felt before.divinemind. whatever we taste is consciousness. Once I have accomplished that. As long as the idea can be implanted in our mind. Try to soak your whole being with the following statement: "I have come into this world to experience what I have never experienced before. “We have come into this world to experience what we have never experienced before. too much and too little. then we can hold a vision. we will feel bored. This power destroyed them. We live every day like yesterday. We will be caught up in the confusion of existence and existence will become a burden for us. that rule the mind. We want to have a good day. Make ourselves the Masters of our own world. whatever we see is consciousness. have a euphoric day? Even if it is painful.” That is exactly what Brahman who came out of the belly button. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Although this is just an allegory it shows us very clearly where the problem is and how to solve it. We are too busy mastering other people's egos and we do not pay much attention in mastering our own ego. was meditating on. have a charming day. That is living. Boredom is one of the causes of our stress. Why can’t we say we want to have an exciting day. most important thing. sometimes it is euphoric because we have experienced it. I would like you to read this portion first… Awakening from the self imposed dream. The power of the Universe destroyed those two monsters and we have to do it through meditation on the four proclamations. To train the mind to know the truth that consciousness creates everything out of nothing and that everything is made of and made with consciousness is our job.

Our desire will come from the feeling of what we do not have now and what we would like to have but remember. takes the Master. As long as we maintain that attitude. which is our consciousness. Therefore. Our divinity and our unity are our oneness. becoming “A man of a few desires” is essential. Romance is the reason of our existence and when that is taken away by the burden of day to day tolerance of the slavery of the intellect. Romance starts with loving oneself. It needs to be on a short leash and handled by consciousness. We have to take charge of our mind before we can do it. It is loyal but it is not focused. The mind has a thousand eyes and it cannot stay focused. When the servant rules the Master we get an upside world. which is the very foundation of the mind. yet afraid to awaken. a life we are meant to live. The mind is like a dog. We do not care about anything else but our love. while we work. It is like falling in love with ourselves when we are madly passionately in love. the only thing we can think of is our love. not from our past experience. The mind thinks that it is all that there is and denies the power of consciousness. Our consciousness must take command and control of our mind. we go to sleep with a thought of our love. It is a revolt of the servant. the mind has a thousand eyes. nothing is going to be tough. The mind cannot see beyond this moment. It does not allow the consciousness to vision what it cannot understand. So. A deeper look at this analogy would be that the dog. We must release ourselves from this self imposed dream that surrounds us at this moment and form a vision of the reality that we truly desire.divinemind. We often ask ourselves “What if my vision will not manifest?" Our mind does not allow us to. It does not allow consciousness to vision what it cannot understand. The mind is the instrument through which we created our world. where is our vision coming from? Our vision must come from our heart. an intense urge to touch the ends of this Universe and know who we are in this dream of existence.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life We have a need. During the day. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. we are the Universe. we give up on romance. We are asleep in a dream state and we are entrapped in a dream struggling to awaken. which is our mind. Life is a 33    . for a walk on a leash instead of the Master taking the dog for a walk. The mind cannot see beyond this moment. nothing is going to be hard. afraid to leave our dream because we feel it to be our reality. Applying ancient secrets of success we can create a life of abundance and joy. The mind wants to take over and control our consciousness. We wake up with a thought of our love.

the western and the eastern. This is universal. You do not even live it now. Imagination is eternity. You do not live in your tomorrow. get on my back”. Master Key To Imagination ‐ 34    . it can only calculate. Every metaphysical. is what is happening in most of our lives today. The scorpion came to the frog and told him “Take me across the river to the other side” and the frog said to the scorpion “I cannot because if I take you on my back you will sting me”. Imagination does not live in now. So. The secret to success is to train the mind to obey the Master and the Master is consciousness. you know that I cannot swim. It is the same with training our mind to obey our command. Eternity cannot be conceived by the mind’s five senses. No amount of theory can train the mind. The method of practice to train the mind to follow our command can be easily achieved by the practice that is given in Part 2 of the book. it can only be felt. Eternity is not starting from one place and then stretching to endlessness or contracting to smaller and smaller to endlessness. as ridiculous as it may look. You do not live in your yesterday. continuous practice. That is why Plato put a circle around the space and said eternal. I will drown and die too”. The mind cannot feel. assiduous practice. Most of the cultures have exactly the same teachings. What alternative do we have but to keep on practicing? The alternative is living the present day life that we have and then beating the time till the end comes. no matter how great that book may be. This has withstood time for thousands years by great Masters and Sages. If we drown. no ending. No beginning. We have to enter the water and learn by practice. The scorpion then told the frog “Do not be silly! If I sting you. There is no now. And dead YESTERDAY Why fret about them If TODAY Be sweet!!” Today’s sweetness is your vision of your life. Consciousness is eternity. We cannot learn to swim by reading a book on swimming.divinemind. and intellectual information proves that. It can only be done by practice. Omar Khayyam’s beautiful verse says it all: “What boots it to Repeat how time is Slipping under our feet: Unborn TOMORROW. then you will die and we will drown.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life This picture. spiritual. These teachings do not belong to any part of the world. the frog was very giving and said “Ok. We have to learn to concentrate but the mind is like a scorpion in the story of the scorpion and the frog. Eternity is not conceivable by the mind.

the intellect. which is the mind. This is a story of the bird of the 35    . the scorpion." So. unless we can polish our stone and use our stone. No matter how educated we are. Knowledge is still the realm of the mind. no matter which university we come from. let's fly away free to the forest together". It is a mystery what the almighty had in his mind.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life As they got to the middle of the river. forgot his purpose.divinemind. our mind. The bird of the forest said "No. one that was living in the golden cage and the other was living free in the forest. He could not hold the vision. secure. The frog looked up and said “Why did you do that?” The mind. We have to live in ecstasy. our consciousness. No amount of books can teach you anything. You can gather hundreds and hundreds of books and in the end you only will have more knowledge. If we do not know who we are then we would not know who is visioning and why we cannot hold the vision and manifest the vision. I will not let myself be caged and shackled". he said. more theory. and well protected". in euphoria. The scorpion drowned and died as well. and the bird of the forest. That is why the complete “how to” system on the four proclamations and the ultimate meditation is given in the “Ancient Secrets of Success” to know who you are and how to center yourself for success and vision from the center to the circumference. we are incapacitated. so he could not hold himself and stung the frog. realized it is too late . Knowledgeable people who live a stressed out life or mediocre life. The bird of the cage replied "How can I go to the forest? I cannot. The frog died. Do not allow the scorpion's sting to come out. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. That is creating a touchstone of our life. The pain will still be there. This stone or the philosopher's stone has different names in every culture. Somehow by the wondrous work of the almighty they met and fell in love. the scorpion. The bird of the cage said to the bird of the forest "Come. stay with me in the cage. will continue to experience the pain. It is comforting. The bird of the cage sat in the cage and sang the song that had been taught to her. You will be loaded with knowledge and will end up being a very knowledgeable person but still the same. The bird of the forest told the bird of the cage "Come. the bird of the forest sat outside the cage and sang the song of the freedom of the forest. no matter how much money they have or how little they have. He forgot that the other bank is his vision. The whole purpose is to recognize the touchstone."I do not know". His instincts got the better of him. There were two birds.

They ducked each other's face. The bird of the cage heaved "I am in this place for comfort.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life "Why don’t we sing the songs of the forest. It is absolutely blue. As Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge". When we feel that. They stayed alone in their own worlds and hit their wings against the cage to feel each other and to love. The bird of the forest said "No. This is the tale of the two birds. neat. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www." "How can I sing the songs of the forest?" asked the bird of the cage. We let go and let it happen. I want to sing the songs of my heart. "Why don’t we learn the songs of the cage?" replied the bird of the cage. and secure". if I come closer the cage door might close and I will never be free again". They fell in love with each other but could not reconcile their feelings. luxury. live with me and enjoy the security and comfort that go with it". Fly with me and feel the freedom". The bird of the forest said "Look up at the sky. replied "No. I do not want to sing the songs we are made to sing. the bird of the cage with great pain said "Come closer!" The bird of the forest. not submission. The bird of the cage responded "Look at this golden cage. I do not want to sign taught songs. There is no trouble. I cannot live in your golden cage. The bird of the forest sighed "Let go of yourself. Hitting her wings against the cage. "No. the songs of freedom?" asked the bird of the forest.divinemind. and I am well protected. there is nowhere to fly" said the bird of the forest. The bird of the cage said "I do not have the strength to fly". The bird of the cage replied "How can I go with you to the clouds? There is nowhere to sit on the clouds". release yourself amidst the cloud and spread your wings. it is surrender. full of agony. Come. Imagination is the greatest power in the world. That is when we begin to believe. tidy. it is furnished. There are no limits anywhere". They looked at each other's eyes but one could not understand the other or convince the other of the freedom of the forest or the luxury of the 36    .

Most people live a traumatized life and the worst part is that they do not realize that they are living a traumatic life. All change is preceded by destruction of the old ways. they say they are living under stressful conditions. The mind cannot hold the thought that it has never experienced before. Our mind can do anything that we train it to do. There are more jobs available than before and people have more opportunities to build enterprises and businesses with less capital than before. We know our thoughts create. nor has any memory of it. Stress and tension have lowered their self esteem. which is our consciousness. Success is a system. and then brewed. consciousness is life. Success is not instant coffee. The thoughts that we are thinking now are the thoughts we want to think? Can we get rid of those thoughts? Sometimes thoughts are like ghosts. Why are they stressed out then? That is the question. It needs to be roasted. How do we take charge of our life and make the mind obey us? The mind is only the operating system. The playing field of life has changed. Our mind cannot comprehend the “want” speed. Success is a discipline. The butterfly was a caterpillar. is preceded by destruction of the old ways. All 37    . The caterpillar had to be destroyed to develop into a butterfly. we must take charge of our mind and then only we will be able to train the mind to obey us and carry out our commands.divinemind. The mind wants to take over our life. Only then we will get a great cup of success. Let me repeat this: all the formulas in the world in terms of thinking and getting what we want become ineffective because we cannot think the thoughts we want to think. The old ways do not work anymore. They are stressed out more than ever before. This system is distilled and laid out in the book. All the formulas in the world in terms of thinking and getting what we want become ineffective.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Thinking Out Of the Box and Creating a New Vision We now live in a different world than we lived in a few years ago. We seem to get attached to them. fraught with dangers and anguish. As such. We have to discipline the mind to obey us. We want to hold on to the old ways with our dear life because that is the only security we know. We live our life today at “want” speed. They are stressed out. To describe it at best. grounded. they haunt us. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Success is not instant coffee. We always carry a thought and these thoughts are molding and shaping our life now. The most interesting fact is that they are wealthier than ever before. We just pour hot water and voila-we are successful! Neither is it a hard work. as we know.

These are the questions people ask over and over again and answers to these questions are crucial for our happiness and our success. Where does your thought come from? We know that we live in a thought world.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life We cannot force irrelevant thoughts out of our mind. or wealthier. Regardless of whether these Masters were from the east or the west. We are what our thought is. They knew that blaming our shortcomings and our inadequacies and play the game of "poor me” would not help us in thinking the thoughts we want to think. The topic of this chapter is thinking outside the box and creating a new vision. to take control of their world. You will have all the money in the world if you know how to think the thoughts that you want to think. regardless of our circumstances. Only then one can vision freely. all freedom is in thought. 38    . Success is not how much money you have. think the thoughts we want to think. We know. We can blame our circumstances and our conditions that are holding us back from being successful or getting what we want but it all boils down to how we think and where our thoughts are being generated from. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. and not look upon this out of the box thought as a fantasy? What is the difference between a fantasy and a vision? These are important questions we have to ask ourselves. We cannot be greater that our thought. Why do we need to think out of the box to be successful? How can we think out of the box. It would not make us happier.divinemind. they were in full agreement that one has to develop the power to think freely. Success is being able to think the thoughts you want to think. To help the struggling world. We live in the world that we have created with our thoughts. the ancient Masters created systems and practices for the individual to take control of the thinking process and as a result. As great King Solomon puts it: "We are what our thought is". It takes practice to learn how to think the thoughts we want to think. The Masters of antiquity knew that all limitations are in thought and all freedom is in thought. We cannot bring a thought that we want to bring into our mind unless we have consent or an agreement with our mind. The ancient Masters understood the plot of the struggling individual and realized that the individual cannot be greater than his or her thought.

For example. A box has three dimensions length. Our consciousness is not time and space bound. What is this box that we feel boxed in? The mind loves this box. This is the mental box . They are also imperishable. The box that we think out of today has three dimensions too. So. present. the worry is a condition that we expect in the future but there seems to be very little uncertainty about it. It has no beginning and no ending. Consciousness has no dimension or space. No amount of theory can change your world. These practices and principles have withstood the tests and scrutiny of time and have prevailed. then you are looking into the future. when we say “If I do this. When we are conscious of a thing. width. Endless. though theory is necessary but without application of theory into practice it is not worth anything to anyone. Now. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. What is eternity? Eternity or infinity is not a very long time or a line. Some think out of the box thinking means thinking unconventionally or not looking into the past to create the future. and future. That condition may happen five years from today or six months from today. This is the dimension of the box that we think out of. you will not be able to change your world. I will have that”. a condition we do not project it into the future. That is crucial. and height. when we have a worry. If you do not take the steps to learn how to think out of the box. a 39    . we are thinking within the parameters of past. when we are thinking out of the box. The future always has an element of uncertainty in our mind. we are in it. For example. which means they are timeless. Our mind is space and time bound. Theory is the prelude to practice. Our consciousness is thinking and feeling that it is eternal.divinemind.past. There is no theory for success. This is the reason why the “Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World” book provides theory and practice as taught by the Ancients thousands of years ago. consciousness feels boxed in. and future. They are as effective today as they have been thousands of years ago.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life These systems and practices are down to earth and easy to practice. We experience it now. That is a vision. It is like an eternity of pain. it has no beginning and no ending like the vision of worry is eternal. Opinions vary in terms of what thinking out of the box really means. let's go to thinking out of the box. present. One must practice being successful.

It is what we are thinking and feeling at that moment. or future. It needed to be allowed to manifest. We needed to wait with understanding. intricate wiring system called the nervous system. and the yolk and it is kind of messy. Just like a thought of worry of tomorrow has already been experienced in eternity. believe that ye receive them. Our thought is processed through our mind. and the egg white was a bird. and future. If we crack the egg.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life A worry is a vision. present. we can see it. no present. which means there is no space and time. It must be allowed to 40    . Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. which means do not get trapped in the box of time and space. Science today says "The Universe is not local". the messy yolk. past. Here is the abyss between the mind and consciousness. the egg. First comes creation. we can taste it. and the enormous. Closing this gap between the mind that is trapped in time and space and consciousness being transcended of time and space is attainment. we can hear it. so we can enjoy the manifestation of the bird. Thinking and feeling has no past. which we have accepted and it does not depend upon past. when ye pray. and future. Jesus of Nazareth told his disciples "Carry no thoughts for tomorrow". The colorful feathers. The mind travels in time and time is in past. said to his disciples "What things so ever ye desire. which is the vision. the lungs. Time and space is the cause of anxiety. Does our mind want to believe that? The great Master. The bird was there beyond time and space. which our five senses can relate to. the liver. It is here that the great conflict takes place.divinemind. We can smell it. which means carry no anxious thoughts. and ye shall have them". the kidney. the claws of the bird. We did not need to do anything to have the bird to come out alive except for incubating it. To illustrate the teaching of the Master and a scientist a good example would be to see an egg. present. The mind is trapped in space and time. That is why the great Master. Let’s take the egg. the white of the egg. Jesus of Nazareth. Thinking and feeling cannot be done in the future. Then comes manifestation of the vision. The bird is in the egg. present. Consciousness is transcendent of time and space. It is success. and no future. we can touch it. It needed nothing but incubation and hatching. the heart. Our mind will not want to believe that in the cracked shell. we will only see the cracked shell. The Masters thousands of years ago taught us "Consciousness creates" and today the science tells us in Copenhagen interpretation "Consciousness creates reality".

The vision does not discriminate the source of imagination. This means such imagination comes from the mind. present. it will manifest. generated from condition. we are creating more of what is happening in our life. no single human being who cannot 41    . both kinds of imagination are equally potent and if it is held and made into a vision. They are not in control of their imagination. That is what the four proclamations are all about.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The whole bird was in the egg. Someone may say "I cannot imagine". Our whole vision of what we want is in the egg in this example. Now. This is thinking from the box. becomes our vision. If you can think. let’s look at the second kind of imagination. Whether we like it or not. It is relative to what is happening in our life and we draw inferences from our conditions. then you can imagine. train the mind that manifestation is in the vision. There is no one on this planet Earth. Our mind is very comfortable with that. Imagination is never in the past. They cannot imagine what they want to imagine. Of course. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. imagination coming from conditionthat is. and future.divinemind. Imagination coming from condition is an effect of past. we need to convince the mind to accept it or reject it. The mind does not want to believe it. they cannot imagine. Our vision comes out of imagination. The mind is the operating system of our life and as such. This. Our consciousness has to operate through the mind to live in time and space. present. Then we feel we can have this or we cannot have that. and future. We have to convince our mind that there is a bird in the egg. Always remember. The bird is already there. There are two kinds of imagination: o The first kind comes from intuition. Manifestation is in the vision. The egg is the vision of the bird waiting to incubate and hatch. o The second is generated from conditions. Our mind cannot believe it. imagination is the power of the Universe. that is thinking in the box. then we cannot create. That is training the mind to think out of the box. present. The egg is the vision and the bird is the manifestation. It is only an effect of past. or future. in turn. we are going to do a little bit of imagination right now because if we cannot imagine. Our consciousness knows it. or fixing something that may happen because of the conditions around us. Regardless of which source imagination is generated from. That is being boxed in. Imagination shapes our vision.

We need things. by our trained mind. so the Universe”. so the Individual and as the Individual. We know today the word consciousness is used by scientists. This boggles our mind. so the Microcosm and as the Microcosm. just imagine. Have you ever thought that you could sit down and spend fifteen minutes to go on imaginary journey? That is a good practice. imagine.that is living out of the box. Some day in the past somebody fantasized about submarine and science fiction writers wrote about it. so they say we are fantasizing. we have little submarine towns as a reality. That is thinking in the box and there is nothing wrong with it but that is thinking in the box. as we know from all cultures and all traditions. it can manifest what we are holding as a vision. that is not the intent. which is the same as the universal consciousness. Reality is observer created. that is where we are trapped in and when the mind does not allow us to think the thoughts we want to think. The Universe is non local. That means there is no space and time. The mind usually corrupts imagination. the mind needs it. and then vision from the absolute. I can have what I want. it is our infinitude aching to come out. we live in the internet. It is very uncomfortable and because we have been living that way. our inner tutor. If I have this or that thing. Imagine. no locality. The Universe. so the Macrocosm” or “As the Universe. The teachings of the Masters are there to convince us to think out of the box. Hermes says “As the Macrocosm. It is urging us to live like we have never lived before. we are boxed in the time and space bound mind. which is worth reading over and over 42    . we need conditions. we have gotten used to it. Of course. That means when we observe the world around us we observe our vision. Today. our inner tutor. The other source of imagination comes from the absolute . Physics says consciousness creates reality. Our mind cannot handle it and we say this is crazy. which comes out of intuition and makes it into a fantasy. There is a chapter in the book titled “The Everyday Magic of Creating from No-Thing”. from our true being. Today. this is crazy! Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Consciousness is the creator and consciousness is the substance as well. the Universe. If our imagination can be held by us. Everything is made out of no-thing and the Universe is non local. That is normal. If we do not use it. It is not a hunch. which is the same as the inner visual consciousness is the source of our intuition. Some day in the past someone fantasized about the internet. The reason we cannot think out of the box is because we do not believe that we create out of no-thing.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Now.our intuition.divinemind.

then you will have it. it transcends happiness. It also trains the mind where it stands in relation to our life. It destroys us because worry is a vision of what we fear and we experience it. look at the worries. That means no obstructions. Why can’t we think out of the box? Life is meant for ecstasy. does our mouth become sweet? Our mouth will become tired. This can only be achieved through meditation and the four proclamations were designed to do just that. and bliss. That is. no mediation. That is why we have to come to consciousness. and let the mind know consciousness is the provider. If we cannot believe it. If we say sugar. We have to offer our mind continuously to consciousness.divinemind. we cannot have it. that is impossibility.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life How was this Universe created? Who can say? The mind cannot conceive. whatever things we desire. The mind looks for ways and means and cannot find it. Worry is the worst disease of the mankind. and immediately. 43    . Now. The speed of manifestation is always in direct proportion of your belief level. That means the vision that we hold is ours already. sugar. our mouth does not smile. sugar. Our worries are visioned. That is why the book has two parts. Who am I? Who is this person thinking and talking? Who is this person listening? Who is this person seeing? Our eyes do not see. If you do not believe it. In the second part we jump off the boat. We go into the water and then we learn to swim in the ocean of consciousness and become the ocean. When you plain ask. If we think and believe in our thought. The mind is the progenitor of worry. our ears do not hear. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. We can say it as many times as we like. They are the mechanism through which we experience that and to do that. sugar. What are these proclamations all about? What do they proclaim? They proclaim our identity. That is why the meditation on the proclamations trains the mind to believe the truth. they come to us unmediated. so most people go and take mind altering drugs. that is not mitigated in any way and it is immediate. There is no magic trick to it. Bliss is not happiness. It is generated by our mind and we want to use the mind to get rid of it. The first part prepares our mind. unmitigated. then only manifestation will come and it is immediate. let the consciousness become the provider. we have to prepare ourselves. How can the lesser conceive the greater? What is matter? What is the matter with the matter? Now the scientists are saying we have lost our grip on our reality. believe you have already got it. Unmediated. The physics says unmediated.

Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Chapter 6 “The Everyday Magic Of Creating From No-Thing” and chapter 10 “Centering Yourself For Success” are extremely important and should be read over and over again. Why living in time and space? Let's manifest in time and space. This training of the mind to obey the consciousness is like growing a fruit tree. so we do not have to wait. it continues to produce fruits and keeps on producing fruits every moment of the season. This will not happen overnight. it looks so easy. you will become the Master of your life. It should be the other way around. Your body lives in time and space. grow it and when the tree is mature and in season. After we plant it. our own consciousness. Just start practicing and you will see the results. your desire. It will take assiduous practice. So. The mechanism for it must be given to us and who is going to process that information? Our mind. but this one is the tree of life. It will not happen by watching or listening to audio or video. Those are theories. You can wait for things to happen. Then only we can go to the four proclamations. your heart is everywhere and 44    . project your life where you stand now. we cannot use the steering wheel. Thinking out of the box is the way to live. It all depends on your intensity. it will take assiduous practice. It has to be internalized. where you will be 5 years from today or 9 years from today but if you take control of your life by living through your consciousness. Are you happy with what you have got or are you just settling for it? When success systems are given to us. It can happen in a day or it can happen in a year.divinemind. Can we imagine getting into the car. we will get the fruit. “There is never a time that you are not and there is never a time that you will cease to be. It requires wrestling but when it happens. as it grows.” Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Then we will be harvesting more and more of the fruits. Our mind is the steering wheel. With most fruit trees we have to plant it. We want to live from the center to the circumference but we do not seem to be able to do that. our own life. We do not have to wait for it to be finished. which takes us on the road-the everyday magic of creating out of no-thing. The mind has taken full control over us. we oppose it because it is too much work but who is saying it is too much work? Our mind. Is your mind ready to process it? The mind is actually telling us that we are out of control. we turn our steering wheel to the right and our car moves to the left? Well.

What we are about to enter into is the intensity of the exercise that we have to go through to build our mental muscles and the independence of our consciousness to rule the mind. what is heaven for?" We may feel intense. we are very excited about it. It is like ghost stories. As the English poet. little goals and little visions will be achieved because the conditions were already present.000 dollars and we want to buy something we will get it. clearly sometimes we do not even expect it. how do you expedite the manifestation of your vision? How do you stop your mind from thinking negative thoughts? When most of us set a vision. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. there are affirmations that do it but what is the power with which we make an affirmation? Why does an affirmation bring us the manifestation? We have to know that. or even go to seminars to learn how to set a vision and manifest a vision. That is stepping into the world of 45    .Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life How Do I Expedite The Manifestation Of My Vision? Sometimes some of us feel that we are playing games with our life. It becomes an endless struggle. At the same time we set the vision. Failing is not an issue. Nobody seems to have seen a ghost. somebody tells of somebody else. there are many cases of people who visioned and manifested their vision and we hear a lot about them but what did they do to accomplish that? We always hear about somebody else's story. Or. They have a friend who has seen a ghost and that friend has a friend who has seen a ghost too. We vision. especially for those of us who live in very affluent conditions. nor the connections to accomplish manifestation of your vision?" Then we go and read another book or practice our affirmations. That is not success. Yes. said: "If our reach does not exceed our grasp. If we have 10. not trying is the issue.divinemind. Yes. Similarly. we may feel that we have not done enough but this is not a reason not to try. The goal was set on the basis of present conditions but people may attribute that to the principles of visioning from the absolute with no conditions present for fulfillment. and we expect our vision to materialize. The conditions were already present. It has almost come to the point of entertainment. to vision what seems to be impossible now to the mind and to fulfill the vision. Robert Browning. So. we repeat a few affirmations. That is not success. the mind comes and tells us "How can you have it? You do not have the means or the circumstances.

and intellect are not your permanent being. body. To experience the relationship between the individual and the Universe. Who is changing my mind? Who is changing my body and intellect? Who is this I that owns the mind or seems to be owning the mind? Who is this I that is not at the moment in control of the mind? How can we set a vision with the mind we have no control over? Obviously.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The problem is not with information in the books. how do I stop my mind from thinking negative thoughts? The answers to these questions are the answers to our lifelong quest for our happiness and our success. No man has began to think how divine he himself is and how certain the future is. It comes out and steals our vision. and intellect and not mind. We live in the world of mind. You do not have the same mind as you had when you were a baby or an adolescent.that is the purpose of the proclamations to our mind. Your body is changing. Your mind is different today than it was a few years ago. It is to experience that all matter is consciousness or spirit. We do not ask what our mind is. The problem is who is reading the book? Who is doing the affirmation? Who is participating in the seminar? It is our mind and the word mind comes from Latin root word “mus”. Then only we can set a vision from the core of our being and manifest it with certainty. and consciousness. It means thief. every vision we set can be negated by the mind. body. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. body. the affirmations. We know that spirit or consciousness is infinite and infinitude does not have ending or beginning. We live in the world of existence and that is all we think it is. Where does this mind come from? What is the intellect doing for me? This body of mind is changing as I write to you today. How can we reach our full potential? The four proclamations in the book are the instruments of meditation through which we can get realization of our relationship with the mind.divinemind. It is our relationship with the Universe. Our mind separates spirit and matter. They change. or the seminars. and intellect. The mind. The purpose of proclamations is to destroy the border between matter and spirit. That is not a viable concept. It is absolutely crucial to destroy the border between matter and spirit. How do I expedite the manifestation of my vision? 46    . body. We say matter ends here and spirit or consciousness begins where matter ends.

The rest is theory. so the Microcosm". That is why we say there is no difference between the thought and the thing. How? Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. The mind is not used to the concept and resists that idea and does not want to accept it.consciousness. It could not be anything else. The first proclamation “Consciousness Is The Creator” proclaims that consciousness creates reality. hear. one spirit. forget about manifesting it. The mind has to have something tangible. Intellectually. smell. All the intellectual reasoning and scientific explanations cannot convince our mind that our consciousness is the substance and the intelligence behind all manifestation.consciousness. We need to clear the mind of this false belief that matter and spirit are consciousness. some conditions. Infinitude cannot be conceived by the mind. see. The second proclamation then goes on to make our mind realize our unity-that is our oneness with the Universe. it would not be possible to convince the mind that everything we touch. The question we need to ask is: What is the working power that makes our thought into things? The answer given both by science and the Ancients is this one. Our individualized consciousness is the same as the universal consciousness. They ran through this experience. The Ancients knew that. The four proclamations give us back our identity. Everything is maintained by consciousness and is consciousness. We know the truth but we cannot seem to be able to accept the truth. This is the most prevalent difficulty for most of us to even set a vision. To be certain of success we must recognize the fact that the substance and intelligence of everything from the grain of salt in the galaxies and the marvel of our body.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life It does not stretch out into endlessness and does not contract into a point. The mind is not used to this 47    . which is now confirmed by science. There is a secret of success. They created the four proclamations to clear the mind from its dependence on matter and make it realize that what it calls or identifies as matter is consciousness. That is why we study book after book and still want to be convinced of the fact that all things are made with consciousness and by consciousness. or the reproductive intelligence of the ameba is this one. and taste is consciousness or spirit and they understood that. Meditation clears the mind. This is the biggest hurdle that most people have to overcome and that is why the four proclamations are so important. This all seems to make sense to us but our mind does not want to accept it. It is impossible. That is why we have the great saying "As the Macrocosm.divinemind.

you are reality. There are three words and they explain to us beautifully what the proclamation is. Then you know that you do not do anything but observe it being done and you see it with the eye of your consciousness. Please note the sequence of “Being. and the means to accomplish whatever we want to be. It is about you. hear and smell is you. The second proclamation (in Sanskrit words) is “Tat Tvam Asi”. which in English is Thou. doing. the fragrance is that or tat. The second proclamation is “That Thou Art”. Your body. All conditions and circumstances are that. then your being leads you to doing. you are consciousness. You have to be first. it is the absolute. Any other combination will lead to struggle and pain. the first proclamation makes us realize that consciousness creates reality. which means you. Everything tangible and intangible that comes in contact with your mind is that. the paper. Brahman (In Sanskrit).Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life By indentifying ourselves with everything and the realization that everything is consciousness. which obliterates limitations. the stars . Let’s break it down into three parts. the thing. is the creator. the element you or thou. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www.divinemind. We know that. It is you. This proclamation makes us realize that every one of us has at our disposal all the power. Everything is consciousness. The next word is Tvam. and ultimately having. it emanates from you. You are the creator. taste. which is your imagination. the color and the sound. That is the element. Again. It means the things that you see. which means it comes from you. and to have. and having”. the computer which you are working on. It is already yours and it is not in a “make belief” world. We have to dwell on this. the more speed you gain in achieving manifestation of your vision. This proclamation is the dynamite that charges your being with certainty of 48    . the flower in blossom. Even quantum physics confirms this by saying “Reality is observer created”. The question is what does it mean? The Sanskrit word “Tat” means “That” in English. Everything that is perceived by your senses or the mind is tat or that in English. Consciousness is the creator. Thou is you in old English poetical form. that. The more you realize and internalize this proclamation. The second proclamation “That Thou Art” is a poetical form of saying what we are. this is the proclamation that can do that. feel. the intelligence. If we want to get through limitations. It is proclaiming your relationship with the Universe. you are Brahman. it is in reality. Consciousness creates reality and consciousness is no-thing. as we learn in the first proclamation. So. Tvam is a pronoun. to do.

That means it is free from all attributes. The center has no dimension or magnitude. We are one. ”Tat Tvam Asi” in Sanskrit or “That Thou Art”. The circumference is the relative. This existence is the consciousness and is the Universe. The center of the circle projects the circumference. The mind does not understand the absolute. Art or Asi identifies that all is one. As the great Master. We see it as the relative. It is what we call matter. The elements are in existence. everything I see. Without the center. So. the element from which comes the consciousness.divinemind. Individual is indivisible. The circumference is the center and the center is not visible. Consciousness is One. the supreme essence. to say it crudely. everything I hear is in me. everything I taste. every visible thing that emanates from the center is 49    . My consciousness is identical to me. The word “Tavm” comes from there. The word “Tat” means the elements. which we normally call the circle. there is the center and the circle metaphor. which is the center of the circle. You are the center. The elements is ”You”. The center of the circle from which emanates the circumference is the absolute. that was the element. Matter. The absolute has no dimension and no magnitude. so everything you see is the visible form of “That”. Everything I touch. declared: “I and my father are one”. which is you. Without you there are no things or no elements. You are the visible form of “That”. We know there cannot be a circle without a center. So in the book.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life It is hard to understand the absolute. The center has no attributes. everything I smell. The center of the circle from which emanates the circumference is the thing. So. breadth. You and your consciousness are the center and you are the things. The center does not have length. What is circumference? It is the projection of the center and the center is not visible. Individuality means indivisible. there cannot be a circle. Jesus of Nazareth. and is me. The third word is Art or Asi in Sanskrit and it means existence. the element. congealed consciousness. which is the center of the circle. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. The center creates the circumference. relative to what? Relative to consciousness. which are that and without you there are no stuff. ”You” are the living being. consciousness creates reality. and height. Remember. “That” represents the limitless principle and whose truth and knowledge is aloof from all attributes. is a condensed.

He was invoking this principle that as the Macrocosm. Jesus said. which does all things. We have to see it already being done. although they look separate. I am consciousness and the consciousness emanates the riches. We see the end result. or any substance. and ye shall have them (know that you already have it)". beyond time and space. We have to remember when Jesus said "What things so ever (whatever. You are not the body. That is Brahman. Whatsoever things you vision (pray). If you change your consciousness you change your body and the circumstances around you. Jesus of Nazareth.divinemind. cannot be limited by anything. the creator or consciousness. and ask. same as the spark and the blaze. our entire power.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life It is self-existence and self-reliance. “That” is the element. It is the father in me…”. “Thou” is the Macrocosm. consciousness. We do not wait for the results to come. so the Microcosm “Tat Tavm Asi” or ”That Thou Art”. Brahman. feel it) that you already have it. A wave is the ocean. and if my consciousness feels rich. when ye pray (vision). That what faith really is. You are not even in your body. believe that ye receive them (see it complete in your eye of imagination). then I am 50    . We see it already being done in our eye of imagination. if I tell consciousness “I am rich”. That and Thou in old English are merged together. In the first proclamation we learned that consciousness is the creator. “Asi” is the existence. Grasping this concept allows us to understand our own creative power because we create everything out of no-thing and it comes out of no-thing. we see it done. You are everywhere and everywhen. The absolute is the creator. For example. any-thing. then you will have it. It is understanding of this very knowledge. Your body is in you. The relative is the created thing. That is one of the ways we understand unity. The pronoun thou represents the qualifying principle whose essence is the Universe. know (be it. Your body is just a reflection of your consciousness. The mountains are “That”. “Have faith. no limits) ye desire. When you fully realize that everything in this Universe is “That” (the elements and you are “that” essential element). It is the outer coating of your consciousness. Everything that is created is made out of no-thing because the Universe. which is the consciousness in me. They become one. Even the great Master. you are consciousness. which is “Thou” who is existence. Consciousness creates reality. and you can move mountains”. It is exists and does not have dependence on anything. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. it is the projection of the reflection of the absolute including your body. said of himself “I do nothing.

The mouse.” There is a story in the mythology of ancient India.divinemind. There was a great sage. what happens? We struggle against it. However. the second proclamation. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. We depend on conditions and so. people drown. Nobody becomes poor. So. events etc. It is the tendency of the mind to see the circumference as the power. sage monster. our mind tells us the water cannot hold us up. The mind looks at all these elements. When we realize “Tat Tavm Asi” or ”That Thou Art”. The riches is already ours because we are conscious of the riches. That means he was never sad. The mind thinks circumference is everything. So.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The rich(ness) is consciousness. he went and got a great monster. we know that our center or our consciousness (our I am-ness) projects what emanates the circumstances and conditions for the creation of the riches that we desire.) to project the riches in our circumstances and that is called manifestation. steals our reliance on consciousness. He said to Kala (time) “Go down there to destroy the sacrifice”. it is the center that emanates from the circumference. Indra (like God Zeus in the Greek methology). What we see is what we get. A dead body never drowns unless we weigh it down by rock. His name was Kala. which is our mind (memory bank) lives in the whole of the intellect and it steals our happiness. he invited all the Gods and the Goddesses to come to the sacrifice but he forgot to invite the God of heaven. The riches is already ours. The center. Nobody dies of drowning. which emanates from the center. is the purpose of “Tat Tavm Asi”.is time. our present circumstances and conditions. To train the mind from stealing our happiness by not depending on external. meaning time. all the conditions and circumstances to be “rich” and to say "Can I be reach?" This question is loaded with the deadliest poison everdoubt. they fight conditions. and struggling against the water. So. The mind lives in the “show me” state. How often do we depend on consciousness for the things we desire? There is an example in the book of meditation on laying on the water. which means everything Is consciousness. he got very 51    . One day he was performing a sacrifice. which is “Thou” (meaning I am) projects the riches. See. When we are laying on the water. “We are forever going upstream against conditions and the biggest condition of all. That is what happens. They die of choking and suffocating. When God Indra heard this. which is rich now brings forward all conditions necessary (in the form of favorable circumstances. which is circumference. The center of our being. the circumference is already inside the center. “That” is the thing. his name was Abhinandana. the mind thinks that the circumference emanates from the center and not the other way around.

There are no conditions attached to it. This is the biggest problem we have today. We have to be a millionaire to have the millions. wisest leaders in the form of God Ganesha. and ye shall have them”. This existence of yours is the mirror of your consciousness. or get a job. Time produces space. There is a circumference. Your being-ness must be rich first. we will find timelessness. he was such an awful monster. destroying our happiness. So. The only obstacle we have is time. That means it goes beyond conditions. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. you do not wait for time. It is a center and it will project the circumference as your circumstances depending on the intensity of your realization of your consciousness. When we vision. Time is the biggest obstacle towards everything. believe that ye receive them. whenever we are time bound and we have a desire to be a rich person. You are the consciousness of the million. and not on your mind. So. That is why Ganesha is called the remover of obstacles. Then Kala went all over the heavens and all over the earth destroying happiness till all the Gods and Goddesses went to the great God Vishnu. Time is the biggest obstacle.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life As soon as Kala came in. ”That Thou Art” is the million. Remember the question "How can I expedite the manifestation of my desires?" The intensity of your consciousness will depend primarily on your reliance on your own consciousness. Time is the biggest obstacle. The mind lives in time and space. we will find unity. There is no time in unity. The mind invokes time. we do not take time into consideration. Abhinandana stopped being happy again. and bowed before him and said “This monster is destroying us. That is not reality. That is why Jesus of Nazareth said “What things so ever ye desire. there we go! The five years does not exist. When you stand in front of the mirror you know that you see the reflection.divinemind. We already have it. Consciousness lives beyond time and space. it is already there. have a soul mate. Time is the greatest condition. who is the representation of “Tat Tavm Asi” or ”That Thou Art” and he destroyed the time. It is a state of consciousness. or have romance. Then the existence of the million comes. or whatever it is -when we say "I want to be a millionaire five years from now". when we vision. the preserver. When we meditate on ”That Thou Art”. It is all at 52    . The consciousness of a millionaire is “Tat Tavm Asi” weather he/she is aware of it or not. the remover of obstacles. when ye pray. What can we do?” Then God Vishnu sent one of the greatest.

There is no past. we are taking away its control over us. Just sit on the chair and meditate and the process of meditation is explained in great detail in the “Ancient Secrets of Success” book.. your mind will break your visioning down. or future. Consciousness is life. The whole object of the mind is to negate your vision by bringing in other thoughts or super imposing negative thoughts of the same vision. your mind will prompt you to vision and if you are visioning. We cannot let the mind take us for a walk. there is no present. Sit in the chair and repeat “Tat Tavm Asi. The sound of it will penetrate your hardened mind and will break through to the depths of your sub consciousness. Do not take it too casually. The mind will not allow us to feel because we are taking away its life. We have to take the mind for a walk just like we take our dog for a walk.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Therefore. which is “Everything Is Consciousness”. this intensity does not depend on the conditions of past. you will not be able to explain it. The mind is the only reason we do anything most of the time. The repetition is not enough you must feel what this proclamation means. We take the dog for a walk. you will become silent. It will turn around and run around without any purpose. The mind is prompt to fear. Tat Tavm Asi. it is our best friend to protect us but we have to train it first. There is no technicality. it stays unfocused. it does not know where to go. You will feel it. present. If the dog is left on its own it stays unfocused. which not all but most of us do out of fear.divinemind. The mind is our best friend. There is no way you can explain to people what that feeling is. The dog does not take us for a walk. The mind is like our dog. Like in a dream. Spend 15 minutes no matter what feeling or thoughts you get. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. it will attack us. When Gautama Buddha attained nirvana. Make your mind sit down with your body and intellect and let go. Consciousness is fearless. Tat Tavm Asi” and so on. That is what most people do all day long. if we let it be everywhere and sniff everywhere. let it happen. and there is no future. like if the mind is left on its own. sit on the straight back chair and meditate by following the instructions in the book. there is no intellectual wrangling. So. When you are meditating. Just like a dog. You must take the time to meditate on the proclamations.. people around him asked "What do you feel?" He stood silent there for a while then he said "I am awake". we can dream a lifetime in a five minute nap on the couch and that is real 53    . Otherwise.

It will be prominent. Success is a very good cup of brewed coffee. Success is not a technicality. You can and you will attain success yourself through meditation. The four proclamations make you know yourself. Success is not instant coffee where you pour hot water and there you have it. You have to roast the beans. The ice is made with the water. That is why success is not a quick fix. The final success is making yourself. but when consciousness serves the mind that is when we have difficulty. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. As Socrates said: “Know Thyself”. grind the beans. Nir in the word nirvana means no and vana means ripples. The ice melts into the water and becomes water. The mind is powerful. Only then you can enjoy your cup of coffee. You are the ice and the Universe is the water. You have to sharpen your mind and remove all the debris that have been left in your mind from all the past conditioning. We have been told that mind is everything and that the mind serves consciousness. brew the coffee to the strength you want and then you have it. then the Universe is 54    . Success is not a quick fix. Who are you? Once you know who you are. You are the Universe. Your friends and family will see the change in you. it transcends all pairs of opposites. Meditation clears the mind.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life That is beyond feeling.

We know that the world operates by the law of cause and effect. and mental conditions is so obvious that it does not need any proof. Things are the 55    . The thought is consciousness processed through our individual mind.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Inspiring Thought Is Mastering Life Mastering thought is mastering life. It has been the topic of discussion in the science of success since time immemorial. Most great books of the world also confirm that thought is the creative power and the cause of all things. Most are very powerful books. They do not have control over their thoughts. That is. The thought is cause and the thing is effect. Mastering thought is to be able to think the thoughts we want to think. since antiquity and in almost all languages and in almost all cultures. If this is true and we know from our experience that it is true. processes thoughts. then we have to ask ourselves: Why are people so poor? Think about it. They have no control over their mind and the mind. Some of them are really good like "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen. why do people suffer from addictions and dependency on things instead of thought? Why then do we have all the malfunctions of life? Why are people lonely? Why are people always in the state of fear and anxiety? Why are people stressed out? The answer is simple and straightforward. There are many great books written about the power of thought. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Over three thousand years ago King Solomon said "As a man thinketh in his heart. The law of cause and effect is unchangeable and cannot be violated. to name a few of them. so is he". The direct relationship between our thought and our physical.divinemind. The book gives you the principles of how thoughts are colored by our mind depending on our conditioning and our past experiences. which is an effect. not the thoughts that we are usually forced or compelled and made to think by our mind and intellect based on circumstances and our environment. Thought is the creative power and our circumstances are the effects of our thought. This is as true today as it was in the time of the great Solomon. This subject of thought and how it affects our conditions of life is being discussed now all over the world. as we know. The mind must be brought under the control of consciousness. they are unable to think the thoughts that they would like to think. It is a given and it is true that we live in a thought world. emotional.

We know that the mind is part of our neuron distributor. out of control measuring device. However. For example. the mind wants to think. I am sure I am going to get a four. today in most people's minds is the mind seems to dictate to consciousness should be conscious about. That is the situation with most of us until one day we decide that we must take charge of our life and be what we want to be and not keep on adjusting to the measuring device.divinemind. It seems that we accepted the situation and learned to live with it. When I see the ball up in the air I know it will fall. Science demands that the answers are not guesswork. What could all this knowledge of the laws of thought and success do for you if you cannot think the thoughts you want to think to be 56    . Or. If the ball does not fall. The only thing that is coming in between you or me and success is this unruly. The mind is the the creative force. All the power of the Universe that ever was or will be is in us right now. What we want is certainty. It is good information but all that information boils down to this question “How do you think the thoughts that you want to think?” We may be able to slip a few mild thoughts of success through the crack and be able to see some results and read about it. which later on becomes the manifested thing or circumstance. there is no certainty.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The mind seems to dictate to consciousness what consciousness should be conscious about. which we call our mind. I will certainly get excited or bewildered. Most people live according to the mind's whims and fantasies. the measurer of the power of the Universe and not The mind creates the matrix. Our mind lives according to its wishes and fantasies. We feel like we have lost control. and happy? Then you have to find the answer to this question: What must you do to develop the power to think the thoughts you want to think? Without the answers to these questions all the books of the laws of thought are not much use to you. Now. That is. The success process should not be based on a guess. or both. rich. when I add two plus two. what is happening consciousness what the decides what thought it system. we are trying to put a gallon of diesel in our car and the measuring device is measuring only a liter. We cannot do anything about it. To give an example of how we feel when we want to think a thought and we cannot is like when we want to measure out a cup of sugar but the cup is only measuring out half a cup of sugar no matter what we do. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www.

com 57    . o The first part of the book convinces the mind that it can rely on consciousness. The eastern mind hurts as much as the western mind.divinemind. regardless of our circumstances. What good is it to us to know all the laws of success if we cannot control our thoughts? The Ancients understood this pain of their students and they formulated a system to enable their students to have total control of their mind and be able to think the thoughts they want to think. Then the meditation trains the mind. They developed a system of meditation applicable to the western and eastern minds. which is haunting them. No amount of theory is possible to accomplish that. St. “Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World” directly shows you how the mind works and how the mind can be trained to think the thoughts that you want to think. This is the key of success. It is to become one with life and to know that “As the Universe. so the Universe”. and lean not upon your own understanding”. that is a direct instruction not to lean upon our understanding. so the Individual and as the Individual. Just pause and think for a minute.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life The same question you have to ask “Why can’t I think the thoughts I want to think?” If I am not able to think the thought I want to think. This can only be done through meditation. “The wisdom of God is foolishness with man”. They have accepted it as normal. Both the western and eastern cultures developed similar systems. The sages of the Vedic period in India formulated the four proclamations and meditating upon which the mind is brought under our control to think the thoughts that we want to think. They do not seem to be bewildered. but to trust God or consciousness. Most people cannot think the thoughts they want to think. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. that should be my bewilderment. Now. King Solomon who said "As a man thinketh in his heart. Paul told his followers that God's or consciousness's wisdom would appear to be foolish to the mind. We always have to remember that the mind does not have geographical boundaries. which is the second part. o The second part of the book takes it on a journey of taking control over thought. but prior to meditation the mind must know its capacity and what it does to create and manifest the world it chooses to live in. which is our mind. he said. when they do not want to think that thought. to have complete union with consciousness and that is yoga. Some of them. take mind numbing drugs to relax. Why? Simply because they have never questioned why they cannot. so is he" also said “Trust in God with all your heart. Nobody intended thinking.

We have to. We know that the mind is the processor of thought. Without this mastery all our knowledge of success will only be printed pages of useful information overloading our mind. For example. They were not able to think the thoughts that truly rich and successful person would think. then confusion reigns. Most of the knowledge of success we have is quite accurate. is impossible. yet how much time do we spend to become Masters of our thoughts? The degree of how much we love ourselves can be measured by how much effort we put into the practice of mastering to think the thoughts we choose to think. these books would be a good wallpaper. Having riches without Mastering our thought is a perfect recipe for failure. They will bring the mind under control. 58    . Without the mastery of these books. we can put the thought of being a little well off. It will call these thoughts absurd. we know that if we think rich. Master Key To Imagination ‐ www. Meditation enables the mind. This one thing. regardless of our circumstances.divinemind. At best. Mastering thought is also a perfect recipe for riches and success. it is our purpose to become the Masters of thought to think the thoughts we want to think and not the thoughts that we are almost forced to think by our circumstances. The proof is obvious. No amount of theory can do it. How many of them were broke in a very short period of time? Most of them were broke both emotionally and financially. We also know that the mind does not allow us to process the thoughts that it has no experience of. It is only through meditation that we can enable the mind to think the thoughts we want to think. regardless of circumstances. we can safely say. we know the thought is the creative power. in a poor man's mind we cannot put the thought of riches that easily. We know thoughts make us and thoughts break us. All we have to do is look at the statistics of all the lotto windfall winners and see how many of them were happier than before they became rich. We must prepare ourselves to comprehend the answers.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Mastering our mind is Mastering life. The above mentioned questions are of immense value to all of us. You cannot train the mind with the mind. Practice the four proclamations one at a tame. Try to allocate at least a week for each proclamation. Yes. but what good is it to us if we are not able to use it to become successful? We know the theories. we will become rich but how do we think rich? What is stopping you from thinking rich and success? Why are we always struggling with our thoughts and then begin to add conditions to our thoughts and there goes the purity of our thoughts. It is like asking the tiger to take itself to the circus.

Nothing can be more important than Thank you kindly! Master Key To Imagination ‐ www.divinemind. it will. The mind will try to trick you into not meditating. are of no use to you if you do not have control over your… well. Do worry. The mind is very smart. Ignore it! And even if necessary. I think you know by now how this sentence ends. “Ayam Atman Brahman” I Am The Creator. NOTE: If you would like to share this guide. and motivated to take action and create the life you truly 59    . and irrelevant thoughts. however scientific they may be. Live As You Want To Live And Know That You Are The Creator Of Your Own Destiny. procrastination. even when everything is enforced. It is the prescription for living an anxiety free life. Even if you are able to overcome those temptations and sit down to meditate. It does tempt you to avoid meditation with simple laziness.Practical Spirituality Guide For Everyday Life Then. just mechanically continue to repeat the proclamation you meditating upon. if you do not have control over your mind. It will give you the joy that transcends all joy. Remember the proclamations. almost all the cultures. Upon completion of your meditation get up and go about your holding the image. “Tat Tavm Asi” My Consciousness Is The Creator. and living a life of abundance. “Aham Brahmasmi” The entire world has these four proclamations. It is the prescription for success. unimportant. follow the four steps to visioning laid out in the book. The mind is like a dog. it will bring all kinds of silly. Believe me. o o o o Consciousness Is The Creator. are day not you Remember. inspired.” I want to thank you for taking your time to read this guide. please direct people to: http://www. Meditation on the four proclamations is indispensable to success. the meaning of that proclamation. My goal was to get you empowered. soon it will get trained and then you will take it for a walk and it will fetch for whatever you command. nothing in this world. or a bit of sleepiness. ”Pragyanaam Brahman” That Thou Art. “You Can Create The Life You Want. east and west. then all success principles.

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