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We often do with We have to share the young ones. something. If If men will not Theyre more theres nothing learn, they will impressionable! else, well have to be taught share our guilt! We are


Well try to understand why it had to happen

Its better to ask for the earth than take it



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J B Priestley Society is broken (socialist)

members of You think young A chain of one body! women ought to events be protected? I did nothing Im ashamed of She had only herself to blame

A nice little promising life there a nasty mess somebodys made of it


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An Inspector Calls

A man has to mind his own business

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I dont believe it. I wont believe it behaving like a She was very hysterical child prettyI couldnt feel cold!superior sorry for her! It didnt seem anything very You and I arent the terrible at the same people who sat down to dinner time Youre beginning all furious over again to temper pretend
Hard faced prostitutes

You dont know what some of ()*+)#.%-$&$./! these boys get up to nowadays hard-headed practical man


Its my duty to keep labour costs down Everythings Youre not the all right now kind of father a wonderful What about chap could go to fairy prince this ring? I was in that state when a She didnt He was our chap easily blame me! inspector turns nasty manly all right used heras if she was an animal, a thing

halls Music ious notor

pleased with life

half shy, half assertive

she had a lot to say far too much Different worlds wasnt the usual sort young and fresh

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A bit out of the ordinary

Girls of that class

She died in misery and agony hating life cheap labour Labour strikes rotten story



Each of you helped to kill her. Remember that.

One Eva Smith is gone but there are millions and millionsleft with us.!