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Semester for which you are applying Spr ing-2012 Department : Intended Degree Program: M.S./Ph.D. Integr ative Pr ogr am Mechanical Engineer ing

APPLICANT Infor mation
Legal Name (Last) : Nam (First) : Nguyen Duc

Please type on given for m or a separ ate sheet. When I was a child, I realized that my country is a very poor country after many years in War with France and 30 years in War with American Army. The economics and industrial system made Vietnam to be one of the lowest developing countries in the world. From that moment, my desire was to be a scientist in a university in order to make researches in Mechanical aspect and make an improvement to Vietnamese science technology. In class at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, I had many courses such as design and mechanics, system and control, electronics circuit and microcontroller. Because the number of students in my class is rather small, so we are often divided into small group to study and it seems that the effects of work increase great deal. In my final graduation thesis, my group is of four people who work on analysing and designing a dual-arm service robot. Our robot has 2 arms with 5 DOFs in each arm and 4 omni directional wheels. It can combine the motion of arms and lift a small object as well as moving quite flexibly on the floor via remote control using computer. My job is Machine design, manufacturing process and motion analysis by mathematic calculation. In master degree, I really hope that I could continue my research in robotics and also I could extend my research field to precise manufacturing and simulation design process. With this ambition, I already take a look through many master degree syllabuses in some universities as well as asking for information from my friends who already study in Universities in Korea such as SNU, KAIST and Chonnam National University. From their story and advice, I can imagine which course I should study to reach the success of my master thesis in the future and the most important part in the procedure is trying my best in laboratories. In the first year of master degree, I should spend time in labs under the guide of PhD student to read and discovery new knowledge. At the same time, I must also participate seminar and study at class in several important courses. Another essential part of the first year is Korean courses. Contacting and living in Korean speaking environment is a wonderful chance for me to become proficient in this very important foreign language. The combination of knowing English and Korean will surely make my study work more efficiently. In the second year, I should spend more time on the project. The previous year give me chance to achieve new scientific information and now, it is my duty to apply and develop this knowledge into project. I will also learn how to publish some paper before an oral defence of my thesis as it is important condition. So, I must work hard in lab and do research in various manufacturing companies to gather enough knowledge for achieving my paper. After two years of master degree, I really expect to challenge myself with PhD degree if possible. With my little contribution, I hope that it will help to improve the development of society.

I acknowledge that if evidence is found that documentation and/or references are fraudulent or falsified.Signatur e I declare that the information provided in this application is true and complete. APPLICATION FOR GRADUATE ADMISSION . I accept that any information on falsified documents will be shared with all Korean universities and the Korean Immigration Office. Pohang University of Science and Technology reserves the right to revoke any offer of admission or support. Applicant's Signature Nguyen Duc Nam Date : 2011-10-20 PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT IN ENGLISH Appilcations written in illegible handwriting or a language other than English will NOT be considered.