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Prince George campus

Standard of conduct for smoking
A guide for CNC students, employees and visitors

There are nine designated smoking areas at CNC. Seven of the areas are equipped with shelters that indicate smoking is permitted in the area. We appreciate you respecting the rights of others and only smoking in the designated areas. Please smoke only in designated areas.

• Smoking is not allowed in any CNC vehicle. • As a definition, “smoking” includes holding a lit cigarette or any smoking consumable. • No tobacco products are sold on any CNC campus. • No tobacco products are advertised on any CNC campus or in any CNC publication. It is expected that all campus users will be considerate, and voluntarily support this clean air initiative. The CNC program is intended to be self-enforcing and respectful to non-smokers and smokers. However, there are standard responses to breaches of college standards of conduct that will be applied if necessary. Exceptions to these standards may be granted for traditional and ceremonial events at approved times and places by

consulting with Facilities Services or the Regional Director.

The Tobacco Control Act (TCA)
This act is provincial legislation implemented March 31, 2008. This legistration includes: • banning smoking in indoor public places and work places; • banning smoking within 3 metres of public doorways, open windows, and air intakes • limited the display and sales of tobacco and tobacco products. The Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport is responsible for administering the Tobacco Control Act. In northern BC, dayto-day aspects of the TCA are enforced by Tobacco Enforcement Officers employed by Northern Health. Individuals who smoke in prohibited places as defined by Act will be subject to a fine. To make a complaint or for more information, call 1-877-6167-6777 or email

Statement of standards
To support health and wellness, the College is committed to providing facilities, and access to facilities, free of primary and second-hand tobacco smoke. • All CNC facilities are non-smoking. • Smoking is not permitted on College property, except in designated smoking areas. • Designated smoking areas will be identified for each campus, will be clearly marked and will be safely maintained. • Smoking at the CNC Student Residence is governed by the Rules of Residence.

Thinking about quitting?
NICC: The Nicotine Intervention Counselling Centre (NICC) program is provided on the Prince George campus by the Health and Wellness Centre. Call ext. 5301 for an appointment or contact your local health unit for more information on off-campus offerings of the NICC program or in other communities. CNC employees: Shepell·fgi, CNC’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provider, offers free confidential support, information and assistance on quitting smoking, including secure online e-counselling. Visit or call 1-800-387-4765.