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Name: _________________________________________________ APES- Ozone (Good and Bad) DO NOT WRITE ON THIS SHEET- Use a separate piece of paper-

write out questions/headings for reference Go to: Click on: Good Up High Answer the following questions in your own words: (On separate piece of paper) 1: How can ozone be both good and bad?
It can be good because it traps in some heat and doesnt freeze us to death but if it traps to much heat it can be bad for us and the climate

2: What is happening to the good ozone layer?

The chemicals released break down with the UV light releasing chlorine, and bromine and that destroys the good ozone layer

3: How much damage can 1 Chlorine atom do? Explain.

It can destroy 100,000 ozone molecules

4: How does the good ozone protect the Earth?

It protects us from too much UV light

5: What is being done about ozone depletion?

The EPA has set out regulations to phase-out ozone depleting chemicals

Click on: Bad Nearby 1: What causes bad ozone?

The reaction between oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds mixed with sunlight

2: What are some sources of bad ozone?

Emissions from industrial facilities and electric utilities, motor vehicle exhaust, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents

3: How does bad ozone affect human health and environment? It reduces the lung function and inflame the linings of the lungs, it will reduce the amount of crops and increases the susceptibility to diseases 4: What is being done about bad ozone?
The EPA has set standards to the air quality

5: What can we do/actions can we take to reduce our risks?

Use carpooling and reduce harmful emissions

Ozone- Air Now Go to: In the far right corner- choose Ozone- found under Air Quality Basics. Read about good and bad ozone and answer the following questions. 1: Where is the good ozone located and what is its function?
It is located 30-60 miles from the earths surface, it protects us from the suns harmful UV rays

2: What depletes good ozone?

Chemicals that are released into the air and mix the sunlight

3: Where is the bad ozone located and what creates it? What does NOX and VOC stand for?
It is located near ground level, NOx stands for oxides of nitrogen, VOC stands for volatile organic compounds

4: List three health problems associated with bad ozone. (Hint: You may need to go to Ozone and your Health- How can ground-level ozone affect your health?)
It can irritate the respiratory system, reduce lung function, and damage lungs that line our lungs

5: Scroll down to the Air Quality Index Color Chart- Write down a one-word descriptor of each color code.

Green- Good YellowModerate OrangeUnhealthy RedPurpleVery unhealthy 6: After answering this question, go back to Air Now at: In the far left corner, choose National Overview and then choose Ozone Now. What is the current ozone reading for our area? __Good___ (use color code) The AQI for Students Go to: How Ozone is Formed- Watch the video and take notes.
The ozone is formed from NOx and VOCs It comes from factories and plants When those chemicals are mixed with sunlight they create the ozone

Go to: O3- Good Up High, Bad Nearby- Watch the video and take notes.
The ozone has a good layer and a bad layer The good layer protects from the UV lights The bad layer is in the surface and damages us Troposphere is the closest to the earth The pollutants can lead to asthma The polluted troposphere damages the vegetation

Smog City 2- Save the Smog City from Ozone Go to: Instructions: Change the settings in Smog City and notice the effects that those changes have on the amount of smog the city produces and the air quality. On your paper, take notes about what the various condition changes do to the AQI.
The wind really affects the AQI

And the colder it is the worst the AQI is

Which set of conditions produce the best possible scenario for the city? A cloudy sky, high winds higher inversion, and with a high temperature, less energy sources, less cars and trucks, more off-road, less consumer products, less industry, and a low population Which set of conditions produce the worst scenario for the people, animals and plants of Smog City? Sunny sky, high inversions, low winds, low temperature, more energy use, using more cars and trucks, using more consumer products, more industry, and an increase of population Summary: On your paper, write a 2-3 paragraph summary about what you have learned about ozone, ozone depletion, ozone destruction and air quality by completing this assignment. Make sure to use the new vocabulary that you have learned. I learned that there are two types of ozone layers. The good layer protects us from the harmful UV lights, and is about 30-60 miles away from the surface. The bad layer is in the surface and it traps the pollution. The ozone is created when NOx and VOCs are released into the atmosphere and interact with sunlight. All the pollutants that are released are trapped in the bad ozone layer and affect our health and the vegetation. The pollutants can increase the chance of asthma and damage our lungs the lining of our lungs. The vegetation can also be harmed by the destroyed soils. Wind also affects the way the climate is in an area