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S O Migiro

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure as Dean & Head of School to welcome you all to the UKZN GSB & L.

A special welcome to all our international students.

This year we have had a record number of applicantions for admission to our MBA programme. The competition for a place on the programme is on the increase and same is the case with other business schools in the country.

From small beginnings in 1978, GSB & L has grown to its present stature and will continue to grow as we continue to increase our competitiveness both locally and internationally.

As one of the most reputable business school in South Africa, we attract students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The faculty provides a unique experience of learning through lectures, case studies, workshops, and field trips where appropriate. Guard against storms of frustration, disappointment, and loneliness. The journey that you have embarked on is full of challenges, face it cheerfully, for many before you have successfully overcome them.

At GSB & L, we respect the freedom of speech and thought, and the processes of analysis and criticism. Discussion, discourse and debate are central to learning in the school. We want you to thrive and succeed academically, socially and personally. Hence, be open to discussions and debates as new ideas are born, challenged and new created. knowledge is

This notwithstanding, as ideas are born and challenged, some survive and grow; others die.

Your classmates will be the biggest source of learning. Leverage their experience and knowledge, and create your own footsteps. I want to remind you that the MBA programme is challenging in a number of ways. However, you have made a wise choice. Be yourself. Believe

that you are worth it. And indeed you are. You dont need someone else to. As managers and leaders, youve responsibilities to yourselves, to the school, UKZN community, and to our other respected stakeholders. We expect all of you to respect yourselves, to follow protocol in addressing administrative and academic matters, pursue excellence in your academic endeavors and to be accountable for your roles as students.

In conclusion, let me take this opportunity to provide you information about GSB & L academic and support staff, as well as the schools vision, mission, core values and strategic goals. (See slides). Once again welcome and I wish you a blessed year ahead.

Prof. S O Migiro Dean & Head of School