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Swot Analysis Strength 1.

Brand Name: Reet would establish its strong brand name by providing wide range of premium traditional products. From traditional clothing and accessories to the home decor 2. Store layout: the layout of our retail outlet would make Reet standout among the other stores. This will drive consumers towards the store and it will also create a brand image in the consumers mind. 3. Unique products: Our products would possess uniqueness and this would help Reet to distinguish itself from other brands. 4. Hand Woven: Our clothing range would be hand woven and each would be completed with absolute finesse and our highly qualified designers craftsmanship abilities would be fully applied to our clothing and dcor range. 5. High Quality: Quality would be our language. Our main focus would be on high quality and this will help us gain competitive advantage 6. Culture: Reet would not only retain Pakistans culture of traditional products but also create a big market in Qatar. This would be innovative for our target market in the Qatar as they will get to see something new and different. There are many Pakistanis living in Qatar so Reet will meet their demand by providing these products. 7. Strong Marketing: Marketing through all forms of media would be done. Catchy Billboards on the main highways would be placed to grab the attention of the customers. Reet website would be made to show all designs of our range. Facebook page would show recent activities of Reet and hype would be created about its launch date. 8. Quick Stock Replacement: The responsive supply chain would provide new stock every two weeks.

Weaknesses 1. Capital: Opening up a retail outlet in a foreign country would be very costly, thus lack of money for a starter like us would be a problem initially hence our importer would open up the outlet. 2. Management activities: Since retail outlet would be opened by the importer in Doha. All the responsibilities of the sale activities and customer relationship management would solely rely on them.

Opportunities 1. Growth potential: Qatar is considered one of the fastest growing economies of the world. It has secured the name as the richest country in the world and with the increasing per capita income, it creates a great potential for Reet to achieve success.

2. Market Expansion: Once Reet is established in Qatar. We would use the expansion strategy to spread our retail stores in the new market to increase brand recognition and our market share.

Threats 1. High Competition: Retail market in Qatar is flourishing hence high competition pose a threat for Reet. 2. Demand Variability: A decrease in the consumer demand could pose a threat. 3. Price Fluctuation: Currency value fluctuations could lead to losses.

Pest Analysis 1. Political: The political situation can best be described as stable. The country is not a democracy and it is ruled by the Emir. The Emir is both the head of state and the head of government and he has full control over the country. He does however have to answer to the other members of the royal family about his decisions. While the lack of democracy is a problem for a lot of people the reality is that most people in Qatar are a lot better off than those in other countries in the region. Qatar has a very well established code of laws. Although it is an Islamic country but people have a great extent of freedom over there as compared to other Islamic countries. It has established pro-business policies which fosters a climate that supports business growth.

2. Economical: Economically, Qatar is a rich and prosperous country. GDP continues to grow robustly and Qatar is regarded as the country with the highest per citizen GDP in the world. The growth is based primarily on energy resources, notably having the worlds third largest reserves of natural gas and new projects are coming into production. Mainly oil and gas which accounts for 50% of GDP, 85% of export earnings and 70% of government revenue. Oil and gas have made Qatar one of the worlds fastest growing and higher per capita income countries in recent years.

3. Social: The official language spoken in Qatar is Arabic whereas English is the widely spoken language in Qatar. The religion followed by all is Islam. The highest population is in Doha as compared to other cities. Qatar had made significant progress in the field of preventive and curative health services, and education. Free healthcare services and education through universities are provided to them. Students are provided oversees scholarships. Improvement in the road network and the utility services has resulted in high quality of life. The consumer spending has increased from 2001 to 2007 by roughly 82%. Literacy rate is 89% of the total population. 89.1% males and 88.6 % females. Media and tourism has also enhanced the civilization of the Qatar society. 4. Technological: Qatar is making use of the most advanced technologies. It has made tremendous advancements in its telecommunications and IT infrastructure in the last 10 years and is continuing to be a leader in the Gulf. Through its implementation of national GIS system, QATAR has become a model for the rest of the world. Qatar is continuing to modernize its infrastructure in order to help in its development. Due to the small size of the country and its small population, Qatar has an advantage over other nations in infrastructure. Qatar is able to invest in the latest technologies without having to spend enormous amount of capital unlike the United States and other larger countries. Size is the key. Qatar is able to finance these projects thanks to its large petro-revenues. Qatar is also sitting on the 3rd largest natural gas reserve in the world, which, which has helped it achieve a prominent position in the world.