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FADE IN SCENE 1 INT. HOME 9:00 AM The narration will start Alina splashed her favourite perfume on her before going for university looking forward to spend a fresh, new day. The sweet intense floral scent spread in her room. She just loved wearing soft, overwhelming perfumes which brightened up her every day. Oh you know why I am emphasizing on it? Ha ha. Well, it is playing a major role in the story Now the title comes PERFUME Cast: ALINA-the perfume girl FARAH- the bad smelling girl ALINAS MOTHER


SCENE 2 INT. AUD 10 10:00 AM FADE IN ALINA: Hello Farah! I thought you were not coming today? FARAH: Oh yes but it is an important class I had to cancel all my other plans.

ALINA: (Imagining)

Shit! Get ready to faint Alina. I cannot bear her disgusting horrible smell for continuous 2 hours. God Save meee.. Alina tried to sit somewhere else but since Farah is her friend she always sits next to her whenever she finds an empty seat. So Alina cannot stop her from sitting with her though she literally hates it. FARAH: Can I have a pen? For a minute Alina stops breathing from her nose as she cant stand the terrible smell coming from Farah. Her face shows she is having some problem. FARAH: Are you ok Alina? I asked you for a pen. ALINA: Amm yea.. here it is (passed a forced smile and started to talk to herself in her mind) how ridiculously one can be so stinky and embarrassingly unhygienic. Ugghh literally wanting to tell her on her face that Farah you stink BIG time! After a while it made her go all emotional. Oh God why are you giving me such a torturous time? What on Earth have I sinned? I cannot even focus towards the lecture. Farah is the only one who changes Alinas happy mood into sad. Now after taking the class Alina decides to go back home as she is fed up of this daily torture and she just cant take it anymore.

SCENE 2 INT. ALINAS ROOM 2:00 PM Alina goes straight to her mom and tells her that she is going to die if she doesnt get rid of Farah. ALINA: (Cries loudly) Mama how can one be so careless about their cleanliness? Why people dont look after themselves? MAMA: Oh I know who you are talking about. Dont worry Beta! Just sit somewhere else. Even I wonder why Farah is so untidy. I mean does not she realize that herself. ALINA: (Quite angry) Come on Mama! Just dont talk about her. She has already driven me crazy! SCENE 3 INT. ALINAS ROOM 2:10 PM Alina goes to her room without doing lunch. She receives a message from Farah that why isnt she taking the next class. By seeing her message it pisses Alina further. After thinking a lot about this matter she comes up with a murder plan as she just cannot stand her unbearable rotten egg smell. SCENE 3: EXT. GARDEN CAF BENCH 11:45 AM

Alina took the class with Farah as usual with great pain and curses her fully in her heart. It makes Alina even more firm with her decision to kill Farah.

ALINA: I am thirsty. Lets have some drinks. You just sit I will bring one for you too. SCENE 4 EXT. GARDEN CAF COUNTER 11:47 AM Alina took the coke bottle out from her bag in which she has added few drops of insects killing solution from her home. Alina could see Farah playing with her phone so Farah had no chance to suspect Alina. She bought herself a sprite and went back to her. SCENE 5 EXT. GARDEN CAF BENCH 11:54 AM ALINA: Here it is Farah.. Alina cant just wait for this moment. She is laughing inside but quite flat with her looks to not give any clue to Farah about this. FARAH: Oh Thank You! You know I am a coke addict. ALINA: Aw Farah how I cannot know about your likes and dislikes? (Takes a pause) I know you very well (says sarcastically) Farah drinks the quarter of the bottle in one gulp and starts to feel dizzy. FARAH:

(Stammers) Alina I dont know I am..sssuddenly feeling not right. I.. am going..ttto the washroom SCENE 4 INT. LSE WASHROOM 12:15 PM While Farah on her way to the washroom drinks half of the coke and throws the rest in the bin, Alina follows her to the washroom where she locks Farah in the washroom. FARAH: Somebody help me.. (Shouts and starts gasping for breath and she is quite shocked knowing about Alinas trap) She calls out Alina Alina open the door please save me but Alina stayed determined to finally see her die. She knew Alina was following her to the washroom. She pleaded for Alinas help to forgive her for whatever reason Alina did this. While Alina could hear Farah breathing heavily she said these final words to her. ALINA: You smelly rat! You deserve to die. You killed my senses for two continuous years. I died every second when you sat with me. You never failed to burn my nostrils and spoil my mood with your yucky, unpleasant, nasty smell. Aaah what a relief I will get today! After Farah stops breathing Alina can guess that she has died. She walks to take the next class by acting normal. FADE OUT

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