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My Mum

Unit 8

Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s):

Listening and Speaking 1.1.2, 1.1.4, 1.3.1 (b) {SK & SJK} By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i. talk about a stimulus with guidance; ii. associate the letter ‘n’ with the sound /n/; and iii. demonstrate understanding by answering simple Wh-questions. 30/60 minutes pictures, story text

Time: Teaching Aid(s):

Cross Curricular Element(s): Constructivism Introduction: a. Greet pupils. b. Pupils reply. Set Induction: a. Show a picture of a shop. (Appendix 1) b. Pupils talk about the picture with guidance. c. Tell the story of ‘My Mum’ using pictures (Appendices 2a – 2h) Step 1: a. Introduce the phoneme /m/ by showing an action. b. Instruct pupils to: Lick an ice cream and say mmm.. c. Demonstrate how to sound it out: • When you say /m/, your lips are together and it sounds like humming. d. Get pupils to do the action and sound out /m/. e. Pupils trace the letter and sound out /m/. f. Get pupils to say /m/ is for ‘m’.
Step b: Prompt with questions such as: a. Where is this? b. What can you find there?

Ask pupils to observe you. Do it a few times to different groups.

Step e: Pupils may trace letter in the air, on the desk, in the sandbox, on a friend’s back etc.


home (Appendices 3a – 3d) b. Pupils listen to the story and arrange items according to the sequence of the items that were bought.Step 2: a. emphasise the /m/ sound. iii. mat. Pupils repeat. Retell the story ‘My Mum’. Closure: a. Pupils answer. c. b. b. man. Ask simple Wh-questions. 128 . Teacher leaves the class by thanking the pupils. money. Retell story of ‘My Mum’. mug. Consolidation: Step b: Example of questions:Where does mother go? What does she buy? What does she give the man? i. ii. Pupils respond appropriately. mop. Step 3: a. a. b. Show the pictures from the story and say aloud: mother. Put up pictures of items bought. jam. Say each word.

APPENDIX 1 129 .

130 . She buys a mug. Then. She pays the man some money.APPENDIX 2[a] My Mum My mum goes to the shop. she goes home. She buys some jam. She buys a mop. She buys a mat.

APPENDIX 2[b] 131 .

APPENDIX 2[c] 132 .

APPENDIX 2[d] 133 .

APPENDIX 2[e] 134 .

APPENDIX 2[f] 135 .

APPENDIX 2[g] 136 .

APPENDIX 2[h] 137 .

APPENDIX 3[a] 138 .

APPENDIX 3[b] 139 .

APPENDIX 3[c] 140 .

APPENDIX 3[d] 141 .

Closure: a. Pupils look for words in the word maze with guidance. b.1 (a). Complete exercise on page 40 in pupil’s module. Pupils repeat. find words in a word maze. Put up the text and pictures used in the previous lesson. Step 1: Step a: Show pictures to help pupils recall. pictures. read and understand simple sentences.1. articulate the phoneme /m/ correctly.3 {SK & SJK} By the end of the lesson. Set Induction: a. 142 Step b: Associate verbal and written form of word.Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s): Reading 2. 30/60 minutes story. Pupils match words to pictures. d. (Appendix 5) b. and iii.2. with emphasis on the focused sound. Read the story. Pupils respond appropriately. Pupils read the words aloud and say /m/. Get pupils to do the action for /m/ and say /m/. Pupils reply. b. Read aloud words. a. Greet pupils.2 (b) /m/.2. 2. (Appendix 4) Consolidation: a. 2. (Appendix 4) f. Teacher leaves the class by thanking the pupils. (b). Recall the story of ‘My Mum’. e. Pupils identify words in the story that has the /m/ sound. c. word maze Time: Teaching Aid(s): Cross Curricular Element(s): Multiple Intelligences Introduction: a. . ii. c. word cards. Show words with the /m/ sound. Pupils retell the story with guidance. b. b. pupils will be able to: i.

APPENDIX 4 mum jam mad money mug mop man home 143 .

APPENDIX 5 m b j m o p u m c d l g m a m k e h a n u m n o h i g a f m j a m t o e 144 .

on the desk. (f) {SK & SJK} By the end of the lesson. in the sandbox. Pupils complete exercise on page 41 in pupil’s module.1.2 (a). (Appendix 6) 2 3 Pupils may carry out action in the air. c. Set Induction: a. Demonstrate drawing simple strokes up and down. and ii. b. b.kinaesthetic Introduction: a. Pupils follow.1. on a friend’s back etc. Demonstrate drawing lines from left to right. (g). copy and write in neat legible print 30/60 minutes pictures. 3. Pupils reply. Pupils follow. sentence strips Time: Teaching Aid(s): Cross Curricular Element(s): Multiple Intelligences . pupils will be able to: i.Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s): Writing 3. Step 1: a. Demonstrate correct way of writing letter ‘M/m’ on the board using writing lines [red and blue lines]. (f). 1 4 1 2 3 145 . Greet pupils. d. b.1 (c). write the letter ‘M/m’ correctly.

Closure: a. Pupils read the story and complete the exercise. Copy the sentence next to the picture. Complete exercise on page 42 in pupil’s module. (Appendix 8) b. Pupils respond appropriately. Teacher leaves the class by thanking the pupils. (Appendix 7) b. Put up a picture. 146 . b.Step 2: a. c. Pupils select a sentence from the story that matches the picture. Consolidation: a.

APPENDIX 6 Trace and Write Neatly 147 .

APPENDIX 7 Read the story. • pictures are for the whole class 148 . Write the sentence to match the picture.

APPENDIX 8 149 .

take part in a role play with guidance. Closure: a. Teacher leaves the class by thanking the pupils. Pupils respond appropriately.3. c. (Appendix 9) b. Set Induction: a. Step 2: a. Teach pupils to role play the dialogue. Pupils role play the dialogue in pairs. Select pupils to role play shopkeeper and customer. Consolidation: Step b: There may be more than one customer. Pupils practice. b.3.2 (c) {SK}. 4. Put up dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer. Place picture cards or realia on a table. 150 . c. Pupils volunteer to role play the shopkeeper or the customer. Pupils reply. pupils will be able to: i. b. Recall the story of ‘My Mum’. a. Greet pupils.Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s): Time: Teaching Aid(s): Language Arts 4. picture cards/realia Cross Curricular Element(s): Multiple Intelligences Introduction: a. 30/60 minutes dialogue.2 (d) {SJK} By the end of the lesson. Step 1: a. b.

Shopkeeper: Thank you. Shopkeeper: Here you are. Customer: Please give me a mat. 151 . Customer: How much must I pay you? Shopkeeper: Only RM20. Customer: Please give me a mug and a mop. Customer: Here you are. How can I help you? Customer: Good morning. Please give me a bottle of jam. Customer: You are welcome. Shopkeeper: Of course. Shopkeeper: Sure.APPENDIX 9 Shopkeeper: Good morning.