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Workshop 1 (Week 2) dot and cross products

Instructions for TAs: (1) Please write on the board the expressions for (a) dot and cross product (b) work done by a force (5 minutes) (2) Discuss the solution for problems 7.3 #16a and 7.4 # 1 (15 minutes) (3) write the question #s listed below on the board and ask students to work in groups to solve them and submit individual reports at the end of tutorial (75 minutes) (4) check with your department for the marker of your section and arrange to give him/her the submitted work by students Section 7.3

Section 7.4

Instructions for Markers: (1) Please contact your section instructor for excel file listing your sections students names (2) Mark each submitted question and give feedback on mistakes (3) Marking scheme (out of 10):

50% of the mark for trying and submitting some or all the tried problems 25% for trying at least 50% of the problems 25% for final correct answers distributed equally on the # of problems
(4) Record marks using the section excel sheet and return back workshop marked materials to the section TA