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Katirima; soldier boey Anywar PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE ON DEFENCE AND INTERNAL AFFAIRS MEETING UGANDA POLICE AND THE NGO BOARD The Committee was chaired by Hon Namugwanya Benny. It met with the NGO Board and Uganda Police to discuss the Kinkizi inferno incident with both the Board and Uganda Police and further discus with the Police represented by Minister for Security Hon. Wilson Muruuli Mukasa and his delegation the human rights abuse allegations and further allegations of political interference by the Police. Further allegations against and questions to the police were raised for discussion. NGO BOARD The NGO Board was represented by the Secretary, and Chairman to the Board. The Secretary informed the Committee that he has only been the Secretary of the Board for one month and the Board is in the process of rehabilitation (which the chairman referred to as restructuring). Due to the restructuring process the Board said, it has not got access to the documents which contain information the Committee is interested in. The Committee begrudgingly allowed the NGO Board time, however it restricted the Board to one week to present the role of the NGO Board in the formation, monitoring and the running of NGOs and the NGO Boards actions in relation to the Kinkizi inferno. THE UGANDA POLICE Some Members of the Committee were outraged at the late coming of the IGP Gen Kale Kayihura and were very reluctant to let the committee commence before his arrival. He was accused of dodging the last three meetings with him and was requested to answer to these allegations at the moment of his arrival. The Minister sought to clarify to the Committee that there is the office of the Inspector General of Police and the person and that where invitations are to the office, the IGP may delegate attendance to his officers. The IGP expressed his disappointment at being portrayed an enemy of the Committee yet he said he considers it an ally. He offered apologies and gave reasons for not attending when he was summoned. The following are the topics discussed with the Minister and IGP The Police and Human Rights Violations Hon Ssemujju and other members demanded for the IGP to explain the assertions that the police was abusing human rights. To this, the IGP said that the Uganda Police get its mandate from the Constitution, Article 212 and that the use of force is not an abuse of human rights if done adequately. He said force is lawful only when it is according to the law. Every time force is used, there must be explanations as to why that force was used and for it to be established as adequate appropriate force. The Public Order Management Act The IGP was questioned about the recent arrests of political leaders by the police asserting that political leaders are citizens of Uganda and therefore should carry out their operations under the law. He asserted that the police works for the political leaders as much as for the ordinary Ugandan.

Oboth Simon Salim Sale; Ochan Chandip; Bashir 2L corner- Katuntu

H. Katirima; soldier boey Anywar He explained that there are procedures for gatherings governed by the Act, and since the Act was not streamlined, the police needed to make it streamlined and the police is to streamline it, the requirements were not met. The procedures include notice in writing to police by the applicant. The police should respond to it within 24 hours. He said in Mbale Soroti Kabale, Kasese the law was not followed. The Ministry of Internal Affairs was informed but that is not police. On Mbale, one of the Honorable Members called the IGP a liar saying he got police permission to carry out the planned meeting, and further asserting that live bullets were fired- he however did not have evidence to that effect. The IGP said that the meeting in Soroti was unlawful because the notice given was of 1 day. In Kasese, organizers failed to procure a venue although notice was given and Kasese Municipal town council refused the use of its playground, some Members asserted that this may be due to coercion from the police or ruling party through scaring owners. The IGP also said that confrontations kicked off when police was stoned and on this point the law is clear, that the use of force by officers is only when necessary and reasonable and every action carried out is subject for review. He called for organizers of such events to respect and call for respecting the police. The discussion on this got rather heated with mainly opposition MPs claiming that the police resorts to violence first. Hon Kivumbi informed the Committee that in certain places RDCs are being involved in the process of organizing public gatherings even though the POMA does not make them a requirement. He attempted to present a Police Report which the USAID funded the compilation of and it presented that the Uganda police has been using offensive weapons against civilians. The Minister rejected the report and as a result the chair declined to allow its presentation stating there was no clear author. Hon Kivumbi requested the Police to clear up the ambiguities between police and RDCs. The Chair observed that there is a general misunderstanding of the requirements of POMA and asked the Police to work on clearing it up. IGP said the Police has made that a priorities. He also admitted what happened in Kasese shouldnt have happened It started with not following the requirements of the law. NRM YOUTH AND THE OFFENCES FOR WHICH CHARGED The IGP asserted that the arrested NRM Youth have been carrying out activities in a manner that was not publicized and therefore seemed illegal, that it was not a concern of police that the youth were in NRM. When asked what he charged the NRM youth for, he assured the Committee that it is not the IGP who charges suspects but the DPP. Hon Mariam asked about the charges against the youth however D CIID Grace Akullo was reluctant to discuss the case since it is sub judice. Many Members loudly brushed that excuse aside and insisted she at least inform them of the Complainants identity. On Akullo stating that the complainant is the State of Uganda, the Chair concluded the complainant is the Attorney General. It was however corrected that the complainant in this instance is the DPP. Akullo was instructed to take oath and then tell the Committee under oath that the complainant in the cases against the NRM youth is the State which she did. She further explained that in many Oboth Simon Salim Sale; Ochan Chandip; Bashir 2L corner- Katuntu

H. Katirima; soldier boey Anywar cases, criminal cases are opened on information by the State because there are not always complainants. Members asked for the charge sheet to be read aloud however the Police stood their ground stating fear that it would be contempt of court. Hon Karuhanga in an act of defiance offered to read out the charge sheet however he was stopped. On this issue Hon Wamai felt like the IGP is involving himself too much in the politics of Uganda and advised, Gen Kayihura, if you want to join politics, remove that uniform, wait for 2016. Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigyes House Hon Betty Anywar asked why Col Besigyes house has been constantly under surveillance and blocked by police vehicles. To this the IGP asserted that Besigye is a free man according to his knowledge, and went on to say that I am not aware that there are police officers around his house. which raised a lot of disbelieving chatter. Hon Kivumbi aasked the Police to declare what they consider Rtd. Col. Kiiza Besigye to be, whether he is considered a terrorist or an ordinary citizen. The Chair supported the suggestion that The Committee look into the Besigye House issue. Hon Gen. Arondas Meeting with Political Leaders The Minister reminded the Committee of what Hon Gen. Aronda said, that is that Aronda will meet with political leaders from opposition parties and other interested groups at four in the afternoon on 2nd April 2014 to have a dialogue about the Public Order Management Act (POMA) and a raising of all the issues arising from it as well as clarification about the requirements of the Act. The Mandate of Police as far as Political Leaders Hon Reagan Okumu was very critical of the Police for involving itself in political operations and asked the IGP why the Police was involved in political intelligence governing for political parties. It was lamented on widely that the Police is doing political spying for the heads of the NRM party. Hon Ssemujju also asked the Police whether there is a duty of the Police to help Political Leaders since the IGP had asserted that the Uganda Police serves even the political leaders. He further criticized the IGP for saying that law and order had come to Uganda citing the numerous daily reports of death and murder within the country. Hon Sewungu advised the IGP to kindly sit down, get your prayers and rosary and pray for yourself implying that things are only going to get worse for the IGP if he does not recognize the pleas of political leaders. The Kinkizi Inferno The Deputy Director CID promised the Committee that the Police Report on the matter will be presented to the Committee so that it can have access to all the details of the Police investigation. The Chair thanked the guests and reminded the Police to avail the documents promised. She also agreed with her members that the Committee will look further into the matter of Kiiza Besigye.

Oboth Simon Salim Sale; Ochan Chandip; Bashir 2L corner- Katuntu