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Bollyn Trial

- April 23 -
Video Evidence Destroyed
by Christopher Bollyn
29 March 2007

Bollyn Trial Scheduled to Begin April 23

Police Destroyed Video Evidence of Assault and TASERing

The police should have several videos,
like the one below, to prove their innocence!

Every police
dashboard video
that documented
the arrest of Bollyn
was destroyed!

First of all, I want to thank the many people who have supported me in my ongoing legal
struggle. It is only thanks to their concern and kindness that I have been able to challenge
the unjustified police assault and malicious prosecution I have been subjected to since
August 15, 2006. This ordeal has been a tremendous burden on my family - financially
and emotionally.

Because this case involves the police and their conduct, I have retained an expert witness
on police procedures and a private investigator to help my lawyer prepare my defense.

At 9 a. I was called with my new lawyer before Judge Thomas P.. The judge looked through the material that had been turned over and approved its transfer to my lawyer. but he sustained the objection regarding the personal and medical records of the three men involved in the attack. When Judge Riebman arrived with a court reporter. Judge Fecarotta told Mr. in Room 107 of the Circuit Court of Cook County at 2121 Euclid Ave. but not all. April 23. I wanted to see the personal and medical records of the three men in order to understand if medications or military experience may have played a role in their unusually brutal and vicious assault. Riebman. in Rolling Meadows. I have requested a jury trial. which is expected to last one or two days. The reason we requested the vests is because the police report begins with the claim that they were "clearly marked with a badge and the word 'Police. We received most.'" which none of us saw. at 9:00 a.m. which is now the final date. Illinois. I hope to have some media coverage of the trial as well. We received a tape. of the material we had requested from the police through subpoenas. It is very important for people interested in this case and my supporters to attend the trial. . Riebman also considered our request to have the date moved to April 23 and granted the request. Dick Williams.TRIAL BEGINS APRIL 23 My trial has been rescheduled to April 23. He appeared to be filling in for Judge Hyman I. the attorney for the village.m. was in court standing beside the state's attorney to object to turning over the personal records of the three police officers involved. Many police use anti-depressants or steroids which impair their judgment. Judge Fecarotta was unwilling to move the trial date beyond April 10. I was the first person called and there was no court reporter present. We were told that we could photograph the vests at the station. He also objected to presenting the body armor vests used by the tactical team. which I hope is the complete tape of my 911 call and subsequent police transmissions. I appeared in the Circuit Court of Cook County (Third District) before two judges. Judge Riebman seems to be a fair and considerate judge. Today. The jury trial is scheduled to begin on Monday. we appeared before Judge Riebman. who is usually a felony judge. Williams that he had no standing and did not belong in court. Fecarotta.

" If I had broken the law then the state should file charges. after 7 months. the police sergeant who denied me medical attention at the scene and during the entire time I was in police custody. Destroyed or deleted are more correct because the Hoffman Estates Police Department uses digital video recording in all of its cars. He said he did not understand it either why the video evidence had been destroyed." "Recycled" is not the right word to use in this case. I understand it is because Sgt. who was well aware of my injuries. This is a violation of police policy – and the law.CRUCIAL EVIDENCE DESTROYED Williams shocked the court during the first session with Judge Fecarotta when he said that the police videotape evidence of the assault and TASERing had been "recycled. I asked Williams why the police department would destroy video evidence from a criminal case that was being tried in the court. asked. Williams also feigned ignorance of the fact that there were at least 5 police cars on the scene during the incident. A couple hours later I received a call from an Officer Berry from the Palatine Police Department warning me not to try to contact Sgt. The state's attorney tried to complain to Judge Fecarotta about my attempts to reach Schulz by phone. Williams went back to Hoffman Estates and told Schulz to try another method to block my inquiries. I had been TASERed and my right elbow had been fractured yet Schulz." Fecarotta. . refused to allow the paramedics to examine my condition. Wesley Schulz again. Ridiculed by the judge. "What do you want me to do. the attorney for the village is unaware that an unusually large number of police vehicles and officers were involved in this incident. I asked patrolman Berry why I was getting a call from the Palatine police officer about an issue with a Hoffman Estates policeman. Last night I tried to call Wesley Schulz. This means that the video recording of the police assault and TASERing was willfully deleted or destroyed although the police had filed criminal charges against me based on the incident they had videotaped. "shake my finger at him?" Judge Fecarotta told the state's attorney to "act like a lawyer. I find it hard to believe that. Fecarotta wouldn't hear it and scolded the state's attorney for bringing such a ridiculous request up in court. a judge who usually handles felony cases. but in neighboring Palatine. Schulz does not live in the village that he works for.

The only reason we had "no case" while he was my attorney was because he refused to do any discovery. Because Smeeton failed to file any subpoenas. I had to fight hard to get even a copy of the full police report from him and other documents. disrespect. saying. Smeeton always acted more like the prosecutor than a defense attorney. After retaining Smeeton on 29 September 2006. essential evidence has been destroyed and my case has lingered in court for an unusually long time. I had to dig for the evidence myself and use FOIA requests. a disciplinary board for attorneys in Illinois – but I will probably have to go further. Smeeton's treachery and sabotage of my case has seriously jeopardized my defense. He was always in a hurry to get away. Cantwell of Cantwell & Cantwell. Smeeton did not subpoena any evidence during the time as my lawyer. . he finally went through the motions of issuing a subpoena for the 911 tape on January 31. a LaSalle Street law firm I had considered hiring. When I gave Smeeton a letter asking him to withdraw on January 31. he did not make himself available for the first consultation before January 2007. and utter incompetence while misrepresenting me." Smeeton demonstrated extreme arrogance. such as the police video of the assault. He humiliated me and my wife and said we have "no case. acting completely against my wishes. Smeeton refused to issue any subpoenas and wasted months of valuable time which could have been used to collect crucial evidence. He tried to walk out from our January meeting pretending to be upset. This has led Dick Williams to impose a gag order on the employees of the police and fire department regarding my case. "See you in court!" Smeeton does not have an office and never had any time for me. to "railroad" me into a bench trial in which no evidence would be heard and I would accept a plea bargain. although I gave him a completely prepared rider thanks to Peter A. but his undated and un-notarized subpoena disappeared from the 911 office – if it was ever even there – and the requested 911 tape did not surface in court on February 20. Illinois. Smeeton did absolutely nothing except protect the police and the state. Smeeton did everything.SMEETON'S TREACHERY Due to the incompetence and treachery of my first lawyer. I have filed a complaint with the ARDC. which had been sent to him thanks to my prior FOIA requests. Jack Craig Smeeton of Wilmette.

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