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Generating new understandings of gender violence for work with young people

Barbara Biglia (URV)

Pam Alldred (Brunel)


International Congress Gender Violence: Intersectionalities Oñati - Gipuzkoa

GAP Work: Improving gender-related violence intervention and referral through youth practitioner training Feminist asociation Public institution Confounded by:

Research of good practics and literature review

800 youth professionals trained.

Comparative analisis of national and UE legal framwork

4 new training courses

Educative project evaluation


Whaty's new?

Informing action with legal analysis
Stricted evaluation process

Homo-lesbo transfobia as GRV

Social construction of GRV

Feminist GRV paradigm
Institutional violence

When concept metter
Confusion in the use of terminology (Violence- Gender -Gender violence or other naming)
VIOLENCE AS A CONSTRUCTED CONCEPT Tautological definition / Reduction to physical force Intentionality of the actions / Menhood experience Braking down social norms/

Exemple gender reducing gender at women“For the purposes of this
One such effort in 199899, focusing attention on the issue of gender violence, is the "UN Inter-Agency Campaign on Women's Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean" to combat violence against
Declaration, the term "violence against women"  Click to edit the means any act of genderoutline text format based violence that results in, or is likely to result in,  Second Outline physical, sexual or Level psychological harm or  Third Outline suffering to women, including threats of such Level acts, coercion or arbitrary  Fourth deprivation of liberty, Outline whether occurring in public Level or in private life.”  Fifth



Performative creation of realities

Violence agaist women /Gender violence Sexist violences / Domestic violence Family violence ….

Exemples violence
“The intentional use of physical force or power, threatened
or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment or deprivation.” World Health Organization (1996)
“The definition used by the World Health Organization, however, defines violence as it relates to the health or well-being of individuals. Certain behaviours – such as hitting a spouse – may be regarded by some people as acceptable cultural practices, but are considered violent acts with important health implications for the individual.”(WHO, 2002)

Gender violences in people mind (media, laws and declaration)

Indicators on domestic violence against women

Council of the European Union 2002
addressing the Click to edit the 1. Profile of female 4. Measures

male perpetrator to end outline text format victims of violence the circle of violence  Second Outline

2. Profile of male
perpetrators 3. Victim support

5. Training of professionals
Third Outline 6. State efforts Level to eliminate

violence against  Fourth women
Outline 7. EvaluationLevel  Fifth

Throught an analisys Click to editof the outline text format some of the consecuence of  Second Outline the actual reduction of GV Level to male-female partnership Third Outline Level gender violence
 

 Fourth

Outline Level  Fifth

Making invisible many expresion of gender violence
Mass media; Wars; Total institution: Demographic control; Medicalizaction of sexuated body: legislations; Rape; Amenazas etc...

“contradictory position operating in the medical sphere, where women can be subject to criticism for having an abortion of a “healthy” fetus, and yet also censured if they choose not to abort a fetus defined as “abnormal” (Plows, 2002).

Particularly important for Young people: Gender as violence Heteronormative violence Sexuality control Reproductive control and prevention Sexual freedom or mantarory sexual activities

Polarising and confronting
Click to editman the women and

outline text format

Second Outline Level Particularly important for Young people:  Third Outline We cannot be friend Level Is an individual problem Women have to solveit Fourth It will be always the same Outline Negation of institutional and cultural GrV Level  Fifth

Do not question normalised gender power relation

Particularly important for Young people: Illusion of equality Romantic love Is a interpersonal problem Can be solved trought mediation It cannot happen in LGTBQI relation

Victimization and the patronising paradigme
“According to several studies cited by the World Health Organization, women who

have been victims of physical or sexual
violence use health care services more often

than those who have not”
(International Rescue Committee, 2004)

Individualising and polarising negate social responsabilities

Particularly important for Young people: Pathologising offender He need my help ('nurse sindrome') Pahologising offended Nothing to do with me (I'm a strong girl/ I'm a sensible boy) Is my problem (lonlines) Not asumption of resposability by educators

CRIMINALIZATION to maintain social order

“Gender-based violence is part of an intricate web of violence. The trafficking of women is linked to the trafficking of drugs and arms, Click to Rape edit theand and an increase in criminality. outline text format sexual abuse are tied to the devastation  the Second Outline caused by HIV/AIDS and destruction of Level against families. Impunity for violence Third Outline women suggests impunity for criminal Level behaviour and the disintegration of the rule  Fourth of law.”
 

(Noeleen Heyzer Executive

Outline Level Director of  Fifth

Governamentability of women bodies and life in order to protect us
No salgas de casa por la noche sola; Controla como te vistes;No frecuentes malas compañías;No te fíes de los extraños; Necesitas más policías para protegerte; Cuidado con la expresión de tus deseos sexuales; Los imigrantes son peligrosos....

Being protected by the state 
Gender violence also “Physical, sexual and psychological violence perpetrated or condoned by the State, wherever it occurs.” (UN, 1993: Article 2 point C). State has to “Exercise due diligence to prevent, investigate and, in accordance with national

legislation, punish acts of violence against women,
whether those acts are perpetrated by the State or by

private persons” (Article 4 point C)

Multiculturality and states
“States should condemn violence against women and should not invoke any custom, tradition or religious consideration to avoid their obligations with respect to its elimination.”
Use of ‘women's emancipation’ rhetoric in order to justify colonialist actions.
“It is particularly fashionable for political leaders to profile themselves as the ‘saviours’ of ‘the poor Muslim girl.’ Muslim girls and woman with a headscarf are then represented as passive objects or victims, or the very embodiment of the oppression of women.”
(Not in our name campain, 2004).

Perpetration of racism


What are the challenges Feminist for GAP Project? GRV