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M.aY,15, 1998


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Accreditation and Assignment Project Engineers and Inspectors -




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f :i. (~~ ]. c1 and CC)mpE~tt0nt In order to ensure that only qualified thE'~ DPWH pr·, engineers will be assigned to supervise DP~'Jl-'1 ass 1 (Jnm(~nt C)i~ attached criteria for accreditation and 1bed. Project Engineers and Inspectors are hereby pr'G~scl'"

1999, on I y clarfuar'y 2 , Ef·fE?ct:i. ve may be assigned i nspectol"~?J engirH;:~er'sand pr·c3jf:,"ctsi.

accredited project to supervise DPWH

The Committee cre~~ed to.accred~t ~ield ~nginee~s, under Department Order ND. 1(U, Serles of 199(, shall carry out the evaluation for accreditation and recommend the issuance of cE~r . of accr·editat.j.on for' appr'oval of thl-::1 SE'-Jcr··€:!'t2\1·-·Y· For strict. compliance.

be a Registered Civil The applicant must En~ineer (RA 1080). which shall not exceed 4%. b. Education Training Pass/Fail 35% ma:< imum Training E:":per"i ence c. The r"elevant tr"ainings and their cor"r"esponding points are as follows.Department Order No. Planning. 1. 1 .2 TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE and experience shall be Pass/Fail shall be Training follows: Training evaluated as 10S maximum The rating for this criterion shall be based on the relevant trainings attended by the field engineers. d.0 CRITERIA FOR ACCREDITATION following criteria shall be applied for accreditation o-f field engineers. The applicant must be a BSCE graduate. a. Those that fail this criterion disqualified outright. Design.~ Series o-f 1998 GUIDELINES FOR THE ACCREDITATION AND ASSIGNMENT OF DPWH PROJECT ENGINEERS AND INSPECTORS 1.1 Per"formance Accreditation EDUCATION AND ELIGIBILITY for accreditation of The minimum requirements field engineers are : a. b. Education and eligibility are a criterion. and Eligibility and Experience 10% maximum 25% maximum 30% ma:< imum Examination 35% ma:< imum in the The evaluation a. to obtain the total points. Construction Methods & Techniques 4S maximum Give 1 % for the training on Construction Methods and Techniques and another 1% each for any three trainings related to the construction aspect of project implementation as indicated in Exhibit "A". 1.

c. and b) the number of years that the applicant has been handling projects as Project/Resident Engineer. 10% maximum 4% 6% 8% 10% 15% maximum not exceed Number of projects 1 projects 15 pr'oJects 16 . Submission of proofs/evidences. to get the total points.20 projects More than 20 projects 11 - - 10 = = = = b.3 PERFORMANCE 30 S maximum The rating for this criterion shall be based on the average of the MORE performance ratings obtained during the last two rating periods immediately preceding the time of application for accreditation. shall be rated as follows: handled. Materials Engineer or Project Inspector whether in the government or private sector. which shall not exceed 2%. Materials Engineer or Project Inspector. to get the total points. 1.g. Experience a. is required as basis for evaluation of work experience. Statement of Work Accomplished and Project Billings/Vouchers bearing the applicant's signature and authenticated by the head of office.b. Project Management & Supervision 2S maximum Give 1 % each for any two trainings . 1% per year. ~hether in the government or private sector.on pr'oject management as shown in Exhi bit "A". such as a certification from the head of office with job description. Materials Quality Control 4% maximum Give 2 % for the On-the-Job-Training on Materials Quality Control and another 1% each for any two trainings related to the quality control aspect of project implementation as shown in Exhibit "A". memorandum designation or any other documents. 2 . Number of years handling projects. which shall not e:{ceed 4%. e. Experience The rating for this criterion 25S maximum shall be based on a) the number of projects handled by the applicant in a capacity as Project/Resident Engineer. but the total shall 15%.

42 95. 1.4 1.6 2. The total rating shall be the sum of the ratings obtained in training and experience.2 3.71 95.00 94. Series of 1991 as shown below shall be applied.12 88.6 1.5 1.84 97. the equivalent points prescribed in Department Order No. The raw score obtained in the examination shall be multiplied by the factor weight of 35 % to obtain the rating for this criterion.4 ACCREDITATION EXAMINATION 35S maximum The rating for this criterion shall be based on the results of the examination administered at the end of the Comprehensive Training for DPWH Field Engineers.8 1.0 2.84 2. 2.3 3.7 98. 3 . ADJECTIVAL RATING VALUE 1. 207.8 2. 13 96.55 97. performance.00 92.3 90.4 3.For each rating period.84 86.4 2.00 84 2.68 91 • 40 VB 1.26 a 1.0 POINTS 100 99.2 2.5 83 82 81 79 78 77 76 75 The average rating <in points) of the two rating periods shall be multiplied by the factor weight of 30 % to obtain the rating for this criterion.3 1.1 1.1 2.2 1.5 S 87.7 2.9 3.28 85.9 2.0 CLASSIFICATION OF FIELD ENGINEERS Field engineers shall be classified according to their total rating.0 3. and the accreditation examination.

The follows classification of field engineers shall be as a. :------------------------------------------------------------------: :------------------------------------------------------------------+ 4 . with classification ranks determined as follows Total Rating 71 & above 61 70 Classification Project Project Inspector Inspector II I Engineers holding permanent plantilla items who fail to be accredited as Project Engineers (PE) maybe designated as Project Inspectors (PI). The designation of Project Engineer shall be given with to those holding permanent plantilla items.Projects being implemented simultaneously not exceed P15. classification ranks determined as follows: Total Rating 76 & above 71 61 75 70 Classification Project Engineer Project Engineer Project Engineer III II I b. provided their total rating is not less than 50 points.Assist the Project Engineer III or II in the: implementation of assigned projects. The designation of Project Inspector shall be given to those holding contractual/casual/daily items. :------------------------------------------------------------------: PE I PI II PI I :. 3. or: :.0 M in cost.0 H and above.----------------------------------------------:.Projects being implemented simultaneously do not exceed P30. subject to the following limitations of assignment : Limits of Assignm~nt -----------------.1 OF PROJECT ENGINEERS/INSPECTORS TO -----------------------------------------------------------------Classification PE III The head of the implementing office shall assign Project Engineers and Inspectors within his area of jurisdiction.One (1) project costing P50. do : :------------------------------------------------------------------: :.0 CRITERIA FOR ASSIGNMENT DPWH PROJECTS 3.Assist the Project Engineer I in the implementation of assigned projects. PE II do : : :------------------------------------------------------------------: :.Projects being implemented simultaneously not exceed P50.0 H in cost..0 H in cost. :.

S-curve.5 4. In special cases and subject to the approval of the Secretary. j) Maintains and/or updates field documentation such as log book. overall planning and control of the b) Ensures that materials and workmanship are at all times in accordance with plans and specifications. k) Resolves problems the project. Regional Directors/District Engineers shall request assistance from the pool of accredited field engineers in the Central Office as the need arises.4 3. NGD's officials concerned in project implementation. etc. suspension i) Prepares proposed Change Order. Classification ranks may be upgraded upon the request of a field engineer who acquires additional qualification requirements after the initial accreditation. the Chief of the Construction Division in the Regional Office.2 All Chiefs of the Construction Section of the District Offices must apply for accreditation.3. when necessary. Only accredited Chiefs of the Construction Section may act as Project Engineer. Extra Work Supplemental Work Agreement. critical and tests are carried out activities of the project. OF FIELD ENGINEERS 3. and other 5 . orders and other Order site or h) Issues work instructions. f) Checks/verifies g) Approves physical statement and financial· of work accomplished. c) Ensures promptly d) Witnesses that inspections and timely.0 DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Project Engineer of the a) In-charge project. status of the e) Checks/verifies project. concrete pouring permit. encountered in the implementation of 1) Coordinates with Project Consultants. schedules. or District Engineer may act as Project Engineer. plans and program of work. laboratory test results.3 3. the Assistant District Engineer.

Who May be Accredited All DPWH licensed civil engineers. f) Prepares and submits statement including weather to record such of work accomplished. and occupying a position title from Engineering Assistant to Engineer V may apply for accr'ed it. h) Carry out instructions/orders 5.= . complete and authentic document.1 FOR ACCREDITATION of the project engineer. regardless of appointment status. Attachments for validation and evaluation. b) Ensures that the works being inspected with the plans and specifications. a) b) c) d) Dul y accompl ishe~d c.. required Rating for "B") 'j t.ed to the Accreditat.2 Accreditation Requirements The following must be submitt. are the project from approved engineer in case there plans and specifications. c) Witnesses d) Notifies deviations critical activities are in accordance of the project.~ppl icati on for-'m(E)·:hi hit certified by the Head of Office..2 Training of these under Section 5. status to the g) Prepares and submits physical/financial project ion.3 Validation/Evaluation a) of Documents Submitted Only valid.s shall be considered by the Accreditation Committee for evaluation.ers. Certificate of Completion for Field Engineers. 5. Certified true copy of Performance last two (2) semest.he of Comprehensive 1.Project Inspector direction and a) Assists the Project Engineer in the overall supervision of the field operation. 1.ion Committ. l . .0 PROCEDURE 5. e) Conducts and monitors daily activities conditions and maintains a logbook c:H::t ivities.

. of 20 years The applicant should experience in handling d) The applicant must had obtained very satisfactory for the last two consecutive rating periods.b) The applicants will be evaluated strictly accordance with the criteria set forth in preceding sections of these Guidelines. recommend to the Secretary. ACCREDITATION for testimonial classification their overall 6.4 Issuance of Certificate a) A Certificate of Accreditation those who will meet the accreditation. have a minimum DPWH projects. rating The Accreditation applicant's qualification testimonial accreditation Committee shall evaluate the and if found acceptable. of Accreditation will be issued requirements in the 5.0 .TESTIMONIAL The follows: requirements accreditation are as The applicant Civil Engineer b) c) The applicant must be a BSCE graduate (RA 1080). to for b) The Certificate shall indicate the rank of field engineers based on rating. and licensed should be at least 55 years of age.

t. Design. i. d. Planning. b. n. 2. 2. percent each for completing trainings/seminars: any in two of Materials Quality Control Implementation Materials Testing Procedures Materials Engineering and Quality Soil Engineering 8 Project Control . d. e. Materials 1. p. 1. q. any three j. m. f. B. 1. r. g. Maintenance and Repair/ Rehabilitation Construction of Water Supply Project Geotechnical Engineering Flood Prevention and Mitigation Contruction of Ports and Harbors Pothole Patching Technology Highway Foundation Investigation and Analysis Road Construction Methods and Techniques River and SABD Engineering Bridge Construction Bridge and Flood Control Project Implementation and Assessment Slope Stability structural Design Quality Assurance Seminar Labor-Based Technology Quality Control 4% on the Two (2) percent for completing an On-the-Job Training Materials Testing (at least one month duration) One (1) following a. c. s. Applications of Gabions and Mattresses Subsurfa~e Exploration National Building Code Safety in Construction Earthquake Engineering and Infrastructure Rehabilitation Read Maintenance and Rehabilitation Bridge Assessment. k. h. o. c. u. b.EXHIBIT "A" RELEVANT TRAININGS WITH THEIR CORRESPONDING POINTS Weight A. Construction Methods and Techniques Contructien Methods ef 4% and the One (1) percent Techniques fer completing One (1) percent each for completing following trainings/seminars: a.

i.c. g. percent percent each for completing trainings/seminars: the b. Contract Management (PD 1594) Project Assessment and Documentation Infrastructure Planning and Programming Procedures Construction Supervision and Management Project Management Construction Planning & Scheduling w/ Computer-Aided Engineering/Computer Aided Design and Drafting Supervision Management for Field Engineers DPWHProject Development and Implementation Networking/Scheduling (PERT/CPM) Project Monitoring and Evaluation . j. h. e. One (1) following a. Project 1. f. c. Management and Supervision for completing Project Management any of by One (1) PERT/CPM. d.

.·.-------." (Provide separate sheet.------..~_o_u_r...:.~~!.--------------------------.. at i o!::.e::... if necessary) " . b) Outside DPWH: __ ._·'c.. l::..?e_. ------.. _ _ TRAININGS/SEMINARS: __________ .---------. _ _Q.SPECIFY _ (TERTIARY UP ONLY) ELIGIBILITY LENGTH OF SEF~VICE c\) Wi th DPWH: .APPLICATION FOR ACCREDITATION NAME OFFICE OFFICE ADDRESS TITLE )PERMANENT I"IALE POSITION NATURE SEX AGE OF APPOINTMENT: ( ) ( )CASUAL )CONTRACTUAL ( ) FEMALE CIVIL STATUS EDUCATIONAL ( ) SINGLE ATTAINMENT: ( ) MARRIED ( ) OTHERS....-------.i=-t=.------. __ u " -------- ----." " ----..:.

O. i ng :::: EXAMINATION: This is to certify that the information herein including supporting documents are true and correct.R. ------------.EXPEF\ I ENCE ~ WITH A...--Rating Per'iod . Adjectival Rating - . above Applicant's Signature Signature of the Head of Office :1.E. NUMBER OF YEARS HANDLING As Project Engineer As Resident Engineer As Materials Engineer As Project Inspector PROJECTS: DPWH OU1T:l I DE DPWH B.. -------. NUMBER OF PROJECTS HANDLED: As Project Engineer As Resident Engineer As Materials Engineer As Project Inspector (Last two consecutive M. -----.--. 1 .. rating periods) F'ERFORl"IANCE Numerical Rating .- ACCREDITATION Rat:.-.

What is the classification effected? Status of probable breakdown rank after the of field engineers accreditation has of Field by been -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------: Number(Percent) Classification Rank Engineers ----------------------------------------------Simulation ( Based on 160 Field Engineers Who Have Taken: Accreditation Exam. What do we do with field engineers for lack of eligibility? About 21% (735 out of 3. Not Accredited Simulation (Based on 50 Field :Engineers Who Have. mostly employed in Project (PMO's).500) of our field engineers registered civil engineers. etc.9%) field engineers Management Offices appointment. 3. Taking into account the Education and Eligibility pass/fail criteria.742 Per'manent Fi el d Engineers) 348 :-------------:--------------------:-------------------------:---------------------: :Permanent (63%) PE PE PE III II I 540 679 174 ---~------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:Non-Permanent: (Casual.) PI PI II I 12 26 12 (24%) (52%) (24%) E:<trapol aU on (Based on 1.) 32 50 62 16 (20~O (31%) (39%) (10%) Appai ntment Extrapolation (Based on 1. how many of our incumbent field engineers are eligible for accreditation? only 79% or 2765 are who can not be eligible accredited are not Out of 3.765 TOT A L .ACCREDITATION OF DPWH FIELD ENGINEERS 1.023 Non-Permanent Field Engineers) 246 :-------------------------:---------------------: Not Accredited 532 246 Temporary) (37%) ------------_:_-------------------=-------------------------=---------------------= 2.500 field engineers. they can be assigned as such. 4. 2. These engineers can be assigned units or projects as foremen. to other organizational contractual as project What happens appointments engineers? to registered who could field engineers with not be accredited have contractual About 240 (6.OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION RE .Taken Accy·editation Exam. for accreditation. Da (1 y . Since they can only be accredited as Project Inspectors.

I 20 28 .-------.-------. 6.. No. of Proj. as shown in Tables 1 and 2 below: TAB field District Office Number engineers L E of projects handled by per year.--------. 8 :--------------:-------:-------:-------------------:-------:---------: . 12 12 . Do we have sufficient field engineers (before and after accreditation)? to handle DPWH projects three A before and after accreditation analysis was done on District Offices. before accreditation :Number of Field:Number of Projects :Ave.--------------.--------Laguna 1st 11 8 224 .-------.-------.-------. .-------------------.5.-------------------...--------------. CDF :-------:---------: PE PI: and DECS projects): PE PI -------------_:_-----_:_------=------------------_:_------=--------Pampanga • 1st ••• 15 15 187 I. . What do we do with the 174 permanent and 246 engineers who will fail in the accreditation? a) b) The 174 permanent engineers are accreditation as Project Inspectors.: Engineers :Per CY 1997 Program:handled per year: :-------:-------: (Includes APP.-------. Quezon City 20 40 333 17 . The 274 non-permanent engineers engineers/District Office) maybe assigned non-permanent eligiblE! (about 2 to other tasks..

. No..--- . 1 _ Pampanga 1st 14 11 187 13 17 1 ... " LI:::'5 " :1...... to: District Office -------- .. Sit City 0...7 LLI- 1..7 1......... 9 :---------------------------------------------------------------: .k f:5 PE " PI = ~ F'ampanga tst Lagu. ---_--_-1----_-_1 1 ------- 1_- 1 .TAB L E 2 Number of projects to be handled by field engineers per year. u Before Accreditation After Accreditation: PE 1.-----.......3 :l......------------------.0 :.... 1 Engineers :Per CY 1997 Program:be handled per year: :-------:-------: (Includes APP...0 1.t 1. of Proj.9 PI Rem. Laguna 1st I 10 I 6 C 224 I 1 ...... 1 -- Assuming an project-to-engineer average project duration of ratio will be as follows: one month. I 1 Quezon City 1 18 1 30 1 333 ---------___ 1_- 19 1 11 1 .E :j Number of Projects Handled by a Project Engineer At Any One Time -.::\ QUE:!z 011 1.....5 0 .. the TABI. Di st!"· ict Of f i c:e . 37 1 •..~ ...--------. Sufficient Sufficient Sufficient :1. after accreditation -----------------------------------------------------------------------:Number of Field:Number of Projects :Ave.-----.. CDF :---------:----------: PE PI: and DECS projects): PE PI 1 " 1 -------------..