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Kiss Army Argentina interview with Bruce Kulick and Lisa: Lisa is wonderful, I'm lucky to find her

Bruce Kulick and his wife Lisa Lane share with Kiss Army Argentina some time to talk about their new life together. Take your time and enjoy with us this wedding interview.

Bruce and Lisa with Kiss Army Argentina.

Kiss Army Argentina: Bruce and Lisa, how are you? Congratulations on this new and big step in your lives!

,-, Bruce Kulick: It was a wonder ul wedding. !e had almost "## o our closest riends in attendance. !e had our avorite band play, $%utty$ who play &a'', in a classic roc( style. Lisa really created the per ect wedding. It)s e*citing to be married. Lisa Lane: I had my dream wedding, and it)s so e*citing to inally be Bruce)s wi e. !e share so much in common, and it)s +ust wonder ul to be a part o his career and his amily.

Bruce and Lisa.s wedding.

Kiss Army Argentina: /lease tell us how and when you met, and how this love story began. Bruce Kulick: I met Lisa in Las 0egas when she was ilming a documentary. 1he was interviewing roc(s stars, new ones and established ones. It too( about si* months until we actually started to date, but once we did, I reali'ed how special she was. Lisa Lane: I irst met Bruce in "234 at a KI11 concert, and he was very sweet. Interesting that 5# years later, we would meet and start our +ourney in li e together. 6e is 7uite special you (now. Kiss Army Argentina: Bruce, what can you tell us about Lisa? 6ow is she special? Bruce Kulick: Lisa is wonder ul. Lisa is creative. Lisa is my best riend. 1he cares or me and I (now it)s sincere. I)m luc(y to ind her. Kiss Army Argentina: Lisa, what can you tell us about Bruce? 6ow is he special? Lisa Lane: Bruce is one o the most (ind and caring men I)ve ever met. 6e gets up early every morning and ma(es my brea( ast and lunch to ta(e to wor(. 6e sees me to the door, and that means so much to me. !e really en+oy doing many things together. Kiss Army Argentina: !e have seen pictures and videos o the wedding, and the act that many people 8 amily and riends9 attended shows that you obviously did some things right. :ou surely eel beloved and blessed. !hat can you tell us about that very special evening? Bruce Kulick: !ith so many details to complete having a !edding come together in a special way, honestly I was stressed but very e*cited about it. Lisa had a very clear vision o the event, and she created a per ect !edding. ;any o our guests remar(ed how much they en+oyed the night and they could eel our love in the room. It really was very special. Lisa Lane: I had seen the evening over and over in my mind with a year to plan the event. It was so surreal to see my hard wor( and my vision or that night come to li e. It couldn)t o been any more per ect. Bruce did help me with the inal details and it was a night to remember. Kiss Army Argentina: Bruce, we have seen that <ric 1inger has been one o the best men at the wedding, something that obviously shows the (ind o riendship and mutual respect you do have or each other= Bruce Kulick: <ric and I are very close. 1ometimes we are both busy with our travels, but we (now each other so well, and he always loo(s out or me, li(e amily. Kiss Army Argentina: Lisa, please tell us how your li e changed a ter getting married to Bruce. Lisa Lane: >he only thing that really changed is that we could completely love each other more. It is very sweet to call him my husband and I (now Bruce loves saying $my wi e$ when re erring to me. Kiss Army Argentina: /lease tell us about your everyday li e. 6ow are each o you li(e in your daily li e? 6ow is a typical day li(e or this couple? Lisa Lane: !e both wor( hard, and we en+oy when we can spend our time together. Bruce travels, I have a ull time +ob. Bruce loves to (eep in touch, i he)s traveling and because his

,A, career is so uni7ue being a musician, no day is typical at home or away. I try to always be there to assist him whenever he needs me. Kiss Army Argentina: !hat things and activities do you en+oy doing together? Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane: !e en+oy watching movies,8old and new ones9 coo(ing dinner, watching some avorite >0 shows, shopping and lately doing home improvements. ? course music is always a part o every day. >he best thing or me about Lisa, is her love o guitars as well, so no music store is o limits! Kiss Army Argentina: @o you always travel together when Bruce is on tour? Lisa, what is the best thing o being married to a celebrity? Bruce Kulick: ?nly some gigs that are near our home or close to our relatives in the ;id,!est does Lisa accompany me on my travels. It is hard to get time o rom her +ob as well. !e pre er to travel together on holidays, where I don)t have to $be somewhere$ or the gig. Kiss Army Argentina: Bruce, do you thin( that Lisa may become your inspiring muse or a song? Bruce Kulick: Absolutely. >he best thing about Lisa, is that I am so com ortable with her nearby, that when I am inspired to play guitar and come up with something original, her presence ma(es me more creative. >hat is not always easy with artists. 1o I guess she is my ;use or sure!


Bruce and Lisa with Bene 1immons and /aul 1tanley o Kiss.

Kiss Army Argentina: Lisa, i Bruce were a song, which song would he be? Bruce, i Lisa were a song, which song would she be? Bruce Kulick: Cor me Lisa is $1omewhere ?ver >he Dainbow$. I I hear that song, I thin( o her, and hear her voice. Lisa Lane: >he Beatles song, $I Ceel Cine$, that)s Bruce to me, cause I call him $my baby$. Kiss Army Argentina: !hat are your dreams or the uture? @o you have plans to Eenlarge the amilyF? 8(ids, pets Gthough obviously no one could ever replace your beloved &oe,9 Bruce Kulick: &oe was a heartbrea( or us, and he was one o (ind. 1o many o our riends would love to see us have another dog, but it)s not time yet. ?ur schedules are so di icult. It was ama'ing I was able to ta(e care o &oe with my li estyle. Children, well Lisa has a son getting married in &une o this year, so maybe there will be grandchildren someday. Kiss Army Argentina: Lisa, you have a antastic voice, which sort o remind us o Barbara 1treisand.s. 6ave you ever ta(en singing lessons? 6ave you ever thought about doing something pro essionally with your great voice?

,4, Lisa Lane: I haven)t really ta(en lessons, but I did sing at venues in the %:C area, during my years as a light attendant. Bruce has inspired me to sing again, and we do plan on doing more together as Bruce loves standards. >hat (ind o music is another side o guitar playing or Bruce to share, and we seem to complement each other in a terri ic way. Kiss Army Argentina: Bruce, let.s tal( a bit now about your pro essional side. 1ome wee(s ago you attended the -#"A %amm event and you presented a new guitar model, EDoc( n Doll DelicsF, which loo(s great. /lease tell us more about it. Bruce Kulick: Doc( % Doll Delic)s had already made guitars that reminded me o my old Les /aul &r. that I used with KI11. >hat guitar had such power ul sound, and it was very beat up. Billy Dowe the owner o Doc( % Doll Delics made me a prototype copy that we eatured at %A;;, that was ama'ing. %ow the production model, limited to -H will be available at rebel, %?> in any stores. But anyone around the world can order. Kiss Army Argentina: :ou continue wor(ing with Brand Cun( Dailroad, a great accomplishment 8by the way, you have been with them longer than with KI11 by now!9. !hat are the current plans or the band? Bruce Kulick: Current plans are no di erent than the other years. !e travel to the gigs, and per orm, and ma(e the crowd roc( with us. !e do around A# gigs a year, so I have time to do other things as well. Brand Cun(, is a terri ic band. Kiss Army Argentina: As or your solo wor(, we hope you are still wor(ing on EBKAF 8or the continuation o EBK5F9, li(e you told some time agoI what can you tell us about it? Besides, there were rumors about the possibility o wor(ing with &oe Lynn >urner and Carmine AppiceI is this true? Bruce Kulick: I have been writing a bit or the uture. ;y ocus lately has been getting my three solo discs available on i>unes in %orth America very. >here will be two bonus trac(s added to BK5 or the i>unes release. >hey were +ust completed. %o plans to wor( with &oe or Carmine. Kiss Army Argentina: Any plans or visiting 1outh America in the near uture? Bruce Kulick: >here are always email o ers rom 1A, but scheduling it is not easy to ma(e irm plans. I do hope to come again in -#"A. Kiss Army Argentina: In April KI11 will inally be inducted in the Doc( n Doll 6all o Came. 6ow did this piece o news impact you? A ter all, you have been part o the band or twelve years. >his ac(nowledgment too( a bit too long, but it has inally happened. !ill you be present at the ceremony? 6ave you received a ormal invitation to be there? Bruce Kulick: I am going to be there with Bene and /aul and <ric and >ommy. I am very e*cited Bene and /aul invited me. I have stayed out o the drama o the 6?C news. >here has been lots o opinions, and lots o discussions. >he KI11 Army will always be the most important award the band has earned. Kiss Army Argentina: Bruce and Lisa, than(s a lot! or your time or this interview. !e are very happy or you and we wish you all the best! Bruce Kulick: >han(s again or your support, and I do miss my riends in Argentina and 1A. >han( you! Lisa Lane: >his is my very irst interview as ;rs. Kulic(. >han( you or thin(ing o me!


Bruce and Lisa.s honeymoon in 6awaii.


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