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If you have the patience and perseverance, we can help you in unlocking the master with in you.

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6 Weeks Internship Real Time Project Based Summer Training

About the training. Applied & Conceptual Training Procedure. Advantages of .NET/Java at TechMentro. Skills & Knowledge gained after completion of the course. Core Topic Covered About Certificate Training Fees

About the Training This Training provides in-depth coverage of the .NET/Java Technology with the power OOP technology. Students will learn from hundreds of live-code examples, with the instructor explaining each concept. In addition, students will develop a stand-alone application, starting at problem definition, requirements analysis, system design, and the details of coding and testing. To help students complete the application, the project will be divided into many small MODULES, and the instructor will assist students in working through each part of the design, step-by-step. Applied & Conceptual training Procedure Your training will consist of class room sessions, workshops, assignments, tests and project. Per week there will be: a) 6 classroom sessions of 2 hours each. The purpose of these is concepts building. b) 2 workshops to be completed by all the trainees. The purpose of these is the application of concepts and logic building. c) 1 online quiz of objective questions to test your understanding of concepts. Per fortnight there will be: I) 1 practical timed assignment. all the trainees will be required to complete it within the given time. The purpose of it is the test of your practical skills. II) There will a viva on the assignment and the topics covered. The purpose of it is the test of your presentation skills. roughly, you will be required to devote six to eight hour per day to your training to complete it successfully. Advantages of Learning .NET /Java Training at TechMentro Career Counseling. Guaranteed delivery of said contents. Regular Assessment: Technical Test, Machine Test, Technical Mock Session. Properly nurtured and updated modules within .NET/JAVA Project Development course. Practical Assignments, Objective Questions & Interview questions, Job references

Skills & Knowledge Gained after Completion of the Training This Training covers advanced object oriented techniques and algorithms with .Net/Java. It is an extremely practical course, developed and taught by consultants with years' experience in .NET/JAVA Development/Corporate Training. After the course, we are able to offer reviews and mentoring to guide you in making the best use of the techniques: .NET- Write, compile and execute .Net programs You will be able to develop server-side .NET applications based on ASP.NET web technology ; ADO.NET for database connectivity, web services, component integration. JAVA- Write, compile and execute Java programs You will be able to develop server-side Java applications based on the Enterprise Java component technologies; Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP)

Core Topic Covered .NET:Framework,C#,SQLSERVER,ADO.NET,ASP.NET .NET Framework: CLR, MSIL, Class library, IDE Implementation language : C# Introduction, Data type & control statement Arrays and structures | OOPS Concepts | Exception | Events & Delegates | Generics & Collection | File Handling & Multithreading | Memory management | Reflection | Windows Forms & Controls SQL SERVER Introduction to database | Mastering SQL queries | Mastering PL/SQL constructors(Cursors, Procedures, Functions & Triggers) ADO.NET Ado.Net Architecture | Dataset , Connection & command | Data Reader & Data view | Schemas & Transactions ASP.NET Introduction to ASP.Net & Web forms | Html and server controls | Form Validation | State Management | Master Page & Caching | Ajax | Security | Crystal Report | Mail & Message Minor Project About Certificate Training Certificate Confirmation Letter/Project Training Letter (For Degree Pursuing Candidate To Submit in Colleges) JAVA: Core Java,J2EE-SERVLET,JSP,IDE CORE JAVA Introduction to Java OOPS concepts & their implementation in Java Package & interfaces Exception Handling String Handling Multithreading | I/O Networking | Reflection Collection | JDBC J2EE Server Programming using Servlets Java Server Pages (JSP) Tools & IDE Introduction to Eclipse Project Management Managing Libraries and dependencies Code Generation & Refactoring Server Management | Debugging | Unit Testing Introducation to Struts Minor Project

Training Fees Rs.5500 (individual) Group Discount :Register 4+ Candidate - Rs.4500 (inclusive Tax) Tech Mentro C-43,Sector-2,Noida Ph: 0120.4549462,9250019786 Website : Email :