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10 Room Minimum. Rates are per room/per night + 9% tax. Single to quad occupancy. All group policies apply. 2007 Not valid with any other specials. Offer expires January 26, 2006. Based on availability. Rates subject to change. Excludes holidays and Super Bowl Weekend.

No energy surcharge.

67th Year In Publication

11459 E. Imperial Hwy., Norwalk, CA 90650 P.O. Box 4160, Downey, CA 90241 Online:


SINCE 1940

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Office: 562-807-3600 Fax: 562-807-2288

California USBC Continues Search For Scholarship Candidates

by Phyl Knoll The purpose of the Star of Tomorrow Annual Scholarship Award is to recognize star qualities in a high school or college student who competes in the sport of bowling. Star qualities include distinguished sanction bowling performances on state, local, national, international, Team USA or Collegiate levels; academic achievement; and leadership. Award winners receive a $l.000 scholarship. Our eligibility requires the male or female nominee to be an active member of the California United States Bowling Congress Association (Youth or Collegiate) and an amateur as defined by USBC rules. Nominee shall be: (1) a high school graduating SENIOR who has APPLIED to an accredited University, Junior College or Vocational Institution OR currently attending an accredited University, Junior College or Vocational Institution. (2) Younger than 22 years as of November 15, preceding the January 15, 2007 application date. (3) Nominee must have a current seasons minimum average of 175 and an outstanding record of bowling achievements in the past and current seasons. And, (4) have a minimum of 2.0 GPA or equivalent. Each association (merged or non-merged) were sent a letter in October, with an application enclosed, asking they assist in our search by circulating copies of the Nomination Form. Here in California we have so many talented youth in our game, and with the deadline date of January 15, 2007 right around the corner, it is difficult to understand why we have not received nominations by this late date. Wont you all share in the honor of recognizing the best of the best in the male and female youth bowlers from your association, who meet our requirements? If you have difficulty in locating an application, email me at or telephone me at 310-675-6034 and I will provide you with one. BUT REMEMBER! FORMS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 15, 2007. year-olds in the Hillcrest PrepsJuniors League at Hillcrest Lanes, Dennis had his perfect game at age 10 years, 2 months, 27 days. That breaks the previous record set by San Franciscos Michael Tang by 20 days. Dennis, who rolls the ball with both hands, opened his series with a 240 game. He followed with the 300 and ended with 232 for a 772 series. Tang shot his 300 on March 11, 2006 at 10 years, 3 months and 16 days, topping a record that stood for eight years.

2500 E. Carson St. Lakewood

(562) 421-8448

Saturday No-Tap

Entry Fee:$40

Jan. 6th 5 PM
Sidepots Optional 6 Games

Its Offical Ohios Dennis is Youngest Paul Danforth 300 Shooter

Wins Friendly Forest Lanes 6-Game Title Missy Bellinder Taps 10 Misses Saddlebacks 19th 300
by Frank Kietz MISSION VIEJO Missy Bellinder, tries hard for her Precision Pro Shop to win a segment title to be eligible for a Saddleback Lanes 820 Classic rolloff spot. Recently she rolled her 18th career 300 game. Last Tuesday she tapped a 10 missing her 19th perfecto settled for a 289 and an evening 752 series. John Chapmans Saddleback Lanes quartet won the first segment and controls the overall race with 186 1/2 points. Currently Bowlers Advantage, Sweetwater Pools and Precision Pro Shop are the second quarter leaders. The title is worth $5,000. Year 2007 action starts 9:00 p.m. January 2 with a position round. by Frank Kietz LAKE FOREST Lefty Paul Danforth got a gift winning Forest Lanes December 23, 2006 Six-Gamer $300 title with a 1592 series. Really, it was not a gift, Paul had to work for it. A 300 for starters, 214 and a 258 to build a 772 block followed with a 10-pin tap 299 plus 265 and 256 for an afternoon high 820 block. Paul went home with more than $400, out of a plus $1,000 prize fund. Yes, the lanes were friendly. To cash, 230 average was necessary. Paul averaged 265. Steve Schroeder used a 290 game in his 1477 total to nab second place, $150. John Sowells 278/1418 set was good enough for third ($110). Lyle Rollins had two 269s in fourth place 1415 worth $80 while Roger Wrase wrapped games of 215 and 194 around a second perfecto which created a fifth place 1389 ($60). Jeff Garrison was sixth with a 1387 for $50. Mike Bailey sneaked a 268/ 737 to win a $25 high game pot. Watch the Bowling News for the January Six-Game date or call 949-770-0055. Two-handed bowler sets record at age 10 years, 2 months, 27 days. GREENDALE, Wis. - Chaz Dennis officially became the youngest bowler to roll a perfect game when his 300 Saturday morning in Columbus, Ohio, was approved by the United States Bowling Congress. Competing with 14- to 17-

Tuesday Night Special 9 PM - 11 PM $ 20.00 per lane includes shoes Thursday Night Special 9 PM - 11 PM 1.75 / game -3.00 shoes


Includes Singles, 3-6-9 Sidepots, Insurance & Scratch Series
3-6-9 = $96.00

ABTA Champion Gilbert Liu Wins The I Have The Most Fans Award.

OPTIONAL - Sidepots $6 - Blocks $4 - Brackets $5 Call Mario at (949)770-0055 for more info.

Entry Fee: Forest Lanes 6 Gamer $50.00 1PM Saturday, Jan. 20th $300.00 1st Place Guaranteed

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Up Your Average
by Rolf Gauger
Instruction to Help Raise Your Scores

The Triax Spare System, Part 1

In February 1999 I first published the main points of my then recently developed Triax Spare System in Bowling This Month magazine. This system became so successful and popular so rapidly, that the e mail requests for more info soon numbered well over a hundred. I realized I would never be able to answer that many readers individually, so this months description should satisfy my newspaper readers, in whatever state they reside. There has been so much interest generated by the success of this spare system with those bowlers who use it, including some professionals, that there is a possibility of a book. When and if the book does appear, many aspects of the subject, which cant be covered in a few pages, will come to light. Systems As to the importance of spare converting, Hall of Fame Coach of the pros John Jowdys occasional articles in issues of most US bowling newspapers, list his all time All Miss team. It points to a number of outstanding PBA strike shooters who had to leave the tour because they couldnt win. Why? Poor spare shooting! As we all know, any system is better than none. But most systems Ive seen are complicated enough to discourage the majority of bowlers. The Triax System is specifically designed to simplify efficient spare converting to the utmost possible degree. Believe it or not, there are 1,023 mathematically possible spare combinations in a rack of ten pins. Probably at least a third of these are so unlikely youll never see them. But that still leaves enough to make a simplified, efficient spare system critical. Triax The first rule of spare shooting is universal, In any spare, the front pin must be hit! Well refer to this as the key pin. This leads us to the first simplification rule of the Triax system. That is, that the bowler is assigned to stand on a specific starting (anchor) board as shown, for each of the six pins in the front V of the pin rack, not including the head pin (see illustrations). In this system the feet may NOT be adjusted to different boards from those assigned! So to convert the 10, 6 or 3 pin right of center, as well as the 7, 4 or 2 pins on the left (the pins inside the triangles), the bowler must stand on the specific anchor board shown in the diagram. This simplifies the system, by reducing the number of foot positions to a bare minimum, while greatly increasing spare conversion potential.

Two rules to be published later, will tell us how to hit the key pin somewhere off center to convert other standing pins, splits, avoid cherry picking, etc. But for now, well stick to the basic system itself. Sowe will think of all spares in which the key pin is right of center (in the right triangle) as right side spares, regardless of where any accompanying pins may be located, and those key pins left of center (in the left triangle) as left side spares. Incidentally, the Triax System is designed so that all right handed bowlers use the left foot for anchor board placement and left handers the right foot! This is to keep from possibly standing against the ball return on corner pin shots. (If anyone insists on using the other foot, OK, as long as you can stay away from that ball return.) Now, by regulation, all lane beds are the same width41 inches, plus or minus inchand all current lane beds are being manufactured with 39 boards. Therefore, since the arrows are always 14 to 15 feet from the foul line, current lanes are virtually standard throughout the US and most of the bowling countries on earth. What this means to spare shooting, is that the assigned starting (anchor) board on each side changes by exactly three boards for each successive pin on that side. Thats nothing new. Its been that way for many years. It works because, according to the math, as long as the same target board is used for shooting at any key pins on that same side, the three board foot move brings a ball which hits the mark to the desired key pin every time. The Target Board (Mark) Now we have arrived at the point where theres only one thing left we dont yet knowwhat will be the mark? That information you must discover for yourself, by trying it with a few experimental shots. This is because the mark can, and often does, vary with the individual bowler. However, whatever board your mark ends up being, it must be at the arrows, or the system wont work! But usually the marks dont change by more than three or four boards from bowler to bowler, so I can provide a reasonably educated guess, as follows: To find your specific mark (right handers), try for the 10 pin first, by standing on the 35 board with your left foot, as shown. Next, throw as straight a ball as possible to approximately the 18 board. If the 18 board shot misses the 10 pin, change your mark a board or two right or left and try again. Keep experimenting with mark changes until you hit that 10 pin. When you do, that becomes your mark for all the pins on that side! Left handers, shoot for the 7 pin by doing the same as above on your sidethe exact mirror reverse of the right handers. Note that in the upper left and right sides of the diagram, the illustration shows a blank space for you to write your target board,

once youve determined what it is. If you make copies of this illustration with those spaces left blank, you can enter your own board numbers and use the copy, without having to mark up this article, which you should keep. Use pencil for that. Remember, while unlikely, it is possible that your target board may change as you adjust your approach over time. Until you memorize the board numbers, you may want to carry a copy of the diagram with you for reference, while bowling. My students are each given pre-cut copies to use during play whenever necessary. The Straight Spare Shot This is critical. Trust me, ball manufacturers wouldnt bother to make spare balls if they werent profitable. Oil conditions change at different points on the lane, so hook shots on off center spares are dangerous. The straight shot is the only sure way to take lane conditions out of the game. Obviously, hook shots are necessary for center spares, where a strike shot (or Brooklyn) is called for. Incidentally, in this Triax system, treat the 8 pin as if it were a 2, and the 9 pin as a 3. A reasonably accurate straight shot will work. It need not be absolutely perfect. You dont have to be deadly accurate in this system (except for splits, of course, which well cover later). Normally, a slight miss will still convert that key pin. Exceptions There are always exceptions, of course. But in this system, only a few: The 3-6-9-10 (right handers). Instead of the 3 pin straight shot the system calls for, stand for a 6 pin shot and hook the ball at your 6 pin mark. Deadly accuracy needed for this shot, but it is the best way, statistically. Left handers, mirror reverse (the 2-4-7-8). Stand for a 4 pin and hook the shot. The 2-8 or 2-4-8. Instead of the usual 2 pin straight shot, throw a Brooklyn strike shot. Left handers do the same for the 3-9 or 3-69. (Note: if the 5 pin stands with the above spares, such as in a bucket, do not use the Brooklyn shot. Instead, use the straight shot at the key pin, which is what the system calls for.) The 4-5-7 split. Stand board left of your normal Brooklyn position and throw a normal Brooklyn shot. Left handers, same for the 5-6-10 split, standing board right of your Brooklyn position and throwing Brooklyn. Having said all this, I will acknowledge that some right handers may want to throw a hook at the 3-9 (lefties at the 2-8) but I discourage that, due to oil variations. Statistics indicate that the straight shot converts more of these than a hook. The Bottom Line The success of Triax is pretty far flung. A former Student, Bill Sutera, won the Arizona State Strike Force Championship with it only a week after having learned it. Lane conditions were difficult for that tournament and nobody was able to strike consistently. Sutera won it by missing only one spare in 12 games (not counting three splits) Another example is a Super School student of mine with an average in the 170s, who won a local tournament the very night he had learned the system, with a 246 average. If I hadnt seen the readouts I wouldnt have believed it. As I said, no system, even as simple and successful as this one, can be completely understood with just three or four pages in a couple of articles. Nothing can beat one on one instruction on the lanes. But if the possibility of a book comes to fruition, Ill be able to not only cover all aspects of the system thoroughly, but also get into subjects such as making spare shooting easier by increasing pin fall with a better strike shot, avoiding splits, and so on. Remember John Jowdys comment, Strike for show and spare for dough! PS Next month there will be room for me to cover rules 2 and 3 of this systemsplit shooting and chop avoidancetwo important parts of successful spare converting. Rolfs Winning Bowlers of the Month Rafaela Ruby, 1 st place Doubles, Maricopa County Senior Tournament, Bell Lanes, October 29th. Also, 2nd place, All Events Shirley Braverman, 1st place Singles, including a 299 game, 792 series, same tournament as above. Shirley also won 1st place, All Events. Becca Reguero, 4th place, Tracy Warren Memorial Tournament, AMF Deer Valley Lanes, October 14th.


DECEMBER 31, 2006 8:00 P.M. 1 A.M.



(310) 326-5120


California USBC Nominating Committee Looking For Possible Board Members

We are looking for people who are interested in making a difference in the California USBC. Are you looking to move California forward? Candidate applications for Adult and Youth Board Members will be sent to each Association Manager and posted on the California State web site. Deadline for applications is February 1, 2007. Please send all applications to CUSBC Nominating Chairman, Ed Blomdahl, 3425 Poppy Patch Dr., Modesto, CA 95354.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


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New Years Party

Great Food!
g Racin Horse
Split of Champagne



Seniors Only


for ings S Draw T PRIZE A GRE

Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 31st @ Keystone Lanes Party starts 8 p.m. Until 2 a.m. (Check-In @ 7:30 p.m.)
Cas ino B ow

Pizz a

December 31st from 1 pm until 4 pm


Check-In Starts @ 12:30 pm No-Tap Bowling

Win An XBOX 360

Only $23.95/person Special 6 for $109.99
Special Must Be Prepaid
Limited to the first 192

/Sod a

Presents Win A Chance to Bowl with the


Reverse Raffle

Only $29.95
per person 6 for $149.95

GIANT Prize Auction

(562) 868-3261

nch u L at Ring In the New Year Gre a little early with us

Only $19.95 each
11459 Imperial Hwy Norwalk

Priz eD raw ing s

Dec. 31st 3:30 p.m. Until 6 p.m. @ Del Rio Lanes

Check In Starts @ 2:30 p.m.
e & ly om mi lc Fa s We d en Fri

Sunda D e ss e r e t Bar

11459 Imperial Hwy


(562) 868-3261

7502 Florence Ave Downey (562) 927-3351

562-868-3261 NEW YEARS EVE PARTIES 562-927-3351

Join us for our all-new


LAKEWOODEvery year the Vegas Travel League Christmas Party gets bigger and better and this year was no exception. Cal Bowl was the site and Alberta Stoute was in charge of arranging the sumptious food dishes brought by members on the five tables Sal set up on the concourse. Not onlydid Alberta provide the eating tools, she also made her to die for macaroni and cheese. We thank her, and all who brought yummy food. Well Done! A special thanks to Tracy Koolmees who again brought gifts for the entire league. This year she brought calendars and pens. Lots of visitors turned out. Erma Palmer, former member who had to give up bowling; Daisy McReynolds, who started the league this year but has been sidelined again; Enola Gentile, former member who also had to give up bowling but still shows up every week (at age 89) to cheer for her team. Merl Eash, former secretary/treasurer, Martha and Doc Underwood, and of course we had Santa Claus, Charlie Williams (President Bernices spouse) who took care of the league gift exchange. He did as good a job as Herman Murray, who was Santa when La Ruth was in the league. We sure miss her too and wish them both well. Santa reported Ann Fedderly was the last one to get a strike in the third game to claim a gift. Lee Halter dropped by to renew old friendships, but did not find too many of them from her bowling past, away back when? Vi Wilson led the honor roll with 237/589, followed by Cyndie Martin 225/574, Cathy Wyatt 546, Pris Mauricio 201/542, Doris Lewis 534, Cil Moons 530, Alta Duke 205/526, Dutch Sullivan 518, Betty Phillips and Dee Mason 517, Kathy Phylow 516, Brenda Johnson 206/509, Patti Givenchin 505, Terri Hefner 500, Rosa Closs 204 and Corky Luth 201. Westminster #2 tops teams with 34 wins, followed by Cerritos #2, 33; Del Rio #1 and Cal #4 tie at 30, Keystone #2, 29, and Keystone #1, rounds out the top five teams but the rest of the 16-team loop are pretty close and we expect them to improve their positions in 2007. Since the league wont return to bowling until January 8 at Cal Bowl, there wont be Vegas league news until January 12. However, if Carol Mancini has available space in the Bowling News on December 28 amd January 4, we will submit pot pouri columns for those dates under the Traveling Turtle heading. Finally, all of us in the Vegas League extend wishes for a Happy New Year to our sponsors for continued support. to the Bowling News for our league news coverage and to bowlers everywhere!

Light Show!
The Very Best of Laughlin Riverside Lanes!
State-of-the-Art Brunswick Equipment Frameworx Automatic Scoring Full Service Pro Shop 34 Lanes Snack Bar 1404 Rooms & Suites 6 Plex THX Movie Theatre 7 Restaurants 3 Lounges 2 Nightclubs 740 Space RV Park (Full-Hook-Up) Large Arcade Hall of Fame Bar Race & Sports Book Dons Kid Kastle (supervised childrens play center) 2 Classic Auto Exhibit Showrooms (Free Admission)

Book Sweepers or Group Reservations


Thursday, December 28, 2006


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Rainbow Properties, Inc. 1-800-217-2462

American Bowlers Tournament Association

P.O. Box 3721, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 562-868-7164 FAX: 562-929-2706

Liu Wins ABTA Christmas Event

West Covina is our Host Saturday in One Day Early Event Qualify 12:00-1:00-2:30- 4:00 & 6:00PM, SemiFinals 7:45PM All Pots Carry Over Match Game est $2,700, Series $700, and 3-6-9 $1,500 LAS VEGAS ROOM$ DUE This Saturday 12/30
ARCADIAAMF Bowling Square hosted our Annual Christmas Event. Lots and lots of Gifts, Great Food and more, made the event very remarkable. Also very remarkable, was Gilbert Liu who bowled his best, winning his first ABTA Title in a spectacular performance. He won five straight matches and the title game, finally upsetting top seed Jun Tumacay, to be our latest champion. The Christmas Event saw 268 entrants on a tough, but fair shot produce lower cut scores of +302 (men) and + 3 for our ladies to make it to the semis of 60 Bowlers. Also added were Super Seniors Joe Salas, Javier Avila and Angie Nillo. Leading the Semis was a hot Jun Tumacay +142. He would sit out and bowl for the title. In second was Tri Vo, at +95. He would enter in round two of the single elims (top 16). It took a +35 (men) and +27 (lLadies) 3 guaranteed to make the sweet 16 single elims. The Bowlers took to the lanes. In the first round single elims losing were Roy Castillo, Du Quach, Christopher Lee, David Caballero, Angie Nillo, and Christina Cheung. They got checks of $110 in 10-16th place. In round two being eliminated were Tri Vo, Anthony Nunnery, Bedell Vasquez, and Ronnie Ace Cordero. They got checks of $120 in 6-9th place. Round three had Gilbert Liu down buddy Michael Kong 192132. Calvin Thai got toGibin Kim in a close one 227-221. So Gibin and Michael were 4th and 5th and $140 each with fine bowling. Now Calvin Thai and Gilbert Liu would meet with the winner to advance to bowl for the title. Liu was on his game in a 227204 win. Mr. Thai was third with great bowling, and $225. Gilbert, off to the title game vs. Jun Tumacay. The title game was set, and the horses were paid! Liu returned $58 for everyone who had him in the horse bets. We would now have a new champion. Tumacay decided to have Jun lead off. The match was on as Jun spared and Gilbert spared twice then split. Jun had opens in the 2nd and 5th frames. Gilbert led til he opened in frame 8 but Jun also opened and split in frames 8-9. Gilbert held the lead and iced the win with a big double in the 9-10 frames, then coasted to the finish line in a 172/ 207-150-/178 win and the $1,000 1st place. Great bowling by a fine young man who is an ABTA Supporter and has many friends in the club. Gilbert is one of the good guys, and very deserving to be sure! Great bowling by Jun Tumacay, an ABTA regular, also with many friends in the club. He surely could have won on this night! Great bowling Jun!. The same to Calvin Thai third, Gibin Kim and Michael Kong in 4th and 5th places. Tourney Hi Qualifiers were Vic Arteaga at +143 for the men and Natalie PerenishkoLemons led the ladies at +83. They will get paid entries. Ronnie Cordero, and Tri Vo were unable to eliminate one another in the 3-6-9 roll off. So we will go for $1,500 this week at West Covina . They shared a $50 consolation for beer money:-).

Liu Wins ABTA Christmas Event (LR) bottom Calvin Thai 3rd, Gilbert Liu Champion $1,000, Jun Tumacay (runnerup) Top Danny Cobbs ABTA Finalist, Gibin Kim 4th and Cindy Tumacay Juns wife and #1 supporter.
The Match Game was drawn by Tumacay, and a very Unmatchable 295 was not matched. We will carryover in the Match Game and estimate a nice $2,700 at West Covina Lanes Saturday. (Carry Over is $1,415) Big Bucks at West Covina. Match Series worth $368, was drawn by Vic Arteaga and Un Matched at a 637. We will estimate a $700 Match Series this week at West Covina. The weekly winner of the AMF 300 Ball, was Jason Patten who opts for the Radar Lock Ball. He thanks the ABTA, and sponsor Columbia 300 for the fine ball. Champion Gilbert Liu hails from El Monte, and used a Inferno drilled by Memo Rosales at Action Lanes. He is single ladies! He thanks God, Mou Liu, and Friends Frank, Billy, Edwin, Sammi Leung, Ryan, Christina, Michgael Kong, Mike Siu, Aliey Patricia Jummy, and Ada , Dave Quon and Bu Bu, and all who were there cheering him on for the win. JunTumacay, a complete gentleman, is from Glendale and used a Fusion drilled by ABTA Member Steve Cruze. He is married to a pretty lady Cindy who was on hand at the event. He thanks Steve for the fine drilling, and his wife and friends for support. Calvin Thai is from Rosemead and used a Track Rule drilled also by Memo at Action Lanes. He thanks his brother, Mom and Dad, Jimmy Chau, D. J. Dan Cobbs, Valessa, Alex and Heather for support It was great returning to Bowling Square. We will return there soon on the next schedule. Thanks to Cheryl, Tony and Staff. West Covina Lanes is our host this Saturday in a One Day Event. There are Qualifying squads at 12:00-1:00-2:30- 4:00 & 6:00PM. SemiFinals 7:45PM. This week is the final day to pay for your Las Vegas Rooms. Next Saturday, Jan. 6, we are hosted by Arrowhead Lanes in San Bernardino with the Handicap Frozen for our Las Vegas Open Event the following weekend Jan. 11-12-13-14 at The Orleans. Its history folks, as Gilbert Liu enters the archives as our latest Champion! There were many Christmas gifts and prizes at Bowling Square and it is too bad that everyone couldnt be a winner. We thank you for your wonderful support. This is our way of giving back to our members as we also do in July in Las Vegas. Thank you ABTA Members, and hopefully 2007 will be a wonderful year for all. Special thanks to my great Staff who work so hard and are the most dedicated anywhere. They try and do the best job possible for our members also. And thanks to my Staff for my Christmas gifts which were so thoughtful! In fact too much! :-) See You all at West Covina for a Good One and lets get those Las Vegas Rooms in. They are due by Dec. 30. We bowl Jan. 11-12-13-14 at the Orleans with $4,000 min. and up to$8,100 1st with the bonuses there! A good One to be sure!
AMERICAN BOWLERS TOURNAMENT ASSOCIATION CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT (At AMF Bowling Square Lanes) December 16, 2006 FINAL STANDINGS 1 Gilbert Liu 637 $ 1,000.00 1st Place AMF Ball $ 100.00 2 Jun Tumacay 742 $ 500.00 3 Calvin Thai 643 $ 225.00 4 Michael Kong 658 $ 140.00 5 Gibin Kim 656 $ 140.00 6 Tri Vo 695 $ 120.00 7 Anthony Nunnery 684 $ 120.00 8 Bedell Vasquez 659 $ 120.00 9 Natalie Perenishko 624 $ 120.00 10 Ronnie Cordero 685 $ 110.00 11 Roy Castillo 656 $ 110.00 12 Du Quach 654 $ 110.00 13 Christopher Lee 641 $ 110.00 14 David Caballero 635 $ 110.00 15 Angelina Nillo ss 630 $ 110.00 16 Christina Cheung 627 $ 110.00 17 Michael Benavides 635 $ 106.00 18 Vic Garcia 630 $ 105.00 19 Art Lindsey 627 $ 104.00 20 Leo Tartamella 619 $ 103.00 21 Oliver Esmejarda 618 $ 102.00 21 Billy Chao 616 $ 100.50 23 Jason Patten 616 $ 100.50 24 Irene Kang 614 $ 97.50 25 Charles Ha 610 $ 93.75 26 Max Smalls 610 $ 93.75 27 James Meloon 607 $ 90.00 28 Jamescart Alarcio 606 $ 90.00 29 Dillon Ito 605 $ 87.50 30 Mike Siu 600 $ 85.00 31 Jimmy Chau 596 $ 82.50 32 Koo Hwang 594 $ 80.00 33 Je Je Gabriel 592 $ 80.00 34 David Jones Jr 587 $ 77.50 35 Judith Ting 586 $ 77.50 36 Desiree Herrera 60% 582 $ 45.00 37 Don Chung 581 $ 75.00 38 Marvin Crowder 575 $ 72.50 39 Val Wise 574 $ 70.00 40 Talia St Angelo 572 $ 70.00 41 Roger Wrase 571 $ 67.50 42 Joseph Micheri Jr 568 $ 63.75 43 Tomiekia Lemons 568 $ 63.75 44 Don Quitangon 564 $ 60.00 45 Vic Artega 564 $ 60.00 46 Beth Borci 561 $ 57.50 47 Anita Smith 556 $ 55.00 48 Jun An 60% 549 $ 32.25 49 Steven Smith 549 $ 53.75 50 Mitzi Martinez 548 $ 52.50 51 Javier Avila ss 548 $ 52.50 52 Joe R Salas ss 546 $ 51.00 53 Donnie Johnson Jr 534 $ 51.00 54 Jimmy Wong 524 $ 50.00 55 Tommy Newman 509 $ 50.00 56 Danielle Forniss 499 $ 49.00 57 John Gonzales DNS F/E 58 Frank Zhen DNS F/E 59 Antonio Johnson DNS F/E 60 Sammi Leung DNS F/E DOUBLES 1. Mike Siu/ Jimmy Wong 1383 120.00 2. Angel Chau/ Jimmy Wong 1302 100.00 3. David Jones/ Bedell Vasquez 1297 90.00 4. Ronnie Cordero/ Don Quitangon 1296 70.00 5. Roger Wrase/ Steve Smith 1294 50.00 6. Tri Vo/ Minh Dang 1293 40.00 7. Jimmy Chau/ Bedell Vasquez 1291 30.00 FINANCIAL REPORT CUT SCORES Men: +30, Women: +3, Super Seniors: Javier Avila, Angie Nillo, Joe Salas HIGH QUALIFIER FREE ENTRY Men: Victor Arteaga +43 Women: N. Perenishko +83 SPECIAL AWARDS 3-6-9 Ronnie Cordero 25.00 Tri Vo 25.00 MATCH GAME 295 No winner MATCH SCORE 637 No winner AMF BALL WINNER Jason Patten Prize Fund, 260 6,450.50 Paid Entries, 17 @ $49 833.00 Optional Sidepots 1,688.00 Doubles 500.00 Brackets 9,785.00 3-6-9 50.00 Shirt & Trophy 88.00 TOTAL PAID OUT $19,394.50

ABTA LAS VEGAS ROOMS Due This Saturday Dec. 30

We Will Bowl At West Covina Lanes On That Day
Payment for the rooms for the Annual Las Vegas Tournament are due Saturday, Dec. 30. We are having an event at West Covina Lanes on this day. The rooms must be paid by Saturday Dec. 30, and if you have a reservation, get it or the balance paid please. Rooms must be paid in full per our contract with the Orleans. ROOMS MUST BE PAID THROUGH THE ABTA TO SECURE OUR FINE ROOM RATES. You cannot book with the Orleans to secure these great rates! We have super room rates for You in Las Vegas for our Big Event at the Orleans Jan. 11-12-13-14. Rooms are $95 Friday and Saturday and only $55 on Thurs-Mon plus tax. Reserve Now! This years event is open to new members. You must have a verifiable average to join and strict rules will be enforced pertaining to that. We will have a $4,000 min 1st place and up to $8,100 with full bonuses and Cash n Carry options. There is a Special Tournament Jan 6, at Arrowhead Lanes in San Bernardino. The Handicap will be frozen at Arrowhead for the Las Vegas Event. You will not lose Handicap except for extenuating circumstances. Get The Rooms Reserved and Paid by Saturday Dec. 30 !!! Las Vegas is only two weeks away! See our ad and other information or call the ABTA 562-8687164.

Jan 22, 2005

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Thursday, December 28, 2006


2500 E. Carson St., Lakewood, CA 90712 (562) 421-8448
RECYCLED TEENS and GRANDMAS AND GRANDPAS donated a total of $250 to Project Shephard in Lakewood. Thank you for your generosity and Christmas spirit. LAUGHLIN SUNSET James Matthews 235-226-221/682, Brandon Mims 246213/649, Ray Minter 234-224/631, Michael Buck 221200/620, Kevin Smith 244, Carlos Urzua 234, Eugene Carter 226, Carole Fischera 223-214, James High III 217, Ken Holliday 213, Dave Minter 203. CAL BOWLEROS Carole Fischer 214/577, Dee Phipps 554, Betty Phillips 223/544, Mary Smyth 543, Glenda Harvey 216/536, Vi Wilson 529, Lani Ipjian 200/528, Agnes Blaisdell 216/ 522, Margo McClain 517, Leona Belletti 213/504. SENIOR MENS TRIO Fidel Usi 207-200-208/615, Donald Wade 210-233-216/ 659, Sonny Dew 278-235-255/768, Walt Gist 194-200246/640, Joe Swift 235-205-164/600, Walter Millsap 194124-192/610, Paul Peete 223-234-253/710, Ed Cabs 226241-195/662, Sherman Joseph 224-268-195/687, Rudy Munson 162-229-243/634, Bob Pearson 224-170-222/ 616, Jim Plante 204-194-202/600, Jorge Fernandez 198208-203/609, Ed Stoute 235-226-183/644, Rick Hunter 211-237-269/717, Wendell Ledbetter 204-214-247/665, Jimmy Hamilton 236-212-200/648, Lee Holmes 259-179188/626, Lon Richardson 236-247-216/699, Robert Thomas 170-242-210/622, James Burke 213-207-194/614, B.J. 185-235-228/648, Rich Kelly 246-234-197/677, Archie Stull 225-189-203/617, Charles Moore 217, Lester Felien 221, Paul Reynolds 234, Clark VandenBerg 244, Rollie DeGuzman 224-203, Bob Stickney 201, Charles Woods 235, Herman Martin 206, Josh Hudson 208-224, Sam Huckleby 200, Pat Kinard 202, Ron Leidholdt 233, Doug Johnson 200, Wayne Moon 216-204, Boylee LAKEWOOD Hi. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Thanks to all the bowlers who participated in Gils Annual Holiday Scratch Doubles Tournament on December 26, 2006 here at Cal Bowl. Make plans now to bowl in our Monthly 6-Game Saturday No-Tap. The date is January 6, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. Cost is only $40 per person. Call your friends and come on over to Cal Bowl. Time to report those fabulous league scores. FUNSTERS Maurice Chartrand 504, Ken Seiple Sr. 214-213/604, Doug Johnson 258-257-226/741, Boylee Inocente 542, Ron Leidholdt 545, Lanore Knudsen 500, Tom Dennis 503, Chuck Morrissey 203-200/593, Fred Meisel 210/ 569, Frank Krezan 201/522, Jorge Fernandez 200/566, Lee Theiss 514, Pre Collier 232/581, Jimmie Vallier 201/ 545, Ed McLean 210/513, Larry Martinez 229-226/615, Bertie Martinez 508, Hal Mallon 202/528, Travis Hicks 210/556, Arnie Faria 521, Jerry Stotts 501, Thomas Spencer 540, R.C. Owens 546, John Matthews 232-211/622, Terry Binuya 200/558, Wilfred Panton 212/539, Willie Young 202/568, Wendell Ledbetter 553, Harold Runyon 553, B.J. Theiss 204-212/588, Fred Contreras 201/541, Joyce Robertson 513, Joe Erwin 224/557, Bob Webb 203/540. GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS Jamie Vallier 618, Stanley Murren 509, Dominic Antonio 580, B.J. Theiss 653, Boylee Inocente 632, Chuck Patterson 593, Joe Erwin 597, JIm Young 502, Clifford Schad 526, Wayne Moon 562, Ray Culp 546, Wendell Ledbetter 581, Pat Erwin 502, Jim Burke 613, Vancie Keith 517, Don Keith 208, Ed Hansen 604, Wilfred Panton 510, Rose Goodwin 535, John Welty 560, John Mathews 524, Lee Theiss 502, Bob Stickney 563,Tony Morones 652, Robert Thomas 651, Frank Quiambao 538. The Inocente 204-212, Dominic Antonio 212-200, Fale Sula 216, Billy Scott 220, Ellis Houston 200-203, Al Ortiz 200, Curtis Whaley 215, Al Cowens 204, Chazz Elgin 208, Vince Cervantes 210, Jerry Hayes 214-220, Earl Hullett 203, Ivory Herd Jr. 203-207, Cecil Knighton 209, Tony Morones 209-204, Rick Llaneta 222, Pre Collier 203, Don Kelly 212. WEDNESDAY MIXED FIVE Daryl Brandt 201-175-227/603, Doug Johnson 258-204216/678, John Lynch 222-249-201/672, Doug Sanders 225-214-171/610, Shannon Santos 217-222-244/683, Tommy Stockberger 218-202-279/699, Mike Dieterich 203, Richard Dubuke 254, Guy Hunsinger 203-203, Steve Lizotte 204, Clyde Lumpford 222, Joan Lumpford 203, John Lynch 201, Tee Magee 206, Greg Mobley 215, Matt Mosley 220, Greg Nardo 200-210, Gary Nelson 210, Tony Ortiz 202, Jacoby Rudolph 209-209, Kevin Underwood 207, Jerry Williams 225. CAL STARS Shonna Hernandez 198-159-183/540, Mattie Wyllie 188-166-149/503, Audrey Green 166-172-177/515, Bette Jane Ricardi 145-135-238/518, Mary Martin 123-189-191/ 503, Alice Tavarez 165-181-158/504, Dottie Lawn 167185-203/555, Darlene Hom 173-179-170/522, Bette Phillips 157-143-215/515, Vi Wilson 181-162-158/501, Shantee Pittman 182-173-168/523. FRIDAY NO-TAP December 22, 2006 FINAL STANDINGS 1. Kyle VandenBerg 885 $63.00 2. Mike Pizarro 876 45.00 3. Eric Morris 864 30.00 4. Jim Plante 842 15.00 SIDEPOTS 1. Mike Pizarro, hdcp. 324 34.00 2. David Ferguson, scr. 300 17.00 Sherman Joseph, scr. 300 17.00 3. Klye VandenBerg, hdcp. 317 34.00 3-6-9 POT No winners, 96.00 INSURANCE Armando Ramos 34.00 SCRATCH SERIES POT Eric Morris 837 34.00 NEXT TOURNAMENT December 29 at 1:00 p.m. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE BOWLERS HERE AT CAL BOWL!

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Warner 210-299/289/789 Leads Scores

Team 10-Track has League Leading 1039 Game Happy Holidays To All from ABTA League Final Position Round this Week
LAKEWOODWeek 15 - Richard Warner started out slowly last week but finished strongly with his games of 201, 299, 289/789. His teammates rose to help Richard Game -3 to post a Great League Leading 1039 Scratch Game as Fred Catamisan led off 236, Raquel Vergara had her highest ever 265 , Bob Smith had a nice 249 and Warner 289 for the 1039 Game which leads the League to this point at 1039. Other Great scores were Eric Morris 245, 269, 214/728, William Baskin 237, 253, 237/727, Steven Hower 224, 226, 256/706 and Ken Seiple, Jr. 244/696. Gina Velarde led the ladies, 233/629, Deborah Sanders 230/ 605, Pam Jones 201/590, Mary Dixon 199/581, Kristy Yahiku 215/562 and Maggie Hylton 201/562. SIDEPOT $50 - Game 1. Chauney Merritt 279. 2. Richard Warner 299. 3. Richard Warner 289 plus super pot $140, second place Vince Cervantes 269/$60. LADIES SIDEPOT $23. Game 1. Emma Johnson 268. 2. Gina Velarde 227. 3. Tracy Cueto 238. The MATCH GAME number drawn was 269 and two lucky guys, Eric Morris and Brian Reyes split the pot worth $876. Congratulations and happy Christmas shopping! The StrikeOut pot was carried over. DOLLAR DOUBLES: 1. Richard Warner 299/Alan Aguilar 247/546. $200 2. Eric Morris 269/ Steven Hood 268/537- $60. The weekly ABTA tournament Entry was won by Roger Wrase! ABTA will be at West Covina Lanes on December 30th, First squad is at 12:00 - 1:00 - 2:30 - 4:00 and 6:00 P.M. This week, December 28th is the leagues second position round. Sub/s must have 18 games bowled in order to bowl. Two top teams will be seeded into the roll offs the end of the season. In case of a tie for first or second, teams must break the tie that night. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Coming in 2007
February 4th, 2007 Paramount Elks are sponsoring a Scotch Doubles Tournament February 17th, 2007 Valentine No-Tap Hosted by Barbara Bishop

Thursday, December 28, 2006

BOWLING NEWS play bowlers on tour, Mika Koivuniemi. Did Duke panic? Did he rush to the paddock for another ball? No way, Jose. Duke did what all great bowlers do. He merely moved inside, changed speeds, hand position, and struck out all the way to win the tournament. This is called adjustment, which is acquired through experience and knowledge. Two weeks later, Duke annexed his 25th PBA title by polishing off four opponents, all whom played an inside line. Norm persevered by sticking with his outside end-over-end shot and took advantage of what the lane gave him This is what sets apart players like Duke, Barnes, Tommy Jones, Walter Ray, and other accomplished PBA members from players who forsake hand and speed positions in favor of sandpaper and a boatload of bowling balls. Personally, Id like to see the PBA ban the practice of sanding bowling balls. Does this seem like a harsh or rigid rule? If so, bowling fans may recall objections to the use of sandpaper by one of the of the most fundamentally sound bowlers in the history of the game, Brian Voss. Long live great Hall of Fame bowling writers like Dick Evans. Long live bowlers who have mastered the art of hand and speed control to place themselves among the immortals of the game.

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by John Jowdy In one of his recent articles, Dick Evans took a beating from readers when he expressed his belief that the surface of any ball, IN ANY SPORT, should not be altered under any circumstance, including SANDING. Dick Evans is one of, if not, the most prolific bowling writers in the history of the game. He has garnered more writing awards than anyone ever and continues to cover the sport on a greater scale than any single individual in the game. Unlike many bowling know it alls, Evans goes on to say that his detractors were right when they said he didnt know much about the cover stocks on bowling balls and other criticisms directed his way. However, since Evans and I are the best of friends, I feel compelled to come to his defense in responding to some of his critics. First of all, we must realize that some bowlers, who advocate the use of sandpaper, defend this practice because it affords them an edge or aids them in overcoming slicker lane conditions. Please note that I used the term some bowlers, which references bowlers who lack the talent or capability of making hand/release adjustments to overcome changing lane conditions. While I can not physically demonstrate my point due to an arthritic hand problem, I have acquired the reputation of being successful in coaching pros and amateurs for over 30 years, which includes the art of skillfully changing hand positions and speed to achieve a desired ball reaction. I am well aware of different cover stocks, core configurations, and drilling patterns that are all designed to simplify scoring in the game. This is called progress. Bowlers who apply these methods correctly become successful. However, I totally object to tampering with the surface of ANY ball to increase friction on the lanes. Ive lost tract of the years when the practice of toying with the surface of bowling balls passed ABC regulations. Prior to that time, this was an absolute NO, NO. Also, previously prohibited, was the drilling of an additional hole to balance the outside weight of the ball. Its been too long to recall the exact year or dates that ABC lost control of regulations governing outlandish scores. It has become increasingly apparent that any rules or regulations that were in effect prior to the present assault on scoring records have been abandoned and ignored; including SANDING the surface of a ball. Consequently, Id like to respond to two of the letters sent to Dick Evans, wherein, he is chastised for his lack of knowledge regarding bowling balls. Naturally, both of these gentlemen are serious bowlers; one, a German bowler, the other, an American. Each has a different take on todays game; the German suggesting a defensive measure for match play, the American apparently protecting his turf by displaying greater defense of sanding balls than he is in the preservation of PURITY AND INTEGRITY in the game. First, Id like to address an avid bowler from Germany who wrote, it is illegal to alter the surface of a ball during competition. He further states, but who cares? Just get another ball with another surface! Use an EPX-T1 and change the pattern on the lane in just three shots. I think this possibility makes this game more interesting! The more challenging it is, the more fun. I hope more people apply the knowledge of changing the pattern to stop his rival. If the rival is better than me, he will change his shot too. With all due respect to this gentleman, when did bowling become a defensive game? I was always under the impression that in bowling, just as it is in golf, there is NO defense in bowling; the defense is the lane, not your opponent. Whoever scores the highest is the victor; that is, unless you deliberately attempt to overcome your rival by tampering with the approach or through physical force. The American player is obviously a very good bowler who has competed with some of the best players in the PBA Midwest region. He is very knowledgeable bowler in the intricate phases of the game. However, he chastises Mr. Evans regarding his objections to sanding balls with the following statementYour comparisons to other sports belay your lack of technical expertise in the sport. When was the last time they applied so much oil to a basketball court that it wouldnt bounce? When was the last time they applied so much oil to a golf course that the ball would simply slide on the ground and not roll? This happens at bowling events, as lane conditions change throughout the event. With all due respect to this gentleman, I fail to see his comparison of oil application on bowling lanes to oil on a basketball court. However, the game of golf is a fairer equation. Fairways can be narrowed, with high grass increasing the difficulty of salvaging an errant shot. Trees, sand traps and water can be placed in perilous positions. Cups are set in undulating positions and placed in different areas from day to day in professional events. These obstacles are akin to the various invisible oil patterns in PBA tournaments and present a more appropriate comparison. This gentleman goes on to state, When competing in an event, it is of ultimate importance for a bowler to match up his ball reaction with the lane condition applied by the tournament staff, similar to a golfer changing the angle of a golf club. (9 to 3 iron). This can be accomplished by using a different ball or changing the surface of the bowling ball. Changing the surface of a bowling ball allows for more variety in a bowlers arsenal without spending exorbitant amounts of money on equipment. In the future, I would suggest you research your topics before writing. You have made a declaration of a very technical nature regarding a sport that it is obvious you have limited to no technical knowledge. Excuse me.This is pretty harsh on one of the most venerable and knowledgeable writers in the history of bowling. My answer to this critic/bowler, if you were as proficient as a bowler as Dick Evans is a writer, you would be the leading player on the PBA tour. First of all, you want to equate bowling ball reaction to a golfer changing the angle of a golf club (9 to 3). Golfers are allowed 14 clubs; all designed for various distances and loft. All are legal. BUT, they cannot add extra notches in the club heads nor can golfers use balls with extra dimples that are not sanctioned by the PGA. Now, going back to bowling ball reaction, have you been watching the PBA tour lately? Several weeks ago, Norm Duke, bowling in the title match, suddenly lost his carry playing an outside line for five frames. He fell behind over 30 pins to one of the great match

s.s.t. Super Senior Tour Of California

Our Hosts Jim & Betty Hornung Owner Operators

Invite you to come Join UsBowl with the best Super Seniors 60 + & Juniors 45 + bowlers in the West.
Tournament open to men 60 & WOMEN 50 & up, Senior Division. MEN 45 and WOMEN 40 & up in Junior Division. ENTRY FEE IS: $135. 00 By paid members & $140.00 part paid Members AND GUEST. Cash in any tournament and pay the balance of the $50.00 annual Dues. $95 goes to Prize Fund, plus all added money. Each Division Bowls for their own Prize Fund. Qualifying Saturday Jan. 6 Th. ONE squad (Check-in between (9: & Bowl AT 10 am Sharp. BOWL 5 GAMES (BREAK) back at 2:00 PM. BOWL 2ND. 5 GAMES Sunday finals Check- in 9 am; 9:20 Practice; 9:30am; Bowl. HEAD TO Head Example30 to 35 Bowlers= 8 Finalist minimum.
KING OF THE HILL, ONE O E GAME MATCH MATC BY THE SR. AND JR. CHAMPIONS Format 1 in 3 Cash 1 in 5 Make Finals. We WILL take entries Saturday Jan- 6 UNTIL 9:45 am @ CENTER.

Example Prize Fund Each Division

$ 800.00 first place, guaranteed, EACH division
35 ENTRIES 1 in 3 =12 Places Paid & 8 Bowlers to Finals 2 ND. -$ 500.00- 3 RD.-$ 400.00- 4 TH. -$ 350.00- 5 TH. -$ 300.00 6TH. -$ 250.00-7TH. -$225.00-8TH. -$200.00- 9TH. -$175.0010 TH. $150.00 11TH. $140.00 12 TH. $135.00 NOTE prize fund BASED ON 35 ENTRIES each division

To bowl RSVP Dave @ 949-6776424

SEND ENTRIES TO S.S.T. 22828 canyon lak lake dr. so. . Canyon lake CA. 92587

Yorba Linda Bowl 18171 Imperial Hwy. Yorba Linda CA. PH.# (714)-777- 3818 Lodging motel (6) (1-800)- 466-8356 HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, FROM EVERY ONE @ THE S.S.T.

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National Deaf Bowling News

Kietz Helped Secure 1974 P/C Deaf Invitational Classic Held in Downey
by Connie Marchionie DOWNEYRecently a fellow friend and columnist Frank Kietz faxed me the score sheet of his games he bowled at his 90th birthday party held in his honor at Forest Lanes. In his third game he started with 6 strikes in row and finished with a 265 game. WOW! for a 90 years old white haired kid. I wish I would do the same when I get to 90. I recalled back in 1973, I found out that a deaf man who moved to California from New York had a screw machine company in South Gate. The man, Bruce Clary an ardent bowler himself was looking for someone to run a big money tournament for deaf bowlers. We did not know each other. So since Frank Kietz lived in South Gate, worked as sports writer for Huntington Park Signal and was a director for Southeast District B.A. and knew me as an experienced deaf tournament director, I asked him to talk to Clary and recommend me to run it. Kietz succeeded and Clary accepted, then Kietz introduced me to Clary. Clary wished for a $5,000 first place step ladder finals like the PBA used but I explained it would not work unless we charged $100.00 entry fee which the deaf could not afford. It was settled on an $8,000 added with $2,000 1st place, with an affordable $25.00 entry fee, 3 days 1974 Labor-Day weekend tournament. One concern was sandbaggers, so entrants were to get their 4 years averages verified and use the highest one. Then the rest is history, NDBA-P/C Deaf Invitational Classic had the largest entry with 603 and prize money close to $21,000.00 paid to 223 places. The memorable tournament was held at the defunct 60 lanes Wonderbowl Downey. Bowling balls were weighed before bowling. Kietz as Southeast District BA director got a crew to do the weighing. The tournament $2,000 winner was Ralph Osborne, Knoxville, Tenn. who beat the late Clyde Ketchum, Seattle, WA ($1,500). Bruce Clary, himself placed 3rd for $1,250 and Ronald Johnson, Minneapolis, MN 4th $1,000. After the tournament Clarys company treated the bowlers to a banquet and show of magicians at Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles where the champion was presented his trophy, jacket and check. Kietz feted (celebrated) with us as part of this successful tournament. Several months after the tournament Clary closed his company. He had retired and is now living in Las Vegas. DEGROFF HITS 280/750 AT MISSION HILLS BOWL MISSION HILLSI got a fax telling me that last Thursday Ken DeGroff shot games of 224-246-280 for 750 in his 6 PM league at Mission Mills Bowl.
when you have time to spare

12655 VENTURA BLVD. STUDIO CITY 818-769-7600 or 877-2380

Canoga Park Bowl



Well 2K bug passed us over again! Hooray, with this we hope you are all reading this in the New Year with a new zest about life. NFL playoffs are in full force and the year is 2007. There is one thing that is not certain; league winners. We are only at the half way point in many leagues, therefore many of you can still make it to the top. PINZ ADULTS: With the new 2 double O plus 2 pennies and a nickel upon us we can all take advantage of the fact that we are still happy and healthy. So get those games to optimum and lets finish this season strong. Here are last years final scores: Tavern Guild: Ed Dusseau 203 211 233-647, Jeff Pifko 205 200-604, Jay Johnson 221-595, Richard Meza 209-590, Michael Perez 224-576, David Quam 243-557 Twilighters: Phil Cody 232 242-652, Laurie Faso 266 200-651, Larry Schneider 204 213 203-620, Arnel Adordioncio 242-613, Jim Moore 243 200-612, George Cruz 222-604 Kings and Queens: Kevin Collins 220 212 243-675, Quincy Burgers 201 213-612, John Harnois 215-577, Russ Wolkoff 196571, Steven Newton 225-568 Funseekers: Damond Taylor 253-651, Ed Dusseau 259-640, Mike Gaimaro Jr 216 234-635, Frankie Lozivina 252-628, David Dittlinger 232-620, Mitch Rosen 225 209-612 S.C.B.L.: Have a great holiday. PINZ JRS.: Juniors your back and we are waiting to see what you can do. By we I mean the adult bowlers that have been bowling while you were away. Show us what you got. PINZ SENIORS: The holidays couldnt bring your scores down. You guys have only one thing on your mind: bowling great. Good job and have a great new year, its another year and another chance to show us you are still her and kicking. Heres the scores: Happy Timers: Gary Olsen 231-595, Jack Burkenheim 210 203-561, Sol Karnovitz 195-531, Charlene 195-531, Fausto Rondan 184-522 Breakfast Club: Myrna Schiffman 189-538, Vicky Rastocky 171-500, Elayne Klein 181-484, Donna Klein 182-482, Marion Weis 193-481 Coffee & Donuts: Pauline Lipin 212-536, Arleen Wiener 212509, Hildegard Miller 177-463, Dorothy West 163-446, Shirley Abramson 166-443 Pin Pals: Karen Collier 176-466, Diana Bassi 147-408 Joslyn Seniors: Sol Stein 223-576, Gary Olsen 215-529, Lee Waldorf 182-490 Senior Social: Gary Olsen 206 207-558, George Linsacum 176-507, Charlene 173-427 Bowler of the Week: This week we want to acknowledge a special bowler. This gentleman has been bowling here for over ten years and has been through our junior program and now bowls in the adult leagues. Nathan Burger has been our star of the week. During his great week Dan Sweet, night manager extraordinaire, has been quoted I cant believe a bowler of this stature has been untapped by the PBA. Well we echo his thoughts. Sweetness quote of the week: I am the lizard king. I can do anything.

20122 Vanowen St. Winnetka, CA 91306 818-340-5190 FAX: 818-883-1202 OPEN 24 HOURS


l w o B t s e w h t u So
by Ken Del Conte

Happy Holidays! Its me again, your boy Wil, with all the news thats fit to print! While some of the leagues are off for the holidays, there are still some shooters around, and putting up scores, as u will soon see. 555 SCRATCH: Del Ingram 245-210-254/709, Tariq ShamsidDeen 289-212/681, Bill Cowens, Jr 235-221-215/671, Curmit Foster 205-263/663, Robert (RMF)McFadden 211-235/645. For the ladies, Angela Williams led the way with 210-254/635, and Kim Cato flirted with perfection with a 297. D.P.S.S: Aaron Beckett 234-268-231/723, Willie Montgomery 249-251/675, Gary Duncan 234-220/650. Ladies: Ruby Blake 200219-221/640, Pam King 205-249/640, and Deborah Sanders 212237. SENIORS AND FRIENDS: Ed Hurst 229-268-223/720, Ed Matthews 223-215-217/655, Horace Jackson 215-252/642. TAX MAN ON WHEELS: It was ladies night as Pam King was the high shooter for the night with 278-236-205 for a nice 719 series, overshadowing the other PK in the league, Prewitt Kinnermon, who was no slouch himself that night, posting scores of 290-225/690. Others putting up numbers that night were John (Mr. B) Brenson 279-225/692, VJ Flores 259-265/689, and Ivan (Da Franchise) Moore 268-206-200/674. Others scoring well that night were Ken Thompson 278, Ardis Jackson 267, Rodney Beverly 251, and Roberta Dunn represented for the ladies with a nice 243. Heres wishing all readers a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year. See u in 2007

WINNETKA Wow! The calendar says its December but what beautiful weather weve been having here in Southern California. It feels like summer. Dont bring out your shorts yet. I dont want to spoil things for you, the forecast calls for some of that wet stuff ...rain. Its been so dry we can certainly use it. Good for the plants and clean the air. The scores were reported from the bowlers here at Canoga Park Bowl so lets see how they are doing. Phil-Am: Philip Gayatin 211/569, Hocson Chua 212/553, Donald Lavares 213/539, Helen Ventenilla 200/534. Viva Las Vegas: Rick Greenzweight 214-237-278/729, Curtis Litzenberger 222-246-249/717, James Smith Jr. 200203-215/618, Dan Kline 212-223/616, Kathy Litzenberger 193/524. Monday Nite Live: R. Greenzweight 210-258-223/691, Dale Johnson 222-226-226/674, Tom Miller 234-243/644, Dan Onestinghel 234-200/626, Lucy Tralla 206/568, Carol Casuga 523. First Lutheran: Rick Godin 266-236/695, Carol Enochs 227/576, Steven Schulkin 223. River Maniacs: Trevor Stoy 218-224-279/721, Johnnie Englehart 268-214-236/718, Jason Kalmanson 214-237237/698, Ray Stoy 230-226-228/684, Chris Robinson 225231-213/669, Tyler Stoy 235-257/656, Andre Hebert 203212-234/649, Scott Shiraiwa 224-214-206/644, Hank Patten 258/640, Dan Dixon 224-232/624, Monise Kelly 223-211/ 614. Comedians: Robert Battle 234-268-231/733, Rick Hoffman 233-258-227/718, David Guilmette 228-243-236/ 707, Chris Robinson 234-223-231/688, Dan Stipkovich 209257/665, Mark May 237-234/662, Dan Kline 209-224-221/ 654, David Baquero 205-209-236/650, Gary Anderson 211254/639, Carol Asher 233-201/613, Jan Sandman 571, Judy Valazza 201/564, Pat Campbell 507. Tuesday Pick A Ball: (4-games) Sweeper scores Bill Williams 249/899, Allan Nathan 245/838, Marsha Williams 192/735, Sharon Weger 214/719, Lori Bans 704, Len Haydock 206/738. Youth: Aaron Steinberg 257/2005, Kevin Gross 227, Daniel Williams 220, Gus Reveles 213. The next league starts on January 9 at 7:00 p.m. See you there. Pinbusters: Jean Bomar 192/523, Sharon Dancygier 201/ 522, Susan Barnhart 200. Copper Bucket: Gary Reed 245-207-220/672, Smoke Ackart 222-265/664, Mike Johnson 203-215-214/632, Steve Katz 214/606, Rusty Yeager Jr. 226, Casey Ford 228, Justin Rosa 221. Newcomers: Warren Plouffe 275-208/666, Vonna Miscovich 140/341. 500 Classic: Teresa Lauer 214-215/622, Georgia Garey 225-222/609, Marsha Williams 564, Joan Bremberg 554, Mary Lauer 213/546, Gean Hubbard 220/538, Marian McWilliams 534, Carol Casuga 529, Lisa Sheeran 202/522, Candy Adams 508. Bnai Brith: Jay Rosen 246-267-278/791, Joel Tetreault 265-248/687, Doug Baillie 266-223/657, Mark Fienberg 258207/654, Jay Davies 226-236/649, Steve Horenstein 248212/642, Ernie Johnston 212-233/629, Tom Flynn 213-226/ 612, Roman Agiert 259/606, Joey Agiert 214. Pizza & Bowl: Daniel Giegoldt 204-266/654, Nick Gemora 225-204/622, Sherry Jensen 134/365. The Classics: Ream Luttrell 222-245/638, Tim Stake 204238/630, Louie Enriquez 219-254/628, Mike Witt 203-203213/619, Jerry Lovell 227-213/612, Mike Enriquez 219-202/ 607, Scott Loudon 214/583, Sami Scott 200/576, Pam Blake 203/549, Tina Enriquez 210-202/548, Sharon Enriquez 201/ 537, Pam Findl 536. Thats all for this week. Heres wishing all of you high bowling scores in 2007 along with good health and happiness.

Canoga Park Srs.

WINNETKA Hi. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday celebrations. Lets sit back and relax while we see who made the Senior League Stars of the Week list here at Canoga Park Bowl. Funtimers: Rick Greenzweight 218-237/646, Al Reiswig 202-218/598, Dave Folck 206-224/593, Carolyn Scherzberg 223-212/590, Hung-Lay Quon 199/584, Vern Schmidt 204/565, Murl Dezotell 212/ 528, Bertha Willard 181/505, Eleanor Weaver 197/489, Candy Adams 175/478, Jackie Becker 169/475, Donna Mae Brown 183/460, Marilyn Bigman 162/458, Marge Hebard 191/437. 39Ers Senior Trio: Mel Neiditch 258-234-226/718, Dave Folck 237-288/715, Rick Greenzweight 255-237/685, Scotty Alavazo 236-238/653, Hung-Lay Quon 229-206-200/ 635, Don Segien 218-224/635, Roger Chartrand 214-223/ 626, Mel Mohr 254/625, Al Reiswig 209-224/615, Jerry Ambrosini 216-210/595, Larry George 209/595, Bob King 214-210/587, Bob Adams 214/ 583, Mary Lauer 201-200/583, Cal Vogt 234/581, Homer Hammond 233/580, Carolyn Scherzberg 202/563, Carol Wareberg 177/479, Kay Leovy 187/469, Vicke Blaiwes 191/ 468, Lee Murray 171/462,

Sylvia Kesilis 183/457, Freda Leibson 156/450, Beryl Perry 181/449, Lil Baker 155/448, Bernice Nixon 164/445, Edie Goldberg 171/443, Charlotte Marcoe 163/432, Doris Simmons 163/428, Pat Mohr 162/ 428. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Del Rosa Srs.

SAN BERNARDINO We couldnt have asked for a more beautiful Christmas day weatherwise. Hope you had a good day. The senior scores keep pouring in here at Del Rosa Lanes so lets check them out. Golden Goodies: Frank Long 512, John Ballman 512, Les Gray 192, Betty Zoz 486, Marianne Heidecke 192. Young At Heart: Steve Boyer 244/572, Bob Lee 204, Richard Snow 203, Frank DeLuca 200, Dorothy Welcher 179/473. Park & Rec.: Joe Strinati 211/555, Adolph Burkhalter 212, Cari Burris 205/550. Afternooners: Richard Gomez 218/600, Robert Robles 221, Frank Long 217, Cari Burris 212-212/614. Thats all for this year. Heres wishing all you seniors a new year full of strikes and good friendships.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


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Inland Empire NABI Champion Thomas Licauco

SAN BERNARDINO We want to thank AMF Arrowhead Lanes for hosting last Saturdays Inland Empire NABI tournament. They have a great staff and the best pizza in town. Thomas Licauco was very excited to win his first NABI tournament. He is from the San Fernando Valley area (driving 70 miles to bowl), so this win was especially sweet. Thomas has been a NABI member, starting out in San Diego NABI since 1999. He bowls in a league at Mission Hills Bowl. Besides bowling, he likes to shoot pool, play basketball, and play Texas Holdem. Thomas wants to thank his good friends who cheered him on, Noli Valdeleon, Louie Baello and Donato Quintangon. Besides winning $1,000 with optional upgrade of $400 and $100 extra for wearing a NABI shirt, Thomas will receive a new champion shirt and entry into the Tournament of Champions at the NABI Nationals held at The Orleans in Las Vegas, July 2007.

Nationally Sponsored By:


ABC Moreno Valley Bowl
23750 Alessandro Blvd. Moreno Valley, CA 951-656-9088
Inland Empire NABI - (L-R) Erick Lam 2nd, Guy Clear 3rd, Thomas Licauco Champion, Brent Evans 5th and Dave Monical Director. We want to congratulate Jay Ed Worthley. Ed bowled a 234 Shackelford for an awesome 277 to Ericks 250. Erick kept on game with 11-in-a-row. Jay will rolling when he beat Guy Clears receive a 11-in-a-row plaque 207 to his 220. Erick then had to bowl our top qualifier, Thomas from USBC. Nice going, Jay! We also want to express our Licauco. Erick bowled a 197 to sympathy to Guy Clear on the the 239 that Thomas bowled to loss of his father. His dad loved win the tournament. We want to thank all of our to come to the tournaments to watch his son bowl, and tell the bowlers for participating in our directors his jokes. He will be tournament amidst all their Christmas activities. We appremissed! Our stepladder started out ciate every one of you! Our next tournament will be a with Brent Evans bowling Erick Lam. Brent bowled a 210 to two-day event, December 30-31 Ericks 241. Erick then bowled at ABC Moreno Valley Bowl.

Patrick Ambrose 909-322-9237 or Dave Monical 951-685-3403

$20 Discount 1st Squad Only

1st Prize
Guaranteed Sidepots
All Qualifying Squads - $15 With optional upgrade of $600 Win tournament wearing NABI shirt win extra $100. Qualify any squad Sat. and win tournament win extra $100

$10 off re-entry Sat. & Sun. Squads

ENTRY FEE Optional Upgrade $25

$700 1st Prize Guaranteed

1 in 5 Qualify - Semi
Top Qualifier - Each Squad - To Semi


INLAND EMPIRE NABI (At AMF Arrowhead Lanes) December 23, 2006 FINAL STANDINGS 1. Thomas Licauco $500.00 Optional Upgrade 400.00 Wearing NABI Shirt 100.00 2. Erick Lam 200.00 3. Guy Clear 125.00 4. Ed Worthley 80.00 5. Brent Evans `70.00 6. Donato Quintangon 40.00 7. Noli Valdeleon 40.00 8. Jay Shackelford 40.00 9. Thomas Smith 40.00 SIDEPOTS $50.00 Each Jay Shackelford, Brent Evans, Thomas Smith, Donato Quintangon, Guy Clear, Ed Worthley and Noli Valdeleon (three sidepots).


by Robert L. Brown On April 14, 2006, Californias Secretary of State Bruce McPherson affixed his signature to Articles of Incorporation for the California State BowlingCongress. The name of the Corporation shall be referred to in their literature as CSBC. CSBCs website, has a comprehensive summary of purpose and objectives. Included on the website is a letter from the CSBC President, Mr. Robert Allender. He lists benefits of and reasons why California bowlers would enjoy and consider CSBC membership. Mentioned is an Awards Program for bowlers of varying skills youth, adult and senior bowlers. Sanction fees are set at $12.00 a year. Competition is strictly within the boundaries of California. Envisioned is Local CSBC Associations and leagues plus mamy CSBC local, regional and State Tournaments. No affiliation with United States Bowling Congress (USBC) or California USBC Association and California State Bowling Congress (CSBC) will be established. The CSBC is an entity unto itself with no affiliation with any other organization. Information regarding the new organization plus Applications for Membership are available on the CSBC website. NOTE: I, Robert L. Brown, am a Contributing Writer for BOWLING WORLD. I am not a member nor do I endorse CSBC. I submit the article strictly as a news item and with approval from CSBCs President.

Qualifying Times: Free Ebonite Ball Saturday Next Tournament Give Away! 12:00 - 1:30 - 3:00 - 4:30 January 6th BRING A NEW BOWLER AMF Sunday (MUST JOIN & BOWL) Rivierside YOU GET 1/2 OFF YOUR ENTRY 12:00 1:30 Lanes BRING TWO Semi & Finals YOU GET A FREE ENTRY TOP QUALIFIERS to semi-finals & win a sidepot & Sunday 3:00 NABI Bowler,
membership is now 1/2 Price: $12.50

Handicap 90% of 205


NOT be top qualifer. Free re-entry into following squad 1st & 2nd & 3rd squads Sat. 1st squad Sunday


13245 Riverside Drive, #501 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 Phone: 818-789-0900 Fax: 818-783-2874

2006-07 GP Tournament Schedule Regional Tournaments

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Thursday, December 28, 2006


10534 Lower Azusa Road, El Monte, CA 91731 (626) 350-8831 FAX (626) 350-8852

San Diego County

7585 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 279-1501


21615 W. Soledad Canyon Rd., Santa Clarita, CA 91350 (661) 254-0540


1400 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91801 (626) 289-5168 FAX (626) 289-5190


3255 W. 4 St., Los Angeles, CA 90020 (213) 385-9475


8210 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126 (858) 578-0500


4459 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041 (323) 254-2579


11633 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047 (323) 757-2211

Hotel, Casino, & Bowling Center 4000 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (800) 331-5334


2500 E. Carson Street, Lakewood, CA 90712 (562) 421-8448


23700 Lyons Ave., Santa Clarita, CA 91321 (661) 222-9080


20122 Vanowen St., Winnetka, CA 91306 (818) 340-5190 (24 HRS) email:

Orange County
22771 Centre Drive, Lake Forest CA 92630 (949) 770-0055


Hotel, Casino, & Bowling Center 4500 West Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (888) 365-7111


19616 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91354 (818) 996-BOWL (2695)


1650 S. Casino Drive, Laughlin, NV 89029 (888) 590-2695 Fax: 702-298-2687 email:


400 W. Bonita Avenue, San Dimas, CA 91773 (909) 592-2772 17110 Brookhurst, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 963-7888


Hotel, Gambling Hall, & Bowling Center 5111 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89122 (800) 634-6371


7502 E. Florence, Downey, CA 90240 (562) 927-3351


25402 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 (949) 586-5300


Hotel, Casino, Ice Skating, & Bowling Center 4949 N. Rancho Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89130 (702) 658-4995 email:


22501 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505 (310) 378-2265


18171 Imperial Highway, Yorba Linda, CA 92868 (714) 777-3818


64 Lanes, Snack Bar, Pro Shop 9777 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89123 (866) 796-7111


3477E Gage Ave., Huntington Park, CA 90255 (323) 587-3211 OPEN 24 HOURS

Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

1499 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino, CA 92404 (909) 886-4675

Hotel, Casino, & Bowling Center 9090 Alta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89145 (702) 636-7400


15707 S. Vermont Ave., Gardena, CA 90247 (310) 324-1244

Gambling Hall, Hotel, & Bowling Center 2101 Texas Star Lane, N. Las Vegas, NV 89032 (800) 654-8804 (702) 631-8388 FAX: (702) 631-8281 email:


Bowling Center, Hotel, & Casino I-15 Exit 122 Mesquite, NV 89027 (800) 346-7721 FAX (702) 346-3965


135 S. Glendale Ave., Glendale, CA 91205 (818) 243-1188


940 W. Colton Ave., Redlands, CA 92374 (909) 793-2525


11459 E. Imperial Hwy., Norwalk, CA 90650 (562) 868-3261

Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties

1788 S. Mesa Verde, Ventura, CA 93003 (805) 656-0666

Association Manager - Linda Johnson 1061 West Badillo, Covina 91722 (626) 859-6216



10430 Sepulveda Blvd., Mission Hills, CA 91345 (818) 361-1221


990 North Diamond Bar Blvd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (909) 860-3558


480 E. Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley CA 93065 (805) 526-4212

Association Manager - Lee Fitzgerald 711 B West 2nd Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410 (909) 381-4599 Association Manager - Cheryl Huntington 13896 Harbor Blvd., #5A Garden Grove, CA 92843 (714) 554-0111



12655 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 769-7600 website:


5925 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117 (805) 967-0128


Association Manager - Glenn Hizer 17057 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower, CA 90706 (562)925-0417 Association Manager - Mary Jo Stouffer 9175 Desoto Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311 (818) 718-0193


13210 Telegraph Rd.., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (562) 941-0271 Pro Shop Coffee Shop Available


4575 Highway 95, Mohave, AZ 86426 (928) 763-2695

Thursday, December 28, 2006


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2 0 0 7 h e r e w e c o m e
Contact: Gary Beck 434-823-BOWL garyb@killerbpromotions

Experienced Bowling Desk Person Wages negotiable based on experience Call 818-769-7600

Help Wanted
Brunswick B Mechanic Yorba Linda Bowl Contact Tim Davis 714-777-3818

, 2007 4 Y R A U R B SUNDAY FE

9 1 6 . 5 0 1 . 7 7 3 5

Past Present Future

Tarot Card Reading

Want to know about your love ones or maybe about your career? Well, I have all the answers youll ever need. Guaranteed to help on all problems of life. Specializing in love and relationships.

Press Release


Tenth Annual Teen Masters Qualifying Starts Rolling January 27

New national finals hits Las Vegas July 29
2007 will be an exciting year for youth bowling, and one of the cant miss events for competitive young players will be the ever-popular Teen Masters. The new Teen Masters will be very special this year. Not only is it the 10th annual TM event produced by Gary Becks Killer B Promotions, but the national finals will be held at the incredible Orleans Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nevada July 29 - August 3. We love hosting youth events, and the Teen Masters is one of the best, said Mike Monyak, Director of Bowling at the Orleans. We have a lot of local, state, and regional events for kids, and we welcome the opportunity to have this national event. Youth bowlers are our future, and we are very happy to be a part of this tournament. The qualifying rounds for the Teen Masters begin in dozens of bowling centers across the nation January 27 and will conclude with a Last Chance event in Las Vegas just prior to the start of the national finals. Look for a complete list of TM qualifying centers on the official Teen Masters website The Teen Masters annually crowns the best high school bowlers in America, and it also reaches out to younger youth bowlers through its Classified Division for bowlers averaging 189 or less. Classified division bowlers cannot advance to the national finals, but they will win local scholarship awards, gain valuable tournament competition experience, and get one step closer to becoming the next generation of national finalists. We are very proud that we have been able to bring this great event to youth bowlers for 10 years now, said Beck. We are looking forward to making it even better in the next decade. The Teen Masters is Americas most exciting youth singles event. The 10th Annual Teen Masters is presented by Killer B Promotions, and sponsored by Dexter, Southwest Airlines, Kegel, The Professional Bowlers Association, The United States Bowling Congress, and the Bowling Proprietors Association of America. Qualifying will be held across the nation starting January 27, leading to the TM National Finals in Las Vegas July 29 August 3. It is open to all high school and younger bowlers who are certified USBC members. For complete rules, entry information, and a list of qualifying centers, visit or call (434) 823 - BOWL.
Charles Willison, 18 Years Experience
CE SIN 59 9 1


Bachs Builds Better Bowlers!


In Addition To Our Famous Real Rubber Inserts, We Also Carry OVAL-TIP DUAL SIDED GRIPS.


MON., TUES., WED., THURS.: 10:30 AM 6 PM FRI.: 10:30 AM 5 PM

Bowling 562-866-4319 Trophies 562-867-9645 FAX 562-867-7621 9417 Artesia Blvd. (At Clark) Bellflower, CA 90706

Jack Cornelson
10781 Indiana Avenue Riverside, CA 92503 (951) 352-3553

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Linbrook Bowling Center

201 S. Brookhurst Anaheim (714) 774-2253
ANAHEIM We hope youve all made your reservations for our New Years Eve Moonlight Color Of Money here at Linbrook Bowling Center. Spots are filling fast. For only $25 youll be here to ring in the New Year with bowling, prizes, finger foods, party favors, fun and more. It all starts with a check-in at 8:00 p.m., bowling at 8:30 p.m. Come join the celebration! Here are the weekly high scores... 3s Company: Karen Bagnall 203-216, Dell Wellner 201, Dee Spargur 200. R.C.R.C.: Tito Lasalle 216. Executive Doubles: David Haskell 202-243-222/667, Mike Keogh 237-220-204/661, Lloyd Thierry 235-205, Mike White 234, Tony Banks 216, Lisa Somma 202-200. Jacks & Jills: Hurley Dee 209, Eddie Soliman 206, Rudy Tomaneng 204, Jovet Soon 203, Romy Villalobos 202, Fred Fouts 202. Just Desserts: David Soifer 220-204/607, Jack Pedre 211, Jose Gonzalez 204, Ralph Tanner 203, Frank Mundi Jr. 202, Mary Mundi 204. Golden Nuggets: Bob McGraw 215, Mike Hardy 210. Go For Nine (no-tap): Joe Zeuli 278-233-232/743, Tony Angulo 211-241-243/695, Gus Glissman 222-278/674, Carl Adinolfi 201-211-221/633, Ike Eisenacher 251, Fran Stern 234-214/636. Party Timers: Garrett Heffner 269-204-264/737, Tim Blough 234-254-215/703, Ben Philalack 257-235-200/692, EJ Rogers 215-226-214/655, David Haskell 236-215/647, Patti Brode 225-213/616, Denise Bayne 236-204, Ladine Jones 207, Theresa Spink 200. Rowdies: Kelly Woolpert 206, Mike Crumley Sr. 201. Anaheim Nisei: Al Ogata 225-211/601, Terry Vonachen 213, Sandy Viloria 211, James Michiuye 204, Dave Lautherboren 203. 525 Ladies Classic: Cora Bussey 214, Betty Saienni 201. Nikkei: Gil Barcoma 200-213-203/616, Bill Yamaguchi 202-236, Leo Asuncion 221-203, Sandy Viloria 209-216, Yosh Hasegawa 202-211, June Hasegawa 204. Thursday Mixed Seniors: Rudy Espinosa 223, Vic Divito 220-204, Bill Swanson (sub) 202-205. Magnolia Teachers (no-tap): Florencio Batalon 253, Brendan Shields 229, Chrys Shields 204. 7-11 Vegas: Chris Davey 258-223-268/749, Ben Philalack 266-290/749, Luis Damian 212-205-211/628, Joe Dantas 205-224/621, Dave Wright 247/616, Josie Angeles 212. Grey Panthers: Mike Warr 215, Vic Davito 202, Robert Shank 202. Junior Scratch Singles: Valerie Matsumoto 201-246-229/ 869, Aaron Wilson 216-205-256/846, Robert Albrecht 266211, Mark McLeod 206-200. Vegas Party: Stan Evans 235-248-249/732, Mike Keogh 214-232-246/692, Marty Evans 247-243/665, Dan Duarte 217-214-227/658, Bill Powell 214-235/628, Melody Ritchie 201-214, Janet Olarte 212. T.G.I.F.: Mike Wagner 246/611, Casey Jones 215-244/610, Jason Watt 232, Pat Jones 225, David Hutchinson 215. Saturday Vegas Special: Chris Molina 233-242/653, Ralph Garcia 267, David Molina 208-201. 4-4 Vegas: Brian W. Parker 217-223/609, Joe Lawrence 225, Norm Walker 214, Michael Barcenas 210, Bill McFeggan 207, Sandy Batalon 214. Senior No-Tap results: (12-19-06) 34 entries @ $9=$306. 34 linage @ $4.50=$153. 34 prize fund @ $4.50=$153. 33 3-6-9 @ $1=$33. Place money1st Ed Hermance 826 $33, 2nd Terry Brent 808 $24, 3rd Ely Cruz 790 $18, 4th John Phillips 786 $12, 5th Tony Chaco 785 $6.50. Sidepots1st game, hdcp.: 1st Ed Hermance 292 $8, 2nd Tony Chaco 288 $6, 3rd Terry Brent 278 $4.50. 2nd game, scr.: 1st Carl Adinolfi 286 $10, 2nd Terry Brent 278 $7, 3rd John Phillips 263 $5.50. 3rd game, hdcp.: 1st Henry Urada 291 $8, 2nd Ed Hermance 289 $6, 3rd Dick McKenzie 287 $4.50. 3-6-9 Carryover $340+$33 added. Tony Chaco won $150. New Total: $223. Happy New Year bowlers. Stay healthy and bowl well.

You Can Call Him Mr. Rogers

by Roberta McNaught ANAHEIMIn this writers opinion, E.J. Rogers is not only one of the nicest young men in bowling, he is also an outstanding bowler. Last week in the 590 Classic, he showcased his abilities by leading the league with a 992 series on games of 279, 213, 221 & finishing up with another 279. E.J. also reached his goal of League High Average with 211. Keep up the good job Sweet Boy. More weekly highs were: Ron Marcus 246/892, Gino Vassallo 255/887, Frank Bellinder 243/876, Jim Upton 246/854, Janine Ditch 227/853, Rose Williams 236/852, Jerry Knight 237/847, John Phillips 215/823, Rod Cantrell 224/818, Lloyd Thierry 255/811, Ron Corona Jr. 236/811, Shig Shozi 226/804, Tony Chaco 220/804, Eva Munson 219/804, Larry Green 255/801, Carl Adinolfi 243, Rey Ortiz 234, Tom Stearn 229, Orlando Vanegas 225, Ron Douglass 224, Nancy M. Smith 224/ Johnny Munson 222, Ed Harris 221, Ed Hermance 220, Janet Anderson 217, Joy McGregor 216, Bob McGraw 216, Ronny Thompson 215, Ron Mahler 213, John Velasquez 213, Gene Plotnick 212, Kerry Wright 212, David Wright 211, Marie Barbush 208, Bob Gosnell 208, Diane Salinas 204, Fred Voysey 202, & Carolynne Schley 200. Happy New Year fellow bowlers. May it be a healthy and happy one for us all?

Thanks To Contributing Writers

Since 1940 thousands of bowlers and writers have shared information with other bowlers through the Bowling News. In 2006, the following names have appeared on their articles. Dont be bashful! Human interest stories and pictures are always welcome. Use our E-Mail or regular mail. As long as you arent trying to sell something! Remember, the Bowling News is free at your local bowling center, or $39.95 yearly, delivered to your door weekly. We thank you very much and hope to hear from YOU in 2007!

Phyl Knoll Barbara McFadden Frank Weiler Dick Evans Missy Bellinder Sue Mellott Nickie Pemberton Jaime Ferry Dennis Stephenson Lewis Wiseman Diane Leseberg Brad Domes Tom Ferry Jim Goodwin Sheri Dyer Linda Johnson Elaine Van Otten Agnes Duffy Bob Allender Lee Higgins Joe Lyou Jim Dressell John Jowdy Bette Addington Mary Lynly Alice Meglemre Ken Del Conte Carrie Wolfe Mary Cassin Steve Brode John Daleiden Big Mike Dick Sanders Len Mal

Rolf Gauger David Yamauchi Len Miles Chris Graves Brian Carmichael John Elston Marge Miyoda Matt Cannizzaro Rosie Parker A.A. Turtle Dick Stoeffler Frank Kietz Roberta McNaught Gary Kelly Tish Plotkin Chris Pilos Stacy Rider Bob Smith Bert Stain Quinn Monical Norris Turner Jim Koenings Randy Myers David Gordon Connie Marchione Otha Stubblefield Matt Jones Lori Yamasaki Sweetness Joy McGregor Dewann Clark Neil Young Wil (at Southwest Bowl)


201 S. BROOKHURST ANAHEIM (714) 774-2253

Check in at 11:30AM - Bowl at 12:30PM Limited to the first 50 paid couples Check in at 8:00PM - Bowl at 8:30PM Cost: $25 (3 games) Spots are limited Win Cash - Special Prizes plus Vegas Trip - Chips & Salsa - Finger Food Party Favors & Champaine or soft drink. Come Ring in the New Year!
Weekly Events . .

Ozzies Senior Mixed Scotch Doubles - Jan. 20th New Years Eve Moonlight Color of Money

Monday & Friday 9am - 5pm Monday & Tuesday 9pm - 1am


Special $2.00 per game

SAN BERNARDINO Hi. Heres a way to welcome the New Year 2007 at Del Rosa Lanes. Were having a New Years Day Scratch 5-Gamer. Check-in at 10:30 a.m., bowl at 11:00 a.m. Entry fee is $50. See you there. A note for juniors: Saturday Junior Bowling Leagues Registration Day is January 6th. The new season starts on January 13, 2007. Heres our 2006 final report of high league scores. Handicap Doubles: Sam Frisby 268-256-247/771, Corky De Maio 257-258-235/750, John Hutchinigs 221-233/645, Joe Strinati 214-223/632, Josh Ball 225, Terry Chittenden 214-234-235/683, Teresa Vest 207, Mary Cassin 202. Judson Baptist: Ben Gonzales 219/585, Joshua Sands 243, Jarrod Smith 233, Donna Green 204/508, Tena Matney 201. Beach Party: Chase Phillips 215-230/610, Brandon Aldape 227-236, Diane Kline 180/443. Mt. Commercial: Steve Rollberg 232-217-209/658, John Lassak 247-213/609, Randy Bobroff 214-207/605, Rob Hallmark 233-219, Luis Simo 228, Tim Eshelman 226, Barbara Bobroff 201/512. Capri: Alice Winchester 213/539, Esther Byrd 201, Bea Pitts 201. Dirty County: Tom Andres Sr. 269-255/696, Richard McMichael 217-246-203/666, Steve Pellegrine 200-242/638, Rob Miner Jr. 212-216/618, Susan Reeder 553, Susie Markovic 212. Elks Invitational: Adolph Burckhalter 277/666, Lorie Click 204/475. Willows: Cindy Ehlers 186/527. Wednesday Vegas: John Hutchings 236-222/653, Chuck Gray 210-234/637, Joe Martinez 223-214/627, Del Karper 215-210/613, John Schaefer 234, Dave Anderson 234, Brenda Bianchi 217/582, Dana Vernon 212, Debra Neff 205. Wed. Wild Bunch: Michael Berry 206-234/630, Charlie Rabico Sr. 211/601, John Carroll 235, John Ware 231, Sharon Fordham 517, Elise Hamner 198. Del Rosa 830 Classic: John Davis Jr. 254-224-224/702. Congratulations to Ray Cobb on his 300/695. Mark Dyer 212-229-247/688, David Martin 246-249/686, Jeremy Gehrke 232-246-205/683, Jerome Forch 225-267/675, Adam Sokoloski 227-233-213/673, Mike Hudson 278-204/ 666, Johnny Hernandez 245-214/655, Nick Assini 211-205238/654. Happy Gamblers: Adam Sokoloski 299-215-245/759, Thedas Griffin 216-220/628, Jerry Forch 203-211-208/622, Lodas Griffin 237/606, Bridgett Young 235/607, Crystal Sokoloski 211-217. Santa Fe Mixed: Adolph Burckhlater 200-222-258/680, Bane Jordan 243-210/651, Ron Braden 206-214-200/620, Dale Conway 233-213/616, L.T. Togafau 225-212, Alice Winchester 233-201/611. S.B. County: Jim Forbes 224-265-206/695, Chris Hollinger 258-211-222/691, James Harris II 256-202/644, Lonnie Futch 226-233/630, Matt Bogle 238/624, Brian Loppnow 218-227/609, Larry Richards 221/609, Ryan Lathlean 237, Don Wells 225. Adult/Jr. Trio: P.J. Buckner 215-259-200/674, Keith Gardner 233-216-221/670, David Simental 239, Richard Flores Jr. 226, Jean Newton 185/499, Marty Coyazo 202202/598, Ashlee Switt 441, Lanea Cunningham 156. Good Times: Leighton Beach 243-242-247/732, Spider Calloway 210-258/663, Jim Forbes 248-225/656, John Roberson 234-202-208/644, John Singleton 202-219/615, Tom Smith 218-210/603, Chuck Gray 222-212/601, Bob Corrigan 246, Frank Aguayo 227, Likapeka Enriquez 202232/618, Rolann Karper 223, Lydia Calloway 221, Sherri Boyer 206, Sjana Robinson 203, Cari Burris 201. Friday Vegas: Tim Medley 233-212-220/665, Joseph Curran 246-203/643, Sam Chong 220-203-204/627, Andrew Nelson 210-223/612, George Learned 213-214/607, Tim Simanek 243, Donald Nelson 236, Gene Nocchi 235, Beth Powell 214/555, Tina Curran 213. Slots Of Fun: Rick Maclaren 221-201/609, Angela Hancock 187/520. Weekend Rollers: Mike Nakunz 231-234-289/754, Nacho Hernandez 225-221/641, Tom Neal 232-215/640, Jason Laguna 217-237/637, Joe Contreras 214-238/634, Jack Hamner 236-217/632, Marty Nakunz 224-225/630, Alan Rubio 223-207/622, Roger Delos Reyes 218-238/615, Mike Contreras 202-219/612, Jennifer Nakunz 242/623, Teresa Vest 202. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! To those of you who like to bowl scratch tournaments, well see you on New Years Day for our Scratch 5-Gamer at 10:30 a.m. check-in time. 67th Year In Publication VOLUME 67, NO.52
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The CALIFORNIA BOWLING NEWS (ISSN 0008-0918) is published weekly on Thursdays and is Free with a $39.95 postage and handling fee (52 issues) by writing to: California Bowling News, P.O. Box 4160, Downey, CA 90240. Office of publication is located at 11459 E. Imperial Hwy. Norwalk, CA 90650. Periodical postage paid at Norwalk, CA POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the California Bowling News, P.O. Box 4160, Downey, CA 90240.

OFFICE NUMBER: 562-807-3600 24-HOUR FAX NUMBER: 562-807-2288 e-mail: website:

Tuesdays at 1 PM Entry Fee: $9 WE'RE A P ARTY 24 SEVEN PA