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Rare Opportunity to Advance Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia March 18, 2014 Dear Representative, We write to you today

as a group of diverse non-profit organizations dedicated to the pursuit of international religious freedom to ask you to sign the attached Dear Colleague letter, led by Representatives Franks, McGovern, Wolf, and Speier, to President Obama before his trip to Saudi Arabia. In just a few days, President Obama will be traveling to Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, to meet with King Abdullah and other government officials. This will be the presidents first visit in over four years and presents a unique opportunity to raise the profile not only of religious freedom, but many other human rights issues in Saudi Arabia. Attached you will find a Dear Colleague letter currently in circulation around the House calling on the president to address several major issues during his upcoming visit. Today, were asking you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to promote religious freedom and human rights not only for the millions of Saudi citizens, but also for the estimated 7.5 million foreign workers living in Saudi Arabia who have no right to practice any faith other than Sunni Islam. Your signature on this letter could prove to be instrumental in persuading the president to publicly bring up serious human rights issues which, at this point in time, do not appear to be on the planned agenda. In January, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life listed Saudi Arabia as the 4th most restrictive nation on earth in terms of government regulations on religion. In essence, unless you are a member of the Sunni Islamic majority, you legally have no right whatsoever to practice your faith in Saudi Arabia. As the office of International Religious Freedom at the State Department put it in the first line of their most recent report, Freedom of religion [in Saudi Arabia] is neither recognized nor protected under the law and the government severely restricted it in practice. If you would, please review the attached letter. Your staff may contact Stephanie Hammond in the office of Congressman Trent Franks at, or Katya Migacheva ( with Congressman McGovern if you have questions or would like to join to the list of signers. All signatures must be in by close of business, this Thursday, March 20th. From all of us in the International Religious Freedom community, thank you in advance for taking the time to promote religious freedom and human rights in Saudi Arabia. You work is deeply appreciated. Sincerely, Jeff King President International Christian Concern Christian Solidarity Worldwide UK Brent McBurney, Esq. President & CEO Advocates International Open Doors USA Ann Buwalda, Esq. Executive Director Jubilee Campaign